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Monday, April 19, 2010

Words of great wisdom

1MalaysiaMan - Kamal Alan Nathan

Hey maybe the millions of tax-payers money they spent to get Najib the audience with Obama, Joe Biden, Rupert Murdoch and all did have some positive results for us as a nation. Just look at this report filed from New York that was in The New Sunday Times yesterday.

"You cannot get traction without friction" - Najib Razak at a luncheon forum at the Asia Society.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going" - Najib in reply to doubters of him and his colleagues in government having the will to bring about difficult changes.

"We must build a future worthy of our past" - Najib on 1Malaysia.

Well, I think, if nothing else, we certainly cemented our reputation as bunch of cliche'd people. Among the best of the lot.

But in the words of great wisdom race Najib paled in the face of his deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin.

In the NST it was reported that, when refuting allegations by the opposition that he was a racist and neglected the needs of other races, he said, "How can this be? ... A large number of my close friends are Indians and Chinese. The only thing is that some of my friends say I have a serious-looking face, but what can I do? I was born like that. But don't worry, I have a good heart," he said in jest. Did that also mean that he only said he has a good heart as a joke and he really didn't? Or what? :-)

And then this is the clincher la..................

In describing the BN candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election Muhyiddin said that Kamalanathan (the BN candidate) has a truly 1Malaysia name. Why? Oh you got to give him the award for brilliant thinking for this.

Muhyiddin Yassin said that "Kamal" is Malay, "Alan" is Christian (the Bible got this name meh?) and "Nathan" an Indian name.

Muhyiddin went on to say that the fler's name was perfect to get people to understand the 1Malaysia concept. Wah! Damn good right? In one name, the DPM has managed to explain the 1Malaysia concept. Now, I am waiting for Chinese and non-Christian groups together with the lain-lain flers and the peoples of East Malaysia to organise demonstrations in protest because their names were left out of the 1Malaysia concept. How can man?



donplaypuks® said...

“DPM Muhy: Kamalanathan’s name reflects 1 M’sia ….Kamal is a Malay name…sounds like Chinese name Tan and Nathan is Indian name ….meaning leader…Kamal also means ‘perfect’ in Arab and ‘Nathan’
….I’m not so sure….on a more serious note….” Star Sunday 18/04/10.

Actually, Kamal from ancient (at least 4,000 years) Sanskrit/Tamil means ‘lotus eyed’ and ‘Nathan’ a reference to the Hindu god, Vishnu. The Hindu god Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, is often referred to as Kamalakrishnan!!

‘Nathan’ could also mean ‘leader’ in Sanskrit/Tamil. Kamala on its own is a fairly common name among Indian ladies! And don’t forget Kamal, a M’sian Indian from Brickfields in KL is also one of Malaysia’s most successful and internationally renown pop singer star (Elephant Song) who lives in Oz.

Also, Nathan has an old (pre-Christian) Jewish origin meaning ‘giver’ or ‘gift from God!’ Many westerners too have this name.

I think DPM Muhy must be careful, as he could soon have PERKOSONG and the syariah/fatwa council on his back for mixing up Hindu/Indian/Jewish names with that of Arabic/Muslim ones, even in jest!!

Unless of course as a commenter posted in Din Merican's blog, he is actually Kamal bin Nathan!! Lol!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anak Sarawak said...

UMNO can really talk!
But action is very poor!

Ian Teh said...

i can also spin this Kamalanathan fellow's name in a juicy way - Hokkien style... use your imagination

Richard Cranium said...

DPM should have been more inclusive.

He should have said Kamala is female, and Nathan is male. His name's perfect to get everyone to understand anything, least of all 1Malaysia.

Salam 1Malaysia, dude.

Tinesh said...

"But don't worry, I have a good heart," he said in jest. Did that also mean that he only said he has a good heart as a joke and he really didn't? Or what?"

Damn, this line got me cracking up real good :D

pinsysu said...

lol ... alamak chinese dialect can oso lah:

so wat mooheedin can offer is no more than some idiotic meaningless scrabbles?!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I really dont understand why this idiot need to spent millions to see Obama,Biden,Murdoch etc...Do u think,Malaysia especially Malaysian will get richer by this???
I guess the biggest winner of that trip is 'Big Mama',she got the chance to spent money and show off her reconstructed body and

Anonymous said...

I really dont understand why this idiot need to spent millions to see Obama,Biden,Murdoch etc...Do u think,Malaysia especially Malaysian will get richer by this???
I guess the biggest winner of that trip is 'Big Mama',she got the chance to spent money and show off her reconstructed body and

Anonymous said...

I really dont understand why this idiot need to spent millions to see Obama,Biden,Murdoch etc...Do u think,Malaysia especially Malaysian will get richer by this???
I guess the biggest winner of that trip is 'Big Mama',she got the chance to spent money and show off her reconstructed body and

Anonymous said...

Camel Ah-Lan NAH-Than,

Now this is 1Msian name la!


Then people with names like Najib and Mujahideen will have no place in 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

wah !! our DPM Muhyiddin so smaaaart wan ar , fuyoh !!!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Please don't try to win with merely a name
Or give excuse when you lose with it to blame
Work hard to establish your own burning flame
Without using clutches even when you're not lame

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190410
Mon. 19th Apr. 2010.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat, I can't stop laughing for 5 hours becos of this clown DPM equating KAMALANATAN with 1MALAYSIA concept. After that I start to cry realising that we have clown leaders to run this beloved country.....sobbing

Anonymous said...

Cum Mah Lun Nathan...sounds better lah!!

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous our DPM can be...omg...

telur dua said...

This Moohiddin knows little but tries to be an expert. What can we expect from a humbug politician?

telur dua said...

Actually two bit leaders like Moohiddin reflects poorly on the people who voted for him. They have to be more discerning.

donplaypuks® said...

In this nation, if you grease the
right palm, you can even get billion $ traction without any friction whatsoever!

M'sia bolih!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Ian some ppl cant comprehend what you mean.. Haha.. U need to be more specific..

They might be scratching their heads wondering what it is..

For instance I am thinking along the line of kam-wa-lanciao

Kongkor said...

Very wise words indeed! I'll give it a T#@ Niamah X 3.

Pat, even I do not personally know you, I always enjoy reading your post, jokes, facts and funnies.


Anonymous said...

We should not make fun of other's name.

Anonymous said...

Farking Kamal or Alan or Nathan is nothing but a farking chameleon....He just changes to whatever suits him...wheres the principle????
Bodoh punya Kamalanathan

Anonymous said...

Ex Malaysians say, "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going overseas".

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

What's in a name lah. If this dude wins, Samy Value remains..what arse luck for us poor mortals.

Anonymous said...

"Alan" (the Bible got this name meh?) Got! Got! You see, it's the Malaysians way of pronouncing "Aaron". Just like they pronounce "orange juice" as "olang Juice".

Anonymous said...

Podah!! Malay names are "Meor" "Putri" "Awang" "Jebat" "Nik" "Wan"etc. Why do the Malays like to claim Arabic names as "Malay"? To them, Muhammad must also be a "Malay" name. Podah!!! NIAMAH!!!

LamPah said...

This pukimak DPM is very low mentality.What the fuck by someone's name,he is a 1Malaysia man.Does Alan signify a chinese?And as said by the pukimak DPM,it only represent 3 races.What about others? So how can you say it is 1Malaysia name. T-Niamah!

Ralfie said...

Should have used the RM 77 million to buy nazri and muhyiddin brains.

Anonymous said...

It is not easy to become a DPM and it is not difficult either to look for a replacement. I am sure that there are more capable leaders out there to become our DPM.

1Malaysia 1Vision 1Utama 1Country ...

Anonymous said...

Muhiyddin is a bumpkin. Strip away the formalities, the titles, the trappings of his office, and all you have is a hick - The second most powerful man in the country is a red-neck.

Najib is a pretentious snob and deep down he knows it.

'We must build a future worthy of our past?' Its a whole bunch of mix emotions in that statement - he is reaching for something that is not there. The man has no clue what he is doing at tough moments.

"When the going get tough, the tough gets going"? Since when he has EVER done that? His career - when the going get tough - take the low road, get down and dirty and run away when it really is scary..

"You cannot get trackion without friction" - Seriously? Seriously? Who is he thinking he is talking to at Asia Society? Bumpkins like Muhiyiddin and pretentious people like him?

We have a very confused mediocre leader faced with unprecedented challenge who don't really have a plan.

Anonymous said...

They know that got into a mess with the Malay First, Msian 2nd fiasco. Thus, Muyhidin tried to make a joke of his candidate's name.

But seriously, to make the ’sin’ of drinking alcohol an election issue in Hulu Selangor is a major mistake of UMNO/their proxy bloggers. Rather than responding tit for tat, PKR should learn to ride on the potential backlash of this issue. Here are some great facts.

1. A large % of Indians have no problems with drinking a beer or two.

2. While Christians generally avoid alcohol, they will sympathise with the first person who publicly repents of his sins. Guess who?

3. Muslims know there is hypocrisy in taking a holier than thou attitude. No man is perfect except God himself.

4. The vast majority of Msians respect leaders who are humble and are ready to confess their mistakes unlike the batch of leaders we have in UMNO. (anyone recall Tun Mahathir being apologetic for his mistakes or Najib for the mistakes of departments under his purview e.g. MACC, Defense ministry, etc?)

Pride comes before the fall and the humble shall inherit the earth. May the most transparent and Malaysian first (ethnic 2nd) man win the Hulu Selangor election.

Anonymous said...

Tiu NIAMAH Nathan !!!!

Anonymous said...

All 1Malaysia politicians have names:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Pity the parents. I believe every parent takes pride in naming their child. This guy (Kamala... whatever)is ashamed of the name given by his parent. He has to use different names when introducing himself to other people. What can you expect from someone who does not even have respect for the name given by his parents?

idonhave1msianame said...

hi patrick,

perhaps you should post this pic in ur blog

to show those moron how they have been fooled by their master

Anonymous said...

Muhyiddin -

Got elements of Cow in his name
Element of a leader or future PM? Hahaha... tak jumpa

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is run by morons...All will rot in hell...ALL of them!

Anonymous said...

kamal-alan-nathan, haiyah so long a name. just call kamlan. easy to pronounce and remember. that's truly 1malaysia's name!

Anonymous said...

ayo...this fler has a mouth of an F1 car and a brain of a 286 microprocessor le!

Anonymous said...

Ya..ya..M'sia run by moron becoz they are malay, only chinese can run a country , chinese did not take bribe, chinese don't have to stick to their religion, chinese did not fuck around, chinese smater , chinese good , malay no good...


Anonymous said...

Kamal, Alan , Nathan in hokkien he'd probably be called Chap Cheng Kia.


A Arthur said...

Our DPM is really childish trying to conjure up a simple name into a multiracial theme. I think he got rice for brains - this DPM, who always have his big foot inside his mouth.

Anonymous said...

talk cock 101

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:56 AM
here is another one

Cur Toyol

Anonymous said...

Kamalanathan is his name, given to him by Kamala's parents. What right has Muhyiddin to play around with Kamala's name and bringing it down to a level and compare it with that dirt-of-a-concept, 1Malaysia?

If it was me, I'd correct the DPM and stick with whatever Kamalanathan means and do not want to have any linkages between my name with that f'd-up 1Malaysia.

But that's me. As for Kamala? He did what Koh Su Koon did when UMNO tore up his picture and stepped all over it - he sucked up to them like some low-life invertebrate - worse, he kissed his hands?!

Aiyoyo, Kamala...

Anonymous said...

Dear Kamalanathan,

You bragged elsewhere that you have been in MIC for 26 years and that you know things. You have been in S Samy Vellu's team for so long. Let me ask you a simple question: What can you do for the people of Hulu Selangor, in particular Indians, that BN, Umno and MIC could not/did not do for the past 53 years?

Is it not highly questionable whether you can deliver where Umno and MIC have failed? Or are you saying that because you are Umno's candidate you can do better? That's highly unlikely. You will become even more subservient to Umno than Samy.

Anonymous said...

Kamalanathan is only good at PR, not helping the rakyat.

Kamalanathan gave no answer when asked whether he considered relevant some of claims contained in Hindraf's 18-point manifesto.

When confronted that as the MIC information chief, he should be spontaneous and specific in his answers, he sheepishly said: "I have been the information chief only for less than a year."

Cornered with a barrage of other questions he surrendered with:
"I will answer all these questions after the election."

Why vote him when he needs to refer to umno for answers?

He is just another tool of umno.

1MGR said...

The talk in the coffeshops these days is: Indian votes are cheap and easy. Just throw them some crumbs and no matter how you treat them, they will keep quiet.

The actions by some within UMNO recently and MIC's inability to stand up to them shows that this is not merely talk.

MIC is fond of saying that though many Indian parties have come and gone, they are still standing since 1946. What they don't tell you is MIC blocked IPF's entry into BN and took credit for MMSP's work in Bagan Pinang. If MIC was so effective, why did the current and former PM show open public support for MMSP?

MIC also talks about rejuvenating with a line-up of young people but the President and many delegates are way past their expiry date.

MIC will also point out that some Indians are unhappy with the Selangor Pakatan government. Granted, they are not perfect but you must ask yourself whether any Pakatan leaders made derogatory remarks and treated the Indian community with such disdain as some within BN?

teeks said...

I grew a tumor following his name logic. I'm sad pandas now.