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Monday, May 24, 2010


It is only a bribe when I ask for it. That's why I never ask. I only suggest.
(with thanks to I.C.T. for using this line from their repertoire)

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission announced that they are investigating ALLEGATIONS that Prime Minister Najib Razak made statements promising millions in community aid in return for votes for BN candidates. These 'allegations' were allegedly made after this video hit the Internet during the run-up to the Sibu by elections....

And this photo was published after the Hulu Selangor by elections.

And they call it 'allegations'. So how do you know that the outcome of this 'investigation' is a foregone conclusion?


When you read a newspaper headline like "MACC to probe election promises."


When it involves the president of Umno who is also Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Clue#3 When MACC says, "Let us carry out our investigation first before we let the public know the outcome."


MACC says, "Whether or not there is a case to be heard in court, we leave that decision to the Attorney-General's Chambers."

Additional clues:-

"MACC is colour-blind. So whenever we receive information, we will take action."

You know that the MACC ultimately reports to the Prime Minister?

(full story in today's The Sun. Oh, I think it is quite ironic that the announcement was made at the launching of a book on Reforming Political Financing in Malaysia. Hahahahaha...sorry I couldn't help myself.)

So my fellow Malaysians I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you. You'll turn blue and die of asphyxiation. And then they will say you committed suicide. Or it was just an accident.



Anonymous said...

It appears not many pragmatic Malaysians are ever going to believe anything would come out of this "probe" ... maybe it's more like a "show and not-tell"!!

Anonymous said...

the result as expected! needless to say more! malaysia mesti boleh!

Anonymous said...

Of course nothing is going to happen.

Otherwise why do you think Najib has become Malaysia no 1. property developer with deals in biggest deals even in Singapore. Najib is now banking on landbank to 'buy-election' - that is why the frantic real estate deals..

You think his 'deal' is bad, wait till GE 13. It will be so blatant your stomach is going to churn. He could care less.

Anonymous said...

The MACC so-called probe will conclude Salivary Pinklips Jibby did nothing wrong and his "I help you, you help me" offer is perfectly legitimate. After all he is the 1PM who can do no wrong, right?

This will then open the floodgates for Salivary PinkyLips Jibblis to further up his "I Hellpy Lu, Lu Hellpy I more" in the next buy erection. Watch out MPs', your constituents are praying for your early demise so they can get the goodies from Salivary Pinklippy Jibbilitis and vote for PR.

Anonymous said...

It is damn straight and clear that he was trying to buy votes, but anyway I expect those who thinks they are more clever, indeed some are lawyers would say the otherwise, there are always people like that come to the rescue when things like these happen.

ktteokt said...

MACC is another "toothless tiger" and "dog" of the corrupt government under BN. So can anyone expect MACC to take action against our PM for what he has uttered during the Sibu by-election?

Anonymous said...


I think the MACC should "poke" instead of "probe" Jibby's illegal vote buying. The reason is simply that MACC treats "poking" cases more seriously than "probing". Afterall "poking" conjures a much more sensational case.

MACC wants some fun,
N A J I S,
They like to poke poke here,
And poke poke there,
Here a poke, there a poke,
Everywhere a poke poke,
MACC loves some fun,

(sung to the tune of Old Macdonald Had A Farm)

Anonymous said...

if najib is caught for committing a crime in HS and Sibu, i CUT ah!!


daniel said...

Outcome of investigations? They will find the people who posted the video on Youtube and charge them under ISA.

Anonymous said...

NAJIS traded the m'sian railway land in Singapore for what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N A J I S is damn fail lah

Anonymous said...

"Lu tolong wa, Wa tolong lu.."
That's gotong royong wat... where got corruption??

Niamah !!!

Ralfie said...

Then they will find him not guilty of anything and the opposition will be charged with sedition. I know that script so well by now!

Anonymous said...

even macc used the term "money politics"!!!!

fuck them!! there is no such thing. it is BRIBERY / CORRUPTION!!

fuck macc.

"modelled against the icac of hong kong...?" ptui!!! fuck them macc. fuck them!!

shameless souls. these characters have no shame. shame them. shame their family. publish their home addresses. where does the macc head stays??? stage peaceful demos IN FRONT of his house!!!

shame him in front of his neighbours!!


Anonymous said...

U all think MACC gonna interrogate him like TBH???
MACC "have to" go to his palace, have tea & kuih & chit-chat &&&&.....

"I hep u, u hep me..!"
Ooo... btw y should we? U report to me mah! Tak payah, tak payah..!

Minum, minum semua...... buat teh 1 tong pun boleh!!
Lepas tu buat cerita macam ni..........!!!


Anonymous said...

Why waste your time on MACC that is set up to protect the interest of bn only?

Anonymous said...

MACC reports to PM Najib.Full Stop!
Kana-sai.No balls even to probe ministers or cabinet mainisters, now want to probe Najib???
Tan Koo Koo erh!!!!

Anonymous said...

najib is selling ktm station at tanjung pagar to Singapore to raise moeny for umno war chest and rosmah shopping budget.

ha ha!

Che Det must be cursing now that he lost the millions!

Anonymous said...

MCA blog claimimg that Lim Guan Eng is having an affair read here

ah long said...

If the ah jeep really kena .. Malaysia will have snow jatuh

Diveman69 said...

Haiya Uncle, like all the other comments you and I both know what the result will be from the investigation by MACC. Will definitely take your advice and not hold my breath. How can? Nanti die of asphyxiation ma hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

If 'peons' like VK Lingam, Vincent Tan, Tengku Adnan, Ahmad Fairuz, Eusoff Chin can all get off TOTALLY unscathed despite being implicated in a video after a Royal commission's findings, one must be like a brain dead zombie in a drunken stupor to believe that this pink lips snake can be snared by a video.

To the pink lips snake and the Lingam group..just wanna say.. with all my heart....

Satu (middle finger extended) Malaysia !!
Satu (middle finger extended) Malaysia !!
Satu (middle finger extended) Malaysia !!

Anonymous said...

I like the word "allegations". What allegations?

Oii, Malaysian Accredited Corruption Agency!!It is not "allegation"!! It is fact. Just watch the video. If LKS or KS or LGE or Anwar or any person other than UMNO/MCA/MIC/Gerakan/BN saying the same thing, surely he would have to go to jail

Anonymous said...

Anything more than 2,400 no corruption. Tak ada bukti pun cari sampai ada bukti.

I TRULY feel sorry for you bro.


Anonymous said...

Scene of the serious and intense after office hours interrogation of the 1PM by 1MACC.

1PM: Jemput lah minum, makan. Saiful akan menghidangkan minuman dan makanan serta melayan pegawai pegawai masing masing

1MACC: Er, terima kasih Dato Seri. Tap macam mana sekarang. Gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua, deal ok?

1PM: No problem. You deliver "No Case and No Further Action" now and I personally see that all of you get new proton cars for your wives or girlfriends tomorrow. I guarantee you, just like I guarantee Saiful he will be the infamous 1Arsehole.

1MACC: Er, Dato Seri, you sure or not. Nanti semua orang tahu, langsung mati kita semua.

1PM: No problem. Be cool man. I am the PM. You just put in your report "No case, No further action" and I will take care of everything. Deal, ok?

1MACC: Baik lah, Dato Seri. Deal!

ex-Malaysian said...

No lah, com"n....they still think their grandfathers owned the country and therefore they can do whatever fuck they like with it! You no like....then go back to wherever your ancestors come from. If you really think these assholes are going to change...dream on! You non-Malays (the fucking mamaks not included of course) work your asses off and keep paying the taxes and they will keep milking it dry...simple as that! Criticize and rant all you want but it will fall on deaf ears. As long as these Malay assholes are controlling the major governmental agencies, they will be kings of the country! Tiu niamah!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Are you one of the Kapoww?

Saw your name on the poster of the silly local malay movie starring Zizan..

Anonymous said...


Are you one of the Kapoww?

Saw your name on the poster of the silly local malay movie starring Zizan..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Pat,
Now Najib solved KTM problem with Red Dot when Mahathir cannot or don't want to solve for 2 decades!
Just wait for TDM stereo speakers in a few days time!!!!!

pinsysu said...

MACC jia sai only lah!

Anonymous said...

And now....................

MCA Rm2 billion managed by CSL's son.


Wat say u Pat?

Anonymous said...

A message for CSL's MCA:

Trust is like a mirror
You can fix it if it is broken
But you can still see the crack

(Quote from Lady Gaga's Telephone video)

Anonymous said...


The MACC can't even settle a case of Teoh Beng Hock, want to be gungho ? Settling other cases ?

Dream on, dream away !

I only have this to say !!!

Anonymous said...

U want good internet? wa want to win the GE! go fuck urself deep deep

Joe said...

Ask is exactly what he did, multiple times, in literal and cajoling words. So why the fuck is he getting away with this?

He can because he is in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ibrahim Ali is more powerfull than najib, he can derail NEM implementation with his loud mouth.

Anonymous said...

Najib is such a fuck face.

Anonymous said...

I will never believe statistical data from the government. What was Najib Razak trying to prove by doing his walkabout in Petaling Jaya last week? Crime rate has reduced and we are safer? Don't treat us like fools with all your 'made-up figures'.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in the Singapore government's possession is a photograph of Najib having dinner at the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore a Mongololian woman. Someday it will be revealed that Najib agreed to the deal because of that photograph.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in the Singapore government's possession is a photograph of Najib having dinner at the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore a Mongololian woman. Someday it will be revealed that Najib agreed to the deal because of that photograph.