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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Look on the bright side

Tomorrow is the start of the weekend. Yay!!! So, I thought in light of what's been happening recently in Bolehland that we could all do with some giggles and smiles. So here.........enjoys!



Fire Extinguisher :((( said...

Woman dies in fire as BHP staff refuse to loan fire extinguisher

Nixon Lee said...

I Love these GUYS! LOL! I have not seen this in ages.!

Wankie said...

Let's see if Christians would say this is sacrilegious and ask for a crusade to have your head.

And have a fiery demo in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy to protest this citizen of a Muslim country insulting the religion.

And finally have the Council of bishops of the Methodist church issue a fatt-tiew to nail you to the cross.

*woooo, this imagery won't go down well with your christian readers*

Miera Nadhirah said...

wow... Patrick.. what a video... but nevertheless, have a good weekend...

ktteokt said...

It's good to look on the bright side of things and be optimistic, but in the case of BOLEHLAND, is there a bright side? Everything seems to be so GLOOMY!

frothquaffer said...

Saw "Spamalot" on broadway last year! It was great, the whole audience participated in the singing of this song! So totally funny with thousands of people singing "Life's a piece of shit...."

Anonymous said...


“With presence of semen, there is evidence of anal penetration,” said Dr Razali.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

One day, a woman went to her doctor to discuss a ‘problem’ she was facing.
“My husband loves anal sex,” she told the doctor.
“So?” the doctor asked.
“Well, is it safe?” asked the woman.
“Do you enjoy it?” asked the doctor.
With a blush on her face and not daring to look the doctor in the eye, she admitted that she does.
“Well, carry on then,” the doctor replied, “as long as you also enjoy it.”
“But can I become pregnant through anal sex?” asked the woman.
“Of course you can,” the doctor replied. “Where do you think politicians come from?”

Anonymous said...

10 years on, One is fighting for the plight of the Palestinians, while the Other is still embroiled with his sodomy.


Kon said...

What a great way to start my Sat morning! TQ for sharing, Patrick!

Anonymous said...

Although the future of bolehlend is disappointed and full of shits, indeed, we still need to keep the hope and use the vote to welcome the bright side of the light in future..!!


Anonymous said...

hey, anything about kj taking sampans
from ALL over the world to Gaza !?
he's a hero ever willing to die for the mission lah ....pity his wife & son !!

Anonymous said...

I use to believe betting was bad as it is a form of addiction to some, seen families break apart when a family member loses everything to this habit, and not to mention it is non-halal according to whichever religion one professes.

But today Vincent Tan has showed me the error in my thinking. Betting is not a scourge that should be frowned upon. With every ringgit I place a bet under Ascot Sports, I can rest assured my bet is helping a fellow needy Malaysian. On top of that, if I win as a result of my bet, it will add cash in my pocket. It is a real win-win situation.

From today, I will cease donating money to the poor, religious societies that help the needy, organisations that help the less fortunate members of the society, etc, etc. I am going to start betting with Ascot Sports to help myself and help Malaysia through the Better Malaysia Foundation.

Vincent Tan should be made a minister to prevent our country from going bankrupt with football betting revenue!

Anonymous said...

Vincent Tan is looking on the bright side now that his football betting has been approved. Rakyat will surely lose money to him to enrich the umnoputeras.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patrick. I last saw this video in the early 80s. Good memories!



Anonymous said...

Next Hamsap Chua Long Dick would apply from the government to legalize prostitution and blue film industry. He will said that it is good for Malaysia for the following reason:-

a. Government can have more income taxes!
b. More employment for young girls, single mothers and unemployed graduates.
c. Reduce rapes as sex would becom more affordable.
d. Increase tourist as Malaysia can be branded as Malaysia truly ASS IA.
e. It can be promoted as a household industry! Even Soiled Leg's mother can start a business!

Anonymous said...

One day, a woman went to her doctor to discuss a ‘problem’ she was facing.
“My husband loves anal sex,” she told the doctor.
“So?” the doctor asked.
“Well, is it safe?” asked the woman.
“Do you enjoy it?” asked the doctor.
With a blush on her face and not daring to look the doctor in the eye, she admitted that she does.
“Well, carry on then,” the doctor replied, “as long as you also enjoy it.”
“But can I become pregnant through anal sex?” asked the woman.
“Of course you can,” the doctor replied. “Where do you think politicians come from?”


Including you, LOL

Anonymous said...

We look at the Malays in Singapore and ask, how are they able to have a GDP per capita which is a few times higher than the Malays here? They didn’t have the New Economic Policy (NEP). What they did have was a good education, a clean government and meritocracy.

The Perkasa mindset plays on the Malays’ fears that without rent seeking, corruption, subsidies and abuse of power, the Malays are doomed. Yes, the Malays are generally poor but the so-called affirmative action as proposed by Perkasa will not make the majority of them better off.

It will only enrich the few Malays at the top who can take advantage of it. At the same time the mindset of most of the Malays will still be focussed on their poverty, ignorance and an inability to compete in today’s economic environment.

Anonymous said...

have been doing the research on parking related matters and local council in Selangor past week. Like many Malaysians, we tend to be forgetful after 3 months and after a year, the facts will get all jumbled up that many would have forgotten the head and tail on many issues. One such issue is the Local Authority (LA) car parking business in Selangor which I believe was engineered during Khir Toyo time where all LA parking in Selangor was streamline and spread over two companies.

THE privatisation of parking services in Selangor was formalised sometime in Q2 or Q3, 1999, when the state government decided that the move would bring about a uniformed system to parking in the state which would benefit the local authorities. Legally speaking the state gave the directives and the local authority inked either a 20 or 25 years parking agreement with two companies i.e. Swastapark Sdn Bhd (later renamed as Godell Parking Sdn Bhd) and Suasa Efektif Sdn Bhd. Selangor parking territories are shared between this two entities.

Godell Parking was given the concession for PJ, Subang Jaya, Sabak Bernam, Hulu Selangor and Kuala Langat for 20+5 years and Suasa Effektif was given Shah Alam, Kelang, Ampang, Selayang, Kajang, Sepang and Kuala Selangor for 25 years. I remembered when KT announces the appointment of these companies, there was some noise in the background on the lack of transparency in view of direct negotiation between both parties. For that matter, the noise stayed in the background and is silenced by other matters.

Back then the idea to form a uniform parking arrangement was made on the basis of cosmetics and disguise in the form to improve the revenue collection to the local authorities. There was no tender. There was no open selection. There was no pre announce news. There was only announcement on how Selangor Parking is to be shared between the two parties.

Questions begin to surface on wether the 70/30 contract favouring the concessionaire are indeed fair and works in favour or the local authorities. In Ampang Jaya for example, Suasa Effective apparently owed close to RM 800K in parking rental to MPAJ. The same thing happens in Selayang where the amount is said to be about RM900K.

In MPAJ, the management practice a contra mechanism where concession collection is contra with the fines issued by MPAJ. The problem here is one of accounting and liquidity. Payment should not have been in contra especially when there issued fines are documented but the collection amount is not the same as the amount issued. While the agreement says that the concessionaire is suppose to pay MPAJ once a month, this is not being done.

The LA does not act in accordance of the provision of the contract. They appear to be weak in implementing the powers given to them in the contract. What is still not clear is how the 70/30 formula is derived and how does the local authority know how much is being collected. It is also not clear on WHY the LA did not terminate the agreement despite non payment by the concessionaire. Not surprising, the LA is taken for a ride and the weak management and the local councillor’s fails in their fiduciary duties in ensuring that the revenue of the LA is maximized. I believe it is time for the State Government to revisit this matter and find ways to maximize the profit for the local authorities. I hope the new batch of councillors in Ampang will do a better job in promoting transparency and maximizing revenue for the LA.

Anonymous said...

Contradictory statements by the Finance Ministry and Berjaya Corporation Bhd over the controversial sports betting licence has raised questions as to who is telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

While you guys are laughing at Najib-Rosmah's dynasty, this survey pops out.

Najib's approval rating rises! :

don't play2 ok people?

fultrein said...

Singapore is not heaven, but it is successful when it comes to social equality and it's capability to sell itself to the world. I credit its success to it's leadership; the government could have been totalitarian, but it has worked for the people and it seems like the people have no major issue with it. It really depends on your focus--do you want to be the master of the land and enjoy life or you want a presentable nation in terms of social equality, economic stability and prosperity, and educational quality, among others.

Let's look at the bright side of life...

Anonymous said...

i scratch your back, you scratch my back. i give you transport ministership and go make mrt to singapore, you turn your back on pkfz. ya, you makan, i pun makan. sama-sama kenyang-la. rakyat kebuluran, biar-la.

israel is not the enemy to the common people. bn is. why are they critisizing israel when bn are doing exactly the same albeit not with military force but with racist policies.

and if perkosa, gertak want to champion their race, do they have to do it at the expense of other races?

that’s why vote down umno and bn we must.

Anonymous said...

Getting sin tax on sports betting to spend some on the "cabinet approved" RM800mil new parliament building in Putrajaya. Good or not? And what happens to the old building? Making it into a heritage site...very good! More money down the drain maintaining it and not putting it to good use!. What, cannot extend around it to accommodate the newly appointed assholes and NUMBNUTS that the EC keeps adding every 4 years?. And the country going bankrupt in 2019....makes you wonder who is really causing it?

Anonymous said...

The BN under Najib have now flip-flopped over:

1. GST
3. Toll incease
4. Gas to Iran
5. $77 million contrcat to APCO
6. Electricity increase
7. Water charges increase
8. Govt subsidi of $74 billion per Idris Jala vs $18.6 billion cliamed by the lying MOF which did not include subsidies by Tenaga, Petronas, Telekom etc.
9. Betting Licence to Vincent Tan
10. Special ice box for fish

and many, many more!

Times up

Anonymous said...

Building a new parliament house at Putrajaya is another money-wasting grandiose project designed to enrich BN cronies. There are no compelling reasons to build a new Parliament House. It is utter rubbish to claim it will cost RM150 million to repair the roof of the current Parliament House.

Of course, Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz's claim of RM800 million for new Parliament House also grossly understates the final costs as it will soon balloon to RM2 or RM3 billion just like we have seen with so many BN crony projects.

Times are bad with the country running of petro-revenue soon. The government should be practical and prudent. For God's sake, please repair the current Parliament and keep using this historic building as long as possible.

Telling rakyat that if we don't cut out subsidies, the country will be bankrupt by 2019. But the rakyat does not see the government reducing their expenditure. Why build anew when we can repair? Why waste the rakyat's hard-earned money?

Anonymous said...

I Found this PRO-BN Blog such a racist scum...


joehan said...

hahaha..meh aku senaraikan kejahatan bangsa pendatang yang angkuh ni:-

1-org cine la yg jd tokei kedai judi,pub,disko,arak n sbgnya.

2-rmai org cine jd bapak n mak ayam yg bwk masuk pelacur dr cine.

3-tokei2 dadah.

4-ketua2 kongsi gelap..kt slngor ade kwn baik kongsi gelap ni iaitu ronni liu..

5-org2 cine jgk adlh bngsa yg suke ambik kesemptn..tgk dlm cite aduan rakyat mlm td..abs tanah2 kt cameron highlnd dieorg ambik buat mcm tanah mak bapak dieorg.

6-bangsa penipu..kalo meniaga tu mesti menipu puak2 ni.letak naikkn harga.

7-skim gores n mng..sume bngsa2 cine babi ni punye..tiap ptg aku jmpe amoi n lelaki cine babi ni nk perdaya org rmai dgn skim gores n mng ni.

8-mkn babi n byk bukk kandang2 babi kt malaysia ni.

9-skim2 pinjamn berlesen a.k.a along.bangsa2 ni jgk la yg kuasai.

10-suke kutuk n anggap sume org melayu pemalas.

11-kalo dieorg jd tokei kilang..abs sume tenaga pekerja2 melayu kne perah.gj skit.kje nk lebih.

12-dieorg ni jgk la yg kuat bg rasuah kt org2 yg laksankn undang2..sbd dieorg pkir blh buat sume dgn duit.

kesimpulannya aku rs kalo bangsa pemakan babi ni xde kt malaysia ni..mesti kite kurang jenayah..arak adlh rj kalo cine xde msti kedai2 arak xde..kedai2 no ekor xde..kelab mlm xde..pelacur2 cine xde..jenayah along2 ni sume xde..n mcm2 lg blh dikurangkn..

so korng jgn berlagak konon2 baik la wahai bangsa pemakan babi!!!

June 10, 2010 2:53:00 PM GMT+08:00

Anonymous said...

Najib’s 10th Malaysia Plan is a rehash of old ideas and proposals from as far back as the Mahathir administration. No breakthrough although a lot of promises were made about the New Economic Model. Looks like his political clout is waning and right-wing groups like Perkasa and Mahathir are now dictating the tune, not him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Regina,

I love you, I love you, muahhhkss..

I wanna have babies with you, muakss..

- Dada

Brutus umno said...

The DPM (Muhyiddin Yassin) is using Johor Umno to act against Najib Razak's indecisiveness in this sports betting issue. With the DPM on the opposition's side, Najib will now face an additional dilemma of overcoming the onslaught from his deputy, and at the same time prevent an Umno revolt from the pro-Vincent Tan group.

Their indebtedness to Vincent has gone too deep to be ignored. Najib, you are now walking on a high wire.

It's Johor Umno, with Abdul Ghani Othman abetting DPM Muhyiddin to oust PM Najib Abdul Razak. What a strategy! We already smell the rotten approach coming miles away.

The split within Umno is getting clearer by the day. An implosion is on the horizons. Get your popcorn. The battle of the titans is about to start. But don't forget, within turmoils, you shall find opportunities.

zuzuzela said...

Mengikut arahan perbendaharaan, setiap perolehan dan pembelian awam oleh kerajaan melebihi RM200,000 perlu dijalankan secara sistem tender terbuka, tetapi pembinaan Istana Negara yang merupakan lambang kemegahan Negara dan tempat bersemayam DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong dan DYMM Permaisuri Agong telah gagal menepati garis panduan perbendaharaan.

Anonymous said...

any steamboat frog ...the MOST fresh one from the silvery land !? how much would you charge , Pat ?

Anonymous said...

PSD is phaing out overseas scholarship. The signs were there all the while. There were thousands of study loan defaulters among the MARA loval and overseas graduates.

BN said the government could not afford, but they could spend millions to build palaces and new parliament house? Certainly such government has got wrong priorities.

Rakyat didahulukan? What a rubbish!

zakumi said...

Money no enough for PSD scholarship.

But BN got money to buy MPs and build unnecessary new palaces and parliament house.

Enough reasons for you to reject BN for the sake of our future!

musa said...

Why are we Malaysian Muslim reacting to something that happened thousand of nautical miles away when the immediate neighbour could not give a damn? The Qatib gave 5 reasons why Baitulmuqadis (Al Aqsa Mosque) is a sacred site for the Muslims and he even implied that the site is as holy as Mecca. May be it is sacred that Malaysian Muslim authorities felt that it must be defended which the Arabs do not think so.

But then why the custodian of the Islam i.e. Saudi Arabia isn’t did not even lift a finger. In fact the only reason why the sea flotilla was organized because the Saudi government did not gave the permission for goods to pass through their territory. The Saudis the way I see it should be labelled as co-conspirator in the genocide against the Palestinian people. To some people the Saudis are the first class Muslims but in reality they are probably worst then the Israelis.

ktteokt said...

With 150 million, you can demolish the existing parliament house and build a new one and you still have pocket money left!

anak Kucing said...

Sarawak police have been accused of sanctioning violence by a timber company, Lee Ling Sdn Bhd, at logging road blockades in Upper Limbang.

Raziah Mahmud, sister to Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, sits on the board of directors of Lee Ling's parent company, Quality Concrete.

Anonymous said...

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