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Friday, October 01, 2010


It's Friday. And I have found good reasons to celebrate the weekend and celebrate our wonderful country and its amazing children. Watch, listen and see how 1Malaysia is alive and well. No thanks to the Y.B.'s

Thank you, Khairuddin and the Lowe's team for sharing.


Malaysia Dog Rescue & Adoption Blog said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patrick for sharing this with us. I watch with tears in my eyes. They are turly amzing children. You can feel their talent, their genuinity and their passion. They are so innocent and so true to each other. It is such a pity that children can achieve what most of the so call educated adults cannot achieve...I am sure all of us knows who are the adults I meant.

Anonymous said...

live life cool...

I start losing faith in GOD too

Sex isn't everything but a great way to escape pressure of life.

thanks for sharing... I am depressed now

Jacque The Idiot said...

Simply beautiful!!Thansk for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Rosmah's First Lady Summit is a luxurious public relation gimmick serving no meaningful purpose but sheer wasting of public fund.

Pikir sendiri said...

Najib lost badly in 1999 because at that time he did not have much postal votes. In 2004 and 2008 (especially 2008), he was rescued by a mountain of postal votes from the army personnel who ikut perintah.

Najib was arrogant before Pekan in 1999. Ask the average person in Pekan. If not for his 241-vote win, he would still be the same. That minuscule win brought him down to earth. But if Najib thinks he will have it easy for the next general election, he is wrong.

The unsolved Altantuya's missing immigration records, her murder, and the death of Teoh Beng Hock, etc, will haunt him in the next election.

Little does Najib realise that he may be the cause of BN failing in the next general election because of the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy saga, and BN will then be the victim by collateral damage.

Anonymous said...!

Anonymous said...!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why everyone is pounding on the poor Khir Toyo here. The dentist actually worked hard to make his first RM 25 million to build his Bali-resort-type mansion. He had to cycle to work every day for the past 15 years to save the money and apart from being the Menteri Besar, he managed to pull 150 teeth a night by working overtime at his clinic.

Anonymous said...


Do you have the pictures of your exploits (or conquer) of the malaysia celebrity chicks?

Semangat said...

All civil servants should return at least 20% of their monthly salaries because it comes from non-halal activities such as Sports Toto, Magnum, DAMaCai, the Genting casino, the licences for dogs, the abattoirs, the stalls selling pork, the pubs, and the entertainment joints and restaurants selling alcoholic drinks.

Make it a law that all government agencies, banks and businesses are to maintain two separate sets of accounting books, one for halal sources and another for non-halal sources.

All businesses and government agencies must classify incomes in terms of halal or non-halal.
Only monies from halal sources can be used to pay halal operations or Muslim staff. If the business do not have enough halal monies, they can borrow from Islamic banks to pay but they can only pay back these loans using again, monies from halal income sources.

Cash from halal sources can be utilized for any types of development and purposes except for the following situations:

• Halal money cannot be invested by Muslims in non-halal businesses and operations. It is haram for Muslims to do so anyway.

• Halal money can be invested by non-Muslims in non-halal operations or businesses like buying liquor, gambling or investing in non-halal businesses like Genting or Penang Turf club but this would render the halal money non-halal.

• Non-halal monies can be used by non-Muslims as they see fit unless the businesses they wish to transact with demands halal money, then of which the non-Muslims need to provide proof of halalness for the money they wish to use. The businesses may choose not to serve them should they have doubts of the halal status.

• If in cases where the halal and non-halal money cannot be clearly demarcated, then the entire transaction or operation would have to marked as non-halal. Muslims interacting with these entities would have to be informed of this. For e.g., if halal and non-halal monies are used to buy raw material for a product, the entire product would have to be marked as non-halal because it would be difficult to identify which part of the product are built using non-halal money.

At the end of the day, it would be interesting to see how much halal money is left in circulation and perhaps this is also a good thing i.e. can promote more halal businesses.

char kway teow said...

The issue is of whether Muslim can receive such monies traceable to Penang Turf Club (haram activity) raises further question whether an Islamic administration can tax and collect in the first place profits from non halal if not downright haram economic activities of Sports Toto, Magnum, the Genting casino or even banks earning riba/interest or restaurants eateries serving pork, pubs serving alcohol!

Can Muslims who have shares or receive incomes directly or indirectly from non-halal businesses like Genting Casino, Turf Clubs, Sports Toto, Magnum, etc, etc please return all monies received so far unknowingly as non-halal?

And use these monies usefully to help build more education institutions, build more hostels for UTAR, Kampar, invest in more computers for all primary schools, etc, etc.

This will be a great honest gesture from our truly pious Muslims. May God bless you a hundred folds.

Shauki said...

Book banning is a sign that election is looming. The government is remaining tight-lipped over the sudden arrest of cartoonist Zunar and the banning of his cartoon book, only saying that the police ‘have always been fair'. Home Ministry's banning of Kim Quek’s The March to Putrajaya on grounds he's inciting hatred for the federal constitution.

Anonymous said...

Put a malay kid, a Chinese kid and an Indian kid together in one scene, with them waving Jalur Gemilang, and you get 1 malaysia.

So simple yet so shallow.

Anonymous said...

2 sets of accounts for halal and non-halal? We all know where this is going to go right? Let me make it simple for you. What is halal (this has got to be miniscule) you can take! What is not halal I make sure it goes into my pockets, ok with you?! Let me deal with the issue of heaven or hell but for now you want to suffer...that's your right while I get rich with all that money that you don't want to touch IF YOU WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN!. What is halal you's on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and Specials days. Go to any betting shops and count the numbers of 'Halal' punters playing the 'game'. Still wanna play the religious gambit before the 13GE?. NUMBNUTS!

new fart said...

Patrick...beautiful, aren't all these kids beautiful? And they are Malaysian children, Malay, Chinese, Indians, etc...beautiful!!! It makes my day!

Anonymous said...

how much NON-halal money sudah been used to build mosques !!!???

SetiaSelalu said...

Biro Tata Negara BTN courses is actually poisoning minds of the young and creating division and to a certain degree hatred towards minority races in Malaysia.
The Rakyat of Malaysia are sick to the teeth of racism in the Country and deserve better -the Children of all races are our future- to those spreading racism including Utusan & others STOP it for the sake of the Nation.Unity brings
progress and genuine harmony !There is bigger challenge and world out there for M'sia to compete !

Anonymous said...

Love & Peace!

MGR said...

DAP's Kula's 'bollywood drama' stunt is so typical of a person seeking attention.

He should just quit instead of taking one week holiday.

Or is he awaiting mic to offer him $$$ to jump ship?

Anonymous said...

just FYI : back from the church where
for the coffee break fellowship , >200 of us had 'nasi lemak' catered by a MALAY muslim couple in the church compound !! imagine IF we Christians sell halal food in
kawasan mosques ...SIGHS, !!

Anonymous said...

UMNO is the greatest hypocrites in planet earth. Who gave the gambling license to the Turf Club, Genting and all those numbers betting outlets? DAP? PAS? PKR?

UMNO never changed, it will continue lying to the public especially the Malays, but non Malays, you all have no reasons to believe UMNO/BN. Remember the recent judi bola sepak fiasco? If not for PAS, PKR, DAP today we will see our children betting on football. Remember, who is building the casino in Sabah? Pakatan Rakyat?

Niacucucicik said...

The BMF scandal, the Perwaja Steel scandal, the PKFZ scandal, the MAS scandal, the Felda scandal, the Fighter Jets scandal, the Submarine scandal. Was anyone charged and convicted?

Just like when Eric Chia (Perwaja Steel), I told my friends that they would jail Eric Chia’s corpse. Now PKFZ is Perwaja Steel Part 2. The case will drag on and on until Tun LLS dies and the close the file. Kow Tim Sai !!!

I have seen too many of UMNOB/BN sandiwara. All that they say are thrash. They must be kicked out. Period.

The RM500 million scorpene commission has Altantu’s blood on it. It has been circulating up and down the country since her murder in 2006.

All those self-proclaimed “god-fearing” bums please return that money which you have received in the form of salaries, bonuses ect or else you all won’t be accepted into heaven.

CPL said...

If only all the money lost to corrupt practices were to help all these special gifted children

Anonymous said...

Does Najib's plan to kickstart his Talent Corporation to prevent brain drain mean that you will take on RTM's assignment instead of MediaCorp's?

Piee said...

Not only the Federal government receive tax-money from gaming. They also receive some other "haram" money from alcohol and ciggarete taxes.

Even worst, those hypocrite thieving UMNO leaders stole money from the people and took "rasuah" as if it is their staple food. Ask any people in Johore, and they will tell you that the hypocrite DPee M made a lot of "haram" money through the sale of land in Johore.

Aren't those ill-gotten money haram too?

Pieeh said...

Not only the Federal government receive tax-money from gaming. They also receive some other "haram" money from alcohol and ciggarete taxes.

Even worst, those hypocrite thieving UMNO leaders stole money from the people and took "rasuah" as if it is their staple food. Ask any people in Johore, and they will tell you that the hypocrite DPee M made a lot of "haram" money through the sale of land in Johore.

Aren't those ill-gotten money haram too?

sanmankl said...

I'm really moved by these kids....

Anonymous said...

To all muslims PLEASE return ALL the $$$$$$$$$$$$ from forbidden sources , ok ?????

Anonymous said...

Muhyiddin and the Umno guys in Penang have created this ridiculous issue of 'haram' money so as to turn the Malays against the opposition. The people who participated in the act of returning the money most probably knew they were participating in a 'wayang kulit' show and were probably well rewarded for their acting.

The Umno leadership must think that the Malays are really stupid who can be made to forget about the billions stolen by the Umnoputras and be made to hate the opposition by putting up such shows.

Umno still has not learnt that Dr Mahathir Mohamad put up a much more spectacular and grand show called 'Sodomy I' and the Malays were not fooled and this proves that they are not that gullible and stupid or can be easily taken for a ride.

The fact that Umno seems to be sponsoring so many shows, like the 'cow head show' and the 'Perkasa show' against Namewee indicates that it is worried that the Malays have wisened up to the plunder by BN and hence may vote for the opposition at the next general elections.

Quickie Joe said...

A brief recent history of Education in Bolehland...

In 1980, TDM promoted the education quota as part of the NEP. The Quota marginalised non malays. Towards his later years, TDM ameliorated the effects of the Quota by amending the Education Act to promote the liberalization of university start-ups, leading to branch campuses being built or the formation of permanent tie-ups (twinning programmes) with some of the reputable universities in the world. Whether or not the motive is fairness or save foreign exchange or help cronies having a stake in these tie-ups or to ensure our local public universities are reserved only for Bumis, the fact is the move has since enabled at least Middle Class non malays to provide their children a decent tertiary education at lesser cost, and today even students from neighbouring or foreign countries come here to take the twinning programmes as a way of getting at cheaper cost the Western accredited qualifications.
He knew that the prop of NEP was not helping Malays in terms of competitiveness, so in 2003, after all the damage done, he actually took tentative steps to reverse the crutch by introducing some form of meritocracy in the form of gradually lowering down the quota percentage reserved each year for the intake of bumiputra applicants in higher institutions to encourage fair competitions. In the year just before his retirement, he attempted to remedy this problem by announcing that Mathematics and Science subjects must be taught in English in all primary and secondary schools, which he still defends until today.

Just like his 22 years of aggressive Islamisation to compete with PAS by which process many went to Middle East madrasahs and came back with fundamentalist thinking. Whilst it is moot whether he could, had he been still in power, reverse the spawning of fundamentalists in all sectors (as 5th Column), at least he dared, more than others, to tell them off. One of these, an intern in a hospital, refused to touch a patient on religious ground and used a pencil to poke instead. TDM told him to forget about being a doctor. Don’t forget it was under TDM’s deputy (Anwar)’s watch (as acting prime minister in TDM’s absence) that three Muslim women taking part in a beauty contest were arrested by officials from Selangor state’s Islamic Affairs Department. The women, all Malay, made history by becoming the first Malaysians to be charged and fined for indecent exposure in a beauty contest. Upon his return, TDM publicly lambasted Islamic officials for abusing “the little powers” that they had.

Anonymous said...

Below is an article on The Star Online.

Maybe they could do a study on the hormone in that Perkasa Katak that makes him easily provoked to talk shit and nonsense.

Wednesday October 6, 2010
Mat Rempits hormone-driven

Certain Mat Rempit-related behaviour is due to biological factors.

An intervention programme to tackle illegal street racing found out that Mat Rempits had a higher level of hormones that led to aggressive behaviour, said Assoc Prof Dr Rozmi Ismail, who heads the Perkasa Camp Centre for Youth Empowerment.

"The hormones – basal cortisol, testosterone, serotonin and catecholamines – are indicators of aggression, competitiveness, risk-taking and anti-social behaviour.

Anonymous said...

me think they return the unclean 100
ringgit BUT compensated with more $$$
by know lah !!

Anonymous said...

beef contains high level of xxx hormones !

Anonymous said...

Ustaz Wan Seng is a threat to national harmony.