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Monday, May 17, 2010

Fantastic Facts and Fancies

Dedicated to the Barisan Nasional. LOSERS in SIBU!

#1 Funny

And so Barisan Nasional lost the Sibu by election in spite of intense campaigning by all the big guns of Umno and BN. But being BN people they hold their heads high after the loss. In fact much higher than anyone else in Sibu.

Today, the Prime Minister and his Deputy conveyed their thanks to the people in Sibu who voted for BN. But of course since BN lost both Najib and Muhyiddin didn't really want to stay in Sibu to say thank you personally lor. And so they gave that task to Peter Chin, minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water.

Peter Chin informed whoever wanted to listen that the prime minister was impressed that loser, Lau could make such an impact within such a short time.

AIYOH!!! RM18million for Chinese schools and RM5million for flood mitigation surely must have helped a bit right? Like that also want to bullshit us ah?

#2 Funny

Sore loser? I think so. Robert Lau, the BN loser said he was sad because Sibu would lose out on a lot of things as the folk had not given the Federal Government its confidence. PHWAAAAA! Is that a threat or what?! After all Najib did say, "Lu mahu lima juta, gua mahu Robert Lau menang". So now, since the fler lost, all 'deals' are off issit?
Second Finance Minister, Wong Soon Koh said, ".....some areas were flooded......and voters had to travel out by four-wheel drives. This is inconvenient and maybe this is why some of them did not come out". That is so funny isn't it? Maybe Wong's boss, Najib should have spent some millions on mitigating the floods when it was inconveniencing the people of Sibu and not wait to dangle the money as a carrot to vote BN.

And now ladeees and germs.................the award for the Day-Dreamer-Of-The-Week goes to................

Robert Lau Hui Yew

Lau said that he was 'touched' (Star street edition page N8) by the trust and confidence the Prime Minister had placed in him during the by elections. He said he is now 'very close' to the Prime Minister and they could talk like friends. FUUUUUUUYOH!!!

But Mr. Lau, the fler was so confident in you that he had to fork out, or at least promise to, RM23million(?) to try and ensure you win. Anyway, I hope your close friendship lasts la. Good luck.



pheedom said...

I know Robert form his non-politics days and must say he is a genuinely nice guy. Perhaps if he really wants to serve the rakyat, he should help convince SUPP to leave BN, that would be a great start

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Saiful talked like friends with DPM Najib then?

Anonymous said...

This is not even closer to the funniest one. They flung cash here and there, they screwed around with postal votes, Najib even broke the law himself in bribing the voters of Sibu. AND Najib says BN not CREATIVE enough!!

Anymore creative, people will die. Oh. wait a minute. People already do - Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock, Amirul..

Robbery_Carloose said...

Time for Mr. Robert to ask Jibby to drop his tonk so that Mr. Robert can offer to kiss Jibby's behind.

Anonymous said...

Can someone in Sibu please prepare a RM 3,000,000 (ah, what the heck make it RM 5,000,000 lah)big mock up cheque like the one Najis was parading after BN's Hulu Selangor win and send it to Putrajaya for their signature?

That would be hilarious wouldn't it? Would be even more hilarious if you can get MACC gets to deliver the cheque to Najib.

new fart said...

Serve them right, these asshol*s! Not everyone can be bribed! Fight for just and truth...fukk all these corrupters!!!

ex-Malaysian said...

Pathetic ASSHOLE!

Anonymous said...

From Right2Write, Dr Raffick

My research on the internet, shows the following;

From the EC press release on voters turnout (BERNAMA)
1. Total No. of Registered Voters : 54,695 (including 2,537 postal voters)
2. Number of voters who cast ballots : 32,742
Voter turnout : 59.86 per cent

From the EC official results announcement (BERNAMA)
1. Robert Lau Hui Yew (BN) – 18,447 votes
2. Narawi Haron (INDEPENDENT) – 232 votes
3. Wong Ho Leng (DAP) – 18,845 votes
Votes cast : 37,919

The difference between announce turnout and actual count is 5177 votes (ballot paper)
(or about 2x postal ballot )

From the above we could see that 5177 additional ballot paper has come in into the final tally. A few hundred more ballot papers, PR would have lost Sibu as how they have lost Batang Ai. These is something that EC need to explain. Can it be that they made a mistake at the original announcement? It sounds so unlikely. It is time a special select committee at Parliament look at this matter seriously. They need to scrutinize each individual ballot papers and voters listing tally in detail. Credibility of Malaysian Voting system is at stake here.

ktteokt said...

Why only when there is a by-election in Sibu that people's problems there get the attention of these big shots? Do they mean no by-election, they don't care? Utter nonsense, making use of by-elections to threaten the people! Not everyone is scared of threats lah!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Now you see them, now you don't
Dangled carrots at all elections
When politicians are losers they won't
Fulfill empty promises like their illusions

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 170510
Mon. 17th May 2010.

Anonymous said...

Robert Lau is sad that Sibu will lose out alot because BN lost the buy-erection.

Actually Robert Lau, you are sad because you will lose out on the projects and commissions promised by Jibby if BN won.

Boo hoo hoo.....I'm heartbroken.

Anonymous said...

Bolehland is govern by crooks and porn star

Anonymous said...

Ah Lau,

As a Christian, aren't you ashame of yourself for trying to play the religion game?. Isn't it a sin to offer money to churches when the money is not yours? I think you have been mixing with bad company such as Pinklips, Black face Moohideousdin to name a few.

Your mistake is you forgot to kiss the hand of Pinklips unlike the newly erected HS assemblyman with the malay-chinese-indian name who kissed the hand (and probably the arse) of the black face moodin.

It is too late now so you better repent and ask for forgiveness from God and from the people of Sibu. Be a better person and get out of BN to save your soul.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, well said.

Anonymous said...

Lau sees bn as the boss to rakyat n thus by voting him in, rakyat will always be at the boss's mercy. Rakyat should be the boss, you get it, Mr Lau?

Anonymous said...

Obviously bn, in particular Supp still haven't learn from their losses in the last state election. Maybe 4 years is not enough time for them to conduct a proper post-mortem. Not a problem, we shall make them lost the next election to give them more time to figure out why.

Anonymous said...

Ah Jib said he wants to buy Roberto Lau from Sibuans for RM5 mil. But Roberto now has no more value in the eye of Ah Jib. So Robert go and sell yourself now to your so-called fren Ah Jib and donate whatever you get to Rejang Park for flood mitigation project. If you do this come next election you might be elected.

Anonymous said...

Aiyahh Robert chai, no need to be sad lar... Sibu will lose out alot, but you will still gain mah... since you already fren fren with Najib hor??

Niamah CCB

Anonymous said...

Maybe Wong's boss, Najib should have spent some millions on mitigating the floods when it was inconveniencing the people of Sibu and not wait to dangle the money as a carrot to vote BN..............

1 Malaysia for the people, dream lah!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Wong's boss, Najib should have spent some millions on mitigating the floods when it was inconveniencing the people of Sibu and not wait to dangle the money as a carrot to vote BN..............

1 Malaysia for the people, dream lah!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How cn Lau be a good guy if he sees friend and proud to be very close to Jib? Unless he is blind and deaf and being ignorance of the corruption practice n racism around, otherwise, by the same token, he is in for the same objective. How can he not feel for the sibuans that what the pm has said was most insulting: "...this is not the place for the pm to come ..." "...ada banjir tak? ada? takde?..." Don't treat the Rejang folks like kids, ok, Mr Pariah Man?
When there's by-election, u hv the money to do all sorts of projects for the rakyat becoz people comes first. Without by-election,takde wang for solving rakyat's problems, sini price increase, sana barang kena tax, even the credit card tax of RM50 also nak! The coalition is doomed!

Anonymous said...

All these rhetoric from Lau and Wong tells us one thing.Basically, they are already filthy rich.It makes sense for them to align themselves with the current government.No doubt about it! Cari makan mah!
To the people of Sibu,Hats off to you! You have proved that you are not cowed and stupid! Three Cheers!!!

eugene said...

Sometimes, i just wonder, can we be so gullible to believe that we have to trade our votes in exhange for the things that the government of the day should do for us...

I am a father of two, i will never ask my children to do this for me,then only i will do this for you, it is utterly silly.It is my duty and to the best of ability to provide the best for my children thus they will grow up to be a fine young man.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Right Honorable Lau, I do not know you personally and of your demeanor and style of politics so I will not broach that area. My advise to you is to really listen to what the communities in your district are saying BEHIND closed doors and not what the BN thinks are relevant to them. Serve the people without fear and justly and you will be doing the people and yourself justice in representing them. Compromise with the devil and Hell is what reward you will get. Don't tell me that so and so about this and that. WE are not interested in rhetoric but to be given want what is rightfully ours in the first place, that's all. Show your face around town and talk to the people and not when it's only election time and promise fly like frothy spittle and bad breath! You lost and you know why that happened, maybe it's you but then again look behind you and see who's waiting in the wing ready to pounce....again and again.

Anonymous said...

Now I am pissed! What the Hell did PERKASA head honcho meant that the Chineses in Sibu are an ungrateful lot and they do not deserve any financial aid from the Government. He did the same for Hulu Selangor AFTER BeeEnd won but PM did what he promised for avoid political suicide by living up to the promises made albeit that the money was rightfully the peoples' in the first place!. Sir, let me remind you that the east coast states were the deciding factor in BeeEnd winning the last election and forming the government. You want to poke the golden child? Good, keep up with your sanctimonious stance and God willing; after the next GE13, BeeEnd can do a postmortem on their defeat and point their finger at you as a reason for the reversal and demise of their good and easy fortunes for 52 odd years! NUMBNUTS!

Anonymous said...

Ah Lau should lead SUPP to walk out on BN.

Sarawak is rich enough. Why would you being manipulated by the umnoputera who got no link to Borneo historically?

Shame on SUPP for sucking up to umno.

amirul said...

Nobody is above the law. That he is the PM does not give him the immunity from prosecution. His shameless attempt to bribe the voters of Sibu renders him unfit to hold office as head of government. He must not be let off scot-free this time. What was captured on video is conclusive evidence of a serious breach of election laws. It will be interesting to see how our impotent judiciary and police react to such a blatant violation.

Clearly a police report must be made against Najib. This was a blatant violation of the Election Offences Act being a clear case of attempted bribery and corruption. So much for leadership by example. Do he, the Election Commission and the attorney-general believe that the PM is above the law?

Why pick on cops taking $50 bribes if the PM openly encourages this sort of behaviour? Should we then be surprised that there has been a steady breakdown in the rule of law in the country, when the PM flouts, and openly flouts the breaking of the law. Shameful behaviour indeed.

Ah Loy said...

With Perkasa and Gertak on umno's side, Chinese will never believe in 1Malaysia.

najib please take note.

Anonymous said...

baziran nasional

Ah Loy said...

With Perkasa and Gertak on umno's side, Chinese will never believe in 1Malaysia.

najib please take note.

Anonymous said...

The rakyat of Malaysia should be very thankful that we have such an easy to get close to PM. Ordinary rakyat who wanted to ask for scholarship and talk shit hole can get to go to PM's home (quite close don't you think). A frog can go into the PM's room oso (I think much closer). Now this Lau fler said he is now 'very close' to the PM...err don't know how close huh. Brader Pat, do you have any idea of how close is very close.

Anonymous said...

Hey Soh Chai Lau,

Why don't you ask your Best Friends Forever (BFF) Pinklips to make you a senator since you did not win the Erection to parliament. After all, senatorships doled out by the UMNO government are for Losers anyway. Don't believe me, well the latest list of senators such as senator ezam, palanivel, etc proves my case.

Don't be sad can still contribute to improving Sibu in parliament as a senator unless you are so full of sour grapes and bull shit.


JB Boy said...

The history will remember the people of Sibu!

And the people will also not forget the promises that BN made during the campaign.

These are people money(Tax) and it belongs to the people, not BN!!

Anonymous said...

kerana PERKASA , dap won Sibu...tq !

Anonymous said...

I strongly urge all rakyat to abandon BN so long as PM does not censure Perkasa and Gertak which is inconsistent with his 1 malaysia principle.

Anonymous said...

BN spent so much of $$$ and Big Guns campaigned in Sibu ! One wonder why BN still lose ? Too much $$$ or too little $$$ ?

It is rakyat's $$$ !

Binasa Negara.

Birds Talking Too said...

Wanna butt around old backsides with his 'green' horns!

Anonymous said...

Robert chai, be a MAN, do the RIGHT thing! leave BN now!

Blaise said...

What a delight it is to read your blog and all the wonderful readers' comments.

As someone who lived in Sibu for close to two decades, the by-election is probably the ONLY thing I can be proud of as a Sibuan and Malaysian.

Thank you Sibu!

Noto said...

Maybe I'm abit late to come and comment on this... but I still have to tell a story where my neighbour in MELAKA told me happily tat her daughter-in-law went back to her kampung in SIBU to VOTE.. if not mistaken she's a high school teacher and the aunty was so happily telling me because that her daughter-in-law's travel fee... all the way from MELAKA to SIBU! was entirely PAID by the GOVERNMENT! let me do a rough estimation.. MELAKA-KLIA RM20, KLIA-KUCHING RM400, KUCHING-SIBU RM200... x2!!! came to a total of
RM1280! for 1 damn VOTE! and yet they lost! aiya... oh is there only 1 fler that was paid to VOTE?? aiya... that 5 juta already spent liao lor... we didn't see it only... najib kept his promise 1 la..