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Saturday, July 10, 2010

And now for something completely different....

Today I am going to do something on Niamah!!! that I have never done before. I am going to sing you a song. Okay, so it's just an amateur karaoke song which I recorded on the laptop but it is the song that I shall be singing with my dear friend, Junji Delfino in her concert,

which runs at the PJLA Theatre, Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya, July 15, 16 & 17. I'll be her guest on July 15 & 17.

Come and join us for a wonderful celebration of talent. Not mine la:-) Hee hee hee....

Junji Delfino's.


Billy said...

I can see ol' blue eyes looking down from the heavens, nodding his head in approval. If only the backing track music volume be upped slightly, the entire recording would be just perfect. Keep it up, Pat. There is still hope for mankind yet.

new fart said...

Hey Patrick...not bad at all. Actually almost professional level! But it's fun, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Good choice of Song.Loved your singing. Great effort.

mscabbage said...

You have a lovely voice. Thanks for doing something different here, but wouldn't mind if it is repeated. do you take request?

Lucas C said...

I wonder why you did not take part in mediacorp's OMG (One Moment of Glory).

Nur kasih said...

I read Junji Delfino on NST yesterday. No, I did not buy nst. I just browse it free-of-charge at a road-side mamak store when I bought rokok instead with my RM1.20.

By the way, the Selangor Election Commission should stop giving excuses by giving misleading statistics on voter registration forms

Ghost said...

1)PKFZ White Elephant 14 Billion
2)7.6 Billion Scorpene tin can (the KD TAR is still docked at the moment...can't seem to do anything!
3) 500 Million halal commission on Scorpene
4) 810 Million palace balloning to some 1.2 Billion
5) Maltrade II land to Naza, costing taxpayers some 2.2 Billion
6) Limbang off shore blocks L and M giveaway to Brunei of 320 Billion (traitors!)
7) Maminco fiasco ... cornering the tin market 2.2 Billion
8) Bank Negara Forex fiasco costing ? Billion
9) Perwaja Steel 15 Billion
10) Naval support ships to cost 2.5 Billion so we can do humanitarian service to Indo or Philipines as if earthquakes or volcanoes erupt every month
11) 60,000 APs worth 2.4 Billion given to a few umNOputras
12) 810 Million New Parliment ... Westminster and the White House still standing even after 100s of years (well this was shelved when the people started to ask why!)
13) BMF scandal 4 Billion ... Carrian group ... BMF manager was murdered (one of the many murders)
14) 6.75 billion to PSC Bhd for locally made naval vessels which were never delivered
15) 12.5 billion for economically senseless double tracking railway from Ipoh to the Thai border
16) Altantuya, picked up a stone while walking in KL which turned out to be C4 (how could she have been murdered, when there was no trace of her ever being in Malaysia?!i.e. wiped off Immigration Records...Wow...BN boleh!)
17) Teoh Beng Hock, room too hot, opened window and accidentally fell out!
18) A. Kugan
19) Aminurasyid
20) Nasir Safar's "Chinese prostitutes & Indian beggars"
21) Toyol 24 Million Palace
22) Missing jet engines ... what a joke. Ain't you ashamed to be a Malaysian?
23) Bala's less than 24 hours flip flop
24) Perak coup de tat unlawful grab
25) Sodomy I & II
26) MAS shares - Govt bought at $8 ringgit when market price was $3.5 ringgit
27) School classrooms and computer labs - 10 billion, direct nego. How much did the Government actually get?
28) Halal Hub - 2 billion spent, nothing done, only 200 million left
29) Armoured carriers - 8 billion going to be spent. By industry standards, a good armoured car will only cost half a million. Mindef will spend 30 million for each armoured carrier!

1 Malay-sia(L) said...

hey pat,
no need to read so much; it's a good change. you've gotta do this more often.

zorro said...

Niamah Patrick, you had it and you did not know?

RO said...

be still my heart *swooning* great voice patrick :)

Brian Richmond said...

Will it be released as a single?

Anonymous said...

Another Niamah tokkok:

Anonymous said...

CNN is the world's foremost and most reliable news channel. To accuse it of getting kickbacks from Anwar is most insulting to CNN. This is akin to saying that CNN can be bought and all its newsmakers are paying to do interviews with CNN.

CNN should sue Utusan Malaysia by insinuating that it is corrupt to the extent that it takes money from Anwar for its programme.

西北够力 said...

First, it was Suara Keadilan. Then, it was Harakah. Now, it is The Rocket! A strange coincidence that all three newsletters are from Pakatan Rakyat! The delay/no-response (over the permit renewal) is a deliberate trick to force the three parties to go ahead with their publications and be given show-cause letters.

But I understand Pakatan is still awaiting approval for registration. Note also that Pairin Kitingan's party PBS had a long delay in registration when Berjaya reigned supreme. Only with the intervention of Musa Hitam, the then deputy prime minister, that PBS was able to register just in time for the state election.

I did remember when Najib Razak took office, he said he will not attempt to clamp down the press freedom. So much for that. It is shocking. In this day and age, our 1Malaysia government is doing all it can to shut down the voice of the opposition while allowing Utusan Malaysia to continue spewing racial articles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat.
Good morning. Like to share this niamah moment which I came across this morning while passing by the construction area for the flyover for the new Istana at Jalan Duta. The road sign (LCD type) reads as follows: "Doakan kami untuk menyiapkannya dengan secepat mungkin" or in English means "Pray for us to complete it as soon as possible." What are the contractors doing? The flyover costs more than RM100million to build and they are asking us to pray for them to complete it. What the fuck! I think the rakyat is screwed and will have to pray really hard for the completion of the flyover. Niamah leh 99.

Anonymous said...


Your 'podcast' is no more than 4 mins but it took me 15 minutes to listen to it completely, no thanks to our infamous narrowband that is not doing justice to break your voice every 5 secs.

there is no lack of Niamah moment in Bolehland. Look around and you will find one. Check the governement website and you will be amazaed how they write in English by thinking in BM.

To get a title in exchange for an oilfield niamah indeed.

Now that all Pakatan newsletter have been banned by the 3 stooges, they could employ you to disseminate their messages via 'podcast'? You better brush up your BM presentation fast.

Juanito said...

Tiu Uncle Pat...

Wat a way to greet.. Hi Uncle Pat

How ru doing? It has been sometime since I dropped u a msg...

At 1 point, I nearly got conned thinking it was ur voice.. Listened to it more then realized it could not be you la....

Good day uncle Pat.

euneug said...

first time i hear my fav dj sing! aaww heartwarming. u shine patrick. must let my folks hear u too. im so glad i found u on twttr AND ur blog!
and Ghost, didnt realise how awful, how bad til i read ur list!1-29!? n it goes on & on...
hey, many need divine intervention too, struggling hard to survive & hang on to a thread. n then, being insulted saying we're not prudent enough & should cut expenses!
anyway, thankfully, hearing u sing cheers me up.

Anonymous said...

Not bad at all. Not only are you a good announcer/MC since Kee Huat days, you are a good singer too.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's very nice. Should consider putting it up on audio swap of youtube. That way, we can use the song for our videos. Possible?