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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Who is our Lord Protector?

I got this link from Haris Ibrahim's blog The People's Parliament.

Who will be our Cromwell?



Anonymous said...

Patrick - look up wikipedia on cromwell and see if it really something to be wished upon our country!

We need more like a Mandela or a even Tun Ismail Ali to help us sort ourselves out.


patrickteoh said...

You're absolutely right of course, Anonymous 1:13 PM but I was referring to the Cromwell in the movie rather than the historical Cromwell. Sorry. Should have made that more clear.

爆料 said...

Cromwell is the guy in the movie 'Babe' which is banned in Bolehland because of that cute ....

pinsysu said...

we here bolehland got no cromwell but crumpled-well thanks to mahathir ... & he now conspires with ibrahim ali to send BN_UMNO to its grave to atone for all his 22 yrs' of misdeeds ...

sudut pandang said...

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Horng Yih said...

sounds like caesar when he took over the senate and declared a dictatorship.

u-en said...

i am more interested in who will be our richard harris.