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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fantastic Fact and Funny

The Millenium Monument, Putrajaya. Why do we love phallic symbols so much?

(Somebody commented that the monument looks like a rocket. Yes it does. But because it is a Malaysian rocket its engines have been stolen.)

According to the Deputy Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing this monument is to record and display the nation's history and the success stories of past leaders. You decide if it was RM21million well-spent.



johnnie L said...

what this 'cock' looking monument cost 22 millions? on second look it looks like a rocket. a tribute to DAP? why do we always get bad news .Don't they know we the country is going bankrupt soon and they are spending our money like there is no tomorow!

Anonymous said...

Love you, Pat! lol...

Anak Roket said...

After the next GE, we could upgrade this phallic structure to become a DAP's rocket.

Anonymous said...

I thought it is a cleverly disguised missile that's part of our nation's defence system.

Nixon Lee said...


niakong said...

Those fellows love 2 things:

i) Side-income; and

ii) White elephants.

Soon, we can be "proud" of being a country successful in breeding the rare white elephants (of all shapes and sizes).

Concern Tax Payer said...

tourist attraction wei have you seen the number of "visitors" visiting putrajaya?

both cost about 41 million COCK!! Were these contractors from Germany? Look at the picture la cow grass on the both sides improper paving just look at the water sitting (improper planning) ooo but then i forgot it’s buatan Malaysia by Malaysians

to top that all its on federal land means every single tax payer has to pay up...diu kau leh

RM 10000!! home maintenance my black arse you want pocket money just say so lah.. corrupted shitheads.. here we work like shit and our pay is still the same but their pay goes sky rocketing

RM 2500 domestic help.. means more indonesian swamping our country

kerbau-shit man even if the opposition ever comes in, it will take over a trillion US dollars to fix this shit hole we live in

HY said...

Oh those ministers are really retarded!

tupingera said...

Why do we love phallic symbols so much??

Penis-envy, lah.

labisman said...

I say fark to u, patrick, for turning a bad news to a nighmare.

U take care bro.s

1 Malay-sia(L) said...

seriously, pat...
the value of art is hard to justify.

Anonymous said...

Hello bro Pat

I just love your scatological mischief again. This long and thin thing.....can it rise to the occasion and blast off ? I don't see two bullous engines at the bottom so I presume this is just another of those useless impotent pricks hanging around pukejaya masquerading as part of malaysia's space programme to con kampong folks !

I only wish this thin thing could fly and fall back on pukejaya but alas its useless as every school boy knows........
Long and thin
Go right in
Fat and thick
Does the trick !

Anonymous said...

Hello bro Pat again

I forgot to listen to your audio and was blissfully happy looking at the long thin dick against the malaysian sky. Your audio brought me down to earth again. Now I am angry.

These bastards keep on squandering the nation's remaining wealth and feathering their own nest like there is no tomorrow. These SOBs must be brought to account for their crimes when the time comes."let them eat cake" is what these parasites are entitled to.

Niamah Linlaubu Makengkau ........(fill in the blanks..tiuuu...)

Anonymous said...

aiyah, this one nothing lah as compared to the sub which cant SINK again !!

Anonymous said...

Where's d History written?
Around it...?

mojo jojo said...

Has anyone studied the various statements issued by the PM and DPM? They are talking at cross purposes. Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin is increasingly seen as more nationalistic than Datuk Seri Najib Razak. He speaks of the issues championed by Perkasa, for example. Muhyidin is astute in this sense — he is a team player in the sense that he strikes common ground with the Umno heartland.

We know Umno will be in deeper trouble when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad starts to criticise the present Umno leadership. So if we want to know the health condition of Umno, watch and hear Dr Mahathir.


new fart said...

Fuck man...Patrick..this is good! Love it! Keep doing it my man, very refreshing and great to hear your fantastic voice. As for those monkeys in Putrajaya, Tiu Niamah Chibai!!!

Anonymous said...

Worldbank statistics just out.

Malaysia is at 89th place for GNP/capita.

About same as Gabon, Mauritius.

Slightly better than Kazakstan, Panama

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat... love to hear your voice again! rrr ... but then ah, after listening to it ... it became from love to hate.

WTF!!! Betul - betul Niamah!!

Anyway, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh!
Niamah and tiu nia sing!
Waste of tax payer's money!

ktteokt said...

This dumb monument must have taken after Najis' 1 Malaysia where he always used to point ONE FINGER upwards! I wonder if one day he becomes so forgetful that instead of pointing his index finger upwards, he points his MIDDLE FINGER upwards!

Lao' Cha said...

I wouldn't mind us paying 21mill for that phallic structure had they use their dick to think before building it.

Of cos you have to design it to erect and deflate at the push of a button together with a fountain at the tip to spray holey water like a prick would. Now, that would be an instant tourist attraction. Naturally the cost of maintenance would be high. However, this country is full of Saifull who would crawl and climb the structure and impale themselves on it. With such added value, the tourist dollars would be more than sufficient to cover maintenance to the extend of recouping the cost of building 'Mahakutty Last Stand.'

Anonymous said...

Patrick, did u actually go and give a good knock at the phallic-like monument? I have a strong gut feeling that, instead of it made of steel, it could well be made of chipboard material! But still charged us at RM21million to build!!

Zeroed said...

Old Man Patrick. Miss your voice....u should do this often instead of writing. Now i truly know how your Niamah sounds like.........hahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahhahaahhahaahahahahahahahahahahah.

Best laugh I've to start my morning.

Anonymous said...


It's the hallmark of third world countries and third world minds to be fixated by grandiose and wasteful projects. there are so many useful things money like this can be spent on.

ktteokt said...

Looked like an overdose of VIAGRA!

Anonymous said...

The whole world knows it cost like only a few millions! Corrupted piece of shite.

Anonymous said...

It's the govt tribute to DAP for all their contributions to our country.

Anonymous said...

Niamah! This is the only way our idiots BN ministers know how to line their pockets-by thinking of white-elephant projects that is of no blady use to the rakyat.

As for the 3rd class maintenance mentality, its part of our BN ministers bags-of-tricks. "Build-em BUT DON"T maintain or service them"- so that they will collapse or break-down faster and hey presto- another opportunity to line their pockets again to replace the fallen or broken project. These idiots arn not so stupid as we think they are-NIAMAH !

monsterball said...

With monuments...and huge building projects..the ripping off is easy.
With projects to stamp out floods and help the poorest of the poor...the usual 10% commission to UMNO B crooks are difficult to realistic and sincere projects...crooks do have a conscience too.
But we anything to boast about....they can over charge with no feelings of guilty conscience.

BravoEagleHotel said...

Pat .... nicely voiced out ...
Gosh 21,000,000 plus 20,000,000 =41,000,000
Niamah ... thats is so called prudence by them ..
Bey Tahan we still got jokers voting for these idiots .
Put them on the Millenium thingy to Morocco !!!

new fart said...

Who the fuck goes to Putrajaya in the first place anyway??? Tourist destination?? You got to be kidding me...what's there to see except for those money-wasting monument all built according to the Islamic architecture? Nothing wrong with the Islamic architecture of course, but shouldn't the buildings reflect more of the multi-racial Malaysian culture? It's everyone's money that built that damn city for goodness sake. Not a showcase for your "sons of the soil" big fucking EGO!
Oh, Lao' Cha...I have a better idea. How about you press a button on the bottom of that phallic, and the tip shoots off just like ejaculation. Sperm-like stuff you know. And whoever shoots the highest gets a prize! Now that would be fun and would definitely draw crowds wouldn't it? Maybe Ng Fun Fun can use this as a slogan for her tourism drive!!! Tiu Niamah...what a waste of taxpayers' money!

Anonymous said...

Is this what they call a monument? A monument to what and what does it symbolize?

If you ask me, it is like 'giving the finger'. Hence it carries the meaning that we the rakyat had been and will continued to be screwed...! the DM of FT is correct in saying that it to record and display the nation's history and the success stories of past leaders la... :))

Anonymous said...

Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib wanted to buy out Bugatti, makers of the world’s most expensive cars, to add to the family’s ‘hundred businesses’, according to one of his close college friends. However, his Dad, Abdul Taib Mahmud, described as ‘Malaysian Monarchy’ by Rahman’s pal, was less enthusiastic. The Chief Minister, who clearly controls the family purse strings, vetoed the plan. It had taken Rahman a week to get an audience with his Dad in order to discuss the idea.

Mudfish said...

tourist dollars??!!

hello, who would go there just to see that 'thing' man.....??!!

Story for malaysians said...


Older Version

An ant worked hard in the sweltering heat all summer, building its nest and laying up supplies for the winter.

A grasshopper thought the ant was stupid not knowing how to enjoy life. It spent its days laughing, singing & dancing thoroughly enjoying the summer.

Came winter, the ant was warm, comfortable and had no shortage of food.

The grasshopper had no proper shelter, no stored food, and couldn't find anything to eat from the snow-covered ground. So it died and the story ended.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Be responsible for yourself!


Bolehland Version

An ant worked hard in the sweltering heat all summer, building its nest and laying up supplies for the winter.

A grasshopper thought the ant was stupid not knowing how to enjoy life. It spent its days laughing, singing & dancing thoroughly enjoying the summer.

Came winter, the shivering grasshopper called a press conference and demanded to know why the ant should be warm and well fed while he was cold and starving.

TV1, TV2 & TV3 showed up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper alongside to a video clip of the ant in his comfortable home with a table full of food.

The majority of the Malaysian Parliamentarians were stunned by the sharp contrast. How could this poor grasshopper be allowed to suffer?

Khairy staged a demonstration in front of the ant's nest.

Nazri went on a hunger strike along with other grasshoppers demanding that they be relocated to warmer climate area during winter.

The Malaysian Government immediately passed a law forbidding all ants from working hard in the summer so as to bring about equality of poverty between ants and grasshoppers.

Hishammudin increased 'More Special Reservations' for grasshoppers in Educational Institutions & in Government Services..

The ant was fined for failing to share 30% of his food with the grasshopper. The Prime Minister announced that this was part of the N E P. No ant should question it. (Don't forget, Tax Audits were introduced and targeted at certain individuals who were eventually penalised heavily for not contributing enough to the well-being of the grasshoppers).

Many years later...

Some ant migrated to the US and set up multi-billion dollar companies there.

Hundreds of grasshoppers still died of starvation despite the 'More Special Reservations'.

Losing significant number of hard working ants and free loading the grasshoppers, Malaysia remained a developing country, despite its abundant natural resources.
All because the remaining ANTS were still doing their work .............................

Latest finding showed that almost all the grasshoppers in the political arena and civil service were hoarding corrupt wealth which they refused to share with fellow grasshoppers.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Be careful how you vote in 2011.


Tiger said...


Anonymous said...

As RPK said..."why complain when the rakyat were the ones that placed them in office?"

donplaypuks® said...

It shows the mentality of those entrusted with the Rakyat's money - Giant Pricks!

Amnyway, I accuse Dr.M directly of many things at:


we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

That bloody lan-jiao costs 22 mil ringgit? WTF is that for? To record what? Where's the recording?

Anonymous said...

Putrajaya remodelled after DC and NY...
The reason why NY has so many bridges, was to connect Manhattan with the surrounding land, Brooklyn, Jersey, etc..
And so Putrajaya created man-made lakes around and build bridges around it..
DC has monuments and majestic congress house was because it was built a long time ago and the monument was to remember the General G.Wash in winning independent
And so Putrajaya built a monument, cant think of any idea and just threw in a Millenium to remember the new Millenium..
Things on the other side were there because they need it... and for Malaysia, we build it cuz we want to be like them..
The next thing you know, 1/2 of KL will be demolished just to build a lake to go against Singapore Riverside view

millipede said...

I wish one day you can host a talk show like colbert report ( comedy central ). It's great to listen to your voice again after such a long absence. You're a gem. Thank you for keeping us entertained and most importantly, informed. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

All the mic thambies were given a 1malaysia lecture by Jibby!

Anonymous said...

Hisham, Nazri, Rais to head anti-false news panel

The dissemination of false news is done every minute by the mainstream media. These three stooges - Hishammuddin Hussein, Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz and Rais Yatim - will have a tough time trying to formulate communication strategies to counter alternative news operators and the opposition papers.

I believe the actual terms of reference for these three stooges are to ensure that truth will not be told to the rakyat and more false news be churned out. The discerning rakyat will not listen anymore to the mainstream media because we now have non-thinking leaders amidst a thinking rakyat.

Umno has thrown up three stooges to be our guardians of truth. One of them is none other than our minister of propaganda, a long-winded chap who would mouth 1,000 words when only 10 would do. He once did a thesis and published a book decrying the emasculation of our judiciary by Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He subsequently, like furry rodents, abandoned his previous sinking ship and swam back to Mahathir's Umno.

The second member of the inquisition is the tough-talking Nazri, the Clint Eastwood of Umno, who would shoot from the hip, and call a mamak a mamak.

The third, Hishammuddin, is the 'wunderbar' of the Home Ministry. This chap is in the running with Ibrahim Ali for the National Buffoon Award. Not long ago, he banned comics, suspecting they could harbour certain dangerous falsehoods that will turn the people against the BN-Umno government.

The boss, having seen the light and after some hesitation (read: flip flop) agreed to create the anti-falsehood panel and turn it into a super-ministry, combining the ministries of the three loony toons to be named 'Ministry of Truth, Justice and Laughter' and with the purpose of synergising the combined intellect of these three Umno 'heavyweights'.

With Umno finally gaining full control of truth and achieving enlightenment, our 1Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is now in a position to dispel rumours, lies and falsehoods spread by the opposition. The rakyat, in particular the Umnoputras, won't have to be confused and disheartened by the negative reports they hear about the government anymore.

Anonymous said...


mangchikla said...

Oooooh It's so magnificent so much so that that thsi trying period where red chillies are now RM 15.00 per kilom i feel like shoving it up Jibby's 'where the sun never shines' :D It'll be worth the RM21 Mil ...

ktteokt said...

Why not just ask our angkasawan to ride this MADE IN MALAYSIA rocket to outer space one more time? This time maybe he can perform other acrobatic tricks in outer space!!!! This way, we can save a lot of money, saving on chartering a foreign rocket and placing two space tourist guides in the rocket with our angkasawan!

Anonymous said...

This bn's structure will collapse just like the stadium?

Please do not stay near it.

Anonymous said...

Might have been built to please the no.1 or rather no. 2 lad.....of Cuntry.

Anonymous said...

BN politicians at their best, building money making but useless projects.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Reminds us of Undilah Roket !

Anonymous said...

Such a waste of money.. better make a RM21 mil park lah.

ralfie said...

Thank you Minister.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I would be very afraid--- this looks like a WMD and may give excuse for US to invade us.

PS- If US wanted to find WMD, they shd hv come over here. There are 9999 of them on the road here.

Anonymous said...

Aiya Patrick, they want to put up this rocket so that when the PKR takes over Putrajaya, they no longer can put up a rocket mah ! Also, hopefully the PKR Govt will be more lenient on them mah! Like paying homage mah!! ;-)