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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Funny but true.

A friend of mine sent me this article purported written by a Captain Iskandar Dzulkarnain. I think you'll get a kick out of reading it. Pass it on.

An anonymous visitor left this comment which is an interesting suggestion. Might work too :-)

What Captain Iskandar didn't say was Perkasa should ask that ALL non-Muslims in Malaysia should be settled, voluntarily or forcefully to the island of Penang and then have the Penang bridge dismantled and introduce special passports for anyone crossing to the mainland.

Hey, that would probably be the best win-win solution!

Penang, with several millions of kafirs, could be the next Singapore or Hong Kong. With land reclamation, Penang will be 10X its present size. It will have a continuous pool of the best brains and a GDP that can match Singapore or Hong Kong. Of course, Penang will welcome with open arms Muslims who do not subscribe to Perkasa or UMNO or Mahathir.

Perkasa, UMNO and Mahathir can rule the rest of Malaysia any way they like, if they can keep the migrating Indonesians from taking over eventually, and making Melayu a minority tribe.

Gee! Wouldn't that be great!

Subject: Realistically !!!! Ban Everything !
By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain 
I am utterly dismayed that Islam, such a Great Religion, is being constantly ridiculed, not only by Non Muslims, but even by our younger generation of Malays. We keep on saying that we will protect the Good name of Islam with our lives, but we fail to see that our radical approach has smeared the good name of our Religion. Nowadays, Muslim does not even try to hold a topic over religion with our Non Muslim counterparts. We really have no rational answers as to why our Religion is so hypocritically abused by some half baked Malays.
Perkasa wants to have the Syariah laws amended to disallow Non Muslims to enter Mosques and Suraus. They also want the MCA president and the DAP assemblywoman to be placed under ISA for desecrating Islam. In fact, they want every Tom, Dick and Harry to go in. The video on Surau AL Falah is an eye opener to the amount of desecration tolerated. Sack the Surau committee and place them all, including the rest of the participants under ISA. Another picture apparently doctored, should be allowed the benefit of the doubt.
They should place their members at the National Mosque and Shah Alam Mosque to turn away the tourists. Dont just talk, start the action now. Forbid non Muslims to gaze at the mosque, just like we forbade them to utter GOD's name. And why stop there? Mosques and Suraus must be built with the sweat of Muslims and not with the sweat of foreign kafirs. At the same time put a 50 meter perimeter, around the mosques, so no non Muslims can get near the mosque. Anyone entering or leaving the mosque must show their identity cards to identify themselves as Muslims. 

Perkasa should also call for Shops and Restaurants to close during the month of Ramadan, and open at the Break of Fast. Muslims are still not strong enough to withstand hunger and will be tempted, if they see the sight of food, according to Perkasa.  

Perkasa should also call for all Pubs and Alcohol and Cigarettes to be banned as it harmful to our bodies and therefore considered Haram. Ban non Muslims from the homes of Muslims as well. While at it, All Muslims should be separated from non Muslims at the workplace, as Kafirs cannot work together with the righteous. Even better, segregate all the communities, kampongs and towns so that Muslims cannot stay together with the nons. Ban the community from celebrating our festivals together.
Kick out Astro cable TV as we have too many channels of shit to choose from. Go back to TV1, TV2 and TV3. Ban the internet, as it is a western tool to confuse the Muslims. Ban the cinema and all forms of Western entertainment like in Iran. Ban women altogether from public life. Ban women from driving. Ban cell phones, ban cosmetics as we are not going to see their faces anyway. Ban women from sitting in cars and motorbikes due to close proximity. In fact just ban cars and reintroduce horses and camels. Better for the environment anyway.  

We Malays love our Non Muslim brothers and sisters. Your presence in this country is a blessing. We feel sorry for making you feel sidelined. Somehow, some of our leaders think we should not mix. They think if we mix, we would be wrongly influenced to vote for the wrong party.  

We are supposed to be weak morally and religiously, easily influenced by the devil, our spines are still weak, and we need constant assistance, which only our government can give us. They always say, please be patient, and wait for the scraps to fall from the table. Sometimes, when the wind blows, the scraps do fall. They keep reassuring us to be satisfied with our meagre incomes, and to be happy with one meal a day. They say when you go to heaven, there will be a big feast. They tell us to protect Islam, these same leaders who are overweight and bulging. And after all these years, I still do not see the invisible enemy out there trying to destroy Islam and our way of life. As if I really have a life worth living!  

Perkasa must have been fighting very hard alone in the last half century to keep the enemy at bay. 

Lastly, the disparity with the Malays seem so huge from billionaires to abject poverty. This is such a big contrast between the non Malays that seem to have a majority of middle income earners. I scream at the thought of our younger Malay generation, so ill equipped to face the world, so inadequate to accept the simple challenges of employment in the private sector, and so stubborn not to accept that we are now in the 21st century. 

The Non Malays seem so at home, with their conventional attitude and command of language, and most of them are bi and trilingual. Is that why Perkasa seems so adamant at protecting us from sinking further? Even their leaders seem to fall into this category. 

So if our leaders feel that, in order for this country to progress, we must keep protecting our Racial and Religious Rights, we should in fact then ban everything and call it a day. Better go to heaven today as saints before it is too late, don't make a U turn and don't pay RM200. If we continue to stay on this earth and commit more sins unconsciously, we may lose our Right to enter heaven. Simply too many Satans around, for us weak sinners are easily tempted.  

With PERKASA's ideology, we don't really need 1Malaysia and we don't really need to exist. It is really up to us now to make the ultimate decision. Either we go or our leaders must go.

Perkasa, Mamak Mahathir (The pseudo Malay) and UMNO, you are the cause of the failure of the Malay race. You threatened your own race by belittling them. Gave rotten education that retard their thinking ability so that you can control them and manipulate them, for your own self interest. The other races in Malaysia are no threat to the Malays.

So please: All Hail the Chosen One!

Another first-hand account by an unpatriotic non-Malay Malaysian 


Anonymous said...

"At the same time put a 50 meter perimeter,"

I fully agree with this one. Make it 500 meter. or better still 1000meter. Most non-muslims will agree to this. The same appplies to churches and temples.

Anonymous said...

Ya just BANED evrythings so that we all very holy,sorry me no spook england very well.

KESIAN said...

Right on,Capt Dzulkarnain,it is UMNO,the mamak fler and PERKASA that is destroying the malay race.
Everyday we heard these group shouting fighting for this right and that right but actually fighting for their survival while the vast majority of their race(especially the youths) are creating social problems(mat rempit and snatch thief)and most of their graduates got no job after finishing university.

myba7p said...

Gosh! that was relieving! especially knowing that its written by a Malay (supposedly la..).
At least there is hope out there.

Joel Yap said...

True, but funny indeed.
They make laws in the name of religion for you-know-whose interests.

mahaza said...

hilarious but true....
still waiting perkasa to have their demos at US Embassy bcoz Obama said Assalamualaikum during his visit to Indonesia.....

Anonymous said...

What Captain Iskandar didn't say was Perkasa should ask that ALL non-Muslims in Malaysia should be settled, voluntarily or forcefully to the island of Penang and then have the Penang bridge dismantled and introduce special passports for anyone crossing to the mainland.

Hey, that would probably be the best win-win solution!

Penang, with several millions of kafirs, could be the next Singapore or Hong Kong. With land reclamation, Penang will be 10X its present size. It will have a continuous pool of the best brains and a GDP that can match Singapore or Hong Kong. Of course, Penang will welcome with open arms Muslims who do not subscribe to Perkasa or UMNO or Mahathir.

Perkasa, UMNO and Mahathir can rule the rest of Malaysia any way they like, if they can keep the migrating Indonesians from taking over eventually, and making Melayu a minority tribe.

Gee! Wouldn't that be great!

tupingera said...

Yessss, while they're at it, ban sanitary pad ads too....they make me, a certified devout Moslem, soooo horny.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh...sounds like it's back to zaman Jahiliah.

Wow, Penang, a new HK/Singapore in the making.

Anonymous said...

Great idea - send all orang kafir to all live in islands eg Tioman,Perhentian, Penang,Langkawi etc cannot come into contact with holy muslims otherwise contaminated

1 Malay-sia(L) said...

aiya kapitan teoh...
unfortunately there are not enuf "capt isk dzul" to make significant impacts...

and to anony 5:19pm,
no use if penang is still part of MALAYsia. the kafirs there will screwed and sucked dry.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Anonymous 5:19.
Here's an interesting article:

Singapore’s gross domestic product will cap its fastest annual growth this year since independence, rising as much as 15 percent to about $210 billion, while the economy of Malaysia, a country 478 times its size, will expand 7 percent to $205 billion.....

Anonymous said...


WTF happened to the chief perkosa, the fat ass ibrahim ali? There has been no news about this douche in the mainstream racist utusan melayu or berita harian compared with the daily updates of the chicken pox infected PM. I mean the racist papers even reported what the infected PM ate for breakfast but total blank out of the perkosa dick. Did he survive his bypass surgery or he kicked the bucket soon after? I could not find anything in the orbituary section of the utusan and TDM did not shed any tears so I guess the ibrahim dick is recovering somewhere......maybe on Jho Low's yatch with paris hilton.

Anonymous said...

There are no more moderate malays in Malaysia. Islam Hadhari is dead. Islam has been hijacked by Umno and Perkasa to control the malays. No malay dare to stand up for their right.

Lim Guan Eng is doing a good job in Penang. I trust him because he fought for a malay girl raped by an umnoputera but was put to 2-year Kamunting jail instead under sedition charge. Currently the local mainstream media is hitting him left right centre out of envy.

Umno cannot transform malays for the better. Forever they are trapped int he malay dilemma.
They are so scared to evolve for the better. Enough said.

p/s: Shit to mca.

VP said...

make sure the china dolls they flip around at Kara OK...oso certified halal!!..throw the haram ones at us..we'll gladly accept...!

Anonymous said...

You got my vote! Too many NUMBNUTS running the country and it's time for them to go. Sorry to say this but 'Malaysians' love to blow hard at nothing significant. Who gives a damn if you have the tallest, biggest and longest of everything when you can't even get decent amenities which by the way are controlled by the chosen few. Electricity, water, telephone and the air waves are controlled and much to my fear the Internet will be censured soon (not that it is not already). Malaysia a progressive and high income nation?? Well, not in my lifetime I'm afraid. NUMBNUTS!

Anonymous said...

Mamak kutty the celop want the gullible race to bow down before him and worship him and laughing at the back singing -

Dump didi dump or dump didi dump -

Bodoh punya orang kena tipu.Jangan risau , itu orang banyak cepat lupa senag ditipu.Bagi topi tinnggi pakai , syok selalu .Jangan Risau diapa mudah lupa dan mudah ditipu...

Dump didi dump oh dump didi dump..
Repeat Chorus.

Funny audition-BolihLand idol.
The Judges- Mahakutty , Tongkat Ali and Salah-Guni.

Jacque The Idiot said...

The return of the Zaman Jahiliah if that's what Perkasa want!

Setia Selalu said...

Do we - the Chinese and Indians and moderate Malays - want to vote for a BN/Umno-led government that controls a thrash publication like Utusan Malaysia.

What's so auspicious or sacred about an infamous day like May 13, which left our history and race relations scarred for all time. All right-minded voters should totally reject all BN candidates at the next GE. We need to bring some sanity back into our government.

May 13th is always the favourite case for this corrupted racist regime ever since 41 years ago. What is their motive? Is it to instigate some ultras to make the darkest day in Malaysia history happen again?

In doing so, they can nail down the opposition leaders with ISA. It will allow them to formulate another NEP-like policy just to loot the nation and rakyat's money for another 41 years to further enrich Umnoputras.

The racist rag Utusan, which is owned by Umno, is the real face of Umno. 1Malaysia is just a thin mask over that ugly face, and the mask is becoming undone.

Anonymous said...

if only there were more people like this in the country....

Anonymous said...

Perkasa can continue harping on racism. Thousands of skilled Malaysians have already left the country, and many more are contemplating to emigrate. Tens of billions of $ has also left our shores. Bloomberg reported today, that Singapore's economy ( ie GDP )is poised to overtake Malaysia this year. Can you imagine that the economy of the little red dot is bigger that Malaysia, a country 478 times larger. Singapore will become Aseans third largest economy, pushing us to fourth place. Next to overtake us will be Vietnam.

Perkasa, please continue to harp on racism. The rest of the world is pulling ahead. Soon we will be in the same league as the failed states of Pakistan and Mymmar.

Anonymous said...

wouldnt mind moving to penang then, hey can we have our own currency?

Anonymous said...

If I were the Almighty Creator I would be seriously questioning my handiwork to find out where I went wrong in creating mankind, because too many people are so damned stupid when it comes to "being religious". I'm sure that's not what the Creator intended.

I mean, do you seriously think that the Creator intended that eating pork is a crime worthy of caning a kid? Go tell that to the more than 1 billion people in China who eat pork, not to mention another 1 billion plus people elsewhere across the world who also eat pork. Try wielding your cane against any one of them outside Malaysia and see what happens to you!

To say that this punishment was meted out by a religious sadist doesn't go far enough, because it seems as though many politicians in Malaysia have the same pathetic mindset. It is things like this that make me very angry with religion, which should be a completely personal thing. But you will always get those who use religion as the excuse for satisfying their own personal desires and lusts, as this teacher did. Which one is the more disgusting even for decent Muslims – that pathetic teacher or a poor innocent pig?

najib manaukau said...

With muslims like shenanigan Mahathir, Sarawak C.M. Taib, former Selangor M.B. and the Malaysian civil servants that you get in touch with almost daily just to name a few examples who on this earth wants to be a muslim.
A religion not only tainted with but filled with corrupted people not to mention the atrocities committed least you too are also tainted with such corruption if you embrace Islam.
One begins to wonder what can Islam teach you !

Anonymous said...

Talibanisation is slowly but surely taking its place in the malaysian society, eroding the secularism, no thanks to the narrow-minded flers of Perkasa and Umno.

While this is taking place, The GDP of Singapore is overtaking ours.

Anonymous said...

As long as Malaysian remain stupid, UMNO will keep on fooling them again and again.
Despite all the venom, insults and vitriol spewed at the Chinese and their children, they still voted for UMNO in Galas.

If the non-Malays want to vote for UMNO despite being called ‘prostitutes”, ‘beggars’, ‘pendatangs’ ‘unpatriotic’ and wild accusations of challenging Malay rights, then they deserve this treatment.

For once and for all we must treat UMNO like lepers.

Anonymous said...

Oh great. Iskandar are trying to be a clown again? I hope Iskandar was here to read Niamah blog and told him at his sticking face.

If Penang was separated from Malaysia with all what you seems 'kafir', I guess commandment from Quran teach you some shit. Take my advice, just burn it and plu-lease read more academic books. Get real, Quran wont provide you bread and butter. Whats more interpreting Quran literally means you have a low IQ. Pathetic.

If you claimed most of the Western products are kafir, then why are you still using Western technology? Cars, Microphone, Phones, etc.

Aren't you being kafir as well? Great! You just lost your passport to heaven or do you ask for forgiveness from Ya Allah every time you used them? No worries, I would meet you in Hell and belanja you satay babi.


Wadiyamato said...

Why only very inclusive and 1Malaysia speeches/statements before by-elections but racist slurs and very anti-1Malaysia sentiments especially after Umno/BN by-election victories?

Malaysians are entitled to ask the reason for the recent phenomenon – why only very inclusive and 1Malaysia speeches/statements before by-elections but racist slurs and very anti-1Malaysia sentiments especially after Umno/Barisan Nasional by-election victories?

ktteokt said...

May 13 should be declared as "BUTCHERS' DAY" with butchers from UMNO parading the streets to show their KEGAGAHAN!

Anonymous said...

There were 156 voters who were more than 100 years old whose names appeared in the electoral rolls of the recently concluded Batu Sapi by-election.

But they were also found to be dead, with death certificates issued by the National Registration Department (NRD).

Anonymous said...

Singapore is poised to overtake Malaysia as the third largest economy in South-east Asia by the end of this year. Citing their respective governments' forecasts, Bloomberg reported that Singapore's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to hit US$210 billion ($270 billion) on the back of 15 per cent annual growth, its fastest since gaining independence, while Malaysia is projected to grow by 7 per cent to US$205 billion GDP.

Anonymous said...

Just came back from Turkey on a visit. It's a country with > 90% muslim and it's an eye opening for me to see how moderate, open and tolerant they're towards religion. The Blue Mosque(1 of the icon for istanbul) has thousands of visitors visiting daily regardless of religion and sex. I believed they're proud of what they've and sharing with the rest of the muslim and non-muslim world. Isn't that great and what it supposed to be ? That's the first time I step in a mosque.

I've spoke to some locals, to most of them, they believed religion is a personal thing. "No one has the right to enforce someone else to practice what's in the religion. "Whether I'm going to hell or heaven, that's my problem and not yours. I can be a good person with compassion and peaceful, but I might or might not be a good muslim/christian/etc." How true. It's also a country that do not mix government & religion.

Something we could learn from them.

Ibrahim Cock said...

Why Ibrahim Ali the fag so quiet recently ha?

No balls to talk when election is near is it? Or mouth being stuffed with Umno's dick since not all malays support them, hence making non-malays - the deciders

C'mon la, you're the PERKASA chief what...say something la

Anonymous said...

Our ringgit should be appreciating faster than say, the Singapore dollar, when both currencies are compared against the US dollar, but this is not happening.

Before the 1997 financial crisis, they also said our ringgit was undervalue in PPP term, but the crisis came and our ringgit depreciated from RM2.50 to RM3.80 to US$1. Then you look at the recent currency movements, and yes, the ringgit is appreciating against the US dollar but it is depreciating against all major currencies.

So it is not because the ringgit is strong, it is because the US dollar is weak.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

here i come guan eng. mahatir, you and your perkasa can continue to take your bethrens for a good ride. bye.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ibrahim Cock

How can you talk if your weak jantung cannot pump enough blood to your mouth?

Anonymous said...

The rakyat should rise and kuburkan umno/bn.

i) register as a voter. i am one.

ii) chip in a ringgit or two during pakatan functions. i do.

iii) attend seminars by friendly ngos. i do. frequently.

iv) do not ignore the kampung folks and natives. the more u ignore them (u r practising the class thing), the more umno likes it.

v) dont just write and give your gem of an insight in the net/blogs. we need attendance and money to continue fighting umno/bn.

Vernette 小米 said...

O I so want to click "LIKE" to this!!! but I couldn't find the button la...

Anonymous said...

Hello all. Mearnt to be rude. Is the fellow Perkasa Imbrahim die aready ah ?? no more sound one ??

From: Chinese born in Msia ...oops sorry kena bonded kuat kuat in Msia .Bonded kaki also tangan .But still can cari makan drive new Camry and children got many many As ,all study in Aussie land. I am very clever lah...

Anonymous said...

That Ibrahem Perkosa sudah kena AIDS lah ... kongkek himself - that's why no news!

Anonymous said...

Many Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians and cyber troopers had been hounding both Yayasan Selangor and PKNS over the shenanigans over the last two years.

Their silence, however, was deafening when they and their own party leaders and members had partaken in trips to Disneyland and Venice; and bought a RM160,000 watch for the then mentri besar.

Anonymous said...

A must read to understand the issue of fixation of everything halal and islamic:

Anonymous said...

I agreed fully with anon 5:19am, we should have a special den where we put ALL NON MODERATE AND NON PATRIOTIC shame to admit Malaysian. That will show their true colors just like you see in a real pig's den. It'll be a pig eats pig world. 1PiG the way to go - no religious , no political , eat anything that walk with its back facing the sun , fu+k everything, sell everything even your mother if need be and what have you not. That's progress in their definition. Darned fool.

Why don't my ancestors thought of this earlier before handing citizenship $%zzz!@@!%&&*%$$

Life is a choice and you decide what's your choice no one force you to be here. You believe in afterlife so if don't like with your present life ends it. Who knows you might be reborn in Europe with blue attractive eyes no more sepet or may be next life you are born a l a k a z a m...........Singaporkian!

Good $uck. .

Spirit of Brooke said...

Dissent in Sarawak has gone on air via shortwave radio, with the launching of Radio Free Sarawak transmitting from London twice a day. The aim is to reach people in the interior of Sarawak, where shortwave radio is still an important medium and far from being an anachronism in an age of FM radio, Internet broadcasting, and podcasts.

The broadcasts are, of course, also available live on the Internet and as downloadable podcasts: Episode 1 and Episode 2

The Sarawak broadcasts are transmitted on the shortwave frequency of 7590 kHz, at the high end of the 41 metre band, from 6.30-7.30am and repeated at 6-7pm on 15869 kHz in the 16 metre band. While reception should be fair at the 41m band, it will probably be more crackly at 16m if past experience is any guide (atmospheric conditions willing).

Anonymous said...

I feel sad that Aidiladha is around when I see animals being sacrificed in the most barbaric and cruel ways! Imagine tying a cow to a tree and then killing it in public! Only uncivilized people will do it.

And imagine what will happen if the animal tied to the tree is not a cow but a khinzir, and the person carrying out this cruel act is not a Muslim but some other race! What would be the result?

We have two different animals being brutally murdered by two persons from different races but the result will be totally different, wouldn’t it?

Anonymous said...

mr. imbrahim ,dont know whether if he would say tks to those NO MALAY - doctor ,nurses ,hosp.staff , hosp.jaga and all involves in the running of the hosp. so that to ensure he gets the best treatment .

nevertheless , i wish him well. to be sick is really tough . irregardless of race.

from .pendatang / came to msia as prostitute. better then my neighbour muthu who whose forefather came as beggers..chee bai aneh saw me writing this stuff .....hey aneh?? joking only lah.....fucker you got to cut down your booze .....what ?? called me mata sepat ..fucking chhe bai...say one time ..??????????

Anonymous said...

Good idea. If the bridge is dismantled, I will migrate to Penang. Period.

sakit gigi said...

Why did the IRB (Inland Revenue Board) not carry out investigation to find out where Dr Mohd Khir Toyo got his money to build his luxurious mansion?

An ordinary taxpayer would have long ago been served notice to explain where he got his income from to afford such a luxury mansion. Can Khir explain his source of income during his tenure as the MB of Selangor?

How much did it cost him to purchase the land for his mansion? All this should be properly investigated to clarify allegations that the land was sold to him at nominal value.

Anonymous said...

What’s going on in Selangor?
Lot’s of news on corruption n corrupt practices coming out fr there.

Committed by PR kakis? Or by UmnoB/BN-controlled Little Napoleons in Selangor?

PR-controlled Selangor no teeth 2 go after d corrupt tooth-doctor?

What abt d royal Shah Alam hospital project? Where has all d $$$$ gone?

Selangor kena sembelih, how long more PR wants Selangor 2 continue bleeding?

Time 2 KORBANkan some nasty corrupt individuals!

Anonymous said...

Aiyoo Patrick! Return all the Boeing and Airbus planes cos they are made by infidels and bought from infidels . Let the muslims in this country ALL use camels (Green mah!). We can have a camel airport for muslims only with a route specifically to go to heaven (camel code: CML 786) whereas the non muslims will use KLIA with all the planes.Muslims should not use computers, TV, radios, cars etc cos all made by INFIDELS!!Lets see PERKASA tackle this issue!!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe we shud implement muslim and non muslim currency as well since they wanna be that pious, that means tax money from alcohol and gambling or anything haram cannot be used to build mosques or anything muslim. -____-

Anonymous said...

The quality of the students in Malaysian schools is reflective of the quality of Malaysia's political leadership.

When you have ministers that behave like samseng (gangsters), who cannot engage in a proper debate without getting emotional and turning every issue into a racial issue, who care more about their own and their cronies' welfare instead of the country's welfare and who cannot think nationalistically but racially, what other outcome do you expect?

That's why the country is slowly but surely becoming a failed state. The high crime rate, people's lack of respect for the law (look at the number of people beating the traffic lights and ignoring traffic rules) and the attitude of politicians who believe that as long as you have money and power you can do what you like.

I fear for the future of this country and the future of our next generation.

There is an Umno grand plan to dis-educate the masses (Malay masses, mainly), by letting them think they are highly-educated.

The reason to dis-educate them is so that they are easier to control, and when given high positions in government-linked companies (GLCs) and government agencies, they feel like they owe their life to Umno as they will be the only people who hire them through our GLCs and civil service. These 'slaves of higher learning' will do Umno's bidding without shame.

So the education system is not a failure, but an absolute success from Umno's point of view.

Anonymous said...

In Seremban. A local council swimming pool practise sex segregation. I remember many years ago ,I took my family around 5pm and after paying for the ticket and upon ready to get into the 50m pool ,a life guard (i assume he is..) said..tak boloh mix ,perempuan sana ,you sini ok. Wife and daughter go to a smaller pool liken to a today's spa pool . Thus 'robbing' me of a day of family fun at a the pool on a hot day .

well ..think again,better then living in bush-bombed country afgn. where female are not allow to work,go to school ..but can be fuck anytime and any which way the tabilban in disguse -afgn people wants...oops not age limit and next of kin issue problem.

Anonymous said...

funny lah : 'than' & 'then'... manyak ppl have mixed up here & there lah !

KW CHANG said...

RE:De educate the Mass

very easy.small boy also can do. Pls look at the video on "YES TO ISA"
hoodlum for hire . I think the most Rm50.00 buck person .Maybe the Songkok fellow get extra Rm20.00 buck.

I bet if you watch closely,some of those actors ,has the look on their face ,like " sudah ke belum..cukup ..lah...pukimak Rn50.00 aje..panas lah...cepat ...sudah lah ..jom pergi minum.

Oh yah a few Mamak there too probably paid Rm25.00 buck..only .! 50% discount kaki !

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking.....Freedom of speech and a Democratic country may be too far fetched to expect....peanuts are given to monkeys who works, the rest goes to those fat bellies that runs the pretentious, so the end, it is always Race & Religion.....because can't think of nothing else

I wonder, do we actually live in a multiracial Malaysia ??? Perhaps that is why ISA is so darn important to those protect interests

I cheered for her when we make history, I toil when economy was tough, I feel sad when tragedies happen here....I am proud to be a Malaysian but pissed off with our leaders !!!

Anonymous said...

Is there are desert that we can put this Kapten on?