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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am Malaysian

I am Malaysian and proud of it!

Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, at the Umno general assembly, proudly announced......

"My late father was Bugis.My late mother was a Javanese. I am Malay."

After reading that I thought I would join in the light-hearted exchange by declaring......

"My late father was born in Malaya. My late mother was from China. I am Malaysian!"

Come on, join the fun. Shout it out! Be proud. And be part of the Malaysian root.



Anonymous said...

Both my parents were born in Malaysia. I am a proud Malaysian.

Tim Tee

Anonymous said...

how can these pendatangs be called Malays? And how can they label other people as pendatangs?


And why the special privileges?

True Fiction said...

my paternal grandparents and maternal grandfather were born in china. my maternal grandmother was born in singapore. my parents were born and raised in malaya. my sister and i were born and raised in malaysia. does my chinese ancestry make me less a malaysian than the next person? only half wits would like to think so.

Teluk Intan Chinese said...

I am a chinese, my great great grand father came here in 1800, my grand father served the British in protecting Malaya from the communist.

My grand father said never trust MCA & BN, my father & myself have never vote them. My grand father passed away 3 years agao at age 96.

We would prefer to give our vote to PAS than MCA. That does not make me less Malaysian.

Don't ever call us pendatang. We paid taxes and contributed to EPF.

MCA & BN, go fly kite. Pakatan (Alliances) are going to take over Putrajaya.

Ayam said...

My Paternal Grandfather is Malay. My Paternal Grandmother is Chinese.

My Maternal Grandfather is Indian. My Maternal Grandmother is Bugis.

Malaysians always get confused when they chat me up, whether to ask for directions, to make my acquaintance etc.

I have some people coming up to me, speaking in Mandarin or Cantonese.

I get stares from some people when I speak in Bahasa Malaysia.

I am even asked how come, I speak English the way I do?

There's a sizeable number of mixed marriages in my family.

An example:

My Uncle is Muslim but his wife is Roman Catholic. Their 2 children, do not profess any religion. They do not stay in Malaysia.

I wasn't born in Malaysia. For people who love to put labels on others, I'm a PADI(Pendatang Asing Dengan Izin.

I obtained my Malaysian citizenship many moons ago, when I was 15.

It was made clear to me by public servants years ago, that I am a Non Bumi. No problem.

I love our country.

If we have to categorise, I am Malaysian.

Really, we're all humans.

I would like to share the following:

Here’s from the Noble Al Quran:

Sura Al Hujurat Chapter 49: Verse 13

“O people, we created you from the same male and female, and rendered you distinct peoples and tribes, that you may recognize one another. The best among you in the sight of GOD is the most righteous. GOD is Omniscient, Cognizant.”

Here's from the Holy Bible:

Matthew Chapter 22 Verses 36-40

36 - "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?"

37 - Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'[a]

38 - This is the first and greatest commandment.

39 - And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

40 - All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

Peace be upon everyone.

With Best Regards

Ayam Human

Ahmad Syafiq said...

My father is Chinese. My mother is Malay. I AM A CHINLAY!!! XD

Lynn said...

Right on Patrick! Both my maternal grandmother and grandfather are born in the Straits Settlement of Penang. Both my parents are born in Penang, Malaysia. I AM Malaysian!

Tan said...

My late grandfather (father side) was born in Malaysia while my other late grandfather (mother side) was born in China.

My grandmother's (both) were born in Malaysia.

My father and mother were born in Malaysia.

I was born in Malaysia.

I AM Malaysian!!!


Anonymous said...

WTF! Wouldn't THAT make him a bloody bugis by race. Where in the name of arseholes did the Malay come from!?!?!?!? A Malaysian by birth for sure but a MALAY???? If you abide the laws of the land you follow you father's race by birth and this joker and the likes of him can stand on the podium for the whole world to see and hear that he calls himself a MALAY but
denounces his birth race origin. Tell me I am crazy please someone, anyone??!?!? If being born in MALAYasia make you a MALAY then hell, I am a bloody freaking MALAY too!!!!!!!!!!!but of course my late father was Chinese/Batak and my Mum is Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Batak and Indian mix. NUMBNUTS governing the country and the rakyat wonders ??!?!?!?! Mr.Najib, BRING ON THE 13th GE earlier, please so we can vote your bloody arses out of Putrajaya!. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, Mr. Teoh, this is my first post here although I've been following your blog for a while (since few months ago) and I am most compelled to say that you've been doing a great job voicing our hearts' little whispers, especially on the stupidity of our government.

OT: "My grandparents were born in Malaya. My parents were born in Malaya. I am Malaysian."

(I'm probably more Malaysian than our DPM then... Lol. And I'm Chinese.)

bean laden said...

Should call himself......BUGIMA..!!

Anonymous said...

My late father was a third generation Sarawakian. My late mother was a 2nd generation Sarawakian. I am a pendatang.


Anonymous said...

I got this for Wikipedia on the definition of being a Malay and I find this so funny. It goes like this..
The article defines a Malay as a Malaysian citizen born to a Malaysian citizen who professes to be a Muslim, habitually speaks the Malay language, adheres to Malay customs, and is domiciled in Malaysia or Singapore. As a result, Malay citizens who convert out of Islam are no longer considered Malay under the law. Hence, the Bumiputra privileges afforded to Malays under Article 153 of the Constitution, the New Economic Policy (NEP), etc. are forfeit for such converts.

Likewise, a non-Malay Malaysian who converts to Islam can lay claim to Bumiputra privileges, provided he meets the other conditions.

To the layman it means, so long as you are a Malaysian citizen (of any race and colour) and PROFESSES to being a Muslim and bla, bla then by golly, you ARE a MALAY! Ironically, if you stop professing the Muslim faith and convert to another religion (let's not get into this)then YOU ARE NO LONGER A MALAY! So, my question is, what in the NUMBNUTS are you then?!?!. So when the call to balik or get out of the country resonates in the air, where the FUCK do YOU go?!?!?!
The last paragraph, I won't even want to touch on the matter as we all know what's going on in Bolehland, right. Strange but true!
Oh well...NUMBNUTS!

Jason said...

I am Malaysian. Full Stop

Anonymous said...

dear patrick,

thanks for putting this up, but i just cannot 'tahan; anymore of this 'shit''s getting too much and it is blowing off my brain if I don't say it out here....loud and clear to our present gomen people.

my parents are born in malayan then now malaysian-lah after the merdeka, and they are in their mid-80's, still 'kicking' (sentuh kayu-ah) and what am I? of course
I am Malaysian-lah, so now Najib better put his foot into his mouth and say 'sorry' or he will retire very soon and migrate to inner mongolia.

I am a Malaysian, bego!

Anonymous said...

Both my parent are born in Malaysia in the early 1900. I am a pure Malaysian. We are all Malaysian not 1 Malaysians or 2 Malaysians. Forget about all the slogans. We are all Malaysian. Let's live together in peace and harmony as one. Most of these problems are caused by politicians.

Anonymous said...

Another PEEMM clown in the making ?

God Bless Bolih Land...
So sad , so sad sometimes I feel so sad . It's just another day.

Dont pay taxes ,eletric bills and dont pay rent , what is article 153or 351 I dont care. . Ho He Ho , I want to be a jungle man.

Por Makani.

SetiaSelalu said...

The British call the Indonesians who did not want to work in the tin mines or plantations 'MALAISE ' which in the English dictionary means Lazy.
Thats how malay got its origin name....hopefully one day we will all be equal "

Anonymous said...

My late father was born in China. My mother was born in Sabah of Chinese descent. I am definitely not Malay or Malaysian. Sabahan perhaps, but not Malaysian in the context of the nation goverened by the tyrants and their mobs in the last 50 years.

longkin said...

My father was born in Malaysia and my late mother was also born in Malaysia. I am born, bred and grown up here in Malaysia and I am very proud to be called a Malaysian. BUT some people in Malaysia call me "PENDATANG"!!!! How about that???

Anonymous said...

My name is Toyol. I came to Malaysia through the back door without passport. I'm now a multi-millionaire all through commissions and land grab. Malaysians are stupid people. They even paid millions for my overseas trips for my family and my maid. I love being a Malaysian. But I love Disneyland more.

Anonymous said...

My parents are Iban. I am a Sarawakian living in Malaysia.

Kiru said...

My paternal, Grandparents came from India. My maternal, Grandparents were born in Malaya. My parents were born in Malaysia. I'm a red blooded Malaysian.


charleskiwi said...

All those who claim to be Malays are made by the half breeds Umno ! They are really not Malays and that was the reason why they passed laws how to become Malays.
Therefore they are not Allah made but made by Umno, which one is more important.

Anonymous said...

New theory in medical journal.
Bugis + Javanese = Malay.

Anonymous said...

My father came from Karela, my mother is white elephant, and I AM a towering MALAY.

Anonymous said...

DPM was telling us people from Java and Bugis are more malaysians that chinese and Indians born in Malaysia after 1963.

That's Umno. so what the #@$% should I embrace 1 Malaysia?

MCA and MIC are irrelevant and useless in this context!

Anonymous said...

My late father was born in Changkat Jering, Perak.
My mother was born in Batu Gajah, Perak.

thank you Patrick

me with a 'generic' name

Anonymous said...

what else can we say more .. if any of us marry a malay or convert to islam, our child or next generation will automatically becomes malay. isnt that right anyone? there's no wonder there're becoming lots of malays especially the kampung folks who have up to a dozen children then asking for sympathy in TV cos they're unable to get a good life. this always happen during raya season ... watch out for it next year.

Anonymous said...

Najib’s opening speech at the UMNO Assembly has shocked bloggers, internet surfers and the public.

The main media has censored Najib’s opening speech before the UMNO Assembly, filled with threats of crashed bodies, lost lives and ethnic cleansing to avoid causing panic and loss of support among the people and investors.

The Altantuya murder and the trumped up sodomy charge against Anwar and now a speech laced with threats of ethnic cleansing reveal the dark side of Najib.

How do you reconcile this with the sweet talk of 1 Malaysia and Malaysia is for all races?

Now it is obvious that we are dealing with s aplit personality prime minister, who is flip flopping most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Najib’s opening speech at the UMNO Assembly has shocked bloggers, internet surfers and the public.

The main media has censored Najib’s opening speech before the UMNO Assembly, filled with threats of crashed bodies, lost lives and ethnic cleansing to avoid causing panic and loss of support among the people and investors.

The Altantuya murder and the trumped up sodomy charge against Anwar and now a speech laced with threats of ethnic cleansing reveal the dark side of Najib.

How do you reconcile this with the sweet talk of 1 Malaysia and Malaysia is for all races?

Now it is obvious that we are dealing with s aplit personality prime minister, who is flip flopping most of the time.

Anonymous said...

We were called pendatang, si mata sepek, si kaki botol, si this n that......

After all these name calling, just set a Talent whatever company to lure us back.

Who & what the hell do they make us out to be?
All said & "done"...

Why does these people keep on going against the 1Malaysia motto knowing very well that election is coming & by saying & doing & hurting the rakyat will make them loose votes?


Anonymous said...

my father was born in Malaya. My mother was born in Malaya. Malaya was changed to Malaysia in 1963. I was born in Malaysia. Wow...I am more Malaysian than the DPM!!!

dukuhead said...

who cares anyway? If you're a numbskull, you're a numbskull, doesn't matter what your origins may be.

Jason said...

Both of my parents are born in Malaya and I'm born in Malaysia. So what if I'm called a pendatang. Like I even give a damn.

KY said...

both my parents were born in Malaysia, I am Malaysian

Anonymous said...

Very funny right hor Uncle Patz, that article about them declaring their origins. The Malay race in them just appear out of no where.

They too are immigrants, period! No logic at all as to how they are sons of the soil. >.<

Both my parents and their parents are Penangnites (2 generation Malaysians) Hence I too am a Malaysian!


Anonymous said...

Im proud but im called pedatang because my ancestors are not from indon.

monsterball said...

She is simply too pretty and too young to be VP.
Seriously...I do not think she want the post..unless no choice.

Anonymous said...

Parents born in Johor, Malaysia. I was also born in Johor, Malaysia. I am a 2nd generation full blooded Malaysian. Some bigots call my parents and I 'pendatangs' or 'si mata sepet'.

Even the DPM cannot match my Malaysian pedigree.

Anonymous said...

You are called Malaysians when they want you to pay tax. Otherwise if you do not have any trace of pakistani blood or bugis blood or javanese blood you will always be deemed pendatang.

Ini bukan tanah tumpah darah anda, cuma tnah bayar cukai anda!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah I am proud that I am the by product of Bugis Van. I don't mind being label as a Boogey man but definately not a pendatang.

Anonymous said...

UMNO = United Mongrel National Organisation


Darah Suci said...

Perhaps the issue of what bloodline cosntitutes Malaysian or Malay will be discussed in the new Sejarah syllabus for SPM?

Prof KKK can redeem himself to straigten up the distorted facts that he has been preaching all this while?

McKadi said...

Russell Brans and Katy perry should have married in Johor, instead of India.

Read the report belwo:

Anonymous said...

bugis + javanese = malay =
NOT malaysian !!??

Kevin Wong said...

The British were about to lose the war with the communist until they sent Mr Templer to Malaya. Mr Templer made many initiatives to his war plans and one of which was to grant citizenship to Chinese/Indians to encourage them to join forces to fight the communist.

The communist was defeated. From that moment, We are all Malaysian XYZ and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

"My late father was Bugis.My late mother was a Javanese. I am Malay."

So, what is a Malay?

Najib, in his winding-up speech, declared that the man of Turkish descent and the guy with “unknown status” are also Malays.

So, Malays are Pendatangs?

Anonymous said...

both of my parents were born in Malaysia...that's make me more Malaysian than the DPM who is at most an Indonesian!!! so...where are the Malays??

Anonymous said...

According to UMNO, you are a nobody unless you are an UMNO Malay (no need to be pure Malay since majority of UMNO members are rojak Malays). So all you non Malays can scream and shout at the top of your voices that you are 3rd, 4th or 5th generation Malaysian born, you are still a nobody. Get it? So go suck on it or leave this Bolehland if you are not happy!!!

Anonymous said...

guys guys ... that means from now onwards MALAYS should be define as "CAP CENG" ...
aka 10 races or so ... hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

My parents r outwardly Malays, so am I. However when at home we don't actually care much about Islamic "traditions" which we feel are sometimes pretty silly and backward. Outside Malaysia my parents have a really good time, so do I.

So, what am I ?

What is Niamah ?

Anonymous said...

SO our DPM is not a true malay who enjoy bumi status. he is lieing to the "Agong". He is a "penderhaka" to the country.

please someone make a police report against him,...he is lieing to the King, he is no pure malay.

and umno people say " kalau di masa dulu, sudah potong kepala "...hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Bugis + Javanese = Bugimalay = Malaya
Turkish descent = Turkilay = Malay
Bajau descent = Bajaulay = Malay
Bengali Malay = Bengalilay = Malay
Mamak Malay = Mamaklay = Malay
Malay-Pakistan-Dusun = Pakisunlay = Malay
Arabs = Arabilay = Malay
Unknown status = Chap-Cheng-Lay = Malay
and Malay = "Bumiputra"???
and non-Malays = Pendatangs???

son of the soil said...

Where my parents or grandparents or ancestors were born is IMMATERIAL! I was born in Perlis, a state in Malaysia, after its formation!IT SAYS SO ON MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE!
Hence I am Malaysian! I also have a Malaysian passport and a Malaysian Identity Card to prove it, although really, those should be optional supporting documents!

What an absolute load of CRAP!!

Thanks! You NIAMAH politicians!

Anonymous said...

Umno flers talk without using their brain and resulting in more contradtictory statement.

Inject a drop of Bugis blood and a nother drop of Javanese blood and you can qualify to be a malay. This is the secret finally revealed.

najib manaukau said...

So more Umno made so called Malays are admitting that they are either half breeds or Indonesians. What will happen to all the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters ? They got robbed of their land by the pirates from Indonesia and what a bloody shambles it is. By a bunch of pirates that called themselves Malay and what a crying shames to be called Malays ! Especially the DPM to be known as Malay first and Malaysian second. Do we need him to be a Malaysian leader ? Make sure you vote that Indonesian and all the Umno made Malays out of their offices in the coming GE !

in said...

My maternal and paternal grandparents were born in Malaya between 1906-1912. I am 100% Malaysian. My ancestors-in-law were born in Malaya in the 1870s. My future kids will be 100% Malaysian too.

Anonymous said...

Mr DPM , Really, we are not overly concern where your folks come from and what race you claim to be.

It'd been good if you can tell us what kind of a persona you are. Are you honest and sincere, kind and compassionate ?

Since you have chosen politics as your vocation - are you reliable in your words and deeds. Will you hold tightly to the principle of fair play.

Will Malaysians believe you and respect you when you stand up there
and give us all those speeches.


CPL said...

My father is a hokien chinese born in Malaya,my mother is also a hokien chinese born in Malaya. I was born a year before merdeka. I have the blue IC since I was 12 years old. I was a victim of NEP when most job advertisements would say "Bumiputra preferred" or "Bumiputras only". I accepted as fate. I am a Malaysian but please stop screwing up our country further down the drain

Anonymous said...

MARA office in Sabah does not categorise Bugis and Javanese as Bumiputera for their scholarships and loans. They are considered Indonesians/foreigners.

Anonymous said...

MARA office in Sabah does not recognise Bugis and Javanese as Bumiputera for their scholarships and study loans. They are considered Indoensians or foreigners. Hmmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Luckily He did not create man first.

Whether we are Malaysians of Chinese, Malay, Indian or other decent, one fine day we all will have to return to the earth. It's such a multi-coloured earth.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Irrespective of my mixed and messed up parentage (same as a plate of rojak), lineage and from a multi religion family..I am a Malaysian.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:28....I am one of those who precisely didn't like what was fucking going on in your bolehland and left happily to settle in a beautiful country! And that was almost 30 years ago when that mamak started his stranglehold on your so-called bolehland. Thank you!!! Niamah!

Anonymous said...

My parents came from pakistan. I was born in malaysia. I am Malaysian NOT MALAY!!!! No way am i a Malay and never have claimed to be a malay . it would be an insult to my ancestors and their far more superior culture! so don't think all malaysians of pakistani ancestry are dying to be called malays.

Anonymous said...

to all malaysians, congratulations. because you are aware of who you are. but to amenos, after 53 years of independence, they still think of themselves as malays and not malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Malay is a hybrid race of various mixtures that has adopt certain values of ethnicity of the nusantara called rumpun melayu & lately became wider, not just mixture of Chinese , Indian & Arabs, but caucasians etc.
But what are the values that define being Malay?
What is the way of life of being Malay?
What is the way of life of being Chinese?
What is the way of life of being Indian?
What is the way of life of being Kadazan?
Culture, ways of doing things, respect, selfishness, chauvinistic, tolerant, religious, attitudes, etc makes the definition.
But what is being Malaysian?????
So many here claim to be Malaysian.
But what is it?
Apa maknanya warga Malaysia ?
Malaysian is Warga Malaysia
Not Bangsa Malaysia
No such thing as Malaysian Race, just like American race?
So what does it mean being Malaysian?
What value do you hold as being Malaysian?
Upholding 4000 years of heritage?

Country like France is so successful in forming the French nation. They all speak French and everything about them is French, whether they're from Tunisia, Nigeria or Syria.
So if a Malay man is of French nationality, still practicing Malay lifestyle and values, does that make him Malay or French?
Similarly a Chinese with a French passport, that retains his culture, language & values will not make the Chinese person becoming French by stucking himself in Chinatown in Chinese restaurant.

So now back to the question, what makes you a Malaysian?

nstman said...

My father was born in Malaya. My mother was born in Malaya. My grandfather and grandmother were born in Malaya. I AM MALAYSIAN. I AM ALSO HOKKIEN LANG. I AM ALSO PENANG KIA. tIUNIMAHKASIFAT.

artchan said...

I am Kutty from kerala..changed my name to mamaktir...called myself a malay..and I screwed the country for 22 years..becos the stooopid uMNO delegates voted me as President even though i am downright parasite pendatang. Mlays are easily even today, i am talking cock.

Anonymous said...

Those people from 'Project M' is more malaysian than some of you who are holding blue Mykad.

Fabulous Nah said...

Next time you need blood transfusion, ask for type J (javanese) or type BG (bugis) or T (turkish). then get the cert to prove that you can now be a certified Malaysian.

1 kosong said...

DPM as Education Minister should be held accountable of serving 'Sandwich kosong' for school kids, i.e. with sardines missing although the tender asked for it.

No wonder our school kids end up with otak kosong.

These cronies are literally taking the food out of our children's mouths to feed their own greed. The culture of corruption has been institutionalised at every level by Umno-BN and will never change as long as they are allowed to remain in power.

Despite this damning report from the auditor-general (only one of many), few if any clear-minded Malaysians expect any real action to be taken by Umno-BN against their cronies.

1 kosong said...

DPM as Education Minister should be held accountable of serving 'Sandwich kosong' for school kids, i.e. with sardines missing although the tender asked for it.

No wonder our school kids end up with otak kosong.

These cronies are literally taking the food out of our children's mouths to feed their own greed. The culture of corruption has been institutionalised at every level by Umno-BN and will never change as long as they are allowed to remain in power.

Despite this damning report from the auditor-general (only one of many), few if any clear-minded Malaysians expect any real action to be taken by Umno-BN against their cronies.

Anonymous said...

My grand parents were from Lan Chau, China. Parents were born in Zhe Bai, Hunan province also in China. People from the Lan Zhau and Zhe Bai provinces will never want to be known as Malaysian. Would happily return back to the land of my ancestors. Pls mark my word, as in 30 years time, all the Bolehland people will want to be known as Chinese.

Anonymous said...


The Auditor General (AG) 2009 audit report has identified 67 cases across 31 projects in six ministries where RM753,723 was paid but the economic stimulus package procurements were not delivered or received at all.

Anonymous said...

SO very clear now,. our malays friends had been used by umno leader which is not a malay but claim he is malay for their own interest.

He is more like insulting malay inteligence : i am disguise as a malay, so what !!! ?

SO the people in UmNO who is pure malay say what now?..protect malay rights or protect bugis's rights?...haha, and Where is PERKASA?...where is hidup melayu?..

UMNO for Malays?...Definitely NOT,..but for Unknown Mammalian National Organization(UMNO)..hahaha

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4.33 PM. Please retract and apologize to the mix Chinese in this forum for your 'cap ceng' comment. Your comment is very unbecoming and typically Ah Beng mentality. For those who don't speak Hokkien "Cap Ceng" means Bastard or illegitimate and I for one, of mix parentage have that term thrown to my face several time resulting in the other person's broken nose or teeth. The correct term is "Chiam Cheng" which mean mix race or parentage. You wouldn't want me to call you a bastard to your face now, would you, Anonymous 4.33PM. Finally, don't be a NUMBNUTS there are far too many around already. Tia Bo?

Taiping Joo said...

My Grandfather is Chinese and born in Malaysia. This makes me a 3rd generation Malaysia. Will this makes me more Malaysian???

Jembalang Maut said...

My father is a male
My mother is a female
And I am a Malaysian.. eh?

Anonymous said...

Strange Chua Soi Lek and MCA did not ask for explanation from the PM what's bumiputra and what's pendatang given this new piece of info ... but then, you need to have marbles to do that.

Anonymous said...

Is Niamah a Malaysian word? Is it in the dictionary of Bahasa Kebangsaan??? Are you really Malaysian Patrick? You're not not Chinese then?

Anonymous said...

hello Perkasa, your DPM is not a malay, bro.

Perkasa Ibrahim: Tak apalah,..bapa saya katak,..mak saya katak,...saya seekor katak yang menyamar sebagai Melayu,...gegege...

Anonymous said...

The new Sejarah syllabus will indicate that the leaders of UMNO are not Malays, not pure anyway.

Najib, the President is of Turkish descent.

Muhyiddin, the Deputy President is Bugis and Javanese, or more correctly Indonesian.

Ahmad Zahid, Vice President is of Javanese descent

Hishamuddin is of Turkist descent

Shafie Apdal is Bajau, Muslim native of Sabah, but not Malay.

Sharizat, Chief of Wanita is Mamak

McMamak said...

The mixed blood Malays who helm UMNO are too good for the pure Malays to compete with them. They made use of NEP to be fabulously wealthy. Since NEP allows them discretion not based on merits, ordinary Malays would not stand a chance in competition with other Malays. When the mixed blood harbour racist thought, only the mixed blood would be in their inner circles. If the list of all those who owned more than one percent of any listed corporation could be revealed, it should be interesting to know the quantum of equity shares held by the mixed blood who called themselves Malays.

UMNOputras fight for Malays so they say, but they are actually fighting for themselves, in the name of pure Malays. Since NEP has been converted to nepotism mixed-blood Malay leaders have condemned Malays for harbouring parasitic mindset as a pretext to continue with NEP to plunder the nation with impunity. Malays who share the late Tun Dr. Ismail aspiration to uphold the pride of Malays are said to be opportunists pandering to non-Malay votes. Malays are not allowed to reclaim their dignity. When would true Malays be able to take over from the mixed-blood UMNO leaders? That seems impossible, and Malays are in real dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Article 160 shoves in a large number of persons who qualify as Malay purely because of the religious faith they profess. The recent UMNO General Assembly shew the world the so-called Malays were proud to say that they have mixed blood in their veins. Since Mamakthir said that Malays were born of lesser quality to other races, mixed blood Malays with the enlarged gene pool naturally are smarter than pure Malays. Being smarter and given the special treatment meant for Malays, ordinary pure Malays have no match for them. In fact, by accepting mixed bloods within the Malay community, the true Malays whom the Constitution intended to help, so it seems, are relegated in receiving aids for the government. The UMNO top leaders who are mixed bloods harp on the 30% target. True Malays should find out who owned the bulk of those shares offered at a discount. The share of mix blood in UMNO leadership reflects the distribution of owners of Malays’ equity capital in the corporate sector, if such statistics are available.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to the following cases previously reported by AG on mismanagement of pblic fund:

RM5,700 for a RM50 car jack;
RM224 for a RM32 screwdriver set; RM1,146 for a set of RM160 technical pens; and
RM8,254 for a RM2,990 digital camera?

What about national higher education fund loans which are not repaid, and advances amounting to tens of million of ringgit given out to thousands of people who did not apply for the loan? Isn't that gross irresponsibility and negligence? Who should be accountable?

Is MACC sleeping?

Si Capik said...

Currently almost 30% SPM student failed in History subject. If the new policy were to be implemented in 2013, it means that more than 500,000 students will find their future in limbo and it will be disastrous to them where they will not qualify to any higher learning institution. It is most unfair that the ministry based on a single subject to evaluate the student’s academic performance. The Ministry had also failed to learn from the past mistake where RM5.2 billion was spent to teach science & mathematic in English but later only found it to be a complete failure.

Anonymous said...

Tuko + Tubo = Tukia

1 Tukia, many tukias...

Tukias search for worms by plunging its canine deep into the earth, we term this action 'kiao-thor'

...and some people behave just like tukias, kiao-thor, kiao-thor, ....

Anonymous said...

My father is bugis, mother is javanese,and i am here to suck on the teats of the non-malays. I am a parasite and a cacat one to boot.

artchan said...

My father is bugis, mother is javanese, and the PM does not know this. I am going to do a Brutus and become PM. I am not Malay but I pretend to be as long as the UMNO dickheads think I am..

charleskiwi said...

This is another way to keep Malaysia in the 3rd world for another 53 years so that the so called leaders from Umno can continue to enrich themselves !

Anonymous said...

both my grandparents and parents are borned in Malaya and Malaysia respectively. So am I.
With all the crap going on in Malaysia.... after 10 years down I'm a Singaporean :)

Anonymous said...

Came across a short video aired over TV yesterday where it depicted a Chinese Apek ignoring another person who ask him for direction. When asked by another person why he (the Chinese Apek) acted this way, he said that he prefer to use Bahasa Kebangsaan and that person did not use Bahasa Kebangsaan. Why is this person ashamed of using his mother tongue? What the fuck is the message being sent? Where is the courtesy? What happened to the Govt.'s message on "Orang Berbudi Kita Berbahasa." I have no problem in using and can speak very good Bahasa Malaysia when needed to do so. Niamah 99.

Anonymous said...

No family planning, therefore strings of tukias ...

muse said...

The Chinese Apek in the TV ad may have Bugis blood?

anthony said...

My great grandfather and great grandmother was born in Malaya, am I not more Malaysian than this Bugis/Javanese who called himself Malay.

Anonymous said...

sorry i can't say it with pride, especially in from of my foreigner friends.

I'm Malaysian but not treated fairly, unless i convert to Islam and practice Malay way of living.

They all surely will laugh like hell.. I really can't do it with pride and proud.

Anonymous said...

My father and mother are both from China.
I am a Malaysian Chinese.

Correlation 100%: China and Chinese

My father and mother are both from Indonesia.
I am a Malay.

No correlation lah : Indonesia and Malay

Malay is a very very small part of Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Both my parent born in Johor malaya. I was born in Singapore then still under the federal state of Malaya....who am I? In truth blood I am legally still a Malaysian and a Singaporean as a bonus.

Anonymous said...

I am a peranakan Chinese with both sides Grandparents very strict on Baba Nyonya culture. We do know Baba lineage traced from 1400 century. So I am still not a bumi but a pendatang?

Anonymous said...

Will Bolehland soon have GM bumiputera now that they can do it to a mosquito?

Anonymous said...

I'm Malaysian Chinese and Perakians. Ipoh was once a great hometown, which today is no longer in glorified. Because the harping racism and netpotism done by NUMERO UNO, investors is already shy away to continues investing in M'sia. A lot of good and talent people including my old schoolfriends and ex collegue alike has scatters to the greener pasture and future career outside M'sia. As I'm walking in the streets of Ipoh along to Gopeng, it is deteriorating and not much glorified to talk about. Reality bites huh? Talk about history, We are Pendatangs actually. Orang Asli with Ibanese, Kadazan, Bajau and the original people are the reals here in M'sia. But it was a long gone history. I'm still proud, because I'm the third gen. here, in this very land called M'sia. But who knows what happens next.

Anonymous said...

Chinese great grand father, Bugis great grand mother, Malay grand mother, Iban mother, Malay wife, I am Muslim. One common thing - all born in Malaysia. So WHAT is my son? If I am UMNO my son is MALAY BUMIPUTRA, if I AM not UMNO my son is MALAY MALAS?


Zeroed said...

My Paternal Grandpa is a Baba.

Taken from cut & paste fr Wikipedia....
In the 15th century, some small city-states of the Malay Peninsula often paid tribute to various kingdoms such as those of China and Siam. Close relations with China were established in the early 15th century during the reign of Parameswara when Admiral Zheng He (Cheng Ho), a Muslim Chinese, visited Malacca and Java. According to a legend in 1459 CE, the Emperor of China sent a princess, Hang Li Po, to the Sultan of Malacca as a token of appreciation for his tribute. The nobles (500 sons of ministers) and servants who accompanied the princess initially settled in Bukit Cina and eventually grew into a class of Straits-born Chinese known as the Peranakans.

Agreed with Anonymous 11:08PM. Our ancestors goes way back 500yrs ago. If we're Pendatang. We definitely sampai dulu than most of the so called Bumiputra today.

Anonymous said...

So Lee Lan seeking justice for her brother who died while in the custody of MACC can be interpreted as engaged in campaigning, in contravention of Section 4(a) of the Election Offences Act.

Please make your point clear, who is complaining? The Malaysian Anti-Corruptiopn Commission (MACC) or MCA? If MCA is the responsible party, then they really stay true to their name of Making Chinese Angry. This time, it should be changed to MCVVA - Make Chinese Very Very Angry.

Anonymous said...


As our senior, can you tell us about Malaysia Confrontation with Indonesia. When Malaysia was formed, Indonesia under Sukarno opposed Malaysia with his "Crush Malaysia" campaign. He send his paratroopers over Liong Sick Labis and landed marines in Port Dickson and bombed Raffles Place in Singapore. The bombers were hanged by the Singapore Government becasue some innocent lives were lost in the bombing. During this time, the malaysia government has a defensive manpower call up. Non-malays were required to report to the Mindef manpower base.

I think you are the generation or can your senior readers tell us that History. That is the History of Malaysia - not Malaya where others are asked to defend the country. Please tell the young ones about this history.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:26PM

Yes, we want true history. Not distorted sejarah according to umno to suit their agenda.

I hope more elders could put their perspective of our history on blogs.

Anonymous said...

Actuali apa tu bugis ahh??? Bugis izit a race? Got bugis dis country one ka? Bugiland maybe? Or Bugisia? Izit like Latin one????????? I m confused... Can any chap kindly let me know?? If bugis is not a country, n not even a race, then why is dat fler so freakin' proud of his bugism???????????????????????????

MAHLEH!!! (a special dedication to Mr Cow)

Anonymous said...

Umno aimed to embark on a ‘Malaya for the Malays’ policy and that was why Dato Onn Jaafar broke away from Umno to form his Independence of Malaya Party (IMP).

Now that we look back, it is clear to us that Dato' Onn Jaafar was a visionary and willing to pursue what is good for the country and it's people. If Onn Jaafar has his way, today Singapore will still be part of Malaysia and Malaysia today will probably be miles ahead of other Asean countries and also other Asian countries with perhap Japan the only exception. Onn Jaafar saw it but the rest did not. Tunku probably see the same but because he was not in the position to do the same as Onn Jaafar as he was heading a race base party. Tun Razak was completely different from Onn Jaafar and Tunku Rahman. He ascend to the throne marked the beginning of the racial agenda and also begining of Malaysia's Malay and not Malaysia's Malaysian. Naturally this give rise to more racist leaders such as Harun and Mahathir. I suppose Hussein Onn being the son of Onn Jaafar understood what his dad wanted but again been in a race base party made it impossible for him to pursue any united race agenda. The dark period finally came under Mahathir administration. Until now in spite of evidents show otherwise, Mahathir still think he was right. I suppose history will judge that eventually. But looking at how Singapore virtually speed past us itself is a testimony of Onn Jaafar was right all along.

Don't look far. Just look at the recent CIMB PGA event. Comparing the Singaporean golfer and our very own. Firstly the Singaporean golfer got there on merit being among the top 10 in Asian PGA. Our Malaysian's golfer got there through special allocation as a host. Same like the bumiputra special rights thing. I don't know what was the target set by the Singaporean but our very own golfer set a target to be among the top 10. Later than change to top 30 which he realise his target was unrealistic and finally end up last. Ring the bell about our Vision 2020 to be developed country which we now know it is unrealistic. Actually, other Asean countries which were once miles behind us are catching up us. Singapore of course is getting further away. Coming back to golf, the Singaporean golfer played beautifully and finished impressively among the top 10. This shows he can compete with the best. Although golf and country progress are two different matters but I could not help but to make the comparison. Here we have a Singaporean Malay who know that he has to be among the best to stand a chance as he will not get any special help from his government. I am sure his top 10 position in the Asian PGA is no fluke. It has to be through his determination and hardwork. This is exactly what his country policies are all about. Not about skin colour but his ability. He got into the tournament through merit but our very own was there through special arrangement like our very own special rights for Bumi.

I just wish our politicians are more independent minded and could see this so that we could stop the rot. If the love their country and their race, it is still not too late to do something about it. We need to regroup ourselves and to make sure only the best get to do the right job regardless of their colour. We need to force our citizen to push themselves. If we need to help, then those helps have to be given to those deserving one such as scholarships for the able but poor. Low cost houses build for the poor.

We may be more than half a decade late behind Onn Jaafar. But it is still not to late to embrace his vision to move forward.

Anonymous said...

14 Nov 2010
Majlis Makan Malam DAP Batu 9;
Dewan Orang Ramai Kg. Baru Batu 9 Cheras, Jalan Permai 7, Taman Cheras Permai, Cheras;

Speakers: Lim Kit Siang;

Mr. Tan (019-361 0235),
Mr.Pang (019-310 2952)

Anonymous said...

In June 1998, the government of Malaysia had hired a team of experts from all over the world to be gathered here in Malaysia for a research project to compliment the history studies that we undertook in our secondary school.

The objective of the research is simply:

1. To find proof and evidence that show the Malays were the origins of Malaysia and they were the first race and religion that landed their feet in Malaysia.

2. To further strengthen their claims, first they need to find the graveyard of the Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and others.. to show the existence of their pioneers.

3. The Batu Bersurat in Terengganu, reveals that the islamic religion has landed in Malaysia for more than a hundred years ago which further strengthen their claims!

BEWARE & OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Go and ask your brother, sister, niece, nephew etc. Since the year 1999 (if I’m not mistaken) or year 2000, do they study about HANG TUAH anymore?

Why is that popular subject GONE? Missing in action? or evidence reveals something else that caused the government to stop the syllabus and HIDE the TRUTH?

Here are the Evidences of the findings by the team of scientists, archaeologist, historian and other technical staff from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Yemen & Russia.

The evidence are:

1) They finally found the graveyard of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and others, their skeletons had been analyzed and samples of DNA taken with the results showing: Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and mates were NOT MALAY!!! They were CHINESE origins (Islamic) from China!!! Why were they here in Malacca? If you go back in history, you would know that they were on a mission to protect the UNGRATEFUL MALAY Sultanate from the frequent attacks by the Kingdom of SIAM (Thailand).

So Hang Tuah was not a Malay hero! They were the protectors of the useless and ungrateful Parameswara (who was from INDONESIA) who landed in Malacca and claimed that the land belonged to him!

Hang Tuah and friends were all from China, they were being assigned to the Malacca Sultanate because Parameswara requested the Ming Dynasty Emperor for protection! Hence, the rich historical heritage of the Babas & Nyonyas were being closely linked to the Seven Voyages to the Western Ocean by Admiral Zheng He who incidentally was a Chinese Muslim himself!

That's why the Hang Tuah series of history is MISSING from the Malaysian SEJARAH today!

Note: Remember Princess Hang Li Poh? - All surname 'HANG'

Second Evidence:

The researchers hired by the government found the oldest tombstones (graveyard) in Kelantan in year 2000. Surprisingly, the tombstones were at least 900 years old! Older than the so-called Batu Bersurat. And the interesting thing was that they all belonged to the CHINESE!

Being landed first in Malacca doesn't mean Malay is the first in Malaysia because during that time, the road was too long or undeveloped for them to reach or see the other side of the coast where the Chinese had landed much earlier. If you want the hard evidence of what the truth of the Research reveals, please write to The Federal Association of Archaeology & Research of Michigan, USA.

This is a good reason to remind the Bumiputras NOT to ask the Chinese or Indians to go back to their Motherlands because the evidence had shown that Malays were NOT the original people of Malaysia! The Truth Revealed (with evidence) and anthropologists have yet to ascertain if there was indeed a Malay race!

Anonymous said...


All Wild said...

My late grand-parents were all born in Malaya, my late great-parents were from China, I'm proud to say I'm A MALAYSIAN. Niamah UMNO!

All Wild said...

My late grand-parents were all born in Malaya, my late great-parents were from China, I'm proud to say I'm A MALAYSIAN. Niamah UMNO!
Boon Eu

Anonymous said...

My late grand-parents were all born in Straits Settlement of Penang, my late great-parents were from China, I'm proud to say I'm A MALAYSIAN. Niamah UMNO!
- Boon Eu

Anonymous said...

I am a malaysian, but I cannot bring my non-halal food to school.

Param said...

I am a Malaysian, but I am not given discount to buy a house.

Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian who pay tax regularly, but I am said to be disloyal for not joining the tentera.

My father is a Malaysian, but he is never successful in his application for civil servant jobs.

Anonymous said...

I am a poor Malaysian and I welcome any financial aid without questioning whether it is duit haram since our BN leaders have been enriching themselves that way.

Anonymous said...

Talking Is Easy. Semua tahu only seminar and jamuan. Red carpet, Main Golf.Cuti sakit and cuti emergency.Half Day sudah hilang dari pejabat.That's the lifestyle.
Wasting the nation resource.For non malays if you are a Major sampai mati you are a major. The most naik sampai Kol.
Kita mahu jadi 5 Star General bukan sampai 1 paku general. If you can promise then advertise in the papers that vacancy available for any race and I guess there are so many qualify. Army will be the most advance in the region better than Singapore. But with Bodek Minister how to progress. Waiting for pension and handfeed.

Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian, but the court decide for me the religion of my children. Only in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

FUck u param, pariahhhhhhh mahai cibai

Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian, but I am accused of being no patriotic just because I do not join the army.

Anonymous said...

Where is MIC when 'Param' was victimised with foul and derogatory language?

Homophobic said...

Patrick Teoh is an anjing.. licking his own ass.. That is fact.. Hahaha sore loser... Rot in hell..