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Monday, August 02, 2010

Some more useless projects

Laluan Terhad? Who gives a fuck!


Hi this is Patrick Teoh. I think I’d like to title part of today’s blog Some More Totally Useless Projects. And we all know that our country is full of those don’t we? Today’s latest example of total uselessness is front-paged in the Metro Section of The Star. The central edition that is. You folks up north and down south probably have other news stories of how your tax money is being wasted. The story’s headline is rather misleading. Ban Kicks Off it says. What ban? Well, it seems that from today 3 stretches of PLUS hiways will be off limits to vehicles weighing over 10,000kgs. During peak hours. When I read that my first reaction was NIAMAH!!! What the fuck la. Again ah? Then the news story confirmed my cynicism. On the sidebar the caption was “Since 1994, heavy vehicles have been banned from entering the KL city centre during peak hours but a lack of enforcement has failed to deter many of the drivers.” And the Star’s stakeout team discovered over a 2 day period that heavy vehicles still used banned routes despite the ban which has been in force since 1994! So what gives? Why make more announcements and erect more costly signboard instead of enforcing an existing law? It makes you mad doesn’t it? To see police and DBKL totally ineffective even in enforcing parking laws. How many times have you driven past rows of parked cars on what should be the left lane of a major highway! Oh and we shall not go into the daily examples of drivers ignoring red lights right under the noses of traffic policemen. And now they want to enforce some more stretches of roads and highways to prevent usage by heavy vehicles during peak hours. Who you kidding?



Anonymous said...

Niamah... hahahah
good one Patrick,

Kirk Lee
Be a smart n responsible Consumer,
Consume what is sustainable,
Shark Fin Soup is non-sustainable...

Anonymous said...

say NO NO NO to 'shark fin soup' !!

Anonymous said...

Same at Guthrie highway where motorcycles were supposed to use the dedicated motorcycle lane. The motorcyclists doesn't give a shit as there was no enforcement anyway.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck ! What has shark's fin soup got to do with road signs ? For those who commented, please don't get married and have kids . The world can't feed them and their kids at the rate it goes.

Malaysia the land of laws, laws and laws. But what the fuck...


Anonymous said...

Aiyah, if eat sharp fins can poke your road ma , dun eat lah ! if your road sign swollen it sakit & foot cannot masuk then you week & week then die ,how ? your people in rumah very sat. dun eat the sharp fins lah , ok ? tankyou !