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Monday, September 06, 2010

To swear or not to swear

No prize for guessing who is about to get fucked!

Here's something a little less stressful and blood pressure-raising. I was browsing through The Nutgraph and came across this comment to the article they wrote about me "Patrick Teoh: A still un-fulfilled Merdeka wish"...

But why I find Patrick disturbing is his profound penchant for vulgarities and profanities. Go to his blog. This we must condemn or at least distance ourselves from. You may want to argue it’s his right of freedom to speak as such but even in the west profanities are frown upon as a public value. We should not condone such value and behaviour.

You can read HERE what precipitated this comment.



Anonymous said...

I wonder what the 'A' in Ellese A. stands for - Ellese of APCO? Ha-Ha!

"In 1990 more than 40% earned less than RM1000, now bottom 40% earned less than RM2500". Yes, now earning only RM500 also fits in the less than RM2500 category, Ha-Ha! In 1990, RM1=USD2.50, now, RM1=USD3.20, eventhough the USD has actually gone down! So, the wealth of the average M'sian has 'increased'? Ha-Ha! What brain power! Great statistical analysis!

Have to say though, those APCO pple are earning their keep. Ha-Ha!

C++ said...

Bhai Patrick...

Niamah back to whoever wrote that note about you.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Couldn't resist but to respond to that fler la. I shall remain anonymous this time Patrick! May the force be with you. :D

cram said...

whoever wrote the above should go to heaven...see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, right ?


Anonymous said...

Profanities? Hell, yeah I use them when NUMBNUTS don't listen to simplistic english! What better way to grab YOUR attention, don't you think! People with their noses up in the air so high almost never look down on those they trample with the exception only to blow out their mucus! Don't tell me that you never used them a least once even in the privacy of your home. Being called a 'Pendatang' NOW that's is vulgar and crude! NUMBNUTS!

Anonymous said...

agreed with c++ 101%,the writer is not only pea brain but statistically no brain at all.

Jacque The Idiot said...

C´mon Pat I´ll delete your blog from my favourite list if there is no more vulgarities! We want more!

pinsysu said...

ppl who profess to be saint usually have a disturbed childhood ... hypocrites!

Terence said...

er... anonymous @ 10:43 pm,
should be 'in 1990, USD1=RM2.50, now, USD1=RM3.20'... so RM gone down right. aiyah, i not economist lah.
but all i know is... patrick you continue your 'niamah'-ing, ok?

Wage Earner said...

That Ellese A got no brain one!He(or she)the brain grows at the backside(shifatt).Now the bottom 40% earns less than RM2,500.What kind of statistical analysis is this!Less than 2,500 can mean anything from 0 to 2,499.Also did Ellese take into consideration the inflation factor? The question of how much one can save from their earnings,whether in 1990 or 2010,is a true measure of how the economy of the household is performing.

Anonymous said...

Jibby's “Zero Tolerance to Racism” declaration lack credibility and legitimacy as it was preceded by his two-week silence on the racism and seditious outbursts of the two school principals in Johore and Kedah and followed by another two weeks of further inaction against the two errant school principals.

Wacha! said...

Ellese A's point was that the recent appreciation of Ringgit vs USD has made Malaysians richer.

Maybe she goes to USA often or buy US goods. However, I don not see any increase in my purchasing power when I shop at Giant supermarket.

Anyway, she should stick to Awang Selamat or Ridhuan Tee's blog.

Anonymous said...

Quote "ensuring Bumiputera equity does not fall into the hands of others."

Help me understand what 1Malaysia means?

Yo. said...

fuck that shit

Anonymous said...

I found it weird...Patrick target audiences of his blog is adult....not children trying to get update on Elmo/ Teletubbies or the Wiggles.

This is just another PHD holder who talk non sense (Permanent Head Damage)...i found it no point to comment her comment.

its same like the comment found on the star about Stallone the Expendable being to vulgar with all the F word even for a 18SG movie...then? are we only allow to use Vulgar words when we reach 60s?

niakong said...

Under normal circumstances, laughter is the best medicine. But in extreme cases, swearing seems to work better ...

Btw Patrick, in Singtel's latest tvc, that fellow looked like you, sounded like you! So, was it really you???

Anonymous said...

The whole world knows Malaysia is not a rich country.
The whole world knows Malaysia should be a rich country.
No Hope
NO Future
No Changes
Stuck in the mud and those mud don't stick.
In other words , there will be no changes forever and ever.

Anonymous said...

That guy who shouted `nah nah' here & `nah nah' there already invited for Kopi-O. Who knows what they may do for a `Niamah' `NIAMAH' GUY :p

Ivan said...

Aiyo, no niamah and ff where got shock to read? Must have more ok? Kam sai ah.

Ellese A said...

As usual there's not even an iota of intelligent argument. I suggest you don't be lazy and just search wikipedia if you don't want to trust my source. You see the exchange rate is immaterial. In 70s our GDP per capita is around 3000usd. But now 14000 usd. So whatever exchange rate is immaterial. See also the corresponding increase in our power purchase parity figure based on usd. Under bn there was a marked increase in overall wealth of the nation and population. Thus the increase in household incomes are true and reflects this increase.

Now if you disagree give me contrary facts and figures. Otherwise it stays correct. It's already a fact.

Anonymous said...

You don’t need negative economic growth to feel like a recession when growth is well below trend growth,” Nouriel Roubini said in a recent Financial Times interview.

Same same and we do not have to know about facts made by BN , we feel poor and we feel that the country is being mismanaged.
We are as said BELOW TREND

Masa said...

Dear Ellese Abdulah

Malaysians have watched other fast-paced Asian rivals zip by. In 1970, the gross national income per capita of South Korea, at $260, was below Malaysia's $380, but by 2009, South Korea's was almost three times larger, at $19,830 vs. $7,230, according to the World Bank.

Malaysia's New Journey
By Michael Schuman/TIME magazine (6 Sept 2010),

Anonymous said...

Ellese (Perancis celup?)


In 2004, there were 4,594 unemployed graduates of whom 163 were Chinese, 207 were Indians and 4,060 were Malays;

In 2005, there were 2,413 unemployed graduates of whom 31 were Chinese, 70 were Indians and 2,186 were Malays;

In 2006, there were 56,750 unemployed graduates of whom 1,110 were Chinese, 1,346 were Indians and 50,594 were Malays.

In 2007, there were 56,322 unemployed graduates of whom 1,348 were Chinese, 1,401 were Indians and 49,075 were Malays.

In 2008 (as of June) there were 47,910 unemployed graduates of whom 1,403 Chinese, 1,569 Indians and 49,075 were Malays.

Can the unemployed graduates make money to enjoy a good living? Don't advise them to live on credit, please.

Anonymous said...

Ellese should read this and dispute the fact if necessary for the benefit of us all:


The government likes to boast that Malaysia has almost erased poverty. It is the one unchallenged success that is shouted out again and again to show how far we have come since Merdeka.

The line is familiar: “In 1970, 49.7 per cent of households were living in poverty. Now it is only 3.8 per cent.” Or out of 6.2 million households, only 228,400 can be classified as poor.

These 228,400 are households that earn an average of RM800 a month and below.

Is RM800 a fair cut-off point? Because it effectively means that if a household of four earns RM900, RM1,000, or even RM1,500 a month, they cannot be considered poor.

If that is the case, then why are there more and more media reports of families complaining that they cannot make ends meet even when they earn RM2,000?

How did the government calculate and decide that RM800 is the poverty line?

Pat said...

I'm saying 'hi' to register my support for you and this blog, and my approval of the much deserved profanity on the subjects you choose to feature.

Keep up the good work, Pat. It makes us stop and think.

Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

To Ellese @9.29pm,
where you get the GDP per capita of USD14,000 from? From the CPI website,an article written by Jayanath Appudurai on 27.1.2010 stated the GDP per capita in 2008 is USD7000.I guess your figure was for year 2009.So it means a 100% jump!can it be so? By the way,if the GDP increased but the people cant save much and the cost of living keep on increasing and salary increase cant catch up with the inflation,do you think people won't complain?

ktteokt said...

And I will swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, but for god's sake, I will tell only that much of the truth that will do me the most good!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro Pat

I find it disturbing you are being targeted by some umno undercover man masquerading as a woman trying to discredit you with his brand of umno statistics and smearing you as vulgar when you actually use the English language beautifully with the right expletives when necessary to get the message through. As I have written before in previous replies, a "fucking idiot" implies a lot more than a "bloody idiot".

This smart ass assumes everyone is a kampong idiot who will believe every figure he gives from whatever source, is indisputable. Statistics quoted by the Malaysian govt is more elastic than the rubber you get from the trees. One need not dig deep to find them. This smart ass should consult Dr Lim Teck Ghee for the correct figures. I am sure Dr Lim will straighten up this neophyte statistician. Someone said there are three kinds of lies ,- "lies, damned lies and statistics" I am sure this neophyte knows this and is trying to use this to his advantage. Could this neophyte and transgender tell us how long a man on average income will have to work to buy a house today and a similar one back in the '70s. Mark increase in overall wealth of nation ? My blardy foot, maybe mark increase for a very small minority of umno population would be more correct. Nations have to improve, but has Malaysia done as well as it should ?

As for Bro Pat's supposed profanity I can do no more than say as I have said before, - Go, fuck it and don't come back. My Eng Choon Bro Pat is, I presume no angel, neither am I and neither are you too, mr transgender. You have no tonsure on your head, much less a halo.


Ellese A said...

A bit of intelligence this time.

On those who question on our unemployment rate, in 2008 it peak at 3.6%, in 09 4% and in 2010 1stQ it's at 3.6%. in other words in economic sense it's FULL employment.

On poverty line of rm800, please note international poverty line is at 30usd. World bank at 1.25 USD per day. So ours still very reasonable. there are Many writings on this. You read yourself rather than doubting people.

On GDP per capita of 14k, there are many sources already. I already refer you to wikipedia. Check it yourself . If not check elsewhere. Do simple google search and you get the answer.

On comparison with Korea, why not compare with all the world lah. It's not extremely brilliant but still very respectable. Our competitiveness is top 10 in the world.

The truth is bn brought marked improvement in our standard and quality of living by any international standards. See yourself on personal level. Last time few household own more than one or two cars but now many. that's why now more than 20% household incomes are above 5k. In 1990 only 1.7% holds more than 5k.

I admit our country is not perfect and definitely can go further but you cant deny for past 50 years bn generated undisputed marked continuos wealth to the nation. It's already a fact. If you want to dispute it show your contrary facts and figures and not perceptions which is subjective and 'main rasa-rasa aje".

Anonymous said...

BN can employ Ellese to spin a story.

Save the money on APCO.

That's assuming that Ellese itself (sorry I do not know its gender) is not already a product of APCO.

In the meantime, it can syiok sendiri with 1.25 USD a day.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether we have freedom of speech or freedom after speech ?

1Malaysia = Just another slogan !!!

Sigh !!!

niakong said...

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Ellese A seems to love to be obsessed with figures. He can be so easily satisfied once a pleasing set of figures is presented to him.

Whilst not denying the fact that statistical data are very important in substantiating one's facts, one must also not forget that figures can be easily manipulated (be it deliberate omission, adjustment, reclassification, window-dressing) to arrive at some pleasing end results to suit one's needs.

Even with more and more stringent accounting standards coming into force, there is just no fool-proof way to stop creative accountants from doing magic! So, I wouldn't be so obsessed with figures like you do.

So it is advisable for Ellese A to move out of the box and see beyond just figures. This is what intelligence all about.

Just ask yourself if Malaysia has really been that good as claimed by you, why did our brightest brains came back a few years back upon heeding the govn's call BUT only to leave again before even the seats got warm.

Why do FDIs in the region rather choose our neighbours than us if we're that good?

And if we're so well-off and the wealth is so fairly distributed, why do you think Mat Rempits like to rob and kill? I don't think that's their hobby but rather doing it out of desperation.

Oh yeah, please also don't forget that one of our ministers has pointed out that bankruptcy is within our reach!!!

The list goes on and on.

I know what's on your mind now. Those fellows aren't as smart as you in knowing what's best for them, right? Sigh! You're just another case of those in the state-of-denial syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Ellese A,

Do you for once consider that if the country without BN rules may have grown leaps and bounds from where we are now ?!

And please refrain from using the word "intelligent" when all I read from you are propagandish statistics from the government.

For a country like Malaysia, with its abundant natural resources, one does not need an intelligent government to grow much better .....All it need to do is be CORRUPTION free and abides by the rules of law and Constitution laid down.

Anonymous said...

The presence of Ellesse is a warning that cybertrooper is scouring hard on Niamah!

Anonymous said...

Ellese please take note:

2010-2011 Global Competitiveness Report:

Malaysia's position has been on a declining trend in the past three years since its 21st position in 2008-2009.

The areas affecting Malaysia's performance are in the four main pillars of higher education and training, institutions, technological readiness and labour market efficiency.

Anonymous said...

Help us,we can now barely afford our daily bread and butter......

Hey,why don't you guys eat cakes instead.....can't you see that our economy is doing so well that Secret Recipe's franchise is mushrooming all over m'sia :)

Anonymous said...

Not NST yesterday:

Gen Y (those born after 1980) cannot afford to buy houses that are now RM200K-300K each.

Ellese A may get the 5% discount?

Anonymous said...

Hey,why don't you guys eat cakes instead.....can't you see that our economy is doing so well that Secret Recipe's franchise is mushrooming all over m'sia :)

Do I get 5% discount for Scecret Recipe Cheese Cake?

Anonymous said...

Hey,why don't you guys eat cakes instead.....can't you see that our economy is doing so well that Secret Recipe's franchise is mushrooming all over m'sia :)

Do I get 5% discount for Scecret Recipe Cheese Cake?

Anonymous said...

Apart from a lack of economic success story, local and foreign investors are spooked by the high profile failures of public projects such as the PKFZ, Bakun Dam, Cyberjaya and a host of other projects. The government must not take these failures lightly. Najib administration must address these problems and introduce a comprehensive structure to ensure that public funds are not wasted on useless and wasteful projects. Limited resources should be used to bring vibrancy back to the Malaysian economy

Anonymous said...


Last nite I watched the Astro AEC panel discussion show (11pm, Sat) and I learnt the following statistics:

Malaysia has been losing out FDI compared to its ASEAN neighbors in the year mentioned below:

1998 - lower than Thailand's FDI
2005 - lower than Indonesia's FDI
2008 - lower than Vietnam's FDI
2009 - lower than Philipines's FDI

Going by the trend, we will lose out to Cambodia in 2010

Najib better be serious about his NEM, NKRA, KPI...

Anonymous said...

Lies, damned lies and statistics...

I used to be an investment analyst and I can argue in the positive or negative with the same set of stats.

Rizuan said...

The force that would make Malays strong is not unity rather competitiveness. If we are competitive, then our place in Tanah Melayu (Malay Land) or even Dunia Allah (God’s World) would be assured. If we are not, then we would forever have to be indulged with such silly fantasies as Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Hegemony). We would perpetually have to pin our hopes on such political amulets as Article 153 of our constitution (guaranteeing our special status).

Anonymous said...

Ellese, those who commented on the stats & figures did quoted their sources. Y dun u share with your where did u get your stats & figures from.

KL Shore said...

This article should be able to 'reflash' the mind of Ellese A.

Anonymous said...

UMNO's submission to Perkasa and Utusan Malaysia open support shows the Perkasa mentality within BN and that 1Malaysia is an empty slogan to win votes

Anonymous said...

To Ellese A,
the latest figure from the govt(please refer to the ETP report released on 21.9.2010)stated that our country per capita income in 2009 is USD6,700 and aimed to reach the figure of USD15,000 by 2010.
And you quoted that our per capita income was already USD14,000 in 2009 in previous post.So who is telling lies? Please don't try to spin figures,OK?

Message for Ellese said...

The World Bank noted that Malaysia, like its fellow middle-income neighbours Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, is trying to move out of the middle-income trap but said it requires investment in infrastructure, equipment, education and skills in levels far exceeding what they are currently experiencing, which is well short of the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Singapore when they were at similar per capita income levels, when they were at the same development stage.