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Friday, November 05, 2010

Happy Deepavali

Wishing all Malaysians of the Hindu faith
A Very Happy Deepavali


Anonymous said...

A good write-up on the sad ending of P Ramlee's career and life. A must read:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Deepavali everyone! =)

Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Deepavali to PI Bala.
He needs our support!

ktteokt said...

Let the light of Deepavali drive away the darkness which now clouds over MALAYSIA!

Anonymous said...

Balasubramaniam's request for a re-opening of his case file will not happen under an Umno-run Malaysia. This much is true. And as long as national issues are not translated into equal concern amongst rural and semi-rural voters, Umno will rule the roost.

Incidences such as Altantuya Shaariibuu, Teoh Beng Hock and A Kugan are but collateral damage in their desire to remain in power. Sadly, I think nothing much is going to change in this country, despite a large number of the online community and urban voters being anti-establishment and keen to call Putrajaya to account.

Power in Putrajaya, as it stands today, is more reliant on non-urban constituencies than it does with the latter. I feel very sorry for Altantuya, Teoh and Kugan. When will they ever get justice?

Anonymous said...

Calling all Penangites.

Voter registration on
Sunday 7th November at
PISA (11am-9pm);
Gurney Plaza (11am-930pm)

Anonymous said...

Calling all Penangites.

Voter registration on
Sunday 7th November at
PISA (11am-9pm);
Gurney Plaza (11am-930pm)

NXT said...


Did you read this on NST:

Mara offers to train Mat Rempit and Mak Nyah

Anonymous said...

MCA's futile attempts in its call for action against school principals and teachers for racist, insensitive and inappropriate behaviour highlights its complete irrelevance in the Barisan Nasional Government

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the 'controversial' Deepavali ad by Finas?

Endthiren said...

As a Hindu, I take offence to such commercials which were aired during Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Deepavali.

There is no reason for the Hindu father of the Muslim convert to feel elated after he buys him a Malay attire for Hari Raya or their Muslim daughter-in-law giving birth to twins during Deepavali when their convert son is not supposed to celebrate Deepavali in the first place.

I guess this is the subtle message of 1Malaysia. We are 'one' provided all of us eventually belong to one faith - Islam - and follow one culture - Malay.

Just watch the Malay dramas and see how they portray the Muslim converts praising their newfound religion sky high just days after their conversion or how the convert condemns his or her previous religion. Doesn't the TV stations know that such portrayal hurts the feelings of non-Muslims? Or is it that they just don't care because it's part of the government's hidden agenda.

What is the MIC's views on these commercials? Silence is golden, perhaps!

Anonymous said...

Finas director-general Mohd Mahyidin Mustakim, you say the ad is like a Bollywood drama. Can your next ad follow the storyline of 'My Name is Khan' where a Muslim, played by Shah Rukh Khan, marries a Hindu and she retains her religion?

And Shah Rukh Khan has, in real life, married a Hindu who retains her religion. Yet Shah Rukh is greatly respected in Malaysia and was even bestowed the title of 'datuk' in this country.

Why don't Finas come out with a movie where the Muslim girl converts to Hinduism or Christianity? Why must it always be the other party converting? If you want to show something about 1Malaysia, it has to be one of mutual respect, not a one-way street only.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mamat Khalid's movie 'Estet', getting Indians to act in a malay movie with Indian theme.

We should support local movies that celebrate our diversity, although Finas chose to be bias to focus only one particular race.

I hope David Teo could do likewise to incorporate Chinese elements on his malay movies. David has made millions of ringgit but he has never promote multi-culture in his movies. Shame on him for 'lupa daratan' by conforming 100% to Finas.

Nexus said...

MCA buys 42% stake in Star for RM1.28 billion. Imagine all papers like NST, Berita Harian , Star and bla-bla all own by political parties in BN.

What kind of news do you expect to hear from the arrogant BN.

Do you expect BN to print news that favour the oppositions.
These papers are only use as brain wash medium, what an unfair political tools they have.
How can a political party controls almost all papers in a country?????.

What kind of truth can you read from papers nowadays???.

Anonymous said...

I hope we do not wait until Hari Raya Haji to see your next posting.

There are plenty of things to niamah about.

Check the loyalty issue of that Zaidi Goondoo. and the self-destruction of pkr.

Anonymous said...

Mamat Khalid could collaborate with David Teo to produce a movie with malays and Chinese as main actors/actresses involving a 1 Malaysia theme as movie plot.

Radhi said...

I have watched ESTET and I must commend Mamat Khalid for his great effort to foster muhibbah. It would have been better if he has a central Chinese character in the movie (Hint: Try Patrick Teoh next time, he is so versatile that he can act as a Japanese in Sumo-Lah).

Mamat lost out in the best movie category in the recent FFM. I guess the message from Finas is that they want Mamat movies to have malays playing in the dark with Zombies in Kampung Pisang, rather than malays celebrating diversity with our Indian community in an estate.

Too bad a good 1 Malaysia spirit in Estet is not recognized while our ex-PM is still struggling to find the meaning of 1 Malaysia. Again Finas believes more in the malay Magikal dongeng. Rais may indirectly want the malays to live in a virtual fairyland of pak pandir, rather than to 'jalin mesra' in a real world with the Indian brothers and sisters.

I hope Mamat will ignore those 'guidelines' by Finas and be a true movie maker to showcase the rich culture of diverse Malaysia, and to make a true Malaysian movies that all Malaysians can watch in memory of Yasmin Ahmad and P. Ramlee.

Anonymous said...

FINAS need to change its policy to align with 1 malaysia. othwerwise local malay movies will never be successful in the international arena becos the 'malay' movies are too narrow in focus and theme (i.e. syiok sendiri) and does not reflect the rich multi-cultural diversity of Malaysia.