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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stop Cruelty to Animals


Letter to bloggers and media practitioners on May 29 :

Dear Blogger / Media friend,

At 10:30am today a group of more than 20 Malaysian social media users gathered at the entrance of the A ‘Famosa Resort in Melaka for a public awareness campaign.

They were approached by the Deputy OCPD of Melaka about 10 minutes after they arrived at the location. The senior officer courteously advised them to vacate the area (a public space), but allowed them first to attend to members of the press and photographers.

There were third-party individuals present at the location who were brash towards the group, asking for their personal details and recording their vehicle licence plate numbers. However, there was no untoward incident as the group did not engage them.

Though they were only allowed to stay for about half an hour, the group was grateful to the police for their consideration and protection. Individuals who attended the campaign drove from Kuala Lumpur and Melaka. There were those who were on their way from Singapore, Johor Bahru and Penang, but detoured after being told that the group had been instructed to disperse.

Individuals who attended today’s event brought with them posters and banners appealing to Malaysians to bear responsibility and care for the welfare and dignity of wildlife living in captivity. Their presence at the A ‘Famosa Resort came a week after a YouTube video caused a public outrage on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

Several local media have published reports on this matter, as well as foreign news sites such as the Jakarta Globe, the Straits Times, France 24, Viet News, Himalayan Times, China Post, Sydney Morning Herald and Brisbane Times.

According to a Malay Mail report, the A’ Famosa Resort could lose its licence to keep captive wildlife on its premises following public complaints regarding mistreatment of animals. However, the power to shut down the facility rests in the hands of the local council and State government.

Meanwhile, the New Straits Times reported that Perhilitan had issued a directive to A ‘Famosa Resort to cease all animal shows, particularly those of endangered wildlife such as the tiger.

Feedback from social media users clearly indicate a great sense of shame among Malaysians who are becoming increasingly aware that there are animal parks in the country that do not treat their animals humanely and with respect. Worse is when the parks are popular destinations for foreign tourists.

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi.

On behalf of concerned Malaysians on Facebook and Twitter,

Juana Jaafar

Dear UpdateBlogger / Media Friend,

On 18 February this year a disturbing video was uploaded onto YouTube by a concerned citizen. The video, shot at the A ‘Famosa Resort in Melaka, showed an insentient tiger being forcefully postured to pose for a series of paid photo shoots.

Video :

The video, which recently made its rounds on Facebook and Twitter, caused an uproar particularly among Malaysian social media users.

As a result, these social media users mobilised their friends and followers online to write to the management of A ‘Famosa Resort expressing their discontent and demanding explanation regarding the manner in which the tiger was treated. Letters were also sent to the media and some were published.

A ‘Famosa representative, Eric Ong, responded by saying the tiger was simply “lazy” and that it was in the tiger’s “nature” to behave inertly. He also denied any possibility that the tiger was sedated.

By and large, Malaysians who have watched the video find it difficult to accept that the tiger was naturally insentient. They are also disturbed by the manner in which the tiger was treated and that it was exploited for paid photo shoots.

A random group of Malaysian social media users have since established a Facebook Page called “Stop Animal Abuse at A' Famosa!” to raise public awareness. The Page has garnered support from over 5,000 Facebook users to date. The issue is also widely discussed on Twitter under the hash tag #TolongTigers.

These concerned Malaysians are planning a “Public Awareness Campaign” day-trip to A ‘Famosa Resort on 29 May 2010 at 10:30am to advocate better treatment for wildlife living in captivity. They strongly believe that the livelihood and dignity of wildlife living in captivity is the collective responsibility of all Malaysians.

Page :

Event :

Please help create awareness among your readers by highlighting this issue in your blog / publication. Your support at the A ‘Famosa Resort this weekend will also add great value to the cause. Hope to see you there.

On behalf of concerned Malaysians on Facebook and Twitter,

Juana Jaafar


NutzeyWagen said...

Hi Patrick. Since we're on the subject of animal cruelty here, why don't you check out this website, Mercy for Animals. Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Now who said the Malaysian youth are a hopeless lot ?


Anonymous said...

For a moment I thought you were talking about MCA. Thought you were soliciting votes on their behalf since you are asking us not to be cruel to animals. Those UMNo dogs that claimed to represent the Malaysian Chinese.

harimau jati said...

Famosa need to raise $ to feed the tigers.

So what's wrong with that if the health of the creature is not affected?

Audido... said...

I've been to one of their night show parade...I didn't like the way they handle the orang utan during its paid photo rounds either. The staffs show no love nor patience when ushering the animal around. I was fortunate to get up close with the orang utan when the staff brought the animal near me for a photo shot but I chose not to buy the photo. It just doesn't sound right to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pat.
Ur more than just a actor.

Anonymous said...

SHAME ON YOU! Managment of A' Farmosa , Melaka!

Anonymous said...

Stop giving any business to those buggers until they start treating all animals with tender loving care, and also not to keep wild animals as pets or in cages to be gawked at.

Anonymous said...

Idris Jala: "Malaysia's debt would rise to 100 percent of GDP by 2019 from 54 percent at present if we don't slash government subsidies."

He failed to mentioned that the government has got the malays on credit habit, thinking that all loan need not be paid up (ref: MARA study loan). He also failed to recognize the wastage by BeEnd on frivolous projects.

That's why even without subsidies the country is heading the Greece direction.

Anonymous said...

haiyo!!!! two words sums up all dis la man..... i guess everybody knows wat de two words are....

MALAYSIA memang BOLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Umm..... lets make it 3 words la...

Anonymous said...

hi Patrick. thanx for sharing this!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I guess this is how rosmah treats najib at home.

Anonymous said...

Happy Wesak Day.

enjoy your holiday.

cherish your life, for the future will be more difficult under bn.

Anonymous said...

PM Najib, how can you allow Idris cutting subsidies?

If you cannot manage the wealth of the country, then please step down and let Pakatan Rakyat takes over. Our country has so much resources - oil, palm oil, rubber, timber in Sabah and Sarawak, etc, and you say we can go bankrupt?

You should cut corruption and wastage by the government. Reduce the number of civil servants who are getting gaji buta with poor productivity and stuck-up attitude.


Birds Talking Too said...

Aiyah Patrick,
After seeing this video, I got mad!
I gave donation to WWF "TX2" double the number of tigers" campaign and hor, these asses at A'rse Fomosa get lesen to 'knee' kick da tiger like that!
Really wish the harimau wakes up and rip that barger apart!

Wilson Ng said...

Boycott A' Farmosa!!

Moses said...

Ali Rustam said it is God given right to conduct animal testing. Did God speak to him (at Bkt Cina)?

Anonymous said...

The Malacca CM said animal rights activists should replace lab animals if they were truly against drug testing on animals.

Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam today defended the state government's decision to allow the establishment of a multi-million ringgit biotechnology centre that will feature several animal testing laboratories.(Malaysiakini)

Moronic talk of the day.

Joe said...

I thought the degradation of Malaysians couldn't get any worse than the Government treating us like the stray dogs they like to shoot in cold blood. Looks like every other kind of 'administration' has gotten in on it, too.

The motherfucker who thinks that animal laziness is an excuse for abusing them for money should either

a) live his real age (maybe 5) and adopt new parents; or

b) go to hell

Malaysia memang boleh. Ini terlalu mengagumkan

Anonymous said...

If you want to stop cruelty to animnals, teh I suggest you go meatless anb be a vegetarian.

Otherwise I doubt your sincerity.

Anonymous said...

I hope that bastard handler gets mauled to death for this.


Anonymous said...

To all animal eaters,

When was the last time you ate animal meat just to fill your stomach ? ( KFC, McD ...? ). Ipoh chichen rice ..nice? How about shark fins soup ?

I think sincerity and publicity is the issue here

Syiok malam-malam said...

Ibrahim Ali should learn from Alias how to be Perkasa without making noise with his mouth.

Monday May 31, 2010 (Star Online)

Having sex nightly, says Tokoh Nilam award winner Alias Ismail, is the secret to his seemingly boundless energy during the day.

The father of four said he made it a point to have sex daily before he and his wife retired for the night and felt it made him more agile and active.

“A good and legitimate sexual relationship is a kind of energy booster for me and my wife that has not only kept our marriage ties cordial but also made our bodies and brains functioning remarkably,” he added.

Anonymous said...

This is what i call Malaysian being civilized.

Kecoh Betul said...

It's ridiculous that our ex-premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad squandered RM100 billion of the rakyat's money during his 22 years' reign. It's ridiculous that Malaysia buys submarines worth billions but they cannot dive.

It's ridiculous that jet engines can disappear from our military air force. It is ridiculous that after RM12.5 billion, our PKFZ is not fully operational. It's ridiculous that after three generations, we are still call immigrants. It's ridiculous that after 52 years, Malaysia is still a low-income nation. So Malaysia going bankrupt? That's not ridiculous.

Joe said...

@Anonymous 12.37pm: LMAO!!! Absolutely good one

Joe said...

@Kecok Betul: You pretty much summed it up

Anonymous said...

Mr Teoh,

Please free all the animals you have caged at your Damansara Seafood Village.


Saiful said...

Can't wait for the next GE to bring change to our beloved country as I have no faith in NEM and those NKRA shit.