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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wanna bet?

Dark clouds over Malaysian common sense

I'm taking bets on how long it will be before they demolish the

It was reported in the Star today that the National Fatwa Council has found the National Monument venue unsuitable for the celebration of Warriors Day. This was announced by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom. He said that the council had found the venue unsuitable because the monument was in the form of human statues. Jamil said, "The Fatwa Council’s guidelines say that the venue should not have items in the shape of humans, as this can be controversial."

But of course, this being Malaysia the minister also announced that a Warriors Square would be built on a permanent site in Putrajaya for future celebrations.

Okay, line up here if you want to say goodbye to some of your tax money.



Anonymous said...

hey pat, i was surfing online for some funnies today and found this:

tot you may enjoy it.

Walski69 said...

I second your Niamah!!! a thousand times over.

Even the world's most populous Muslim country in the world, Indonesia, doesn't make quite a fuss over non-issues like this. There, the equivalent of our Fatwa Council decisions are more along the lines of advice, and not legally binding.

I'm a Muslim, but if the Fatwa council continues to be given leeway like this, it won't be surprising that the monument will one day meet its demise, Bamiyan-style. Not "officially", of course, but by some quietly sanctioned "individuals".

In a sense, Christopher Hitchens was spot on - religion does poison everything.

caravanserai said...

National Monument
The Bee Anne wants it to go?
Don't they have something better to do?
Our tax dollars going to waste again?

National Monument
Erected in memory of our soldiers
There is no class distinction
Race, religion or creed

The religious Fatwa Council
Leave your view within your walls
This National Monument meant for Malaysians
It isn't built for a race or a religion

This is the symbol of patriotism
It reminds the people of the soldiers' sacrifices
Let no religion intrudes into a symbolic memory
Of our soldiers fighting for the country

It's the sign the Ameeno is crumbling
The walls crack waiting for the hammer
Once it swings goodbye Amigo
We bury it in history....

1/4/10 3.08pm not april fool joke?

Anonymous said...

Aiyah Pat,
Why you so bad one? People want to cari makan also cannot! Must pity him lah,he goes all the way to quote Fart..wah you know??? Sorry spelling not so good.

Anonymous said...

Fatwa will soon run the life of every muslims in Bolehland.

Cynthia said...

This has got to be an April Fools Day joke! I am sure nobody in their right mind would be so insensitive and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Really. this people are tiew niahmah!
I hope this country rot.

Anonymous said...

Just watch, Che Det will be very angry!!!

Anonymous said...

This certainly reminds me of Taliban dynamited The Buddhas of Bamyan in 2001. I thought BN are heading towards Zimbabwe, but this is convincing enough that BN chooses Afghanistan instead.

ayep sepa said...

i am just our of words after reading this crap non-sense from so called hollier than thou 'kids' .. go ahead, just destroy all monument that has any human figures and maybe they need to consider any posters/ billboards too....................... God save this beautiful land from these goons!!

KoSong Cafe said...

Aiyah, it is so obvious lah.

Looking at the statues, they look more like cowboys than Malaysians.

So how could they be national heroes to the young ones?

Over time, historical details got blurred and only obvious first impressions count.

Anonymous said...

First, change road names to try to 'hide' our colonial past

Next, demolish anything that the stupid fart-wah made up of farty-idiots, which says it is HARAM

who are they to determine what is haram and what is not?

And demolish everything, fr the keris handle (which looks lk a cross, eg in SEREMBAN) to human monuments or animal monuments that they think is 'westernised)

they wan to erase our history, and everything so that they can claim this land as MALAY-Land!

every damn thing to these pretentious pious A$$H*les are haram
then they shd just castrate themselves to rid themselves of naughty thoughts and naughty actions of procreating and breeding like rabbits!

Niamah, niapah, pariah!


Anonymous said...

Lame reason for another big corrupted-construction project, SIMPLE!

Anonymous said...

If this is the argument, then all potraits of our past and present PM and the statue of Tunku Abdul Rahman need to take down as well.

How about our Ringgit Note?

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous! How dare he displayed such contempt towards our National Monument! The Police should have him investigated for sedition.

Anonymous said...

I think this is Z.nordin's proposal.

That guys must be really bored.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that fengsui also got into the heads of the nation leaders.
My, there goes the national monument which is a must visit by every batch of the std 6 graduating students in my kampong. Now it's all in one in putrajaya. Who would be the contractor(s) for the new site?
Every dept must have a say in everything izzit? err.. to fulfill their KPI? @#$x@#$%##@$$$$$$$....

k4kenny said...

Hi Pat, what is your take on this "TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour". You can read it in my blog

Like to hear from you 'niamah' this TNB fler.

Anonymous said...


This comment is Off Topic for the statues post. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me "Naimah: Stickers for passengers, not the drivers"

An impostor to your blog ?

Anonymous said...

To me this is one of the nicer monument in Malaysia. Better go and see it again before it is too late. Religion can become an Idol. I hope that they will not remove my beloved Agong on my currency too.

1 Million Niamah

Anonymous said...

Old McDonald had a farm
And on his farm he had a bum
With a fart fart here and a fart fart there
Hera a fart there a fart
Everywhere a fart fart
Old McDonald had a farm

Was Was said...

If they are given leeway, very soon all statues in Malaysia will be deemed haram.

Anonymous said...

Jan hai tiew NIAMAHHHHH

Anonymous said...

I think there's an udang disebalik the comments. I think its about giving statues / idol praising which is a no no in some religion.

So sad. Remembering the heroes of our country would soon have to be some plagues on the wall.

Anonymous said...


donplaypuks® said...

Minimum $500 million but with VO's and unforeseen cost escalations, it will balloon to $1 billion.

And then a year after completion, the foundation will collapse because the contractor used his own design and not that of the main architect's service. Nevertheless, a thothally independent internal inquiry will reveal that no one is to be blamed! Sound familiar?

Remember you heard it here first!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Instead of issuing out Fat-Fat thingy that corruption, bribery, laziness and abuse of power are unIslamic and against their own religion.
This Fat-Fat council said saluting the Tugu thing is unIslamic.
If saluting a Tugu is haram then is saluting a flag hung on a pole considered as halal?
I rather salutes the prostitutes as they make my day.

the traveller said...

Haiyoo, if you already know you are a muslim then why on earth do you bow in front of the statue???

You know as a muslim myself, I'm always perplexed by these people's logic on Islam. Bribery, drinking, racism and profanity (yes, that's you Ibrahim Ali) seems to be well accepted though they are clearly against Islam, yet they always worry about the trivial stuff like the usage of Allah by non-muslims though it's never against Islam. Just like when they accused Anwar of being an ally of America and the Jews and it turns out they themselves hired APCO. Then the spin begins like how it's not wrong to be friends with Jews etc2. Of course it's never wrong but considering how you keep on calling these people evil, most people will call this hypocrisy. I'd add stupidity too.

R4Os said...

Let's just kiss and say goodbye, to our hard-earned tax monies...


Anonymous said...

Here is a recap of the "revised" version of the ABC (only available in 1Malaysia):

A for ass
B for bodoh

Get it???

That's all 1Malaysia is all about.



1McFatwa said...

Very soon fatwa will be out to remove the 'statues' of Ronald McDonald at all McD outlets?

Anonymous said...

This statue is there for as long asI can remember..

These monkeys need to get back to school to differentiate between paying respect and praying.

Wait a minute.. monkeys are intelligent animals.. Maybe they are right.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

"NIAMAH" only not enough. Must include "NIASING". But think of it that is what crook will do, create more expenses then only can dapat comission.

Anonymous said...

Khun Pana aka johanssm,

nak komen tu komen dah la.. jangan la taruk gambar bendera tu terbalik.. just angry with those posting cukup lorr... dont angry with this country maa... pi mai pi mai... this is our own country...


Anonymous said...

Damn Pukimam,

The Fatwa thinks it is only for Malaya? Puki lu. Pleaselah.... It is for Malaysian. Malay 1st then Malaysia can go and piss off. Dun play with fire here. Another stupid Minister in PM Dept. Siao lan.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! This is really Bolehland !

I think the Eagle at Langkawi will be removed !

Ronald McDonald's dummy will be removed !

Santa Claus dummy cannot be placed at shopping malls during Christmas in 1Malaysia.

Huh ! Most statues at Muzium Negara will be removed !

No Madam Tussauds in 1Malaysia !

The list goes on and on and on ...

Anonymous said...

fart wah? okie. aahhhh that's good one.

Anonymous said...

Many2 yrs ago when i was in primary school, we were so proud of the National Monument and we were taught to bow at the monument to show our respects. The picture was always there in the text books, chinese, english and bahasa text.
You mean to say the fart-wa today is different from the fart-wa last time, long2 time ago one? How come? People change and policy also change? Is Francis Light in Penang also kena the same faith?

Anonymous said...

Pat, if this is true, it reminds me of what happened in Afghanistan when the Taliban blew up the 1700 year old Buddha statues! So SAD!

Anonymous said...

anything for sub contract lah

Anonymous said...

National Fuck wa council said in Bolehland you are allowed to take commission amounting to hundred of millions and you can c4 someone.But you can have human statue. Tiu Niamah!

txq said...

When I was reading the news, I rubbed my eyes several times, thinking I my eyes were blurring what I read... This country has got many funny chaps in the leadership and funny news abounds, but this is definitely new... I thought when I was a kid in school I was told that these statutes commemorate our fallen warriors?

Was it a mistake made?

donplaypuks® said...

And also, all those great statues all over Jakarta and Indonesia, they are also to be fatwaed out by more Islamic than Saudi M'sian clerics?

And in the process, insult our war heroes and others who fought against Cimmunism many of whom were also of Chinese and Indian origin?

What a shame and how misguided can one be?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...


This national fuck-wah council should come out with fuck-wah that the council is haram and full of shit-heads and should be banned for the benefit of mankind.

If this fuck-wah council is allowed to continue with their fuck-wahs, very soon all muslims in Bolehland will not be allowed to take photos of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Somebody apparently blew up that monument so that the figures could be rebuilt with Malay faces in the seventies. Blamed it all on the "2nd Communist Insurgency".

Today people wants bearded Talibanistic figures, it seems.


Anonymous said...

dint you know, money is the new religion, they will do anything for it!

Anonymous said...

Aiyo yo, Pat.
I'm so worry this fuck wa would come out next and say that no " Tua Pak Kong,Tua pek ma , Kuan Yim Mah and Kuan Kong. status la.
How ah.

Anonymous said...

The royals in Britain cannot make money other than off their estate - no businesses or contracts, so that they remain neutral. Here, the royals need to emulate such behaviour. Please have some dignity, integrity and pride in your positions if you still want respect from the rakyat. Otherwise, don't complain when talk becomes 'derhaka' or seditious.

The royalty are supposed to put the people first and their position is to be used to help the rakyat, not themselves. Are the royals so blind to their responsibilities?

Anonymous said...

Another anti Muslim & Malay blogg.
Racist blogg .
We malay muslim never insult your chinese religion and way of life , why must you all chinese provoke us ?
Do you all realy want it that way?
Spreading hate into our life?
Now it's even clear how you all chinese think..again then i should say: please go back to your mainland China for a better life, so that you all can say what ever you wana say about the Chinese goverment.

Tiu niama kachowhai!

Anonymous said...

When I look at this monuments, i think of all the lives sacrificed for the independence of this country and our liberties. It brings tears to my eyes. After so many years of being a symbol of this countries, only the National Fatwa Council says no? Why now, why at the time when religious sensitivity is at its height that this issue is brought up?

Anonymous said...

Buang yang lama, dirikan yang baru. Ini barulah nampak ada kemajuan.

nak jimat lagi buang duit!

Anonymous said...

An excuse now for umnoputera to spend (and you know what) on a 'Warriors Square' at Puterajaya.

Anonymous said...

This Fatwa must aptly be spelt as 'Fart Wah!' just like when human beings will fart as and when it comes along. T-Niamah!

Enche Gaban said...

When it is forbidden, it is forbidden. We are not worshipping a happy-go-lucky-bully-prone God like most of you Niamahs do.

gracieq said...

Oh dear! Not another white elephant!

Anonymous said...

Msia is full of zombies..
this is getting more ridiculous every yr.

Anonymous said...

The Tiger mascot statue at larkin Stadium (JB) should be removed?

What about Col. Sanders at KFC outlets?