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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do Something Epic

Collaboration is what we need

He used ONE smooth pebble, put it in his sling and swung it towards Goliath, striking him square in his forehead (just underneath his helmet armour). That was how tiny David took out Goliath, a beast of a man that tormented his enemies by his sheer physique and presence.

Everyone said it was impossible to take him on, until ‘na├»ve’ little David proved them wrong.

What needs to be pointed out in relation to our current situation is David used ONE pebble. You did not see him throw a basket or bag of stones hoping that it will hit somewhere unprotected by armour, hoping it will hit one of Goliath’s vital organs. Statistically, killing Goliath with one pebble would most likely not happen.The odds are against the disadvantaged David.

Coming back to the present, there is a lot of enthusiasm in the air right now and a lot of us who are revving our engines furiously, waiting anxiously to take off, do something, anything to bring about change in our community and country.

We are equally as excited and anxious to launch too. However we realize that our actions and plans will be futile without collaboration, without working as one with others. I think it has been way too long that us Malaysians have not worked together properly that we have missed what true collaboration means. Again the purpose and reason for the collaboration is the cause, nothing more, nothing less. That means putting all our resources, people, time, effort and plans together to reach our common goal in the most efficient way possible.

Collaboration certainly does not mean, "I’ll do my own thing, I scratch your back, you scratch mine”. This is what we have been doing, and this is what got us in this mess in the first place. We are a divided people not because certain forces have made it that way; it is simply because we cannot work together for the bigger cause. We are short sighted and blinded by our doubt and mistrust towards our neighbors, those weaknesses were just exploited by the forces. Yes! We gave them a weakness, they took advantage of it!

Collaboration can only work with trust; no team can function without trust. Believing that the other has your back is vital and key to a successful collaboration. There is no time to doubt one another’s loyalty to the cause. Remember, it is the cause, that we are fighting for. When a person acts against another who is in the cause, it is the cause that will suffer. And in this case, it is our aim (as a nation) to register our brothers and sisters as voters so that they will have a voice for their choice.

Let us for once, put all our hands together and make something EPIC happen in this nation. Let us as people with pride rise up once again as 1Malaysia for a common cause.

We realize that we do not want to be one of the stones tossed at random to achieve effectiveness based on luck. We want to join hands with all of you who have a heart for this nation, a mind with brilliant ideas and hands which are opened to hold ours. Let us all be that one stone, sharing that one sling, tossed with no hesitance, no wastages, only a focus that will get us to our future. Let us together slay the target, that big giant, which is our past doubts and skepticism.

We have set a target of 2 million and we are calling all of you out there who share the same mission to register voters to work together not FOR us, but WITH us.

The date has been set, 8th May 2010 is the day we VOICE our CHOICE to be one.

Do contact us HERE

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