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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Feel any safer?

Public feel safer, says PM

That's the headline of a story in The Sun today. Najib announced this yesterday during his walkabout in SS2 when he informed that 7,402 policemen have been redeployed from desk jobs to street duties. And he said that this has not only helped to reduce the crime rate but also made the public feel safer.

My question is: How the fuck would he know? Did he ask you? He sure didn't ask me. And then, as he usually does, he really puts his foot in it when he also announced that he was in the area to "get to the ground to see how these efforts are taking off." And if you look at the photo of his walkabout in SS2 yesterday I guess you would feel very safe. The fler was surrounded by policemen and bodyguards.

(from The Sun article) Najib also announced that Selangor will be made the "showcase state" for community policing and that Kuala Lumpur would be turned into a 'police zone' under the new economic order. He did not give details and senior police officers said they were not aware of the plans. Isn't that just fucking typical of how Najib's administration works? It is almost laughable if it wasn't so fucking tragic.

Oh, and by the way, Najib dressed in a shirt and tie for a walkabout in SS2 Petaling Jaya. Proving once and for all maybe, that he is totally out of touch with reality?



Anonymous said...

dreamland pictures being distributed in MSM

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know, I just got my car stolen a few days ago in broad daylight. So tell me if this is normal?

Anonymous said...

Najib should try walking alone at 11.00 pm from SS2 to the mamak stall around Jalan SS2/11. I bet he will get mugged before he could finish his nasi lemak.

Fark lah

ravin perumal said...

From the same article in theSun when asked about Chua Tee Yongs appointment.

"Age is not a factor to fill the posts. I was 25 when appointed a deputy minister and was a full minister at age 29. We want a candidate who can handle the workload and support the government's policies," he said

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

Malaysians are so f**ked!!

Anonymous said...

Can you stop vulagarities in your writings?

You are a well known man. No vulgar please, even my kids read blogs include yours for fair view.

We appreciate good writeup, not what you writing vulgarly.

Keep all vulgars in your bath or bedroom and write in a professional manner in a public blog.

Thank you Sir

Raphael Selvam

Lynn said...

Yes Patrick, I agree with your 'how the fuck does he know' bit heartily! The fact that he directed the deployment from desk jobs to street duties does not directly translate into street security. Only someone like him living in an ivory tower would go walk the streets in a long-sleeved shirt and tie and like you said, surrounded by bodyguards too. Remember what happened in sibu when Najib made an appearance at the tua pek kong temple. His bodyguards manhandled the old and children by pushing them away!
Oi, Mr Prime Minister, better you go check places like here in Sarawak, the Civic Centre canteen cos that is where your policemen station themselves when on street duties!

niakong said...

Exactly! Of course one will feel safe even in the most notorious alley when he is surrounded by a top cop, two ministers, a handful of bodyguards, a contingent of policemen, a group of reporters and a big bunch of bootlickers.

For the real test, he should be man enough to walk all alone, wearing a glaring thick pure 999 gold necklace and a shining 10-carat diamond ring, strapping a laptop over his shoulder and not forgetting displaying his latest handphone prominently. If he survives the ordeal, then it is indeed safe.

Anonymous said...

Yeah so freaking sad..(notice i dont use the F words). What’s the country coming to when an honest PM with honest cabinet ministers are freaking hard to come by.



Anonymous said...


-Mel, Kuala Lumpur

ApaNama said...

To ask the Prime Minister the progress of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in stamping out “grand corruption” of top political and government leaders and in particular why no “big fish” in the PKFZ scandal have been nabbed.

To ask the Home Minister why there has been no official government apology for the trigger-happy police killing of 14 year-old Aminulrasyid Amza in Shah Alam on April 26 and why a public inquiry had not been instituted instead of a Special Panel under the Deputy Home Minister.

To ask the Prime Minister the reasons for the 10-month delay in implementing the Enforcement Agencies Integrity Commission (EAIC) and whether it would be replaced by an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) instead.

To ask the Prime Minister the terms for Petronas’ securing oil production-sharing contracts with UNOG for deep-sea Blocks MD-4, 5 & 6 in Myanmar’s Gulf of Martaban and what has been paid by Petronas.

To ask the Home Minister the number of citizenship certificates he had given out during by-elections, the number of outstanding citizenship and PR applications, and why he had not resolved them instead of using them as “by-election” goodies.

To ask the Prime Minister to give a full list of the oil production agreements entered into by Petronas world-wide, citing the value of each such agreement.

To ask the Prime Minister to give a racial breakdown of Petronas employees (i) inside the country (ii) in each foreign country.

To ask the Prime Minister to give the total number of scholarships given out by Federal government/agencies as well as government-related GLCs, giving a racial breakdown, for each year since 2000.

AApaNama said...

To ask the Prime Minister the outcome of Federal Government efforts since April 2009 to resolve the long-standing problem of illegal immigrants in Sabah which have made Sabahans “foreigners in their own homeland”.

To ask the Prime Minister the outcome of Brunei’s claims to Limbang and the terms of Malaysia’s ceding of offshore Blocks L and M in South China Sea to Brunei.

To ask the Prime Minister to give the amounts of Federal allocations to Sabah for each year since 1963, giving a breakdown of their uses.

To ask the Prime Minsiter to give the amounts of Federal allocations to Sarawak for each year since 1963, giving a breakdown of their uses.

Anonymous said...

How come there are snatch thefts and robbery in the Sg.Buloh and Kepong area every week? Najib should walk in these area everyday so we can have the thousand of policemen every nook amd corner to ensure Najib's safety....and we can be thankful for his presence. What a joke!

LL said...

i like the language u choose. precise.

mine has improved ever since i discovered ur blog.


bash 'em some more!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes, very very safe.ohhh, need to call the house alarm installer first thing in the morning.

patrickteoh said...

Dear Mr. Selvam,
Thank you for your comment and I am glad that you visit Niamah!!! But please do not tell me what language I should and should not use in my blog. A blog is merely an online personal journal and as such the writer is totally responsible for its content. Niamah!!! contains a warning at the top of the webpage which states that the blog contains strong language and that reader discretion is advised. I suggest that you educate your children into being more responsible themselves when they surf the Net and not go into sites which from the outset warn them that there is going to strong content.

"We appreciate good writeup, not what you writing vulgarly."

If that is your opinion then it is clear that you must not visit Niamah!!! anymore. I respect your integrity and I hope you will give me the same courtesy. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

just like Petaling street and sibu , just walk like 5 minutes and "cabut" the scene!

later talk big - talk cock !

d1rTyd6n said...

we are living in "Bolehville", of course it is safe, as long as he says so. What a joke!
Someone who DID SOMETHING WRONG and now is our PM, why? Boleh dilupakan serta dimaafkan.

Shu Yee said...

Hi Patrick, I waited and liked your reply to Mr Selvam. Very professional.Parental guidance is something parents should learn:)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone Make a Deal on that particular day and times with the
Taiko and the Tai kuching to be out of town for a while and resume "Biz" later ?

Even the torn undies and undewear get missing , what is secure anymore ?

Tak panas kah , Hot Air ?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's so easy to side step the real national issues
By merely wiping off cold sweat with facial tissues
As though the skull no longer has its natural fissures
With new measures chosen to bring in fiscal treasures

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 030610
Thurs. 3rd June 2010.

Cheong said...

Yea Mr Selvam,

This blog belongs to patrick and he has the right to write whatever he wants. Though you may object to the certain language he uses, but it is totally up to his discretion to use whatever words or language he feels best.

He can't be blogging jsut to please you or any other else right? If it is, then what is the point of blogging? Writing is one way to express oneself.

Patrick, please continue the way u blog. Its very funny.. LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope you encourage your children to visit your blog to see how vulgar is their father is, is this the way you brought up with? Your parents encouraged you? Your name Patrick is a name sake, my friend?

Kinrara said...

Dear Mr. Selvam,

Are you the one who suggested to Malaysia Censor Board to 'cut' off all the kissing scenes in TV and Movies ? So that your kids are 100% safe ?

Im really doubt you can achieve what you want in this way !
Good luck to your kids !

Anonymous said...

Well said uncle pats.

Our sohai pm back to his old tricks again... laughable walk a bout... with that kind of entourage, who the fuck wouldn't feel safe?


Anonymous said...

yes, when he was 25-29, he wanted very2 much to bathe his keris in the blood of ....!

Anonymous said...

I will only feel safe if I can have sex in that area!

Anonymous said...

Do not blame Niamah for his vulgarity.If you know the meaning of "niamah",you would understand why Patrick writes in this way.

This is "niamah ka hai" Malaysia !

Jessyca said...

Mr Teoh, well said!

Anonymous said...

How to feel safe?

Taxi drivers can be serial rapists.

Semen can be found on anus when there is no penetrasi (that's the word used in a local malay newspaper).

Utusan Niamah said...

Dear Raphael Selvam

Go and read Utusan or Kosmo if you don't appreciate the spirit of Niamah.

Anonymous said...

I am really surprise to hear PM said we are safe and we are going for community policing. Let me tell you what is that about cause i just attended such briefing.

Community policing means you folks got to get your butt up in the late night and do the night patrol at your own residential. Another words, you take care of yourself.

So, how do that actually justify safe in an area when the police could not do their job and have to rely it on the folks?

My area, we have to get up once a week at night to walk and chill the fresh air for 2.5 hours.

So, please define SAFE!

Anonymous said...

Well said Pat.

Like you, everytime I see Najib and Rosmah's face in the news I am always going "What the FUCK!!"

Your vulgar language for Najib is most appreciated.

APCO's ploys for that piece of shit to improve his image needs to be counterbalanced by blogs like yours.

Didn't anybody tell him that the reason crime rates is allegedly reduced is because nobody really fucking bother want to report crimes to the useless police anymore?

Anonymous said...

if not for the fact that his late father was tr, the most he could end up is being a bank manager.

Raphael Selvam said...

Thank you for your advise.

I hope one day our kids grow up and proud of their father's immaculate writings and contributions to the society.

Wish your kids will also do the same.

McMaika said...

Mr Selvam

You can ask your kids to play with Barney and pretend never grow up.

daniel said...

Yeah, like hell am I feeling safer. In just 1 week, we had a snatch theft and someone breaking into a car parked outside my office; all this just around the corner from the police 'pondok', hardly 100 meters away.

Anonymous said...

Patrick .. Patrick ... don't be so snotty. After all, he's a reader. After mentioning about the "warning" .. you should leave it at that!

the Razzler said...

Dear Patrick...

Well said!

Nowadays, I would advise my wife not to fill up petrol at night .. :(

Anonymous said...

To Summarize this for Patrick.

He means " In good manner " Stay away ok? " :) in direct " FUCK OFF! " "


Professional intrpereter

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear RS of JB at 7:37

I know Patrick well enough to accept the way he writes. This is his blog and he has warned readers about his style. Like Patrick, I have also decided to use the 'f' word in my blog and also any other words to express the deep frustrations which is getting impossible everyday.

Many of us are already pissed off with the so called authorities who are supposedly to be matured, smart and educated enough to lead the country. There is not a day that the news do not report of jackasses saying, doing and even thinking of dumb things even a kid dare not do.

So RS, please lightened up and educate your kids. There are more to worry besides Patrick and the likes of him using vulgar words. The entire world is out there and would not hesitate to devour anyone up at a snap of the finger.

Cheers and regards.

Tiger said...

My in laws in SS2 said that a number of people there wanted to scold him for not shutting Ibrahim Ali up.
Anyway, most of SS2 people probably own something like 10% of KLCI so Najib should listen to them.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Patrick's language? Those are the words to describe the cunt-faced pea-brained greedy corrupted selfish arrogant fucked-up BN politicians who think that we the rakyat owe them our loyalty and gratefulness while they are happily siphoning our money and we rakyat have to work our ass off day and night.

Back to the topic, yes it is very safe in Bolehland indeed. There are tons of private security guards everywhere, there are so many police around peaceful assemblies, we have water cannons and FRU ready to be deployed anytime.. i cannot imagine what harm can possibly happen.


farklah said...

Good on you patrick.
Actually, I read you blog bcos you dislplay the warning there...hehe. If eveything has to be censored and goody goody where got fun. Might as well shaved my head and become a monk... rite
but i still like a little f... here f... there.kekkekkek

Anthem said...

Patrick, just ignore him. Actually what makes your blog, your blog is that it is unique.

No restrictions, no craps, just pure truth. Just be yourself, no need to entertain anyone like him.

It is clearly written up there.

"Reader's discretion is advised"

Kon said...

Well said, Patrick. Habis cerita.

Anonymous said...

The only reason for keeping Taib Mahmud in power all this while is that, through the ‘politics of development’, he has kept Sarawak a BN ’safe deposit’ in terms of assured parliamentary seats. But even that reason is gradually evaporating in the mists of the vanishing rainforests as Sarawakians now wake up to the full impact of his administration’s policies. Pakatan now fancies its chances of dislodging the BN from a string of state seats in the coming Sarawak election.

Anonymous said...

Clap clap Patrick! Tell that "clean" commentator he & his kids can stop viewing yr blog. The rest of us here enjoy yr very apt use of profanity (or not). Or did that guy not notice the blog name? LOL

As for us PJ lites liked the walkabout? AhhaaahhaaHAAA!

Did that fler talk to anyone who lives there?
Did that fler asks what are ppl's main concerns?
answer: hi-crime, hi-prices, hi-inflation

We just love politicians who suddenly appear for a 10min walkabout after never appearing ever before!

We also love that the police force had to divert their attention & efforts to spend taxpayers money with big tents, tables, chairs.. & then for that VVIP fler to minum kopi at a mamak shop

But what really wins our heart is:
He turns up looking like a typical PJ-lite (has he seen what pjlites look like when we pergi jalan2??)

And if we even have 50% of the guards & police he turned up with, there will be no criminals snatching, robbing, stealing fr us - in BROAD daylite!

btw: did y'all see who was swarming him & holding up the 1Malaysia banner? Ya! Our very own finest, and HIS very own finest!

The only thing Mr PM has achieved for BN amongst PJlites is that for sure SURE now
- next time those BN flers comes campaigning here we will make sure sure the criminals operating here give them a taste of the medicine we residents have been tasting for so long!

keep up the lovely profanity Pat!

Anonymous said...

U sound like u are a virgin and everything is not perfect for u. I suggest u and your whole family migrate to singapore instead since u always signal they are better than 'bolehland'. Grumbling all d time, it doesnt solve your problem. What a pathetic!

Mary Blackhouse said...

Plse plse plse Pat, yr writing is just as cogent, readable and attractive sans the 'Fs'. I dearly want Niamah to be de facto rallying point for the voice of reason and sanity that would contribute towards righting all wrongs in this country.
That you can do with a little bit of toning down on the profanity. Plse Pat?

Anonymous said...

Walk 1 round, already said the area is safe.Najis's handlers have already asked the police/MPPJ and etc to clean up the place before he comes. All for show.

I spit on his hypocrisy. How dare he show up his ugly face and pronounced everything is safe based on 1 walkabout? sickening.

Mr Selvam - big sign on top already forewarned. no need to be so self-righteous.

Anonymous said...

I recalled reading tout asking for RM20 for parking in Bangsar, police shot a teen, a cabbie raped multiple victims and made them sex slaves, gangsterism in school.....yeah, I feel safer....

Jong said...

You've got a point Patrick, the blog is yours and you've every right to write what you want but when someone can't handle his kids he wants to put the blame on you? stepping into your home and tell you have bad taste, huh?

Anonymous said...

My wallet don't feel safe lah, more police will say 'you help me-i help you'

*Mr.Selvam, if you don't like niamah go read the star then.

Anonymous said...

OOi Patrick
I like the way you write your fucking blog.At least fucking honest and damn emotive.Gets us by the balls man.At least no fucking around the fucking bush and whatnot.Actually can you look for stronger fucking terms to describe the fucking fleas you write about.Probabaly get you fucking arrested and we wont lift a finger to help you maybe show the finger to the fucking assholes who will arrest you...Iam

Your biggest fucking fan?

Ivan said...

Wah, i damn shock how u tell tat fella off la! This world have a lot of si mun pai loui...! cantonese la

Anonymous said...

Ya la, this is personal blog ma, he write whatever he likes la. After all, he also did not force you to read right. For write ups with no f word, just read Star la. Very informative some more.

Politicians all the same one la. They do things to appear to look good, not thinking it is making them look silly. Doesnt matter which politician, all the same. They do not live in the real world we live in.

euneug said...

like ur 'spot on' and 'bulls eye' writing. delighted i found u n Niamah! my respect to u, tq, patrick


euneug said...

like ur 'spot on' and 'bulls eye' writing. delighted i found u n Niamah! my respect to u, tq, patrick


Anonymous said...


If you don't like eating chicken don't go to KFC and ask them to serve you fish lah, get it bro??????

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's about time the 1PM conducts his walkabouts incognito so that he gets a real feel of the real Bodohland we live in. I am getting sick of the media propaganda that "thousands" of rakyats are clamouring to shake hands or touch this great 1PM in his walkabouts surrounded by his hoodlums of bodyguards, 1PDRM and his horde of ministers and deputy ministers.

It seems that one of the KPIs for this great 1PM is based on the number of his walkabouts per month or per annum. So Great 1PM, spare us your self appreciating walkabouts and fantasies that the Bodohland is a much safer place because of your presence.

The reason why police reports are lesser nowadays is because the victimized poor rakyats have gotten feddup and given up lodging crime reports to the 1PDRM because nothing ever gets done or gets the attention of the 1PDRM unless the cases involved high profile victims (Tan Sris, Datuks datuks, Selangor OCPD, etc) or are political in nature (sodomy).

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

When we have foreigners beaten by our cops and when we have cops (najib's bodyguards )killing a mongolian lady. Do we feel safer?

I believe in freedom of speech.
NiaMah is part of "vulgarity" .
4 letter words is part of our daily speech . The F word is not really a bad word. "Fuck" is part of the German language and it is very versatile.
Let this short video describes it.

Anonymous said...


A virgin doesnt talk like that, cb.

Go suck Najib's cunt.

Anonymous said...

Selvam, go KFC and ask them to serve you with vegetables. Tell them you appreciate good vegetables

Anonymous said...

najib has so high approval rating. he is not afraid of anyone, only a bit scared to call for election, becos dpm is waiting for him?

Anonymous said...

A snatch thief took my camera at Taman Desa just one month back in BROAD DAYLIGHT as I was getting into my car. When I drove to the police station which was just less than 1km away, all he did was took down my statement and then referred me to Brickfields station for another around of report with a Senior Inspector... How safe can our street be? I hope our dear Prime Minister will seriously look into some of the REAL issues happening out there in the street.

Anonymous said...

Public feel safer? Who is the public? Doesnt he read news? Perhaps our PM is still living in the Far Far Away Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is not safe both ways.

Not safe from crimes, mugging, theft, robbery, etc. That's one way.

Not safe from the police. "You help me, I help you..." That's the other way.

So that's what fucked up Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Our dear PM feel safe in view that there were lots of men in blue, body guards, mud guards, vanguards,etc are protecting him !

The layman on the street like you and me won't feel safe because we are ordinary citizens !

Of course, our PM feel safe ! He should go to the ground and without whatever guards, I am sure our honourable PM won't feel safe !

Dear Selvam,

The English word, "fuck" is used as an expression ! Or to say such word is a form of anger or expression or even to enhance a long sentence ! In a blog or something that is free, we are also free to watch, read and of course at your own risk ! If you think that your children may be at risk if he or she is reading bro. Patrick's blog, then perhaps your mentality needs to be changed ! I don't think with this kind of blog is able to corrupt your children's mind and of course if your children's mind is not strong, then I can't help but to feel sorry for you !

Anonymous said...

If anyone of you had passed by SS2/24 that day would have noticed the numbers of police trucks outnumbering the number of cars parked near the shops. Sure Mr Pink Lips will feel safe ... indeed so safe that he does not even need the entourage to accompany him. Yeah as him to walk alone in the vicinity of SS2 near Chow Yang in the night and cross the roads to have a cuppa at 11 pm. See whether he get mugged or not. Then come and tell me that we are safe. Ptui ...ptui .. ptui.

Arunzab said...

Hi ! Patrick Wher have you disappered. Miss your writing

Anonymous said...

hahaha...Mr Pink Lips!!! funny =)

Vernette 小米 said...

Ya, I feel safer, now that I'm not in Malaysia anymore.

Save The Country said...

Malaysia's Economy: The Great Decline

Maideen said...

Former soldiers of the now defunct Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) have condemned the Malaysian government ban on Chin Peng's appeal to return home as a “political decision”.

TJ said...

i'm in Rio now, and before coming, was told it's a dangerous city. but the gahmen knows it and has made conscious effort to improve the safety, and you can see police all around Copacabana beach and Lapa (very tourist areas), so at least it's a good start. Najib should learn from Rio - don't just talk, DO. of course, I would suggest a lawatan sambil belajar, but we know how THAT turns out all the time.