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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fantastic fact

When I read the story in The Star today I almost couldn't believe my eyes. It was reported that Hulu Selangor Umno Youth has lodged a police report alledging that PKR had handed out cash and gifts to win votes during the recent by-election. Like WHAT THE FUCK???!!! What do you call this then?
The Hulu Selangor Umno Youth media unit chairman Mohd Jefrin Mattu was discontented because he had received, among other things, photographs of ".....Dr Wan Azizah handing out school bags to children and adults but there is no way to see what was inside". Jefrin was also upset because "there were also photographs of Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and exco member Elizabeth Wong handing out “gifts” "

It's ironic. It's stupid. It's childish. It's.....I also don't know what to say la except...



Anonymous said...

Aiyooo Pat,

It's ironic. It's stupid. It's childish. It's....

OK to let Jefrin make the police report.....

The reason....Since there are no peaceful protests, the mata mata have no work to do lah. I think it is better to keep them busy else they may go around shooting people.

Anonymous said...

pm din hand out 'gifts' BUT bribe !

Anonymous said...

jadi kami semua kena rapat lagi dgn pengundi kat kampung, supaya mereka semua ni paham isu2 leceh macam ni...

patrick satu undi.
para intelektual jumlah sikit aje kat malaysia.
warga melayu/orang asli yang diperbodohkan umno baru beribu2...berjuta2...

rapatkan diri lebih dgn kumpulan tertindas ni...merekalah yang boleh jatuhkan umno baru.

hulu selangor boleh dijadikan ikhtibar...



Xavier Lawrence said...

Saturday, May 1, 2010
To Dato Seri Najib..Our UMNO Boss!
Please explain to us UMNO members why did you allow Ezham Noor to become a senator?
Has he really done so much for UMNO that he deserved that much credit?
By campaigning for BN in the HS elections, he deserves such a reward?
Ariff Sabri your ex Adun pun turun berkempen to find the points and blog for BN in his usual 'bukan bodek' and calling 'a spade a spade' style.
Ramai yang berduyun2 tolong jugak without being paid a single cent petrol money.
Ezham ni dulu bukan ker yang threaten nak expose berkotak2 rahsia kerajaan when he was clinging to Anwar Ibrahim?
Macam2 dia caci kerajaan waktu menyebelahi PKR.
Suddenly, baru saja masuk UMNO, just because he managed to persuade some PKR guys to leave and join UMNO, hes to be rewarded so highly?
Yeah..betul he claims to know of Anwar Ibrahim's secrets and all..but takkanlah give him such a lucrative, important post?
I baru baca somebody's blog...mungkin ker Ezham jadi Timbalan Menteri after this?
You mean to say those who criticise the Government like mad and comment about UMNO's weaknesses from the enemy camp have a better life than those who criticise from within in their sincerest manner?
Politically, you are making most of us UMNO members quietly disillusioned and very disappointed..
Whose idea is this to give Ezham so much credit for HS by elections' victory??
p.s. Looks like all the 'kataks' have a field day nowadays!
No need to be loyal to the party anymore..jump sana, then jump back in, then you jump into a really BIG pot of gold!
And we UMNO loyalists still 'struggle' on...huyung hayang!
And we have to continue being patient?
Tok, you better stop dishing out ridiculous rewards/recognitions to so many 'once a upon a time traitors'!
Its so unfair!
Senang2nya they get so much appreciation.
Don't you realise UMNO has now taken so much 'poison' from the outside??
Thanks Tok Seri..from ahli biasa UMNO Pulau Rusa, Pekan, Pahang.
Oh! Happy Labour Day!
Posted by mamasita at 7:49 AM

Anonymous said...

Patrik.. aiya, that one mock cheque only. Cannot lodge report.

If the mock-cheque came with a school bag, then the school chairman will be in trouble la - receiving gifts from BIJAN1.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether I want to cry or laugh

Anonymous said...

Otak senget! Dia buat boleh, orang lain buat tak boleh; sedangkan yang dia buat itu lagi besar.

Anonymous said...

Bro Pat.
Trick question....Which is better? Handing out mock cheque that may bounce. Or Mock cheque that the money does not belong to you but taking the credit for it.

Or handing out school bags with wads of dosh inside?

Old idiom. Thre is no medicine for stupidity


Anonymous said...

This is part & parcel of being in politics.

"Making themselves a bloody FOOL for all to see....!!"

But then again.....
Millions of ringgit are given away in plain sight what....!!!

That he can see mah............!!

WT stupid F....???? Nothing better to harp on??

Agree with you la Pat..
They are stupid or just "plain" stupid...! Niamah ke fuu lat!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah,what else? cari point and show KJ he is doing his ground work lah!Worst than babi mentality.

Minah GaGa said...

Not everyone wants to hand out 'mock' cheque.

A mockery to MACC-lah!

Anonymous said...

Just say N-I-A-M-A-H la u Jeffri......

khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkk tui!!!!

N-I-A-M-A-H lu....


Anonymous said...

bro,dont upset.What do we expect from them???smarter than us???cant be,right??
I will be more worry if this bunch of human being become smart and you and me ,may not able to sit down n yam seng anymore...
Let them be what they are....we will be safe.

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES.. as long as you can get LATUKSHIP ,SENILETORSHIP and follow by Prosperity... .

WTF Semen Producer- 100% guarantee as per your sample requirement.

Chia Beh Leow

pinsysu said...

TNS!! anyway, to join UMNO u nid to pass some kind of stupidity tests with merits ...

Anonymous said...

This is called licence to give !!!!

Anonymous said...

na jibai is smart, he only handing out large mockup checque so his budak suruhan cannot accuse him of hiding money inside^^
School bags are bribe...
RM 3,000,000.00 is contribution!!
What a smart donkey:)

Anonymous said...

Cash is ok, "gift" is NOT ok. That's why we should never present our duit kopi covered, placed below license is ok though.

西北够力 said...


Anonymous said...

The more they make this kind of report ; the more they will pissed off the rakyat, a shot in the foot lah!

Anonymous said...

I thought I heard that "Saifull" will be confered Latukship soon.

A kid asked me recently why no grandson also can call LATUK ?

Aiyo , I replied nowaday if you got money any stupid ass-hole name
you want to call yourself also no problem lah.

full of shiiitt if you like. no problem.

Anonymous said...

I can absolutely understand why the report is lodged against the PR people. Those bags may contain cash or gold bars or even autographed photos of Zaid Ibrahim. They should even lodge a report that children are being used as carriers of suspicious items.

Anonymous said...

im not surprise source is from umno youth, gift and bribe also canot differentiate, stuuuupid

Anonymous said...

Old fox, the Mamak Kutty resurface !

Surat Terbuka kepada Dr.M: “Kaki Dalam Kasut” (atau dalam mulut?)

LoyarBurok is pleased to reproduce this tat-to-tit response to Dr. Mahathir's 'Kaki Dalam Kasut' written in July 2009 when he brandishes the disgraceful rhetoric that Perkasa uses to intimidate the non-Malay population.....Read more

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke
Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 - 1797)

niakong said...

There is this annoying trend where police reports are made even for the slightest of matter for political reasons. It's an abuse of rights and wastage of the country's resources. No wonder serious cases can never be resolved as the police are so tied up with such trivial cases all year long.

Be careful, we may be investigated by the police should someone file a report against us for farting stinkily (after feasting on petai and durian)!

nstman said...

This country is so full of morons that I have actually doubted my sanity. My god, I cant believe it. Fucking morons.

Anonymous said...

Please don't niamah them. They all are already stupid asshole. If you niamah them like you're fucking the wall. Nothing will happened. Believe me, believe in god they will be rotten to hell one day. Then only everyone can shit on their face.

Anonymous said...

You've live long enough ... dear Patrck to know the shallowness and facetiousness of Malaysian politics.

Why get upset over it ...why bother to even read about it !

The politicians in this country whom you can pay a modicum of respect - you can count them with the fingers of your left hand


Anonymous said...

tiu... those bee end tot they r damn smart but stupid ppl like u & me oso can c wat a joke tis bee end is... let them pretend like they r smart so they dun hv enuf pointer to go heaven... kakaka

Anonymous said...

Just look at the NIAMAH faces

Anonymous said...


Cash, land titles, gifts, datukships and fake checks given out by 1UMNO is halal. School bags, books, shoes and school uniforms given out by the PR opposition is haram and are deemed as bribes and corruption.

The fart of 1UMNO is heavenly sweet fragrance. Torture, assault and killings by the 1UMNO lapdogs 1PDRM and 1MACC is acceptable and justifiable. 1UMNO, 1PDRM, 1MACC, 1Perkasa, 1Utusan, etc are all above the law.

This is 1Bodohland run by the 1UMNO government. Why should we be surprised by the actions of sycophant 1UMNO youths since they are all brain dead zombies anyway.

Double 1NIAMAH.

Anonymous said...

That 's the quality of Malaysia politician la. yaaaaaaak pui.

chongsiew said...


ingsti said...

it's like they don't know what they are saying and doing... give people 3 million and say others giving out bags to school children is bribing... niamah!

Anonymous said...

What quality is there with whatever title is bestow on these "traitors" ...??

Pat..! You are NOT getting a title for sure...!

Anonymous said...

need to say more? that's malaysia news!

Anonymous said...

I have stopped reading mainstream papers or watching mainstream TV News as I do not believe in BN's reference of right vs wrong.

I am looking forward to exercise my vote to effect change.

Shrek said...

Rape of the land and people of Sarawak is still rape. That how I look at it. The poor indigenous people of Sarawak will be better off if they had not joined Malaysia and stayed independent like Brunei. However, either due to corrupt leaders who worked in their own interest or out of total ignorance, they were sold out by Temenggong Jugah and Abdul Taib Mahmud's uncle Rahman Yakub.

See where Taib's family and cronies are now and where the rest of Sarawak people are. They are slaves and serfs of the rulers or rajahs of Sarawak who took over from the White Rajahs - the Brooke family. Sarawak is colonised by these people.

Anonymous said...

Hi !

Believe it OR not, RIPLEY



SHAH ALAM, May 6 — Thieves have hit the top cop in Selangor — Chief Police Officer Khalid Abu Bakar has lost his official car.

His driver had parked the Perdana V6 near a restaurant in Section 9 here to have his breakfast, but found the car missing when more

who incapable ?

ok tak? said...

Oih, Cina, apa lagi yg kau nak?

Oih... Ingat tu sudah memadaikah? Bagilah respect... Buat benda benda yg betul, jgn tipu tipu punya...


Then we have 1 truly Malaysia... Cuti cutilah kat Malaysia! :-D

Anonymous said...

Penang opposition leader Azhar Ibrahim (umno) warned that there would be a repeat of the May 13 riots if the people lost confidence in the authorities.

Another example the racist nature of umno.

Anonymous said...

Azhar Ibrahim of Penang UMNO realised that the only way to come back to power in Penang is through another May 13 incident. Umno is nothing but racist, power-crazy and corrupt. They stole Perak, indulge in bribery in Hulu Selangor and the same will happen in Sibu.

How much longer are we going to spend our lives under the imminent threat of another May 13? It's over 40 years ago now. The only reason why we can't seem to let it go is because politicians (read: Umno) don't seem to want Malaysians to move on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all !

I think our national leaders have done a lot in the past to push Malaysia as a nation to greater heights ! Now, we are seeing the by products of nation building. Not only were time sacrificed but a lot of things as well.

Corruption has eaten into our lives and even a small child now believes that when you want to do something, it is not how well you know about a subject matter, it is how your father knows who, I know who. The most important thing is $$$. BN spend so much of money into this Hulu Selangor campaign including your money !

This moron has the cheek to lodge a report and when his boss is not leading a good example ? See ! So much has been sacrificed just to win an area ? Makes me sick to the core !

Now, Sibu is going to be another example of money spending campaign and big time ! I wish my area will also have another by election !

Anonymous said...

"Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself. "

Rabbi Abraham Heschel

"Some people have so much respect for their superiors they have none left for themselves."

Peter McArthur

Anonymous said...

-purebasterds period!-

Anonymous said...

Watching the news on local TV is very torturing.

Anonymous said...

Is usurping the position of the first lady treacherous? Well, the monies paid for the NYT advertisement are nothing, as we are so used to mismanagement of funds, it is chicken feed, as those in UMNO Baru, MCA, MIC especially Gerakan K with its KPI Minister, are all kowtow guys.

There is nothing Malaysians can do as far as BN remains in power. Just keep up and tolerate the abuses. Until the rise of Malaysians to vote BN out of power, this is the standard we need to keep up with.

Bangkit! Now Allah issue cannot be used in Sarawak election, May 13 protest in Terengganu. Haha, what a joke. This is the standard we got to keep up with and there are still BN blokes who continue to kowtow to such actions. Shameful and spineless creatures.

Anonymous said...

The fact that MACC is doing nothing when Najib is opening bribing the rakyat in the by-election shows that everything in Bolehland is controlled by BN!

Anonymous said...

Najib did not censure Gertak.
That's why I lost my faith in BN.