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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Thursday funnies

The pavilion with the leaky roof

A national civics bureau senior officer allegedly called Chinese and Indian Malaysians SiSepet and SiBotol when he spoke at a recent function. The Federal Territory assistant bureau director, Hamim Husin was speaking at a Puteri Umno closed-door briefing in Kuala Lumpur when he allegedly made those racist remarks. Of course, when it was reported the shit hit the fan. And so the cabinet in an example of uncharacteristic speed-of-action ordered a probe. And of course, when a probe is ordered by the government some things tend to go awry.

For example, the Human Resource minister, Subramaniam although announcing that the cabinet was 'disappointed' with the remarks attributed to the Hamim fler, hastened to add that "We need not to look at it from a racial point of view.......If it happens to any particular race, the situation would also be the same." (remember now, Subramaniam is a Malaysian cabinet minister and that, of course means he is often out of touch with real-life)

Of course, with every probe ordered there must be a disclaimer. This one is no different. The minister was quick to remind anyone who bothered to listen that Hamim had attended the function as a guest speaker and the views and comments expressed were made in his personal capacity, and not the official views and comments of the bureau and were not with any motive to insult."

See? With just one political-speak styled statement....KAO DIM.

Malaysia Apapun Boleh!!!

Oh yes there is one more laughable statement by the YB Minister of Human Resources. He made sure to tell everybody that reports of the incident only came about because reporters had "slipped" into the closed-door event without permission. Huh? Like errrrr....we're not talking about the same thing here, YB. (full story in The Sun today)

The other funny worth a laugh today is Ng Yen Yen, minister of tourism, who DENIED that the roof of the Malaysian pavilion in the Shanghai World Expo leaked. How does she know that for a fact? She has yet to receive a REPORT on the matter!!! Then she accused all her accusers by saying, " Why don't you visit the pavilion and see for yourself. How would you know if you haven't seen?" How? We learn from you ma, Why Bee. We received a report that it leaked so it's true lor. No meh? Oh ya. The LCD screens also not working hor. But Yen Yen (what a cutesy name) not to be outdone came back with this gem. When she was shown a photo of a bucket used to collected the leakage she retorted, "I think it (leakage) happens when there is heavy rain, water will be coming in." Wah! You don't say. I didn't know that wor. Really meh? Thank you ah. (full story in The Sun today)



eiling lim said...

oooh something smells fishy, and in the report in The Sun, she looked like she's trying to make excuses for everything.. trying really hard...

new fart said...

Wat to xpect Patrick, in Bolehland, you get some of the dumbest ministers ever. By-products of Bolehland education lah. Good thing we have early early cabut to live in a civilised country with intelligent ministers.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA, you are one sarcastic and funny mother-F***er, Patric.

I'm sure you know that.

Tangairai said...

Notice how fast and efficient our Gerak Khas polis spring into action to nab the opposition for questioning however trivial the matter may be?

Yet this BTN fellow has all the immunity.

That's why it not difficult to understand how the polis, macc, judiciary, btn etc are all networked to serve a certain party only and to keep them in (abused) power.

Tun Ah Fook said...

That Johor MB wanted to build a twin-tower at Bukit Cagar in JB to overlook Singapore.

Johor Corp demolished Komtar JB shopping centre the same time the Singapore casinos are being built. Johor MB can see that the Singapore casinos are now up and running while JB Komtar is yet to be rebuilt a single floor.

So much of his wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Why was the announcement of the Cabinet decision to ask the Chief Secretary to investigate the latest racist remarks of a Biro Tata Negara (BTN) official made by the MIC Minister for Human Resources Dr. S. Subramaniam and not by the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who had chaired the Cabinet meeting during Najib’s absence?

Is it because the controversy over BTN’s latest offence against Najib’s 1Malaysia concept is regarded as a trivial matter not serious enough to warrant the personal attention and concern of the Deputy Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

Under normal circumstances, the police would have acted against Perkasa for trying to intimidate, threaten and harass someone (who, I might add, has not been found guilty of anything).

If anyone else had done this, or if some people had done the same thing to any Perkasa or Umno/BN member, those people would have been hauled up by the cops already. But of course, practising double standards appear to be the norm for our police. This is the PDRM way.

Shahrul said...

In our Holy Quran, Allah said it is always compulsory to have good
relationship with neighbours whether he belongs to our own race,
religion OR NOT. Must, and must be good to the neighbour. In Malaysia
here we got all kind of neighbours – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Kadazan and so on (included the real pendatang – Indonesian, Bangladesh, Myanmar). Islam means peace in Arabic – refering to “Salam”, its AMAN,
SEJAHTERA in Malays. I dunno what’s the problem with UMNO leaders saying they are the muslims but behaving contradictly as what Allah said, “No race is superior than others, no people superior than others”.

In Islam, most of our prophets were Israeli – Ibrahim in Quran (Abraham in Bible), Isa in Quran (Jesus in Bible), Yusuf in Quran (Joseph in Bible), Musa (Moses in Bible), Harun (Aaron in Bible). Aaallll are Israeli by RACE but Tauhid in religion (Tauhid is refering to Allah’s follower), and asking the the Jewish (Jews by religion, Israeli by race)
to do good and worshipping Allah. But suddenly this religion came here in Malaysia and preached by mostly Malays. I dunno how come the racist kind of Malay can believe and accept the Israeli as their prophets (usually the muslims will pray and mention their prophets name daily,
include Muhammad – Arabian by race, Tauhid by religion) but they are behaving contradictly to their neighbours – Chinese, Indian, Indonesian.

Hey, dont worry all my brothers. I can guarantee to you most of the
Malays are good except the politicians. Trust me. Seriously trust me.

So now, how come I can be politicians while most of the young graduates like me are busy engineered the Petronas projects, Shell, Exxon Mobile, Intel in Penang, Sime Derby and so on? Ugly politicians sucks dude.

Sekian daripada saya. Salam (translated from Arabic as
“peace upon you” or Shalom as by the Jews).

Jom Heboh said...

Bung Mokhtar has been quiet after marrying an actress.

Let's hope Ibrahim Katak can find his 'princess' in the malay entertainment circle, and get silenced in the process.

Anton said...

that grand old good-for-nothing dame only cares if it poured $$$ into her coffers!

longkin said...

Sharul, i have to make a correction in your comment: Jew is race not religion and Israeli is nationality not race. Judaism is commonly known as the religion of the Jews.

Najib Manaukau said...

This building does not have a Malaysian look at all, in fact it looks like a building from Menangkabau on Indonesia. Just go to Seremban lake garden where a similar building was erected to remind the people where the Ketunan Melayu came from. Indonesia !

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fool Speaks like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

(Harakahdaily) - Naib Presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub menganggap api perkauman yang ditiupkan Biro Tata Negara (BTN) semalam dengan gelaran menghina kaum Cina dan India amat menjijikkan.

Anggapan itu merujuk kepada ucapan seorang pegawai BTN yang dilaporkan memberikan gelaran rakyat berbangsa Cina dan India masing-masing sebagai 'si mata sepet' dan 'si kaki botol' dalam induksi dalaman Puteri Umno Malaysia di PWTC.

"Membuat suatu analogi yang begitu menjijikkan, itulah wajah sebenar Umno. Mereka akan jadi lebih rasis, mereka akan jadi lebih ekstrem dalam memainkan isu perkauman," ujarnya di Pejabat Agung PAS.

Beliau yang juga Ahli Parlimen Kubang Kerian berkata, insiden terbaru yang dialporkan itu seakan mengulangi tindakan rasis Datuk Nasir Safar, pegawai khas bagi Perdana Menteri pada Konvensyen 1Malaysia di Melaka.

Nasir pada 2 Februari dulu dilaporkan mencemuh rakyat berbangsa Cina sebagai 'wanita jual tubuh', manakala kaum India dihina sebagai 'pengemis' di tanah air.

"Satu lagi kesalahan berulang, tidak cukup yang dilakukan oleh Datuk Nasir Safar, seorang pegawai khas Perdana Menteri (Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak)," ujarnya.

Baginya, slogan 1Malaysia yang dipopularkan oleh Najib, Presiden Umno merangkap Pengerusi BN sebelum ini sekadar untuk menutup wajah sebenar Umno.

"Mereka sebenarnya telah terlalu benci kepada orang Cina dan India dalam negara kita, cuma mereka cuba sembunyikan perasaan mereka itu di sebalik 1Malaysia.

"Itulah wajah sebenar mereka, mereka tidak pernah menghilangkan warna diri mereka yang sebenar," katanya.

Sehubungan itu, beliau menyuarakan rasa yakin bahawa rakyat sama ada Melayu, Cina, India dan kaum-kaum lain kian sedar dengan bahaya politik perkauman yang ditiupkan oleh Umno dan BTN itu.

This is the same NUMBNUTS and this is the second time he's done it. What do you think is going to happen? Any guesses? Yeah ....NFA (NO F**KING ARGUMENTS!)

Anonymous said...

Quote "I think it (leakage) happens when there is heavy rain, water will be coming in." This from a CABINET MINISTER. All that traveling must have leaked her brains out her ears or maybe she was just born clueless. Tell you what if I were to stand above the hole in the roof and piddle whilst you look up and open your mouth maybe you'd get the better picture. MAYBE the urine therapy will do wonders to revitalize all your synapses and what nots and hopefully deter you from saying nonsensical jibber. Water coming down the roof...LEAK! Water running down the legs....also LEAK! When was the last time you checked if more grey matter leaked out of your 2 holes in your head that we mortals called ears!?!?!?! NUMBNUTS!

Anonymous said...

Ng YY claims she knows everything. But being a tourism Minister for nothing. In the chaotic situation happens in her backyard called M'sia, she still have her thick face to promoting M'sia Truly Asia holiday. But look at it, rampant racism, idiot act of PDRM and insecurity in homeland is already scares investors away or investors think twice before investing. Kind of soft skills is make me even laugh at her. He he he !! Oh yes, one more thing. No matter it comes to worse, we should discard the differences, move on and change we must. We the citizens must choose wisely because we are the peoples power in this very land called M'sia. Are we continuously get even bigger laughing stock that already spreads through out the world, don't we?

Anonymous said...

another blood sucking minister from MCA.

if only she migrated to australia with her PR, may be malaysia will be better off. oh, its the same cynaide lady that bestow poison to the villagers of raub. Viva MCA. when will corrupts like her be condemned to hell?

boong x3 moooktar said...

she used to leak every month.

Anonymous said...

Her smiling friendly approachable chatty diplomatic style is very good. Her appearance alone plus her clothing taste makes her right for her portfolio. She should have answered. Don't worry. We can fix the leak. Money is no problem. All these big people are made to see the very good things in life because their errand boys and girls do everything to make sure all that they see is perfection and not even a blemish. Sometimes cannot blame these big people. Indeed what do they know ? They are so shielded from the realities of life. They are put on the petalstal and they are put together with the nicest things in life. If all they see is perfect, of course they would not believe there is imperfection. They forget many people live with imperfections. High time we elect down to earth politicians who are genuine and have the heart to help the nation. We elect a politician to work. We did not elect a politician to sit in some fine office and think that it is heaven. Made in China things a lot very cheap. Why ? News report houses in China made of plastic form the type use in economy rice here. Would you feel safe staying in a plastic form house ?

Anonymous said...

Let us challenge all those unwanted political outcasts & hypocrites in Perkasa and BTN who claimed to be champions of Malays to stand for election in Galas, Gua Musang, Kelantan!! The Real Malays from Kelantan- Oghe Kelate will know how to sniff out a True Malay Warrior from a Half-Malay, Mamak Malay or a hypocritical boot-licker!

Anonymous said...

A humorous statement from Dr Yen Yen. Makes sense, too. the roof doesn't leak 95 percent of the time. Beijing does not have heavy rainfall like Malaysia. They should have constructed a small koi pond at the location where the water from the leak falls so that it won't be too obvious. Must think out of the box, Dr Yen Yen. Oh..and also mention that the leak was specially created to recreate the situation back home where rainfall is common, hence a tourist attraction for tourists from rain-deficient countries.

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

The building was designed to be leaking is to represent the buildings in Malaysia. In a few weeks time, cracks should form everywhere in the building. What an amazing design!

Anonymous said...

The problem with these people is.....
They get into defensive mode when rakyat makes comments on their 'shoddy' work & attitude.

Can't they be "professional" enuf to admit mistakes & rectify the situations...????

So simple & yet behave like hooligans...!
Having a Title is "NOT" all that.

Damn it..!!! Rakyat r your Bosses, if they've forgotten!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Subra is another MIC useless leader...He should just practice medicine

Anonymous said...

Malaysia "apapun boleh" because we have "tiga sukur" ministers!!

1Malaysia-sia said...

Oh, this round, the immediate response is not "It's a misunderstanding.", eh? Just transfer him to other places lah, prob solved. Other trouble-maker can later be transferred in to fill up his vacant post.

Is YY Ng a pro wind-surfer or something? She seems to be able to adapt to the ever-changing direction of the wind very well.

Anonymous said...

Burning of namewee poster and cancellation of Namewee'g gig -Racial sentiment is being deliberately played up (by umno's proxy Perkasa) to create tension in case BN need to use it as an excuse to carry out a crackdown prior to the next general election. So always address these issues calmly and don't fall into their trap of another operation lalang.

Anonymous said...

Double standards, stupidity, welcome to Malaysia!

new fart said...

Anon 11:54pm...please lah mate, we don't want her in Oz! Get her to go somewhere else....hey..maybe Nigeria or Zimbabwe! Suits her better don't you think? Our beloved Oz is too good for her. Niamah!!!

Endhiren said...

Perkasa's vocal spokesmen Ibrahim and Mahathir seem hell bent – through such vociferous bickering – to stop Prime Minister Najib Razak from implementing his New Economic Model which is supposed to liberalise the economy from the clutches of the economically stifling, much corrupted and skewed New Economic Policy that heavily plays on 'Malay rights".

The problem is a segment of the Malays fear what is needed to revive private investment, especially domestic private investment, could cause Najib to lose the general election.

This assumes that the Malay electorate would be hostile to policy measures to ameliorate the NEP's re-structuring objectives. Najib has said this will now be applied on nationally rather than on a company basis while continuing the focus on reducing poverty. Perkasa's strength comes from its linkage with Mahathir who still commands some support in Umno and among the Malay community.

Undoubtedly, Malays who feel threatened by prospect of less contracts etc from the Government will be hostile to Najib's economic plans.

Anonymous said...

Please lah the 1st Lady is from Negeri Sembilan.

She likes the Minangkabau building style . So be it.

We are patriotic to the Emperor and Empress - Sikit Sikit hal pun ribut. dATUK SRI PANDAI CAKAP KALAU BOS SUKA KITA SUKA JUGA.

Any other shape also same same in terms of no of tourists only the China Men or women do not be mistaken and take a flight to Jakarta after enjoying our Malay Pavilion. Ini Malaysia bolEh punyA BUKAN .

Anonymous said...

Haha... ng yen yen... what an idiot...

First the nasi lemak is a malaysian delicacy argument now this.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick,

A great post indeed! If Chinese are 'Si Sepet' and Indians are 'Si Botol' then Malays are....? You make your own judgment.

Does being in a close-door discussion means we are free to talk whatever SHIT and not liable for anything including under Sedition Act or Internal Security Act? If so, does that apply for Blogger as well? =) I'm at close-door what.. Epic failed!


Si peh Tulan said...

Si sepet
Si botol
Si bodoh
Si bochor
Si bohong
Si chapcheng
Si mamak
Si boheng
Si chialui
Si chaulang
Si orper
Si tukiah
Si pintuah
Si tuakang
Si tuapau
Si gongtuatai
Si bohlan
Si langkiah
Si howsiao
Si chiaolang
Si chatkiah
Si tuachat
.(add yourself)
Some of above are as close to Eng Choon Hokkien as I can get. I am sure Bro Pat can translate if needed.


Anonymous said...

Bank Negara should have 2 sets of currency of different colors. On the currency notes meant for Malays they must write clearly the words: Hanya boleh di pakai oleh orang Melayu sahaja. Have a small picture of a cow-head after the wordings. As for currency notes meant for non-Malays, there must also state clearly in writing. Put a small picture of a pig head for these ones.

If implemented, the Chinese will not steal from the Malays; the Malays will not steal from the Chinese. UMNOB leaders cannot steal money and bring out to foreign countries as the authorities there will straight away know it is stolen money.

Anonymous said...

BN Bodoh, Boleh mah.

Heard in the street that the SG was charged with corruption as he is the stumbling block to Yen who is salivating for YEN YEN advertising contracts for his son.
There goes MCA corrupt again.

Tiger said...

OMG, we really have fucking idiots for Ministers!
OUT WITH THEM in the next election!

Anonymous said...


Wah, I learned a thing or two from Subramaniam. So if the DPM gets invited to a function and he says some really stupid things which he often does anyway, then we cannot hold the DPM responsible since (according to Subramaniam), the DPM is speaking in his personal capacity and not representing the government. Wah, this is really Niamah man!!

As for Yen Yen (sweet name for a panda), of course the Malaysian pavilion roof is not leaking mah. Yen Yen knows nothing much except to suggest helicopter and submarine tours to attract tourist to 1Bolehland. We have to ask the YB Dung Mokhthar if the pavilion roof leaks since he is the foremost expert on leaks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Pat, no rain no leak lor so it is only leaking when there is rain so what's the big deal. Like that you cannot understand wor...? I repeat. No rain no leak.Got rain got water la. Like that cannot understand meh ? N I A M A H !

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat, "Mata Sepetlah," "Kaki botollah" "Pendatanglah" aiyo I have had enough. I have to work to feed my family and pay taxes.

What do UMNO and cronies want of the other races in this beloved land? Do they want to create a Melayusaja country? Looks like it. It is not "Biro Tatanegera" but rather "Biro Tar Tar Negara" So, Pat... tar....tar goodbye. See you in your next blog. N I a m a h

Anonymous said...

We have iPod, iPhone, iPad... and now iDiot, the latest gadget in the market, made in BolehLand. WARNING : iDiot freely spews words, phrases or sentences that smells like what comes out from the anus and has the effect of causing BP to rise among its listeners.

Murai said...

Just one simple question for Hamid Araby (Umno Bayan Baru religious affairs bureau).

Can he honestly say that all the money used by the government over the past 50 years is "halal" - in the building religious structures, Mara schools, paying Malay civil servants, scholarships, and all other Muslim-related activities, etc?

Hamid Araby and his Umno Malays should realise that sometimes it is better not to be a hero when the odds are against you.

Anonymous said...

Yen Yen is now promoting KTM.

Anonymous said...

NYY have been to a world wind tour of popular destinations, except Malaysia. And she is promoting the country in other people's country.
What is she promoting actually? The vast neglect and degrading tourism spots that are now becoming an eyesore through out Malaysia?
Promoting truly Asia in Malaysia by not promoting tourist points? Get what I mean? Let everything be status jungle-like beaches, uncharted-like water falls, scattered around kampungs and villages?

NYY should get off her chariot and visit the popular Msian spot as a tourist herself. Without the pomp-pomp and VIP treatment. Go to these places unannounced. And see if you qualify them as international tourist spots or not. Then only you fly overseas and promote Msia.

Or just check comments from Msians on the local tourist spots.. Like the many traffic lights of Melaka. Hm..maybe made the traffic lights as one of Melaka's tourist attractions?
Melaka besides the red buildings and some scattered handy craft and historical shophouses, there isn't anything more else to visit to worth the time to spend a day more there. Places are jammed with traffics, its hot and not idllic, and tourist area is not properly maintained. The river cruise is also a dreadful experience. The river is as black as black ink and smells of filth.
Jonkers' streets is brimming with traffic, which make sight seeing a near accident experience where tourist hop in and out of 5 foot ways to walk the street. And handicrafts, there's no authenticity of the the items being sold there..
Some of the trinkets looks like its being 'imported" from KL, or Perak.

NYY, take a tour of Malaysia without the pomp-pomp, and VIP treatment. You are being shielded of the actual situation at the ground.
Why you are doing your show overseas, we Msians are thinking that you are just there to enjoy yourself and it is all a charade for self interest only. Sorry, but we just don't see any improvement to our tourist spots yet.
Want to proof your point? Easy. Walk the talk. Go to the ground and whip your charm on middle to luxury tourist spots. Then, we will back you up.
till then, I don't think so..

CPL said...

Tourism ministry spent RM 150,000 to build 2 arches at Penang Botanical Gardens, then one of them started to tilted. Then spend RM 60,000 to knock them down. Now all forgotten.

Can the tourism minister start doing something more down to earth to welcome tourists ? Taxis continue to fleece passengers, airport toilets dirty, and many other basic stuff

Anonymous said...

Shut the farting BTN down. There is no doubt BTN is meant to inculcate racism and Malay supremacy. This time this fellow Hamim is caught red handed, that is all. By the way, he is paid by tax payers; what is he doing in an UMNO function talking racist stuff? Was it a private function when he was there during office hours paid for by the government?

ktteokt said...

Let them call the Chinese and Indians whatever names, the Chinese and Indians did not, do not and will not recognize them. But for this specific race claiming to be tuans, their ancestors have designated a wonderful name for them ME-LAYU which originates from the word "layu" meaning "wither"! Thus ME-LAYU being a derivative term from the root word would mean "to wither"!