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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Thunder, Lightning and Slogans

This time we will make it. Just work harder. Tighten your belts. You hear my slogans?

It's a rainy afternoon. Thunder. Lightning. Dark, ominous clouds. And I am sitting in front of my computer. My Tweetdeck tells me that I am over some limit and can't be used for a while. And so I played around with the webcam and came up with a rant. Okay la so this tech-challenged geriatric just covered up the cam and used the audio. Which isn't very good but at least I have a sound track that includes howling winds and thunder. Kind of appropriate actually for what I am ranting about.



Anonymous said...

Patrick!!! I love ur voice, since those radio days!

I seriously think u should do more podcast like this in future! It is waaaaaay more interesting than just reading words in ur blog!! :D

Thanks and keep up the good NIAMAH job!

HY said...

LOL..that'a very interesting and entertaining rant. The storm really gave a nice ring to your rant. I agree with Anonymous that you should podcast more in the future! Thanks!

Nordin said...

Just love you!

pinsysu said...

awesome ... nice audio! got thunder, got lightning & get rain!! najib got sound & his gang will play the thunder ... lightning provided by C4 and 'rain' goes to all their pockets ... more like "HIDE" income b4 PR march to putrajaya! LOL!

MY said...

You are right!
All we can say is NIAMAH!

Anonymous said...

Each time when I come to this blog ... I read out loud NIAMAH just like you did!
The Sun is indeed my most favorite papers; and you bet I won't read/buy NST/Star that's controlled by a group of Niamahs!
Thanks for keeping me entertained.

SameSame said...

Wahhhhh ur voice brings back memories!! I love ur rant..hehehehe...bloody LANCAU NIAMAH!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro Pat

Don't know u, never seen u, never heard u before but by jove u have a wonderfully mellifluous voice ! U could be the best conman if u are not honest but I know u r squeaky clean. U have convinced me Malaysia is beyond saving, being run by a bunch of silly imbecile corrupt parrots repeating speeches or slogans like a scratchy record played on a gramophone that is on it's last legs.

Bro Pat, I hope the desperate asses won't treat u like RPK.


Chet said...

I love the sound effect of the thunder just when you said "developed nation".

new fart said...

Developed nation in 2020??? Not in a thousand fucking years!!! You kidding me, work harder? These assholes have never known what hard work means, so how to work harder? Countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and very soon China, have attained developed nation status because of true hard work and guess what, these monkeys will continue to use whatever means to rip the country apart. One Bangsa One Malaysia my ass! Talk is cheap! Tiu Niahmah!!! Oh, by the way Patrick, have read the news about the ex-PM of Australia, Paul Keating, has been hauled to court for a minor traffic offense like ordinary folks because in true democracy, no one is above the law. And that's why Australia has been a developed nation for a long time now. Here in Bolehland, forget about ex-PM, even a Latok gets away with murder in this third world country! So how, can fix all these craps in ten years ah? NIAHMAH!

tupingera said...

"Bersih, Cekap, Amanah"
"Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan"
"Wawasan 2020"
"Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang"


Anonymous said...

Jibby says Felda is a successful institution who has PRUDENTLY invested for the well being of the people...

In this case, please name the profitable companies and tell us why our $$$ has to be used for the many incompetent, non performing GLCs. Why was it necessary to build a new palace at a time when your Minister tells us we are bankrupting and we have to sacrifice our subsidie, and worse, your idiots who are in charge, have allowed the project to balloon to almost 3 times the pc sum?

Anonymous said...

I jus LOVE BN, I worship BN & I gonna VOTE BN.

BN is soooo darn smart in duping,conning,cheating the Rakyat for over 54 years and yet the Rakyat are still in a drunken stupor to continue voting for them.

No need thunder effect here:

1) PKFZ White Elephant 14 Billions
2) 7.6 Billions Scorpene tin can
3) 500 Millions halal commission on Scorpene
4) 810 Millions palace balloning to some 1.2 Billions
5) Maltrade II land grab by Naza, costing taxpayers some 2.2 Billions
6) Limbang off shore blocks L and M giveaway to Brunei of 320 Billions.
7) Maminco...cornering the tin market cost 2.2 Billions
8] Bank Negara Forex fiasco costing ? Billions
9) Perwaja Steel
10) Naval support ships to cost 2.5 Billions so we can do humanitarians service to Indo or Philipine as earthquakes or Volcano erupts every month
11) 60,000 APs worth 2.4 Billions given to a few umNOputras
12) 810 Millions New Parliment
13) BBMF scandal...Carrian group...BBMF manager was murdered
14) RM6.75 billion for locally made naval vessels which were never delivered
15) RM12.5 billion for economically senseless double tracking railway from Ipoh to the Thai border .
16) Altantuya
17) Teoh Beng Hock
18] A.Kugan
19) Amirulrashyid
20) Nasir Safar's " chinese prostitute & Indian beggars,"
21) Toyol 24 Million Palace
22) missing jet engines
23) Bala 's flip flop
24) Perak coup de tat unlawful grab
25) Sodomy I & II

Lynn said...

Hi Patrick

Loved hearing your voice again! I used to follow your Rediffusion Variety shows in Penang and any of your programmes in RTM. Those losers really lost out when they asked you to get out.

Yes, do more podcast cos with your acting talents, your podcast will be a fanstatic manner to voice your Niamah frustrations at our embarrassingly stupid, arrogant and patronising BN government!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro. Patrick, you are the one with the Coporate voice I love to listen to. Keep it up. Just the audio, no need to write and waste time. Let us hear more of you.


ronaldo said...

waahhh. brings back memories. like lei tai sor. the good old days of story-telling over redifusion. with thunders and lightning in the background.
kraaaaaaaaakk! kroooonnnnnngggggggg!

of course the modern version got niamah one..

CodeNameSomaliPirate said...


Welcome to Malaya! where everybody got what they want. And don't stop complaining...


Diveman69 said...

Uncle Patrick, like most of the people who commented I too missed your enthralling and exhilarating voice (don't get the wrong idea I'm straight!!!! hehehe). Since the days of Kee Huat Radio's Fantastic Facts and Fancies no one has ever filled the void which you left. Still, it's good to know (and hear) that you have yet to lose your sense of humor. In reality it just seems our YB's can only live on Slogans and nothing else. Trust me when I say we will get more slogans especially with the upcoming 31st August Celebrations, your guess is as good as mine what slogan they'll come up with for that. Niamah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CL euneug said...

Patrick WOW! i hear ur voice again!i remember d time i was so xcited to help out in death&the maiden, c u close up & hear ur stories. my fav DJ all time. my parents, ur fans too. n Niamah, great one. good 2 know our fav DJ is also voice of d pple, ordinary folks like us workin so damn hard & tightenin our ragged belts to hang on wit each coming slogan, tokkok, tokkok, yr aft yr!how long more r v goin 2b miserably stuck wit tis govt?!
again&again, TQ patrick 4 ur blog

Anonymous said...

your voice is still as sexy as ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nick said...


Najib was right when he says that they've have done it before and they can do it again. They definitely have screwed us before and now they are striving to screw us even harder. You're right when you say that we're going to be dead (death by being screwed). Niamahh!!!!

Monica Voon said...

Patrick, that podcast was fabulous! Now I know why you were hunting for recordings of your old late-night horror stories mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! You must do more of these, compile into a 10-part course on "Radio Broadcasting for Dummies" and send to Angkasapuri.

kontrator kelas z said...

Astaka Morocco and Monumen Alaf Baru were built at Putrajaya were to enrich some Umnoputras. This nonsense have to stop. It is high time for somebody to hold them accountable for all these fiascos.

Pudu jail is a part of our history. Structures like these at Puterjaya are not a part of our history but merely white elephants built to serve no purpose except to bleed the nation and feed our leaders' egos.

These monuments are akin to the grand statues of Lenin, Stalin and Saddam during their respective tyrannical eras.

Anonymous said...

god like and thunderous, ha ha.
More more !

Anonymous said...

Kudos! thanks for speaking up again bro! i really hope u don't get c4 someday, if it happens, we know who lah! haha....

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


A lie is a lie whether big or small
So in serious response to the clarion call
Honest daily newspapers turn out with blank front pages
When strongly 'advised' not to publish lies at all stages

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080710
Thu. 8th July 2010.

Jacque The Idiot said...

This is simply CLASSIC!!!Love the thunder background like even the higher being also sighing Niamah for Malaysia....

Mat Capik said...


Are you hinting that yu are making a comeback to the radio scene?

I doubt there is room for you in the bn-controlled media. What a shame. The new generation is deprived of your talent.

Anyway, you could launch a Niamah podcast especially the election is looming and under BN rule, no one is allowed to scrutinize any of the governments' policies. Votes are bought openly and without shame; the Prime Minister's Department is disproportionately bloated with staff, resources and funds; Petronas is treated like a personal kitty.

We need you to help Jibby to expose the non-tansparency of the NEM and help to clarify the dubious nature of those bn slogans.

Anonymous said...

Slogan has become our YAB favourite past time and not food anymore ! We will hear more Niamahs everyday if we still stick with BN. Binasa Negara !

1 Country 2 Systems ! One system for the ruling party. One system for the opposition party ! If you talk more, the ruling party will award you with ISA. If you still talk much, they will introduce all kinds of "lifestyle" for you like being in exile, jail, etc.

If you sing a song just to vent out your frustration like Namwee, you will be hauled up ! If you do things like Suara Perkasa, you will be warned and get away scot free.

We should be singing " that's the way, a-ha, a-ha, I like it !" according to the ruling party !

Wawasan 2020 has also become a thing of the past because each time when we have a new PM, we will have a new vision.

1Malaysia 2Systems 3Kataks 4Better or worse 5Prime Ministers !

Anonymous said...

You said it man,, Niamah !

Anonymous said...

Yippie! U brought back the good times during the mid 90's. Awesome!

- Gen X

Anonymous said...

hi Pat you really bring back good fond memories of your 'Did you call'?golden voice.I used to do emcee in club and ppl thought you were doing the emcee(i sound like you lah)..Hahaha.Your blog really change my perception BN,the way you put it funny and kind of layman talk..look forward for more of your 'hamtam'naimah..dia orang.

Anonymous said...

Najib administration is a

'Talk only, buy-election' administration.

Think about it, what else have they done?

Schreechy Chinky said...

RTM started to rot since you left them although your brief return in jazz Cafe did not help either.

Anonymous said...

a perfect blend of truth and comedy, uve got balls patrick!

Kamal B said...

Where is the report of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Corruption on the first year of operation of MACC which is to be tabled and debated in present meeting of Parliament?

More than a month ago and before the start of the present meeting of Parliament, the Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Corruption Datuk Seri Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad called for a parliamentary debate on its report on the first year of operation of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Hell Yeah! said...

Najib's 1Malaysia brainchild is seen more as a bait to fish for votes instead of a sincere effort to unite the races.

According to a survey by Merdeka Centre, 46% of the non-Bumiputera respondents were of the opinion that the concept was to woo non-Malay voters while 39% felt that it was meant to unite the races.

Gempak said...

Rais Yatim announced that the 53rd National Day theme from August 1 to September 16 is “1Malaysia Transforming the Nation”.

1malaysia cannot even transform the pea-sized brain of Perkasa, how?

Slogan tak guna-lah!

ktteokt said...

I think there is going to be a new disease in Malaysia known as the "Index Finger Syndrome" whereby the index finger suffers from cramps and will permanently be straightened. Thanks to Najis, our innovative PM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

can i share this in my facebook? it realy good to wakeup our youth of today.

Anonymous said...

As with the slogans over the years by BeEnd like "Kepimpinan melalui Teladan" and "Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah", we can now see how these empty slogans had reflected by the actions of the BeEnd gomen. They were all 'bikin tak serupa cakap' or practicing the opposite of what they were preaching. Now it's 1Malaysia, Rakyat Diutamakan and in actual fact, it's Dirakyat Diperbodohkan or Rakyat Diperkosankan

Juanito said...

Your voice make me wet... Haha.. I missed those deejaying days.. The sound of the thunderstorm, wind in the background reminds me ur 3am show - the hantu show u hosted once...