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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Wishing ALL Malaysians


Have a safe and happy balik kampung journey and wonderful time with friends and family.


niakong said...

Selamat Hari Raya.

Maaf Zahir Batin.

Anonymous said...

Selmaat hari Raya to all.

Malaysia’s global competitiveness ranking continued to be on a declining trend, slipping two notches down to 26th spot out of 139 countries, according to World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Competitiveness Report for 2010-2011.

This compared with the country’s ranking on the 24th rung out of 133 countries for 2009-2010, and 21st out of 134 countries for 2008-2009.

Ellese A please tell us why no improvement despite your claim.

Anonymous said...

Will the outgoing IGP (inspector-general of police) do his final duty of service to the nation by revealing the "interferences" which have hampered the work of the police force?

If he dares to spill the beans as his parting shot before he leaves office, then he would have done the greatest service to the nation and people of Malaysia. Or will he go out quietly and carry the wrongs to his grave?

William Shakespeare in Macbeth said: "Cowards die many deaths before their deaths; the valiant taste death but once."

Anonymous said...

Raja Petra said he had been visited by Tajudin's lawyers in London, who told him that he had only been a front man for UMNO and that UMNO "not only has to protect him from prosecution but that they also had to ensure that the government bought back the shares at the same price that they were sold to him although the shares were only worth a portion of the real value."

ksn said...

There was really nothing wrong with the New Economic Policy (NEP). Its two policy pillars were eradication of poverty without regard to race and religion and non-identification of occupation with race.

But as everybody knows, that was not what happened on the ground on implementation as the NEP was sabotaged by Umno to the advantage of one race, marginalising the others. Of course, within the Malays, the special privileges were largely granted to cronies, families and friends of the Umno ruling class.

If it was implemented as was agreed, there would have been no grounds for any race to complain. As PM Najib Abdu Razak said, the government has to be fair to the other races - an admission of discrimination and marginalisation of the non-Malays. Social justice was absent in NEP.

That is the crux of the dissatisfaction, frustration, unhappiness, etc, among the non-Malays. Who can blame them? They feel betrayed by the BN government they voted for. That is not too difficult for anyone to understand, including the ultra-Malays like in Perkasa and Dr Mahathir Mohamad, right?

Anonymous said...

The appointment of Malaysian-born Penny Wong as Australia's Finance Minister is of particular interest in Malaysia because it exposes and highlights the blatant racism and apartheid-like policies of discrimination practiced by BN and some extremist PAS members, e.g. Dr Hasan Ali, against the minorities.

Compare this appointment with the violent opposition to the appointment of Low Siew Moi as a mere acting head of Selangor's PKNS for one year by MB Khalid Ibrahim. The opposition by these racists was so strong and politically damaging that Khalid had to quickly do an about-turn and replace her with Othman Omar after about four months.

ps: If Yen Yen were to migrate to Australia earlier on, she could have been a minister down under?

Anonymous said...

Sociologist Maznah Mohamad is an avowed feminist known for her incisive and perceptive views. Here she is on:

What the average Malaysian Malay wants out of life
‘Nothing much, really – well, except maybe pride and dignity – because he has too many rights and privileges but too few responsibilities.’

Malays and affirmative action
‘Many Malays increasingly do not feel comfortable about continually receiving handouts – unless they have political ambitions, then it’s tied to that.’

How she feels about being Malay
‘In Malaysia, it is about being inadequate culturally; in Singapore, it is about being inadequate professionally. So Malays like me feel neither here nor there.’

‘Umno doesn’t want to promote a Malaysian Malaysia because that’s associated with the People’s Action Party. And then you have this peach of a slogan which means the same thing.’

Anonymous said...

It is a well known fact that the BN government is fast runinng out of the kind of funds it has been used to in its heydays – the kind of funds needed to keep UMNO humming along. The talk of the need to to withdraw subsidies, the need to introduce GST are all indicators of these mounting pressures. All the FELDA, FELCRA exposures sure do not help any of that. The by-election expenditures which are by no means insignificant do not help either. The sources of funding for the political patronage system that UMNO has built up is drying up.

Anonymous said...

i) Is Dr M going head on against Najib Razak and will this lead to a similar Dr M vs Pak Lah spat?

ii) Najib is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea with Perkasa. Join Perkasa and he will get some Malay support, and more importantly, get Dr M off his back. But he'll lose support from the non-Malay community along with the much-needed foreign investment and the cash needed to keep Umno sharks happy and thus stay in office longer;

iii) Does Najib have the political acumen and guts to do what is right for the country or will he cave in to the demands of the Umno warlords?

iv) Are we witnessing the final days of Najib's term as PM?

Tiger said...

Took advantage of the long break to eat at Damansar Village.
Good place, Pat.
And well-run too.
Kudos (and to the balloon blowing guy(

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro Patrick,

I'm very frequent to your blog coz you share the truth and i like it very much.

Other than you, I also spend a lot catch-up with Namewee from Muar, he also express the truth of many things. Wonder what you think about Namewee, especially when he fuck TNB? You can find his video in YouTube by searching for Namewee fuck TNB :-)

Frequent Reader

Anonymous said...

Who is the UMNO president? najib or mahathir? why Utusan is not treating najib as the boss and treat mahathir is the boss instead? if that is the case najib better sack those people in Utusan to stream line his leadership.

Najib better make his stand clear and really stamp his mark as UMNO boss or else he is seen to be weak even in UMNO and cannot command the respect from his own people. what more to say as perdana menteri of malaysia.

He must get rid of those against him in UMNO or else internal enemy will only do more damage than any opposition party.

Even MIC and MCA got that right and control own media though it is ethically wrong or illegal.

Anonymous said...

I grew up believing Wawasan 2020 but that same PM now supports Perkasa & moving backward.

V-Net5M said...

Our Mission: V-Net5M - To build a Network of 5 Million Supporters for Pakatan Rakyat by Sept 2012.

By Malaysias4Change & Justice4All

Here is what we need to do:
Part A: Signing up:

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2. If you support our cause, join us as a member or a supporter,
3. Be a volunteer for Voter Registration. Help an Asst Registration Officer,
4. Join BERSIH 2.0 to build a volunteer force of 1 million to persuade the SPR to act professionally and neutrally,
5. If between 12 - 18 years, join as a Junior Member to strengthen your voice,
6. If you wish to join any of the Pakatan Rakyat parties, download the forms attached and email to us.

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4. Other qualification levels will be advised later. There are no monetary rewards, only the satisfaction that you are serving the nation to promote change for a Better Malaysia.

Contact email:
Details required:
a. Name,
b. IC no, old (if available) and new,
c. Address as per ic,
d. Voter locality (if available). Check at FAQ attached.
e. jpg of ic (cross out with words: "For SPR Verification only"). This is optional and only for active members. For those applying to join the political parties, this is mandatory.

Read more at:

Anonymous said...

Tun Maverick in his twilight years must understand that his time is over, he no longer is in power, jangan - jangan history will repeat its self - Tun kena like how he kenakan Tuanku Abd Rahman (Bapak Malaysia). There must be equality to all, there must be 1 Malaysia. No one is saying take away the Bumiputra special rights. What the Rakyat wants is a better distribution of wealth ie all Bumiputra to enjoy not a selected group of Bumiputra. Perkasa and Tun got it wrong. We must all understand and appreciate what the current PM and BN wants - a better distribution of the nations wealth to all Bumiputras.

Anonymous said...

Read this

nah said...

Sept 13:

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has set up a special team together with the police to handle threats to national security and unity channelled via the Internet, Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said.

He said that since early this year, the MCMC had received 533 complaints on abuse of the Internet, particularly the social network sites Facebook and Twitter.

Anonymous said...

There is no threat to the Malays "Special Position" as mentioned in the Constitution. What is happening now is just that the majority of the non-Malays are just asking for some little more fairness in some sectors, especially in education.

I am sure nobody is asking for a total elimination of the "special position", the non-bumi's have learned to live with it, and can adopt to living with it as always. So I think Perkasa, and more surprisingly Dr M himself, doesn't understand this, unless they have some hidden agenda behind all this "noise" they'll making..... u know I know !!!

Anonymous said...

There is no threat to the Malays "Special Position" as mentioned in the Constitution. What is happening now is just that the majority of the non-Malays are just asking for some little more fairness in some sectors, especially in education.

I am sure nobody is asking for a total elimination of the "special position", the non-bumi's have learned to live with it, and can adopt to living with it as always. So I think Perkasa, and more surprisingly Dr M himself, doesn't understand this, unless they have some hidden agenda behind all this "noise" they'll making..... u know I know !!!

Anonymous said...


Here is a piece of racist article on NST today :

Funny how history repeats itself

Accusing the Chinese as traitor to the old Melacca Sultanate, and the current Malay Administrator.

Good reason to boycott NST.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Patrick, just returning a visit. Thank you for honouring my pondok with your esteemed name. Now can say I got a VIP, ha ha dropped by.

Wow! You sure have an interesting blog.
You honour me with your visit. Reason being I'm guessing of who you were to!, not someone who churi my girlfriend, ha ha, just kidding, but someone I admired, a celebrity back when seating upstairs in the Cathay cinema only Rgt 1.80.

A small bell is ringing in my head, no...not those from a Thai monastery calling me for prayers..., Religion not in my resume, but a bit of vintage memory coming back as I seem to recollect maybe you were in Radio Malaysia or Malaya....? Playing oldies songs?

If I'm wrong, my humble apologies. If I'm right? Hey...then not bad, huh? Ha ha ha.

Anyway, as mentioned religion not in my resume, so is politics, as apart from women causing global warming, it's politicians....the last people I would trust with my grandmother!

Whether from where you are or Canada....ohhh, talking about politicians, there's one fellow here, local councillor, he from Penang.

I actually voted for him, not knowing from HK or China, but he sure has a gorgeous traffic stopper wife...reason he got my vote...not because of what he promised to do if elected...he got my vote, I mean at least give her pride, hubby up and coming politician.
Aiyaaaa, the things I do for women! Then then he won, and papers mention he from Penang!

Never can tell downstream he might even be Canada's PM one day. I met him sometime back...
So far, not much hot air coming from him....yet, ha ha.
But okay la, he so far doing good things. Can't say when he becomes an MP.

Anyway, just ehlak that 'Mr' with me, 'Lee' will do, as long you don't add the 'Ah' infront...making people think I changed my religion.
'Mr' or 'uncle' only for those not gone on honeymoon yet.

We both almost from same sekolah of thoughts, only mine more on those filling sarongs well...and yours....I see, doing abit of stir fry re global warming, *wink*.

You have fun, stay young and keep a song in your heart. And senang datang.
From Canada, Lee (the chief chicken catcher)

Anonymous said...

So Khairy agrees with the press having to kowtow to the political party that owns it. In the first place, political parties have no business owning newspapers. Can I safely conclude that Khairy does not believe in a free press, at least one freer than Malaysia's free press?

If so, would it also mean that former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's policies for greater freedom in Malaysia was a farce considering Khairy was then the PM's Office's head of the policy and communications unit?

aries said...

Singapore was "turfed out" of Malaysia in 1965, so whatever that happens in the country after that is an internal matter and none of Singapore's business. Even if Singapore wanted to offer any "advice", it would be interpreted as "outside interference" and not welcomed.

So stop blaming the situation on past occurrences and conveniently make Singapore a scapegoat of Malaysia's racial problems and failings. To do so would be utterly irresponsible and trying shift the blame to others instead admitting one's own shortcoming and weaknesses.

What are the policies being practised that lead to the myriad of problems that befall the country?

By just comparing the status and achievements of Malaysia and Singapore, one cannot avoid noticing the stark differences between the two: One a first world nation, and the other a second or even a third world nation.

What does Dr M has to say about all that? Being the longest serving PM of Malaysia for 22 years, he should be accountable for the standing of the nation in most part. LKY only laments the position that Malaysia finds itself in currently and ponders about the possibilities of progress if Singapore were to have remained a part of Malaysia.

LKY's take is that Singapore's successes would also be Malaysia's if Singapore remains a part of the latter. A reasonable and logical assumption indeed.

Surely Singapore had done something right to put it where it is now as a first world nation, and conversely Malaysia did not do something quite right for the less than desirable position it finds itself in after 53 years of independence.

Dr M should not eat sour grapes. Just compare the two nations matter of factly: one "with all the ingredients of a nation" which underperformed, and the other "without the ingredients of a nation" which performed extremely well. The results speak for itself and does not need haggling over.

Dr M should just admit that LKY's Singapore is far ahead of Malaysia on all counts. As for the Malays in Singapore, one just have to ask them about their feelings and thoughts being a Singaporean Malay, not what we think how they feel or think.

Siti in Penang said...

Konsert Siti Nurhaliza on Saturday, 25 September 2010, 8pm at Penang's Stadium Bandaraya MPPP.

Bring Mykad and pay only RM1 per person for a bottle of water as entry ticket!

Anonymous said...

Do you want to know who the murdering lawyers of Datuk Sosilwati + 3 others + 5 more are ?

1. Pathmanabhan a/l Nalliannen
2. Surendren a/l Nalliannen

Check it out at the Bar Council website under Disciplnary Orders for Nov 2009

Justice 4 Victims of the Murdering Lawyers

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad may give his side of the story, but this is not what I gathered when we read Lee Kuan Yew's memoirs on the difficult years when he had to deal with politicians from Malaya and also on the racial strife that happened. Of course each of them is entitled to their own opinion.

So how then shall we assess who is right? I look at who is able to manage better, who has better attributes to ensure less corruption and abuse of power and who is able to anticipate problems and taking steps pre-emptively to resolve the problems. On all these accounts, I consider Lee and Singapore performing and doing much better.

Singapore may be smaller, but the problems they faced were definitely more complex, urgent and protracted. If Malaysian politicians were to manage Singapore from day one, I think Singapore would be a city slum today.

We can accuse LKY for being dictatorial. We shall let history be the final judge whether what he did was justifiable. I believe history will be on his side, not Mahathir's.

Anonymous said...

selamat hari ...who the hell cares it seems.

lets kutuk mengutuk since they are all back in kampung and lets continue our adulation bordering on worshiping to our kiblat down south

sounds better?....NIAMAH


Reid said...

The Reid Commission Report original stated article 153 to be review in 15 years.

There is a written record lie in UK Parliament 1957 record stated that the Federation of Constitution 1957 proposal meeting/discussion in UK Parliament hall stated that the Alliance have update the condition of review of article 153 Not in 15 years but agreed to be reviewed from times to times.

It is 100% written record in the UK parliament.

Remember Malay alone would not be granted Malaya independence from British.

Without the support of Chinese and India the British would not granted Malaya Independence.

The Alliance formed by Malay, Chinese and India majority the British granted the Malaya Independence.

After independence this land belong to the new self-government/owners formed by Malay, Chinese and India.

Anyone of them have the absolutely rights demand equality in this land which they granted from the British administration.

Demand and get it.

Marakutty said...

Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad in a statement (FMT Sept 4, 2010) finally admitted that he and the Umno government intentionally discriminated against innocent non Bumiputra students by denying their educational rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

He said: "If we use the merit system , half of the university students (Bumiputeras) don't qualify..."

What one can gather from his statement is that the education system over the past 53 years has failed to produce Bumiputera students to meet the set requirement by Umno's own higher educational qualification merits.

Despite the billions spend to improve the educational achievements among Bumiputeras, citizens of this country are now been told by this longest serving Malaysian Prime Minister that Bumiputera students in Malaysia can only survive upon discrimination against their fellow non Bumi students.

What a shame!

Anonymous said...

During the Raya celebrations at his home in Pekan, the Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak, encouraged us to hold open houses and receive guests irrespective of race and religion to foster national unity based on ’1Malaysia’. He said that an open house would be more meaningful if “we also open our hearts to our guests”.

The PM should also include an open mind. A willingness to listen to other people’s opinions should promote greater understanding and harmony.