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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thank you, folks!

I'm okay, thanks. Really one.

Hello everyone. I have not been updating the Niamah!!! blog for sometime.

I just want to say "Thank you" to all of you who've been writing to ask if I am alright. Some even went as far as to ask if I was in jail somewhere up north. Sorry. I hate to disappoint you but it is nothing as dramatic as that. I have not been blogging mainly because I am getting so tired, as I am sure some of you are too, of what is being said and what is happening in the country the past few months. It is very hard to maintain a sense of humour with all the goings-on. I just feel like chucking it la. Don't you sometimes? But I love my country too much. And frankly, where else is there to go where the food is so good?

And now that budget has been announced I guess there is something to laugh about. If you're masochistic. Frankly, I have not really read it in detail. But I heard that hand-phones are going to cost a bit less now. Too bad la those of you who queued up and got your iPhone 4. But I guess if you're one of those a couple of per cent ain't going to make any difference to your financial budget.

Along with the budget I also know that the PM announced the building of Warisan Merdeka, the centre-piece of which is a 100-storey tower building. Taller than the Twin Towers and at current ratings second only to the Burj Kalifa in Dubai (I guess we all know what happened to their pockets). He also told us not to worry because the flers building this tower (PNB) are not going to use any of 'our' money or government's money (I thought it was the same thing. No ah?) Err...okay Mr. Prime Minister. If you say so.

Okay, I am not getting into the debate about the 'need' for another prime ministerial tombstone here. But what worries me is what are the residents of Kuala Lumpur going to do about the traffic gridlock that will be caused by the construction of this tower which at some point will coincide with the construction of the MRT? Both projects will be in the city centre, right? Can you imagine the traffic situation then? I shudder at even the thought of it. Do countries grant temporary emigrant status ah? Maybe we should move for the time they will take to build the Warisan Merdeka and the MRT ya?

Along with the 2010 Budget I also came to know that the budget for the new Istana Negara has gone up by another RM147million which means the new palace when completed would have cost the Malaysian taxpayer close to 1billion Ringgit!!! I think I shall avoid driving my daughter, Laura past the building site. I really don't know how to answer her question about money for palaces vs money for schools if she asks again.

I also read in the papers today that at the current Umno general assembly delegates have been heeding the PM and DPM's call to be moderate when debating on sensitive issues. Just goes to prove that Umno members are all very good and will follow their leaders' example. So if they have been less than moderate, waved weapons around and called for blood in past general assemblies they were merely doing the bidding of their Umno leaders. Right? So, Mr. Najib I would choose my words more carefully.



Amanda said...

It's good to see that you're back again! I love your blog posts!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pat, great to know that you are still in one piece,brother!BN no cow sense lah.Why build only 100 storey building and become 2nd tallest? Spent another few billions more and become the tallest on this planet hor!
So stupid wan.

Anonymous said...

You should recommend that book to our PM.

Anonymous said...

Whuttingile most advanced and develop countries are cutting budgets,imposing austerity measures, bolehland is spending like there is no tomorrow!Kala tidak apa, style mau!!

Anonymous said...

nice "comeback" post, Pat.

Anonymous said...

'IF i'm malaysian 1st , all the malays will shun me ...mati lah !!'

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Pat.

You forgot to mention the (mis)adventures of Tourist (not tourism) minister Yen Yen who like to cuti-cuti luar negara with our money, then tokkok to claim credit that she has contributed to tourist arrival.

My advice to you is to get venture capitalist to start a helicopter service in KL. Sure can make money one when the MRT and that 100-storey erection is taking shape.
You and your family can get a better aerial view of the famous palace.

Anonymous said...

“Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya,” Malaysiakin reported Najib as saying at the at the 61st Umno annual assembly

Er, is he going to send his Incredible Bulk, aka Rosmah with C4 to do the crushing and blowing up of bodies? I wonder......

Anonymous said...

“Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya,” Malaysiakini reported Najib as saying at the at the 61st Umno annual assembly

Er, is he going to send his Incredible Bulk, aka Rosmah with C4 to do the crushing and blowing up of bodies? I wonder......

MeidInMsia said...

What else can a "hapless" citizen do other than go "ah, that's Malaysia boleh" everytime we hear some idiotic senseless spending or building of mega projects that will be our loss. And God knows who's pockets get lined up because of these mega projects - definitely not the Rakyat's pockets. Reduce subsidy, but increase useless projects - why, that sure helps keep inflation down, oh wait, what's that extra 1% service tax that we need to pay? TOTAL NONSENSE - even a monkey can do a better job at the helm.

TC said...

The new palace is now RM1.2billion. It cost more than Singapore's largest and desalination plant in Asia with water quality that surpasses the WHO requirement, supplying water to the whole nation with the capability of turning seawater and sewerage water into life saving water at only SGD200M (RM480M) which also happens to be an engineering feat and massive development with opportunities for the Singapore Government to resell it's technology and services for countries who are looking to do the same. Another tallest tower? We can barely fill the Twin Towers as there are strict criteria to rent. an office there. Who are we really building these monuments for? A personal legacy to leave behind or for the growth of the nation and people? Sadly, they have never understood or refused to acknowledged the term "Putting a cart before the horse". With 1.6 million tax payers playing a part to support this country, I wonder what's happened to the rest? Of the 1.6 million, guess who they are...

Style mesti ada said...

Bajet is good and prihatin.

Now can wear original CK or Armani underwear tax-free. No need pasar malam one. Can go KLCC and buy, got style now.

Borrow with credit first, no need to worry because now stamp duty also got discount.

Anonymous said...

In a speech that is bound to raise the already high political-temperature in the country and drive investors further away, Prime Minister Najib Razak used violent language in his opening address to his Umno party, vowing to defend their five-decade stranglehold on the federal government even if it meant crushed bodies and lost lives.

1 Malay-sia(L) said...

did you see painting, on The Sun, of all the presidents of umno? the artist was spot-on la...

THEY were all indeed cartoon.

Anonymous said...

“Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya,”

Askar & Tentera will be deployed lah!

Anonymous said...

That fella just mentioned that who questions his rights will be facing crushed bodies, Bosnia lah, Rhwanda lar..... to beLieve a forked tongue chameleon lar ?

Anonymous said...

To beat taiwan which already has 101-storey we MUST build 102 stores lah !!

Anonymous said...

'To protect putrajaya , we MUST crush
our bodies & even lose our lives' !!

Anonymous said...

"Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya," so declares Prime Minister Najib Razak when he was frantically beating the war drums at the 61st Umno general assembly.

"Such strong words, such show of total desperation indeed," so remarks the man-in-the-street.

Najib has to be mindful that Pakatan Rakyat will not sit idly by. It's gearing up to launch a concerted assault on Putrajaya in the coming election. But both coalitions need to be responsible and moderate in speech and actions.

Irresponsible and extreme rhetoric could cause the loss of precious votes and defeat, as the electorates can't be cowered and oppressed anymore. They have matured and changed their thinking.

Play by the rules. If BN wins, it wins; if it loses, it loses. There's no need to threaten the loss of life.

Anonymous said...

We never want these "calling for blood" by Pm to eventuate at all. We hope the army, police, riot squads would stay neutral in all these, including all the royalty, as the fight for democracy is NOT fighting with the armed forces but the bad government only, in peaceful constitutional election ways.

I hope PM understand the full implication of his "caling for blood" posturings. You would be remembered for life as the PM who would spill blood instead of relinguish power gracefully in the next GE with the bn loss , as the oppositions have done peacefully over the most(all) electiions since merdeka. Step back from the brink if you still high on this "calling for blood" madness.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Pat.
Always look forward to your bloggings.

Weren't the rakyat asked to give comments & opinions & suggestions b4 the budget was announced?
I don't think we asked for this 100storey building, pay more taxes, pay for a 1billion rm palace that sleeps only 2-3 persons, a few hundred million to clean some bigshot's house in putrajaya, etc...!

Everytime a budget is announced it's money that's coming out for own intention. And that's big time money!

Why is it never this big amount for the rakyat's well being & future generations?
Good benefits for the old & OKUs? Help the homeless & rural poor? They do exist still even after 52yrs.

All these money (ours) are to benefit us in return but than again.....

Anonymous said...

'Specialist' Ng Yen Yen use statistics to lie. More than 75% of arrivals are from our immediate neighbours. If she is a specialist, she would have given the figures of arrivals from those countries where she went to promote and not hide under the general '24 million' which probably includes workers and day-trippers from Singapore, those coming from Indonesia for medical treatment and Thai drivers, etc.

What percentage are really the quality, big spending tourists? And yet we spend millions every year to maintain Tourism offices in countries like Russia, Canada, etc.

However, one thing I must agree with her, she is specialist in her field - specialist in shoring up her own ego!

Every time our ministers and their entourages splurge on an overseas trip, we need to woo in thousands of tourists to Malaysia just to get back the amount of money these ministers have spent.

kamal said...


Are you involved in the 'Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia'?

That Vietnamese Hung Le is a good stand-up comedian.

By the way, what is you next movie project? Malay movie or English movie?

Malaysianjustice said...

Hei Pat you got to read this!!

Sure give you a NIAMAH moment!!!

Anonymous said...

biar mati accident jangan mati aksyen (gaya mesti ada)

My Putri said...

nice one thr true indeed...

Anonymous said...

Najib said building the Merdeka Warisan towers will have multiplier effects that will help the poor bumis. Sorry – the poor indonesians and bangladeshi.

Wonder who NAJIB is trying to fool? Multiplier effect – what multiplier effect. Let’s see:

The consultants are likely to be foreigners
The architects engineers, QS, etc are likely to be foreigners
The bulk of the construction workers are likely to be foreigner
The building materials, except cement, are likely to be imported (and guess what, who owns the cement plant?)
The proponents (with their tens and hundreds of millions in commissions) are likely to park their money outside Malaysia.

So, what multiplier effect are we talking about?

Yes, the construction workers will be eating their nasi lemak and drink their kopi-O here. More like a divisional (as in division/multiplication) effect.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The cost of making the new palace shot up by more than 100%.
People are asking if it is to house the king or to feed umno's cronies.

If the 100 storey Menara Derhaka doesn't involve the public's money then why in the world the fella tied it into his national budget?

Another fishy thing is about his pension fund.
Such funds have no guarantees at all.
Today you put in the money and it might be all gone before the next sunrise.
Moving the EPF money into his suggested pension fund is indeed very fishy.

& the 111million for his 1st Janda of Malaysia (instead of 1st. lady) unproven project .

Very NiaMah indeed.

Anonymous said...

if dont have mega projects how to make money? now palace rm800mil, another 200-300mil by the time it is completed. imagine the money these fellas can make. easy money. The only problem is the kampung folks are too stupid to know they have been robbed. They will be too happy to receive rm200 every time GE comes a calling. I still cant understand why Pakatan Rakayt isnt making any in roads and explaining to them. Why so susah? Maybe they themselves too busy fighting amongst themselves for this and that position. As if they will be forming the next govt!

monsterball said...

Take it easy Pat...for such a Freedom Fighter like you for decades...will know when to have your engine full speed. seems 13th GE is near...and your wits are in great expose hantus accusing others as traitors.
Fondest regards.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering... are you a radio DJ on Kee Huat facts and fancies many, many years ago. I enjoyed that programme when I was much, much younger. Relieved to see that you have not joined our friends at Kamunting. I have grave worry for the blogger on Has been a silent key for awhile, should some kind soul check with Bukit Aman.

Anonymous said...


Looking at your picture, did you wet your bed?