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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fantastic facts and funnies

Got meh? Where got? Don't have la? You got proof? You wanna tell you go and tell la?

Does that sound like something from a school yard argument? I am sure that all of us, male and female, have had experience of that kind of guilt-ridden bravado at least once in our school lives. I know I have. But I was surprised that this kind of schoolboy/girl antics are actually not limited to school yards. They use the exact same in-your-face, dare-you-to-prove-me-wrong tactic in Malaysian politics too. What am I talking about?

I am talking about Najib Razak's statement that the government has never promised programmes or projects for the people during by-election campaigns, including the Sibu parliamentary by-election.

He said that programmes or projects implemented in Sibu were planned by the government well before the by-election.

So either way, he was lying to the people of Sibu when he said......

Well on the positive side at least he was thin-skinned enough not to reply to Wong Ho Leng's (DAP-Sibu) question in person in Parliament. Opting instead for a written reply. I suppose Najib wouldn't be able to hold back the giggles.

And now.....(cue fanfare and drumroll)...laddies and germs the award for most magnanimous YB goes to......
Rais Yatim in recognition of his courageous efforts in protecting the rights of non-Muslim Malaysians.

"Sports betting should be legalised to recognise the rights of non-Muslims"

“Whatever the Government’s taxes (from sports betting), use that fund for the good of the non-Muslim poor. The Muslims do not have to touch it”

“Do you want the calamitous result of illegal sports betting, in which Muslims are joining in hordes? Or do you regulate it where Muslims are not involved?"

All I can say to that is............




Friday, June 18, 2010

The Yes You Can Minister

Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, The Federal Territories and Urban Well-Being Minister (have you wondered sometimes at that last bit of his portfolio? What the fuck does it mean?) made a statement about coping with the high cost of living in urban centres yesterday. One pf the things he said was,

"Earning RM3,000 a month should be manageable if folks living in cities cut down on overheads such as Astro and cars." He also said, "...having cars could be a burden owing to the high cost of maintenance."

This prompted at least 1 Malaysian to comment......

"My dear Minister: to some people having a car is not a luxury. Those that live deep inside low-cost-housing areas where buses dont go; they scrimp and save to buy a kancil so they can send their kids to school and eke out a meagre living...This is just ONE of the things that is not quite right with your statement on the cost of living in KL."

You can read the full Star story of this minister who needs a reality check HERE

And if you are a resident of Kuala Lumpur this next bit of ministerial wisdom might tempt you to want to kick him in the balls. Hard.

"This city is liveable for those earning RM3,000 a month, provided they do not live in luxurious places."

Sure you can. If you are single. If you don't need to send money home to support parents and siblings. If you don't need a car because the LRT stops right at your doorstep and your office. If you don't mind living in one of those places that the YB says you can rent for RM124 a month. If you don't need any form of entertainment. Ya you can.


Thursday, June 03, 2010

Look on the bright side

Tomorrow is the start of the weekend. Yay!!! So, I thought in light of what's been happening recently in Bolehland that we could all do with some giggles and smiles. So here.........enjoys!


Feel any safer?

Public feel safer, says PM

That's the headline of a story in The Sun today. Najib announced this yesterday during his walkabout in SS2 when he informed that 7,402 policemen have been redeployed from desk jobs to street duties. And he said that this has not only helped to reduce the crime rate but also made the public feel safer.

My question is: How the fuck would he know? Did he ask you? He sure didn't ask me. And then, as he usually does, he really puts his foot in it when he also announced that he was in the area to "get to the ground to see how these efforts are taking off." And if you look at the photo of his walkabout in SS2 yesterday I guess you would feel very safe. The fler was surrounded by policemen and bodyguards.

(from The Sun article) Najib also announced that Selangor will be made the "showcase state" for community policing and that Kuala Lumpur would be turned into a 'police zone' under the new economic order. He did not give details and senior police officers said they were not aware of the plans. Isn't that just fucking typical of how Najib's administration works? It is almost laughable if it wasn't so fucking tragic.

Oh, and by the way, Najib dressed in a shirt and tie for a walkabout in SS2 Petaling Jaya. Proving once and for all maybe, that he is totally out of touch with reality?


Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Read and hump for energy & world peace

The Star's headline:

The story was about this teacher in Terengganu who claims that is the secret to his boundless energy. The 41-year old, Alias Ismail, is the inaugural recipient of the Tokoh Nilam, the state-initiated award to honour a teacher who has managed outstanding achievements in education. He said that an active sex life and reading makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.

Today, my friend, Stephen sent me a video of a country song which starts,

Oh it seems to me
This whole world's gone crazy
And there's too much hate and killing going on
But when I see the bare chest of a woman
My worries and my problems are all gone
No one thinks of fightin'
When they see a topless girl
Maybe if you would show yours too
We could save the world
Show them to me
Show them to me

So maybe the teach might have something there eh?

I thought this blog update might give you a smile. Happy Tuesday!