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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Read and hump for energy & world peace

The Star's headline:

The story was about this teacher in Terengganu who claims that is the secret to his boundless energy. The 41-year old, Alias Ismail, is the inaugural recipient of the Tokoh Nilam, the state-initiated award to honour a teacher who has managed outstanding achievements in education. He said that an active sex life and reading makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.

Today, my friend, Stephen sent me a video of a country song which starts,

Oh it seems to me
This whole world's gone crazy
And there's too much hate and killing going on
But when I see the bare chest of a woman
My worries and my problems are all gone
No one thinks of fightin'
When they see a topless girl
Maybe if you would show yours too
We could save the world
Show them to me
Show them to me

So maybe the teach might have something there eh?

I thought this blog update might give you a smile. Happy Tuesday!



Kapoww said...

Will Bolehland has its own sex shop like the one in Bahrain as reported on NST on 31 May:

It will boost the libido of people like Bung to service his younger second wife to great pleasure.

Anonymous said...

For a year since becoming Prime Minister, Najib and his Cabinet Ministers had been telling the nation and the world of his resolve to take the country on a new economic path under the NEM, which will put a premium on innovation, creativity and meritocracy.

Early this year, he even declared that one principle underpinning the success of the NEM is the “courage and judgment to make tough decisions”.

Why then is Najib demonstrating the lack of “courage and judgment to make tough decisions” when confronted with objection and resistance to the NEM from Ibrahim katak, although this will result in Malaysia becoming a bankrupt nation in 2019 rather than a high-income advanced nation in 2020?

Teddly Cuddly Bear said...

Now imagine all that effort to curb unwanted pregnancies, teen pregnancies, rape cases, molestation cases and curb crawling flushed down the drain with an encouragement of sex from a teacher.

claire said...

I know you will post about this today Patrick.. i just done it last night.. i mean the post! lol..

Terlampau said...

Pity the wife that got shagged nightly, just becos the husband has got too much mojo.

ktteokt said...

Formerly, we had "NO SEX PLEASE, WE ARE BRITISH"! Now maybe we can have "MORE SEX PLEASE, WE ARE MALAYSIAN"?

Anonymous said...

Once in a long while ...a guy'll come along .. say something like this - put us all in pause mode - not really sure how to figure him out.

I believe this gent to be sincere and may I say thank you Cikgu for sharing your secret.


Anonymous said...

Tthash why we rea going down the drain in 9 uears friends.And i wash wandering why some poor kids getting unwanted pregnamcies.Thassh why I taking me kids out fron govt schools

Well an trulliy stuffed

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Basically most UMNO gurus will teach 3 basic qualities of being a man. The 3 are M, K, T.


I am not surprised that UMNO will rulue the Malays for another 1000 years.

FUCKER said...

A teacher who is active in sex life and reads frequently is healthy,wealthy and wise.So to become healthy,wealthy and wise,you just need to make love to your wife often and reads a lot.To the unmarried,go to find someone to make love and reads a lot,it will make you healthy ,wealthy and wise. Niamah!

Anonymous said...

I find this amusing but at the same time concerned.

Amusing that by having sex daily he gets his energy,I wonder if the wife was equally charged or not. As for me, I am destined to work from home for sure if I had 'extra curricular activity' the night before.

Concerned knowing him to be a teacher of a public school.....need I say more? I am not accusing him of being a maniac, he may be in total control of himself but I dont know this teacher hence my concern.


Anonymous said...


Hey Beeg Spaender said...

Ankel Pat;
I puked over my dinner when TV news at 8pm Tuesday nite announced 6 appointments to the cabinet. At a time when we are going to lose our subsidies (OK, not really a bad idea in the first place, but if we are a rich country, at least share the bounty) here's the cabinet getting more and more bloated. Why oh wye or wai?
I also heard a former minister being made Malaysian Palm Oil Board Chairman, y oh y oh y? On the one hand we want to cut subsidies but on the other the PM presides over an ever xpanding public sector spending bill.
All these people get allowances la, cars la, free tol la , on top of whatever pension they already are entitled to after leaving their various governmetn positions.
Najib, u r spending MY MONEY!!!

Nazri said...

There must be a reason why he's so proud cited his active sex life style. Perhaps because of the award indirectly! BTW, it would be nice if you put a few of this guy uncensored images!

RKO said...

That Cikgu is a danger to his students. Imagine he did not get the full satisfaction from his wife the night before and now he is facing his female students... scary.

Umnoputera likes M, K, T:
- Magnum4D
- Kuda (pan malaysian da ma chai)
- Toto

believe it or not said...

well..Could I ask if he can concentrate on the reading before the humping everynight...or the reading is just jungle book...hariharimau.or a magazine of super stars ...yesterday I pretend I was with demi moore , tonite I am with lady gaga , tommorow with First Lady ..choy choy say wrong say wrong

Anonymous said...

so, what shall we read tonight honey? harold robbins..

Anonymous said...


how about we go for a humpo-jumbo?

- Dada

donplaypuks® said...

Yup, that sure is the kind of positive motivation we need from our modern teachers:

Fuck your way to 15 A's and a PhD!!

And then there's Steven Coveys latest:

"Chicken Soup for the Tokoh Guru and a good daily shag!!"

we are all of 1 race, the Human race

Anonymous said...

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang challenged the Najib to compel the new senators-turned-deputy ministers to stand for elections to prove their level of support.

“Ask these new senators to stand for election so that they have the mandate of the people,” he told reporters after the Pakatan Rakyat supreme council meeting in Petaling Jaya today.

“We will have more by-elections and it will be good for the people, as in Sibu where the (federal government) poured tens of millions of ringgit and the PM visited twice in 10 days,” he said tongue-in-cheek.

He added that the ‘mini-cabinet reshuffle’ is turning the cabinet into the Dewan Negara, oft-criticised as irrelevant, and supports calls for parliamentary reforms.

Lim also took a potshot at Palanivel, stating that he “was not fit to stand as a candidate in Hulu Selangor” but apparently fit to be part of the cabinet.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Nothing is wrong with it.
Reading a good book and having great sex. By the way , we do need a nudist beach and licenses to hookers.
Tourist are complaining about lack of activities for them.

Anonymous said...

ONE wife where got cukup !?

mskong said...

I can't believe the teacher, as the role model is encouraging people to have sex. It will give youngsters and teenagers the wrong message.

What's more if they think and emphasize on the "having sex is RIGHT" rather than "having a healthy life is RIGHT".

Wouldn't be surprised to read more sex-related news (rapes, sexual abuse) coming out from our nation newspaper soon.

Hopeless for teachers nowadays....

Anonymous said...

yea, read. read la bodoh.

Anonymous said...

Contoh melalui teladan. Saya akan ikut cakap guru. Terima kasih Cikgu.

Pelajar Negeri Terengganu

Anonymous said... wonder I am wise. ngek ngek ngek ngek.

Anyway, these buffoons provide jokes to us everyday with their "katak di bawah longkang" comments...

Anonymous said... we know the secret to the UMNOputras "intelligence". Plenty of sex, sex and more sex (with different wives, starlets, mistresses of course) followed by lots of reading of all their bank statements detailing their illgotten wealth.

I must let my wife know of this plenty of sex and reading secret to convince her it will improve my intelligence and wealth. I just hope she will not "bobbit" me, LOL

Anonymous said...

When you F@#$ the wrong woman, you may lose your job as a very senior minister, unless you bump her off, of course.

Anonymous said...

Guys & Gals, the Tokok Tilam teacher did not specifically mentioned what are his reading materials, did he? In fact, he reads plenty of "Hustler" and porn magazines smuggled in from Thailand which explains his active sex life.

Anonymous said...

Four words: Niamah to the max!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pat! You're a Rodney Carrington fan after all! The funny thing to me is that they have an intelligent conversation EVERY night and after that do the deed (every night..makes me wonder if or when the wife is not in the mood than what but then again if every night as claimed... IT'S A CLEAR CASE OF SEXUAL ADDICTION). Can't imagine what kind of sex it must be. Super duper high IQ wham bam thank you mam kinda horizontal dance!!! Yeehaw! ride em cowboy!!!!What do you think? NUMBNUTS! LOL! My apologies if I sound too crude but when one comes out in a national daily with this crap what's a little crassness thrown in for good measure.

Anonymous said...

yes, make MORE sex !!

Anonymous said...

Where have all the smart people gone?

Anonymous said...

To Annonymous @10.54am,
Where have all the smart people gone to?
Answer : Making Love loh!

niakong said...

Sex every night with wife or with hand?

weakman said...

I wan! I wan!.. Malaysia boleh! FU Niamah

Miera Nadhirah said...

seriously... every night?? so how when his wife is having her monthlies???
Gawd... but I would freak out sending my children to such a teacher to be taught... who knows what might happen if he can't keep his mojo under control...

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a song, by black eyed peas..

But I made changes to it..the chorus..

"Where is the pussy~..where is the pussy~.."

Anonymous said...

please make ur blog more useful. read this as a first step.

Anonymous said...

Shit man! We have been screwed left, right, center, front side, backside, upside down and inside out by the powers that be and we are NOT smart to date! It's time to screw 'them' back! Agree or not?!?!?! NUMBNUTS!

Anonymous said...

please make ur blog more useful. read this as a first step.

Please type properly, your, not ur. Learn how to if you cant.

Dont try to dictate your way unto others, you fucking UMNO cunt.

pt-141 said...

Odium is aplenty here, I observe.