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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It ain't over til the fa...first lady sings

Just when you thought it was safe and sane again I discovered that there's more of the fa...first lady singing. It appears that she actually has an album, Lagenda Cinta!!! If you have the stomach for it here is a duet with Mawi!!! Mawi singing and she very obviously reading from idiot cards off-screen. Enjoy!

When these videos appeared on the Internet the comments came in fast and furious.

She can't sing for nuts!
Tax-payers' money used to make a music video?

And there were many more. Some more colourful and descriptive than others. But to be fair let us review the Fa...I mean First Lady's music video objectively okay.

Okay, so she can't really sing. Agreed.

Ready, steady BARF! Well she ain't as bad as some karaoke singers I've heard.

We don't really know if public funds were used to make the music video. So we mustn't jump to conclusions.

Shameless display of corny mush? You could also look at it as part of a savvy strategy to win votes. Malaysians love mushy stuff. If only Rosmah had chosen a tear-jerker instead of an inspirational love song she might single-handedly win the next General Elections for Umno and the Barisan Nasional. Scary.

Perhaps the Opposition should try this new tact too. What do you think they should sing?

Anwar Ibrahim
Nik Aziz
Lim Guan Eng
Karpal Singh
Lim Kit Siang

Come, join in and let's have some fun. If your suggestion is really good/funny/ridiculously hilarious I will buy you a good dinner at Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant ( Really one!



McNastyPrime said...

Anwar Ibrahim - "I won't back down" by "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers" perhaps?

Anonymous said...

1st lady GAGA

This is the mother of all noghtmare

uncle lim

Anonymous said...

1st lady GAGA

This is the mother of all noghtmare

uncle lim

Anonymous said...

1st lady GAGA

This is the mother of all noghtmare

uncle lim

jeffrey3005 said...

well they should sing:

Anonymous said...

no offence ah ...

didi said...

Is this a joke? Please tell me that it's some pranks being pulled on Dottie? With this kind of voice, toilet seems to be the only place where she should sing.

Anonymous said...

Not off-key,melody ok, pronunciation also oklah. So overall so solah. As to woo the voters, then she should sing in Malay.

Wang said...

I can't think of a suitable song for politicians to sing la. What we should sing to Rosmah would be the modified version of ABBA's song, Thank You For The Music!

So I say thank you for the music,
now please stop singing.
You can't sing for nuts;
My ears are ringing.
We can live without it.
I ask in all honesty:
How can this be?
Using all of the taxpayers' money!
So I say thank you for the music,
Now please just leave us be!

If I can think of a song for politicians to sing, I'll comment again. Promise. :D

Moron said...

Anwar - "Poke her(his) Faece(s)- Lady Gaga (Poker Face)

Anonymous said...

Get Namewee to compose some "Miamah" song....sure to stir up votes against BN

Anonymous said...

DSAI - He (Najib) will have to go
Nik Aziz - Blue Moon
LGE - Will you still love me tomorrow?
Karpal Singh - I wanna hold your hand
LKS - Leader of the pack

dukuhead said...

wow this karaoke-esque rip-off is so badly done. And they actually paid to have this video made? It views more like a parody of rather than portraying the subject in a flattering light. It's so badly done, so corny that you don't have to say anything cos it speaks for itself. If this happened to anyone else i'd feel pity for the fool.

Mat Kepong said...

Anwar Ibrahim:
Hit Me with Your Best Shot/Push it

Nik Aziz:
Di Mana Ku Cari Ganti/Seruan

Lim Guan Eng:
Power to The People

Karpal Singh:
You Can't Touch This

Lim Kit Siang:
Rocket Man

Anonymous said...

There are parallels between our First Lady and a former First Lady in a country that once was called the "sick man of Asean". This former First Lady too sang at her late husband's campaigns.
Will our First Lady share the same fate?

Anonymous said...

Karpal Singh will sing "Singh Is Kinng" with Snoop Dog as back-up rapper.

Anonymous said...

Chua Soi Lek will sing Atlantic Starr's 'Secret Lover'.

niakong said...

A good dinner at Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant for free??? Count me in! Count me in!!

Now, let's see ... hmmmm...

Can we have all the five of them as The 5 Tenors? Negaraku would be fine! And that shall be the theme song for the journey to Putrajaya.

k0m4nd3r said...

Funny! I just had a dream about our politician sing together last night and today I watched this video clip. In my dream, they all sang "Careless Whisper" but in Malay. In my dream, I also watched and direct a clip for them :D

Leithaisor said...

I simply cannot stand Najib and Rosmah. Period.

Even the thought of their faces gives me the creeps as it already brings to mind how they look.

So the thought of hearing their voices whether singing, nicely or not, is too aweful to contemplate.

Anonymous said...

Another one by F** lady:

Anonymous said...

The whole group singing "榕树下" in remembrance of the infamous Perak State assembly under the tree.

nightfish3 said...

damn..there goes the video n my freeeeeeeeeeee seafood dinner!!!!...err anyone downloaded the video...please i need a good laugh wth the fat u knoe who..

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA Anonymous 4.46 and Mat Kepong very good. Keeping list in my email.

1 Malay-sia(l)P said...

my flen... this is your seconf "really one!" la...

Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahim - Jail House Rock

Nik Aziz - Tiada Maaf Bagi Mu

Lim Guan Eng - Who Let The Dog Out

Karpal Singh - We Are The Champion

Lim Kit Siang - Your Cheating Heart

Anonymous said...

The Super 5 should come out with the tune of ` We Are The Pakatan Rakyat'

Sukan7 said...

This would be appropriate:

Lim Kit Siang - If you don't know me by now (Simply Red)
Karpal Singh - Abracadabra
Anwar Ibrahim - Release Me
Lim Guan Eng - Another One Bites the Dust
Nik Aziz - I Can't Dance

ben said...

We are the world....
We are Malaysians...
We are the ones who make a brighter day...
So let's start voting...
There's a choice you're making....
You're saving your own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
So vote for us...

Good enough... :)

ben said...

Sorry I just had to add this.. It makes it even more nice in my opinion..

We are the world
We are Malaysians
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So let's start voting
There's a choice you're making
You're saving your own lives
It's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me

When you're down and out
There seems no hope at all
But if you just believe
There's no way we can fall
Well, well, well, well, let us realize
That a change will only come
When we stand together as one

Anonymous said...

Najib said ETP will boost nightlife and spa industry. How ironic. BN has attacked the opposition for donating RM100 to the elderly, claiming the money is haram. Now they are talking about night clubs and spas?

Anonymous said...

Anwar - We Will Rock You

Nik Aziz - Berubah - Kau Boleh

Lim Guan Eng - Yes We Can

Karpal Singh - Together We Are One

Lim Kit Siang - Never Give Up On
Your Dream

pinsysu said...

it will be over when the 1st fat lady sings ...

Anonymous said...

Woooo~ I can see karaoke places like Newway, Redbox, Greenbox paying royalties to the fat mama and updating their song directories...

My God, just imagine people blarring to her songs... Management, please re-review the building's foundation... I see a fat hairline crack there.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat, your singing anytime better lah. Bukan nak kipas. You can roll, roll one but other people got to watch the whole night for what??? Really cannot stand lah.

Anonymous said...

Pat heard a good one have to share how to argue with these idiots as they will bring you to their level and then beat you with their

Anonymous said...

Losmah will sing to Jibby 'Love The Way You Lie' every night although she is no Rihanna. Jibby in turn will sing Queen's 'Fat Botomed Ladies' to her. Losmah then sing 'Beautiful Liar' of Beyonce.

Umnoputera and Umnoputeri will sing the mash-up of Abba's 'Gimme Gimme Gimme' and 'Money Money Money'.

In the meantime, Tok Guru will sing 'Apo Nak Di Kato' with The Green Gang.

CSL is tearing away his wife's record of 'Your Cheating Heart' and sings 'Sorry Seems to be the Hardest word'.

Lim Guan Eng tells the Penangites 'Never Gonna Give you Up'.

Anonymous said...

Extra-marital affair is good for marriage. CSL can testify that it is even good for your political carrer.


Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahim: I will always love you.
Nik Aziz: The Moon Represents My Heart.
Lim Guan Eng: We are the Champions.
Karpal Singh: The Impossible Dream
Lim Kit Siang: Lemon Tree

Gary Chee said...

Haha... I think all of them should this this song "", from the HongKong Gangter movie "Gu Wak Zai".

The fa.. I mean the lady should try sing this "" MaTong from Andy Lau...


in said...

I know the perfect song for them to sing in parliament......the chorus is spot-on! I'm sure you'll remember this old classic by Joe Dolce - Shaddup Your Face

YCS said...

I think these 5 people should come together and sing.....

"I want...nobody nobody but YOU!"

Kenn said...

Maybe a slow-mo scene of her walking towards the camera with an explosion in the background?

Anonymous said...

Bro, this is like an omen....know what I mean.....the fat lady has really sung..... THE FAT LADY should really be over.

Mahadhir said...

Yaks... I tak berani dengar, takut tak dpt tidur macam dia pula...

Dia tak tidur, asyik renung En. Jib pula... Ahhaha...

nightfish3 said...

OMG!!!!!! somemore in english..i'm gonna have nightmare..freaking shit..i think i better go drown myself in whisky at damansara village..cheers guys if u are still watching the clip...WTF!!!!

Anonymous said...


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Wanna know why the Fat lady came out with an album?

If Ziana Zain can sing so can a hippo..hahaha

What this got to do wth Ziana Zain?
Ask the folks from Port Dickson.


Anonymous said...

Really arh, can we know the winner

Anonymous said...

sorry, can we know the result of who won the dinner?

blink said...

Anwar Ibrahim = Would I Lie to You?

Nik Aziz = Soul Man

LGE = Take a Chance on Me

Karpal Singh = Who Let the Dogs Out

LKS = I'm Still Standing

Anonymous said...

Wan Azizah: Menaruh Harapan

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, I would love to see the Fa...First Lady taking part in the Mari Berdansa reality show!!!!!!! Can't seem to get the image of Najib's face turning red in trying to lift her!!!!! and him getting a bloody hernia for that!. Or...his face buried in her Fa..First Lady's arse!!! This is just too funny....made my day and probably for the whole week AND much better that me striking one of the the top 3 prize in 3+1 today (27th)!!!! NUMBNUTS let off with a slap on the hands today only offer!. LOL!

Mat Puchong said...

All rakyat will sing "We Don't Get Fooled Again" (by The Who, also theme song for CSI: Miami) in reference to BN 100-storey white elephant, followed by "We're Not Gonna Take It" (by Twisted Sister) in reference to the BTN.

Anwar will sing "A Change is Gonna Come" (song by Sam Cooke).

Karpal Singh will take on Bob Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up" and he literally stand up from his wheelchair!!!

Dpm will attempt 'Born in the Bolehland' (to the tune of Springsteen's Born in the USA) to dispel the notion that he hailed from Bugis/Java.

Anonymous said...

After hearing the First Fat Lady sing, I am ready to pass the hat round to collect money to buy ear plugs for whoever who has to endure her terrible noise. But then again, for those who attend her dinners to hear her squawk just to be in her good books, you deserved to be punished!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Khun Pana aka johanssm

Can you enlighten us on that infamous event at Port Dickson?

in said...

Sometimes in Parliament when things are getting them down or when the pther party starts talking nonsense all they need to do is sing this little ditty by Eduard Khil from russia. I don't know the title of the song, but its been nicknamed the 'trololo' song.

Anonymous said...

if the fa bitch jumped up and own as the background dancers, that could have saved the day for her...but alas, it didn't happen and i puked already

Anonymous said...

the fat lady has it is truly over!!

Anonymous said...

as a 5-member band singing
- "Together Forever" (Rick astley)??
- "Quit Playing Games" Backstreet Boys??
- "Step By Step" New Kids On the Block?
- "Against All Odds" Phil Collins?
- "Flying without wings" westlife?
- "Yesterday" beatles?
- "I swear" all-4-one?
- "end of the road" boyz II men?
- "when will i be famous" bros?

- "puppy love" donny osmond?
- "faith" george michael?
- "ebony & ivory" michael jackson/paul mccartney?
- "black or white" michael jackson

i can go on and one....surely this is deserving of a free dinner just for the effort alone!!!

Anonymous said...

A song for all rakyat to sing while the General Election is looming....

People get ready
There's a train a-coming
You don't need no baggage
You just get on board
All you need is faith
To hear the diesels humming
Don't need no ticket
You just thank the Pakatan

Random Ranter said...

Anwar Ibrahim - Oops I Did It Again / Eternal Flame (britney spears / the bangles)
Nik Aziz - Better Man (robbie williams)
Lim Guan Eng - I Dreamed a Dream
Karpal Singh - Black or White (michael jackson)
Lim Kit Siang - Honesty (billy joel)
Mahathir - Don't Speak (no doubt)
Najib - The Day I Died (just jack)
Fat Lady - The Fear (lily allen)
Abdullah - Lullaby

There i even added some politicians from the other side of the fence because the lyrics just suit them so damn well.

Mat Sentul said...

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going (Billy Ocean)

Wan Azizah:
Stand by Your Man (Tammy Wynette)

Lim (father & son):
Nothing Is Gonna Stop us Now (Starship)

Tok Guru:
Berkorban Apa Saja/Dengarlah Rayuan Ku (P Ramlee)

Karpal Singh:
Proud Mary (Glee's wheelchair version)

After PRU13,
Najib/Rosmah: Tinggal Kenangan (Saleem)

Chikorita said...

Yen Yen tells the world:

"I incite you vicitious to KL ctry to see our decelopment and nulticutural society".

What a specialist after wasting RM3.25 million on personal travel.

Anonymous said...

Jib sings " Lady in red "
Anwar sings " Every step you take "
Nik sings " Rock the boat "
Lim GE sings " Wind of Change "
Karpal sings " Jaiho "
Lim KS sings " It's a heartache "

Bingo said...

it is apparently clear that who should sing Taio Cruz's 'Dynamite':

Cause I told you once
Now I told you twice
We gon’ light it up
Like it’s dynamite

Yes! C4 dynmaite!!!

Anonymous said...

There is such a thing as lip sing. Somebody is doing the background vocals. And with a bit of computerised music magic. The one with Mawi is actually two different scenarios. And she singing to her hubby, well, he will always have a tomorrow. wink ! wink !

marduk said...

Anwar Ibrahim - How Can I Tell Her - Lobo
Nik Aziz - Bridge Over Trouble Water - Simon & G.
Lim Guan Eng - My Way - Frank S.
Karpal Singh - We Are The Champions - Queen
Lim Kit Siang - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship

Anonymous said...

Come on Patrick. Rosmah may not be the most likable person but any right minded individual would say that the singing is ok. Not a prof singer quality but it is acceptable.

Dont lose your credibility by giving ridiculously biased comments, save it for something with facts.

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 3:26 PM, I didn't say that she was a bad singer. Did I? Biased? I guess I am in that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:26 PM

You got a very poor taste.

Anonymous said...

keep on singing, keep on talking and keep on harping. As I know, no matter how good the 1st lady sings, it does not represents to us. Keep it to herself and her family like Jib, much better. We are not looking for fanciful politician, whom can only just singing and post whatever they like at MSM, facebook or youtube, we are looking for the better and logical politicians, whom serves Rakyat no matter who they are is definitely much better.

Anonymous said...

To all Pakatan members:

"Don't Stop Believing"!!!

Anonymous said...

Rosmah should never have assumed the PM’s role in public. It is highly unprecedented.

The image projected worldwide must be one of confusion. Does protocol not mean anything in Malaysia? Even if Rosmah was not in any formal discussion but was merely present in an ‘entertainment’ capacity like in a banquet or similar, it is awkward for the main players involved.

The mixed messages to the public, when Rosmah takes centre stage standing in for PM are confusing and damaging.

For the visiting dignitaries, they are not accorded the due respect which should be reserved for people of their seniority and importance.

permata tipu said...

It is a pity that most Malaysians, being naive and dumb as they have been engineered to be, will continue to be swayed with the public relations promos that the PM Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, are doing.

Despite promising to hear out what the rakyat have to say in how the country is governed, the regime continues in what it knows best, i.e. arbitrary abuse of power and passing down the cost to the people by increasing everything.

The people are burdened with high soaring prices of goods and the leaders get allocations to renovate their official homes.

But despite this, we will still have people who support this regime because as witnessed in Galas, all it takes is to provide a T-shirt, a goodie bag with some ringgit notes in it and most dumb Malaysians will dance away to the tune of 1Malaysia. As long as the rakyat remains stupid, we deserve the federal government we get.

jef said...

The difference in case of illegitimate former actress María Eva “Evita” Duarte who saw attracted and conquered Argentina’s president Juan Perón is that the masses genuinely loved her for trying to make Argentina a better place for the disenfranchised and lesser well to do, hence the song “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” when she died of uterine cancer in 1952.

Will there be “Don’t Cry for me Malaysia”???

Anonymous said...

Anwar: Satisfaction _ T\Rolling Stone
Nik Aziz: Walking On The Moon =Police
LGE: Hero ? Iglesias
Karpal: Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions
LKS: Ai Pniah Ka Ay Ia....

Anonymous said...

Mari Membaca ...
Mari Membaca Harakah!

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is fa...


Fabulously fa...

telinga sakit said...

it started well at first...then suddenly her ugly voice is soo apparent! No voice no talent. After listening for 1 minute i turned off the vid. Ronan Keating must be hiding his head in the ground somewhere. EEeee!!!

Anonymous said...

She sings " lost in your eyes "
He sings " one night in Bangkok "
They all sing " scream "

Anonymous said...

P.I. Bala will now sing Eminen's "I'm Not Afraid".

Broomstick Witch said...

maybe the song from Seniman Bujang Lapuk (where all 3 rode on bicycles) or that song by Broery and Kak Pah perhaps..the one that goes "la.. la.. la.. la la la la la" seiring dan sejalan... that would really make my day! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

The 5 of them should band together and perform a choral version of Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyrie' in a video juxtaposed with 'tastefully' doctored pictures of HER face in various scenarios. Much like Glee ^__^