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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tell us you've done wrong first. Then we investigate.

MACC: You tell us IF we should investigate you la. Can?

Normally, I don't read The Malay Mail. Why? I can't find it since it became a free-circulation newspaper. But today I happened to walk past a stack of them in the lobby of the Pantai Hospital so I picked one up. I am glad I did because the new Malay Mail is a very funny read. For example, on page 3.

MACC: Sime Darby is clean if it says so

That headline alone is worth the effort to read further right? Okay, okay I am going to transcribe part of the article, you read it and tell me if it is hilarious or not. Highlights and punctuations are mine.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has not started any probe on Sime Darby for possible corruption, as it is still waiting for results of the company's ongoing internal investigations.

MACC investigation director Mustafar Ali told The Malay Mail yesterday the anti-graft body has not received reports on the internal probe.

"We will see if we are able to find elements of corruption, abuse of power or any sort of malpractices when the report is completed. If there are, then we will investigate."

Read the INTERNAL probe report first then decide if there is reason to investigate? I mean....what if......but internal means.......HAHAHAHAHA!!! Funny right?



Anonymous said...

their accounts and financial statements are scrutinized by independent, reliable, first rate accounting firm. there is no need for macc to be involved if the accounting firm does not find anything wrong. you're just a paranoid old man who thinks that every glc in this country is run by bloodsuckers who are constantly taking money from the companies for their own use...


Anonymous said...

Where the hell did the Government dig out these idiots from? Sanatorium? Why are we bless with such idiotic public servants with brains transplanted from monkeys?

Truly a Niamah Moment

Anonymous said...

one c**k color!

Anonymous said...


Like oldman saying :
"If you can live up to 80 years and above ; for sure , there must be unlimited number of (made in 1Malaysia) hilarious and miracle incidents (just only in Malaysia )happened ."

Maybe the ahneh Mamak Kutty a/l 1Malaysia
can help us by his "stink" mouth.


The holy Perkasam a/l Katak Ali too can come out with about 10,000 flies and demo to protest what the MACC has said.


Sigh !
Real sad !
@#&^ !

"Some people have so much respect for their superiors they have none left for themselves."
Quoted by
Peter McArthur

Anonymous said...

Ok.... KPMG, Bank Negara..etc you all can close shop liao. Because according to the logic of Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission investigation director, a business entity is considered clean as long as their internal report says so. We dun need your service anymore. Bye Bye!

ex-Malaysian said...

Hey Pat, what do u expect from these half-past-six officers? It's a total waste of time and money to have this useless and gutless, unjust and itself corrupted outfit? Compare them with HK ICAC, you would think these kampong shitheads should be out looking for lost chickens than doing serious investigative stuff! Only in Bolehland!

ktteokt said...

So was there any "internal investigation" pertaining to Teoh Beng Hock's case? Why the double standard lah?

BravoEagleHotel said...

If Policeman get caught for corruptions , he says he is clean so he is clean > NIaaaaaaamah

Anonymous said...

No, it's looks like shit and smells like it but it's not shit. Well what do you know IT'S MANURE! Wait for report from other people first before they do something. But then again, they only do their job when got reason mah! Other times just buta gaji like all useless government departments!. Go to 100 different places and hear 100 excuses before coming back to square 1 and THEY blame you for not speaking clearly! NUMBNUTS!

pilocarpine said...

double standard M.ASS...

Anonymous said...

RM 2,400 say it all... from sunlit to moonlit and the midnite ghost..


Anonymous said...

aiyah, you help me & I help you lah !!

Anonymous said...

Do you think MACC coming into the picture will make any difference if the people involved are cronies connected to those in power?.

Truly Niahmah

C++ said...

For those who think it's an internal matter and should be handle by the first rate accounting and auditing firm.... here is my answer...

Even Arthur Andersen has wronged in auditing ENRON last time... and both company has been close prior to that matter.

Anonymous said...

This Sime Darby thing will follow the same course like the PKFZ fiasco.Plot sama.First, alot of champions coming out to rhetoric.Second, macham macham Commission/Commissioners set up.Finally, buried for good!!
Tiew Niamah....

Anonymous said...

It's mind boggling to see this arseholes officers in macc spewing out shit in a shitty paper run by one famous blogger!
One sick lot of people manning macc!

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a Ahiruddin Atan newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Sime's involvement in Bakun project with great 'loss' is another PKFZ in the making. No wonder the RTM producer was sacked for trying to expose the hanky panky there.

Forget about MACC, such fiasco is a means for umnoputera to gain the wealth with corrupted practices only to be covered up later.

Rakyat yang rugi!

pinsysu said...

good move, MACC! ask for a softcopy of the internal report & then print it on MACC's letterhead ... superidiots!

Mat Bond said...

If Bung Mokhtar's marriage with Zizie is deemed illegal, that means he must have commited khalwat and zina (unless our local 'specialists' can testify that she is still a dara).

He should be sacked by BN. Sharizat, what say you on this matter?

We should have a by-election at Kinabatangan.

If Bung Moktar can cheat on his wife, don't you think he can do the same many times over with the rakyat, too? Come to think of it, Dr Chua Soi Lek cheated on his wife and he was elected MCA president. Bung, I think CSL should be your hero.

While we take potshots at Bung Moktar, did you realise what sort of low-lifes are Zizie's brothers to give their sister away to such a low-life like Bung? Those idiotic brothers should also be fined and jailed.

Anonymous said...

That's what you get when you have incompetent ex-public civil servants sitting on the boards earning gaji buta and enjoying the directors benefits.

1Malaysia has such a blatant practice of "rewarding" mediocre and incompetent ex-prime ministers, ex-deputy prime ministers, ex-ministers, ex-deputy ministers, ex-AG, ex-ex-ex as directors on the boards of Petronas, MAS, Sime Darby, Khazanah, Tabung Haji, etc. Not one single one of these incompetent morons understand their moral, ethical and fudiciary responsibilities to the shareholders and stakeholders of the companies.

When crisis occurs, the incompetent board of directors starts the finger pointing and blame game. Such is the corporate board culture in 1Malaysia. The most shameless thing is the board of directors threatens or offer to resign but talk only. In countries where dignity is a culture and synonymous with their ethnic upbringing (example Japan and Korea), the entire board of directors will offer a public apology on air and media.

AP queen Rafidah declared 1Malaysia can become a developed nation by 2020. I think she has become senile like her racist ex-boss. She is a classic example of a corrupt and moronic ex-minister trying to con investors and the malaysian public.

Why don't these ex-cabinet ministers and ex-public civil servants just fade away when their official government service ends and enjoy their corrupt haram gains until they meet their Maker. They can spare the malaysian public the humiliation and embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of talk (especially from Ibrahim Perkasa) that the Chinese are not grateful to BN.

Here is my counter argument:

1) We live in a democracy (I hope) country. We have the right to elect teh government. BN seems to tell teh world that they have the right to rule the country from Merdeka. The current BN is so 'corrupted to the core' that we need a change.

2) Despite all the effort in Najib's 1malaysia (just a slogan with no substance), it is obvious that umno is not sincere as the umnoputera are so afraid of losing their 'rent-seeking' opportunity.

3) Many Chinese Malaysian are working in Singapore. i see nothing wrong. It is the same principle that BN allows Indons to come to malaysia to work (both by legal and illegal means) on the basis that they could earn a better living here, what's wrong with having the Chinese working in Singapore to earn the stronger Singapore dollar? The Chinese prefer true meritocracy in Singapore and not the empty talk of 1Malaysia.

4) The Chinese do not have faith in MCA and Gerakan,. They are just the servants to umno.

5) The existence of Perkasa and Gertak will accelerate brain drain among the Chinese, since the BN government does not censure their racist agenda.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

BN governemt is short of cash?

Now launching Sukuk 1 malaysia since Amanah Saham 1 malaysia did not get good response?

Be careful. More money is needed to buy votes?

eugene said...

As far as i am concerned, right untill now MACC still not so convincing lah, that's why i dont read about anything about it.

niakong said...

Dear Anon (GNG) @ 7:13PM,

Do you really think that by having one of the Big 4 to audit the financial statements of a company means zero-fraud? U must be kidding, right?

Do you know where Arthur Andersen is now? And do you know why Ernst & Young got implicated in the Lehman Brothers' case?

On this particular case, MACC or no MACC, sama aje!!! Just like in any other cases, they've already found the scapegoat, ie the CEO.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, give chan ma.

Taek Jho Low said...

I learnt that Sime Darby Chairman Musa Hitam might step down if the scandal goes out of proportion !

Rick said...

CEO of Company A insists that RM100m for that piece of property was a good buy.

So deal was done. S&P signed. Money paid. Vendor kicks RM1m back to the CEO.

Big 4 says everything ok cos S&P says RM10m what! What more - also approved by the Board of Directors. Nothing wrong la!

Business as usual in Malaysia...

Anonymous said...

Umno's 2-headed snake strategy - on one hand, they talk about 1Malaysia, let's be brothers and sisters, on the other, Umno uses Utusan Malaysia to fan racialism, talk about Ketuanan Melayu and how the other races, especially the Chinese rob the Malays of all opportunities and all Malays must therefore unite and fight back.

Never mind if Malaysia is going down the drain so long as Umno remains in power and enjoys all the goodies with their cronies.

The PM said that "our goal is to bring the country success, not just through physical development, but through the development of the intellect and values". If the PM truly believes in what he has said and also in his '1Malaysia' propaganda, then he should know that Utusan is doing exactly the opposite.

The paper is destroying the intellect and values of the people through its racist stance. The government should have severely reprimanded Utusan many times in the past for its racist views and its lopsided reports about race relations in Malaysia.

If the government has a separate set of rules and guidelines for Utusan, and if Utusan is at liberty to do what it wants, then it is only fair that the government allows all other newspapers and media to have the same liberty and "develop intellect and values" according to how they see fit, i.e. include a "little bit" of sensationalism and conflict.

What's wrong in a "little bit" when Utusan can say "a lot" and get away with it?

Judi Bola said...

umnoputra memang suka KTM, bukan keretapi tapi 'Kuda, Toto, Magnum4D'.

Sekarang dengan kroni Vincent nak main judi bola.

Ibrahim katak claims that he fights for Islam, Malays and the rulers, but when it comes to the ill-treatment of the royal family of Kelantan and the sports betting licence, he is exceptionally quiet.

Katak, please stop deceiving the rakyat with your racist's statement. It will not work. The rakyat knows your 'game' and will not fall for it. We, the rakyat, are against gambling and the government needs to explain to the people why additional draws are allowed for 'empat ekor', and why the licence is issued to Umno's crony Vincent Tan.

Let's come together and support the July 3 protest.

Utusan Katak said...

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Rahman should present a preliminary White Paper to the June 7 Parliament on the RM1-2 billion Sime Darby cost overruns which have already led to the fall of its group chief executive Datuk Seri Ahmad Zubir and growing calls led by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for the whole Board of Directors including Chairman Tun Musa Hitam to resign.

This is because the Malaysian people and taxpayers are the final shareholders of Sime Darby, hitherto the biggest and most successful government-linked company (GLC).

Anonymous said...

I strongly support Perkosa Ipariahim Alibaba's call for the whole Slime Darby board to be sacked.

I strongly and violently support Perkosa Ipariahim Alibaba to be the next Executive Chairman of the new and improved Slimier Dirtby board. Then Slimier Dirtby will end up with RM10 billion losses but will be saved by the Petronas adviser, the great ex-PM TDM (The Dead Man)!!

pikachu said...

"we loved rosmah mansor the first lady- she is doing good work with programs for children and is an active philanthropist"

- Martha Stewart (Twitter)

Anonymous said...

Look look! It was very deceiving but full of bulls**t nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

We have heard from the Ex PM saying how good was his friend -the fella ex Ekran in doing his contract in Bakun - cheap and good - There was no mention of the LARGE SCALE ILLEGAL DEFORESTATION AND THE TIMBER EXTRACTION IN BAKUN.

Another story I heard the SMART TUNNEL in KL - Do you know how much TIN was excavated from the earth and soil taken during the construction of the tunnel.

Do you think we are deaf and blind ??? Ta mau cakap saja

donplaypuks® said...

The coroner’s court today rejected a motion to cite Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz for contempt, for allegedly calling an expert witness in the Teoh Beng Hock inquest “a liar”.

"Coroner Azmil Muntapa Abas, in making the decision, said the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department was merely expressing a personal view on the matter.

“[The] remark made by Nazri is his own opinion,” said Azmil. “There is no clear evidence to show that the remark made by Nazri was intended to interfere with inquest proceedings.”

So, anyone can say anything about an ongoing trial, even if he's the Minister of Law and it will not be contempt as long as he says publicly that it's a private remark?

Syabas!! Only in M'sia!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Ey, i heard those indian pussy especially sith are good? and those rich indian pussy taste damn good like steambot!

Anonymous said...

What mahathir is fighting for today has a lot to do with the possibility that there is a genuine chance of Pakatan Rakyat taking over Putrajaya one day.

Mahathir isn't stupid to know what happens to dictators - and their family members - when there is a change in government. He remembers well Suharto, Marcos, the Shah of Iran, etc. Thirty years of Umno rule from the time Mahathir stepped into the PM's post and his foundations for nation-building have us now staring at the possibility of a failed nation, if we haven't become one yet.

We - the present generation - have to now undertake to clean up the mess that he and Umno have made of this country so that perhaps our children can get a decent chance in this country.

Be very afraid, Tun M!!!

Anonymous said...

Tun M has destroyed the Malays who challenged him, using all the apparatus of government shamelessly. He robbed and conned the rakyat in every elections and stole the people's money through his negotiated tender system, which was actually a robbers' system. He messed up education, the judiciary, the transport system, the constitution, the police, security of the people and screwed Malaysia up with his hare-brained ideas.

I doubt whether Dr M ever had/has any conscience. To me, he is a man who would stop at nothing to get to the top, regardless of whose heads he steps on. I can never forget his Operation Lallang swoop on the rakyat. He literally killed freedom from then on...

Instead of using his remaining days to unite the malaysians, he is dying with a lot of guilt (with heartbeat sustained by IJN specialists), and leading Perkasa/Gertak to another blood bath.

Anonymous said...

if its PR state matters, those idiots from MACC will jump from theur chairs and start investigating. Look at how they react, with lightning speed, on allegations by the turncoat, Kickdefella against PAS.
You dont need a genius to know that MACC, the Judiciary and AG office are staffed by UMNOputras.

nstman said...

Hey, MACC, I just fucked a spider. Is that against the corruption act. Pse tell me. I am a law-abiding citizen. I do wrong I own up. If you want to prove conclusively that I have fucked the spider in question, feel free to do a DNA test on the sperm lodged inside the spider. Thank you. Praise the Lord.

Shiok Guy said...

I do pick up a free copy at most Maybank branches whenever I went to do my banking.

The sport section is cool, but I belief Rocky is doing a "good job"

Don't you all think so?

Anonymous said...

How about this?


Dj KrisH said...

I hate malay mail nowadays, crappy, no interestring news. NIAMAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Last time, everyday i just have to wait for MM to arrive, so damn nice and interesting, first page, everything. A lot of useful, exciting news.

Anonymous said...

Every PM has his own financial scandal:

Mahathir - Perwaja (& the RM100 billion);

Pak Lah - PKFZ (& Oil for Limbang)

Najib - Sime Darby (excluding sex scandal).

Malaysia Boleh!!!

Simon Seow said...

Well. SIME is government linked and MACC also government linked so MACC also an internal part of SIME lor. So, no issue there, it's all an internal issue.