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Sunday, May 02, 2010

YOU are the cause of the problem.

Aminulrasyid Azman, 14, shot dead by Malaysian police last Monday

The Sunday Star front-paged a story today.

"Concern over teenagers hanging out late at night".

Many people who read this story think that the state in trying to protect its actions on the recent police shooting of a 14 year-old boy is, in the words of a commenter, "turn (ing) the table on the shooting to make it a youth problem" now.

My friend, U-En wrote a letter to The Star which they may or may not print. I have his permission to post the letter here. Read and circulate as needed please. Go to U-En's blog HERE

(The Star did not print U-En's letter. They printed this one instead.)


Has civic responsibility failed to such an extent that we do not recognise the idea of subjecting adolescents to a national curfew, with their identity cards to be checked by "social workers or police after 11pm" (Concern over teenagers hanging out late at night, May 2) as reactionary, authoritarian and unconstitutional?

I should have thought it obvious enough that a parent's duty to his or her child includes educating that child in personal responsibility and safety. To relegate even a part of that duty to the state, beyond national education, is a ludicrous admission that Malaysians are on a very basic level unfit to be parents.

Maybe this is so; and maybe we are so morally feeble that our first instinct when faced with children staying out late is to assume it is a "growing phenomenon" -- some kind of crime or anti-social "indulgence" -- and without really proving our case we react in typical knee-jerk fashion by appealing to some form of sweeping national policy.

Why? Is it because we lack the backbone to stand up as good examples for our own young? Are we incapable of discipline?

And who are we really to demand that our children do as we say when we fail so spectacularly to maintain even rudimentary standards of civil behaviour (let alone serve as good examples) on the road, in shopping complexes, other public spaces and even at home?

Really the only way to "police" minors effectively is to have them do it themselves. They must be taught to tell right from wrong and to choose the right path of their own volition: anything else would be fatuous tyranny that does nothing but ridicule authority in general, and the only way we can achieve this is to act responsibly ourselves.

A chief responsibility right now is to recognise that children will undoubtedly make mistakes, as will we -- such is the nature of being human -- but whatever the case no child should have to fear being shot in the head, no matter what time it is.

Ultimately if we treat the young without respect, we lose all right to expect any in return.

U-En Ng
Kuala Lumpur


Anonymous said...

So police will shoot to kill any kids loitering after 12mn to curb social ills. Good idea.

Pls take this idea and shoot to kill those errants motorcyclists using the federal highway for a start! They are just as dangerous to other road users.


Anonymous said...


wcw wouldnt dare to upset the police, aint it?

kepp on buying the lying paper, ok.

Anonymous said...

Look at the face of innocence. What a waste . The police shud be charged. Kids are adventurous and make mistakes. Nobody is perfect .

pilocarpine said...

well said!!

Anonymous said...

So this case was that the victim was murdered late at night.

So when it happens in daylight I wonder what they will spin and get writers to write all those nonsense about parent not taking care of their children. They will spin and spin and spin.

This is the type of people put in power by the voters.

Maxforce said...

What happen to signing off the post with "Niamah" ?
Anyway, typical of them turning the tables.

Anonymous said...

PDRM makan nasi lemak with abalone paid by the people everyday.

monsterball said...

Najib is cornered and now asked IGP to give him more details...this and that...and be conscious of people's complaints.
Crooks must protect crooks...and IGP have been doing a wonderful job....protecting Najib.
Dare ..Najib..for sincere with his "People First.Performance Now" slogan? be fair to that poor boy parents?
That poor boy did drive with no what?? Must he be killed for that?
The blunt truth is that killer policeman must have seen an Indian trigger happy and felt no guilt to kill another race. many policemen are UMNO racists members...that makes Najib so happy and proud too.
This country sucks...under UMNO BARU.

Kee TC said...

I should add here what the Chinese don’t want. We don’t want to be insulted, to be called pendatang, or told to be grateful for our citizenship. We have been loyal citizens; we duly and dutifully pay taxes; we respect the country’s constitution and its institutions. Our forefathers came to this country generations ago and helped it to prosper. We continue to contribute to the country’s growth and development.

Would anyone like to be disparaged, made to feel unwelcome, unwanted? For the benefit of the writer of the Utusan article, what MCA president Chua Soi Lek means when he says the MCA needs to be more vocal is that it needs to speak up whenever the Chinese community is disparaged. For too long, the MCA has not spoken up strongly enough when Umno politicians and associates like Ahmad Ismail, Nasir Safar, Ahmad Noh and others before them insulted the Chinese and made them feel like they don’t belong. That’s why the Chinese have largely rejected the MCA.

You see, the Chinese, like all human beings, want self-respect. And a sense of belonging in this country they call home. That is all the Chinese want, and have always wanted. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

More statism over our personal lives because of police failure in SUBURBUN SHAH ALAM?

When I was a kid, we lived in a gangster-ruled neigbourhood. I went out at night frequently even to some really notorious places. I even got pick pocketed and subject to extortion a number of times. BUT I was never harmed. My parents never stopped me from going out or even protested although i am sure they worried. My dad taught me how to walk away from situations of gangsters, drug abusers and prostitutes and even how to defend my dates/girlfriends.

And you know what? There was no burglary or violence like it is now. Our homes were safe.

Its suburban Shah Alam for god sake. Our kids can't walk out at night in the suburbs, we might as well give up and hand the keys over to the crooks.

Maybe we already have just that the crooks are in police uniform.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need the police force for....???

Guess they just wanna sit nicely in the aircond station...!!

Mmmm..... some a** said when a police got shot & killed, the public did "NOT" make any hoo-haa about it la....

Only when a 15yr old dies by the police's hands, than the public makes a very "BIG" hoo-haa about it....!!!!!

To make these statements ..... are they stupid or stupidier..????

Anonymous said...

Ask our police if they have been young once. Innocent, naive, frivilous, gay abandon and wanton foolishness.

The truth of the matter is that as parents we cannot "police" the children 24/7. However, we can inculcate them the proper and right moral and, legal values as well.

Whilst as parents and elderlys do that. We cannot also accept "childish" police ( whom are the employees of the rakyat ) to abandon responsibility and turn tables with immature comments as " do you want us to take the police off the streets? ".

There are ( International ) standard Operating Procedures that the police adhere to before subscribing to quick draw Mcdraw. All said, what has happened, has happened. We are all sadden by the incident. None so more griefed as the family of the victim.

The recourse now lies in the investigation, with the police, ...and introspection with ourselves as parents and elders, the society ... so that there are no more such untoward incidents.... to waste life.


CPL said...

While my condolence go to the family of the deceased, I cannot imagine how the 15 year old is allowed to drive the car. I am sure that this is not the first time that he has driven. Seems to me that he is able to handle the car well. As parents, we should not pass the reponsibility of watching our children to the police thru curfew. We should not burden the police further.

CD said...

Condolence to the family of the deceased. In this case i learned a few lesson from it. 1st,sure in this case there is an adult who teach the children how to drive.So don't ever tried to teach your children how to drive.Let the driving school do the responsibility. 2nd, as a parent we shouldn't keep the car key in the bedroom or at least somewhere they couldn't grab it at the 1st place.

And...just want to share my thought here,what if the policeman being hit by the car and died. What will the story become.

Jessyca said...

Now when I go on streets... it's the police that I fear more than robbers and snatch thief!


If they can do that to a poor kid, can you imagine what shit they dare pull with adults when they lose the elections? God save us all.

Anonymous said...

Better run away quietly if you come across polis next time.

Anonymous said...

This government JUST DON'T solve problems again and again. Avoid this and that, why don't the police (aka murderers now) do something rather than typical road blocks and bribery!

O those literate hulu-selangorean, you've just vote for a piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Just shoot those buggers who broke the law, any law. If the police had shot the jay walkers or traffic light beaters, we will have less problem. I wish they would shoot the buggers who use the emergency lane. Shoot the buggers who double park. Oh yeah, while at it, shoot the buggers who do not pay the parking meters.

The world would be a more orderly place.

Anonymous said...

The PIG and PDRM are telling us malaysian folks it is not their responsibility to enforce and maintain the law and order according to the constitution. Their responsibility is to shoot and kill offenders (real or perceived) of their own interpretation of the law.

So to all you malaysian folks out there, you could be shot walking out of a restaurant, pub, shopping mall or cineplex any time of the day or night if the PIG and the PDRM perceives you to be criminal or a to-be criminal by the parang. knife, keris or gun placed next to your bullet ridden lifeless body.

The PIG and PDRM are telling us that we are to be blamed for them killing us because we have no right to be outside our homes attending to our own business. Very soon, our own homes are also not safe because the PIG and PDRM will come charging into our homes with the perception our homes are center of criminal activities, perceived or otherwise.

1Malaysia, Truly 1Bodohland.

u-en said...

They ran this instead.

I don't understand how in some people's minds, cops killing a kid can somehow be excused because it is the parents' fault.

No one disputes that cops are human, or that some parents need to check the behaviour of their children.

But to say that "Malaysian police are really doing a fine job. Don’t be too quick to point finger at them" is to support the view that Aminulrashid somehow deserved it and his mother is to blame.

Who pulled the bloody trigger?

The writer of The Star letter again trots out the "bad apple" thing. But how many bad apples are there? Has he forgotten Kugan? Norizan Salleh -- who's still alive despite being shot FIVE times?

And what if the policeman had been hit by the car and died? Well sure, that's self-defence, although the question of proportionate force is still open. In what direction was the car heading when it stopped? and how many spent casings were recovered? And do people sign on to the force because they are prepared to face the risk of enforcing the law, or should we mollycoddle them some more?

Last year 39 people were killed by the cops. In 2008 it was 44. How many cops were injured (let alone killed) in the line of duty?

And should we not make a distinction between unarmed and armed *suspects*? People are suspected of crimes. They are prosecuted and convicted by due process. That at least helps us determine that only the guilty are punished. Isn't that a basic principle too?

This entire thing might have been an accident, but if people want to argue against Aminulrashid's "innocence", I gotta ask: for what crime was Aminulrashid suspected of that he should have been fired on in the first place?

I'm with Anon 8.03AM. If the cops are so great, then how come suburban streets are so unsafe that a kid can be mistaken for a criminal and be shot?

Anonymous said...

What goes round comes around.The offspring or the close ones of those responsible will meet the same fate maybe one way or the other and no one will shed a tear for them.Such arrogance sickens.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we shoot all the kids it will scare the heck out of them into not staying out late at night

Anonymous said...

Parents : Beware of the cops they can kill better than the robbers do.

One head shot and that's it !!!!

See you dare to go out at night or not !!!

Anonymous said...

Hah Hah!
Nothing new mah! Girl rape or molested police say victims wear too sexy dress.If get house buggled, police say you never locked up properly.So now if your child get shot, police say you never control your kid!!!
Tiu Niamah....

Anonymous said...

Shoot to kill. Good! Go ahead and shoot all those bloody Mat Rempits who are a bloody nuisance to everybody. The streets will be safer without them. Hell, the police will have a lot work to do after midnight then, instead of moonlighting in cosy corners when these guys go on rampage.

Go, shoot the Mat Remits. I fully endorse and support this .

Pak Ma'on said...

poor boy

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jessyca @ 11.06am. I too fear the police more than the real criminals out there. At least I know what the criminals have on their minds and they don't hide their intentions.

It's the mafia police in their blue uniforms that I really fear because I don't know what's really on their they just want money from me or are they going to assault me before shooting me because I refuse to give them any kopi duit?

Anonymous said...

it's very sad that in this case, the parent or custodians of the deceased are not at all reprimanded for their negligence and devil-may-care attitude of allowing the 15-year-old to drive. from the news reports, it is quite clear that it was not the boy's first time driving a car.

siapa punya kereta?
siapa bagi bawak kereta?
kenapa tak buat apa-apa?
siapa ajar dia bawak kereta?
kunci kereta letak kat mana?
boleh pulak keluar pukul 2 pagi?

in this case the boy lost his life. what if he were to have killed another innocent road user instead? whatever the circumstances, an individual of this age should not be driving.

a lot of attention has gone into why and how he was killed. i can understand this. but at the same time, can society also try to address the problem of an increasing number of children driving and why this is becoming more rampant?

sad dude, really sad.
find fault with the police by all means but the parent and custodians of this young boy should not be made to bask in sympathy and positive publicity.

Anonymous said...

kids are uncontrollable nowadays , they sneak out of the houses when parents are abed, sometimes they look like angels in front of their parents but behind supervision, once they mix with wrong company, they become demons.
Take for example, my neighbour's son. He was such a good looking kid, and seems like a good boy.. then he started sneaking out of the house, doing drugs and finally run away from home... how???

Anonymous said...

U orang semua tak suka kita punya polis! I will tell my men not to investigate anything, Suruh dia orang pergi mamak stall minum teh tarik aje! Jangan buat anything. U orang tak suka, boleh keluar! Get out of my opis! Semua tak grateful, so balik China atau India> Now! Macham mad Pig barking!

Anonymous said...


1) Police claimed driver of the car had tried to reverse the vehicle to ram down a policeman, prompting him to fire a shot at the car.


2) Reversing and Ram.


3) If driving a car can pose danger to policemen or public, meaning ALL CAR DRIVERS ARE IN RISK TO BE SHOT BE POLICE BECAUSE A CAR TO THE POLICEMENT IS A DANGEROUS WEAPON.

4) If I heard gun shot, should I run for cover or just stop? RUN = DIE, STOP = DIE. SO, JUST PRAY AND I'M 100% SURE THAT I CANNOT REVERSE MY CAR OR I WILL MEET THE SAME FATE AS THE POOR BOY.


Anonymous said...

The guy who wrote the letter and was published in the star is an idiot.

He is not evaluating within the context of mentioned incident. Instead, was quick to blame boy's guardian for not knowing his whereabouts. Being hypocritical ain't he?

Normally I wouldn't be angry at the cops if:

1) They were not so quick to pre-judge the boy as a criminal. It shows that they were extremely defensive, and suspiciously for the wrong reasons.

2) Indicating that there was a machete in the car was a double whammy and all the more proves that they are desperate to establish an alabi on their end.

3) Musang threatening the public that he would withdraw all police foce from the streets if crticism on the police force still reigns among the public.

If the police established a proper protocol in handling the aftermath of this situation, people would still be leveled with coowl heads.

And I wouldn't have such stinkin impression on them if it weren't for the 3 items above.


weakman said...

To me, i might be different.

1st. A 14 years old boy driving in the middle of the night. (Licence sure po chi)
2nd. Who own the car??....
3rd. When chasing a high speed car, only god know who is inside the car!....
Last but not least, what you do if you are the policeman???

Anonymous said...

Someone's comment highlighted a very very good point.

Has anyone thought of this before, what if YOUR son who is driving legally got hit by this 15 years old kid who is driving illegally?
How would you feel?

Still say his parents are wonderful for teaching him how to drive at the age of 15?

What if the story goes the other way, that the boy knock his car into the police, and killed the police instantly?

Newspaper headline, " Police left behind a widow wife, with 3 kids ages 2, 5, and 15...because was knock down by a 15 year old kid who was trying to escape when asked to stop?"

Amirul doesn't deserve to be shot. No one does.
But, we shouldn't just blame one party for it.

Anonymous said...

Aunties - never ever hold a parang or when u bought a parang from Tesco/Giant, don't keep in your car. You will be classified as criminal if the parang is found in your car.

So, just ask Tesco/Giant to send the parang by DHL/Fedex to your house.

Anonymous said...

The main point is the policeman must restrain from using any firearms. They are not well educated. Remember the highest ranking officer in the force only have an Diploma.

Anonymous said...

Maybe next they will ask us to seal our vagina so that nobody gets pregnant

Anonymous said...

Most people (yes, at least 51% of the world population... but I suspect a lot more than that) are not fit to be parents.

There should be a permit to bear children. Want to get married? Must have permit/certificate. Must have a driver's licence & insurance to operate a motor vehicle, land title to own property, council's approval & CF to construct and occupy a building, business licence to operate a busines, etc, etc... licence this, permit that, bla bla bla...

So, there should be a ruling on making kids and the number of kids a couple can make. A kid can grow up to be more dangerous than any inanimate object...

We always hear of that "the poor breeds" thing. It's true everywhere in the world. Over here, the poor make children like nobody's business where their sons grow up to be crooks (most of the time) and many of the daughters became school sluts...


ktteokt said...

"Dead men tell no lies", so this dead boy CANNOT LIE!

Anonymous said...

Polis cakap dia ada 'licence to kill'.

Ingat dia James Bond kah?

ktteokt said...

The policeman who shot the boy would put the blame on everyone else except himself. He will blame the boy for driving without a licence, blame him for not stopping at the road block, blame PDRM for giving a gun with bullets, blame the government for authorizing PDRM to give him the gun which he never used until now because his finger is ITCHY! And he is as innocent as a 3 year old kid!