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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just a couple of random rants la. Reader discretion advised.

I have a couple of stories to share with you.  The first is about the news article in The Sun today which said that general practitioners, the neighbourhood doctors, are earning much less money than they used to.  When a good GP used to see up to 150 patients a day the average these days was more likely to be about 20 says the report. The report suggested that patients are availing themselves to the affordable private healthcare facilities around the country.  Affordable???!!! Not when private health-care is owned and operated by businesses and businessmen who demand increased profits year after year!  Yesterday I went to a private hospital for a procedure which cost me RM2,400++. I had the same procedure done in the same hospital by the same doctor (who charged me the same price) for RM1,200++ in 2007!

What's that got to do with the story about general practioners?  Errr...nothing. I just wanted to rant. Can ah?

I am sure that you must have read in the papers today that the Malaysian police flers are on some sort of campaign to 'soften' their image. So that the next time a mata-mata approaches a person that person will not think that he/she has done something wrong and is to be summoned or have anything to 'selesai' (settle).  I think that is a grand idea.  And yesterday I had a small taste of that campaign working. I was at the Mutiara Damansara Balai Polis to lodge a report. On entering the gate of the balai I was met by a Sgt. Rahim with a genuine, broad smile. We exchanged pleasantries. And when I asked about his day and if he was busy he replied that he was out on the beat to "meet" people and make sure that his personnel was doing their bit to improve the image of the PDRM.  Wah!!! I was pleasantly impressed.

I went into the balai, made my report and then.....she gave me a half-smudged copy of the report with all the important details illegible. What?! Sorry boss, 'toner habis' (toner finished). Then? But encik can go to any police station and buy (yes, you have to to pay RM2) a copy. Okay, I thought since I have to go to the commercial crimes division to lodge another report (on the same case because I was informed by Mutiara Damansara that what I was reporting would also involve the Commercial Crimes Div who must investigate the case) I could get a copy there.  So I drive across town to the Commercial Crimes Div which is in Jalan Yong Shook Lin, made my report to an Inspector. When I asked if I could get a copy of the report I'd made at Mutiara Damansara she made one for me.  But then informed me that the copy she'd given me would not be valid for an insurance claim for which I had to get a certified copy of the Mutiara Damansara report. But she added that I could buy one for RM2 from the main PJ Police Station almost right next door. And so I drive over there, parked illegally on the road, went to the counter to buy the report, waited about 3 minutes and then was told that the counter was CLOSED until 2 pm. It was 12.55 pm.

Never mind, I had something to do in Kota Damansara and there was a balai polis there. So after my errands I went to the balai to buy my copy of the report (remember, the original police person told me that I can get one from ANY balai polis). The flers in the Kota Damansara balai stared and said, "That one is those blue uniform flers. Kami sini Trafik la."  So no report.  Never mind. I will go back to the MAIN police station in PJ there. Sure can on. Main one ma. So I negotiate traffic back from Kota Damansara to PJ State. Illegally parked on the road. Went to the counter on the 1st floor. FUCK!!! Closed. They close at 3pm. Lunch from 1-2pm then close at 3pm???!!!

So I guess the PDRM have more to achieve before we, the public will change our perception about their image and intentions in a hurry. Sorry la.



Monica Voon said...

Hahaha ... but actually it's only funny the way you wrote about your ordeal. I have only one question Patrick: Are you using Adam again in your blog photo?

patrickteoh said...

Ssssshhhhh but don't tell him okay? He might start charging. Glad you found the story a little amusing. That was my reason for writing it. Thanks.

Gerak kurang Khas said...

Wah Polis got no money to buy toner?

Maybe the pistol also got no peluru?

Tiger said...

Hahaha, welcome to the real world, Pat!
Hopefully, the new IGP can help to lessen the red tape.
I had to go 3 times to the USJ police station to get a copy of my accident report.
They need to buck up on efficiency!

Sgt Galak said...


Send your story to Yusof Haslam to make a good script for his Gerak Khas show. make sure your get the commission.

Anonymous said...

Hello Patrick,

You cannot blame the police mah. They are very busy meeting the public every day (including those that are supposed to be working behind the counters) to show their new softer image so where got time to mind the shop or buy new toners. Meeting the public is very important for the police as they are emulating the PM's walkabouts which the PM claimed had strengthened the public's confidence in our police and reduced the crime rate.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat, where can leopard change its spots. Can talk only, talk is cheap but can't walk the walk. No wonder they need so many mata-mata to do what they supposedly do, so far for efficiency. 'ciak liau be' as in hockkien speak( wasted the rice!)Can you billed PDRM for your time and wasted petrol and wear and tear on your car, a real bang wall. Balai supposedly to be buka 24/7 365 days lah!!

Anonymous said...

kopi-O! kopi-O!

haiyah u never heard of that drink before meh?

drink one cup, all your problems selesai, man.

if u want to add in tongkat ali, ginseng and whatnot, of course, the price will go up higher.

but selesai even faster...

Anonymous said...

Hello Muhyiddin, have you read this yet:
BBC: Obama hails Indonesia as model.

“US President Barack Obama holds up Indonesia as an example of how a developing nation can embrace democracy and diversity.”

Soon, Malaysians will end up as TKM (Tenaga Kerja Malaysia) in Indonesia in the same way Indonesians working in Malaysia are known as TKI.

Wonder if Malaysian Cabinet is even worthy to walk behind and smell the fart of the Indonesian Cabinet.

Anonymous said...


This is what you call the circus has come to tow. this is why UMNO wants to employ more in the civil service because their hands are short nut long into the pockets

Kamal said...

Not ALL PDRM stations are inefficient. I lost my wallet recently and I went over to the Kuala Pilah Balai at 9.30PM (malam not siang )to make a report. I was attended to very courteously. It took me all of about 10 minutes to make my report and get my copy, after paying my RM2.00 How's that for efficiency. People are more friendly in small towns you think?

Anonymous said...

commercial crime div? what happened?

kena scammed?

i did. something to do with those plots of land in UK. Oh yes, how can we forget Captain Marvel endorsing it over on ESPN.


Anonymous said...


Just read the article on Malaysian Insider about Singapore trashing Malaysis in attracting global talents. Some comments from people are really hilarious, for instance ...

Malaysia is a joke.
If you want comedy just drop by parliament and you can see the clowns in action.

Malaysia trails Singapore in attracting brains...But end up losing again and again....When the system is not right and equal, brains will know..

Here's a govt spin for you, conversely this also means- Malaysia is one the top exporters of brains in the world! Malaysia boleh.

If there is another survey done, Malaysia might beats Singapore in 'BRAIN DRAINS", Hurray.

The Special One said...

If you want to show your 'patriotism', go buy the latest Nike team Malaysia football jersey or T-shirt with the slogan 'Tanah Tumpah Darahku', instead of wearing the 'haram' MU jerseys depicting the 'red devils'.

Patriotism is also been commercialised in Malaysia. How sad.

Anonymous said...

I regret to read again in another incident that several robbery suspects including a teenager, were all shot dead ‘in self-defence’.

Why oh why are there NEVER any survivors?

Why are they always armed with parangs and machetes and are always attacking the police who have to shoot them all dead?

Anonymous said...

Need to pay RM2(officially) for a copy and yet the printer is not maintained properly, that's MalaysiowBoleh!
Where is the KPI?
All IGPs and Home Ministers, past & present always claim that police reports can be made at any station but they never tell you that the investigating officer must be from the crime location. Why the fucks want to waste time, go straight to the IO station(ask if don't know) to make the reportlah and save the hassle of being ding-donged all over town.

Anonymous said...

MCA's Ti Lian Ker's continued baseless accusations towards Selangor State Government's no-racial-quota education loans continues to expose the hypocrisy of MCA's support for 1Malaysia

MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker's continued wild accusations that the Chinese have been neglected in the awarding of Selangor State education loans reeks of racism and exposes the hypocrisy of MCA's support for 1Malaysia.