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Friday, November 26, 2010

Things I learned today. Today.

 Bull? No. Just bacteria.

They always say that we learn new things everyday so today was no different. What did I learn today?

1.      There are actually such creatures as Professional Online Gamers!  People who play computer games online for a living.  How do they get jobs like that? Sit at home all day and play games. And get paid enough to make it a career?

2.      The bottle of beefy goodness that I bought from the supermarket turns out to be 100% VEGETARIAN!!! I had always thought that BOVRIL was made from beef. Turns out I was wrong according to the Unilever label on the bottle.  100% vegetarian!!! When the fuck did Bovril become vegetarian??? Since I was a kid vegetarian meant Marmite. And Bovril was beef.  This is really traumatic for me. Another childhood memory becomes a shattered illusion. Could they have brought out a vegetarian variant? Why?

3.     The state of Selangor debuts its first English language newspaper today. It's called the Selangor Times. And it's free. I think. Anyone seen it?
What did you learn today?

p/s turns out I am the f**king idiot. I went to do a quick check on Wikipedia and discovered that Unilever in 2004 changed the composition of Bovril from a beef extract to a yeast extract! Unilever also claimed that in taste tests conducted 40% preferred the original and 50% the new taste. 10% didn't notice the difference!  

So, there you go. We learn something new everyday.


chynatown said...

Bovril vegetarian??? Bloody ripoff!!!! Like yourself, I was brought up to believe through all the marketing bullshit that Bovril was made from beef. Good thing I love Marmite more than Bovril...heheheh!

KY said...

in places like Korea, professional gaming is serious stuff, they train 14 hours per day and aren't allowed to even have a gf.

Fang-ming said...

I also grew up on Bovril = beef (bovine) and Marmite = Vego stuff!

Next thing I know Scotts Emultion doesn't have any Cod Liver oil innit... that would make me almost cry...

justju! said...

Pat, you should have a vote button for "head-smacking OMG"... shattered childhood memories, indeed...

Christopher said...

Dey, its because of the mad cow disease lah.

Stevie said...

Hi Pat, for 1. it depends on who you work for, for instance, gamer can be game tester, they are to play the game to test out the game before its new releases or upgrades, they also play the games to provide feedback to the game developer to let them know what are to be improvised.

There are also gamers who play game for competition, they train very hard to compete with others. Usually these competitions, are organised by the game company, as a way of promoting their products.


Tiger said...

Not sure if you know, but Bovril was changed to capture the Indian market.
Just like Polo mints used to have beef extract, and then changed to vegetable extract or something like that.
Yeah, don't know lah, but I think I prefer the old "meaty" Bovril in childhood days.

Liz said...

I also didn't know Bovril had become vegetarian. I'm a Marmite person, though I am not vegetarian!

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Anonymous said...

I also learn something new today,

My lesson is, pussy is the best thing the world has ever had.

Iain said...

So should we start calling you Mr 10 per cent?

MAC Cosmetics said...

Nice post. Hopefully you would share more good info about fat loss in the future too.

nstman said...

I chanced upon the Selangor Times this morning. Boy, it was quite a good paper. And boy, surprise, surprise. Tiuniamah, or Niamah, wrote a beautiful piece. That will give me reason to read the paper every week. By the way, if you want to read the truth, the fucking truth, and nothing but the tiuniamah truth, stop reading the New Shit Times and the Fucking Star, and start reading the Selangor Times. By the way, it was supposed to be a Pakatan paper, but I could only see one photo of Khalid in the whole paper. Fantastic. Tiuniamah, good bye.

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 2:21 PM JUST learned that pussy is the best thing the world ever had. Poor guy!

No lain, I don't belong to the 10% but the 40% who prefer the old Bovril.

MAC Cosmetic, who you calling fat?

nstman, glad you enjoyed the inaugural issue of The Selangor Times. Teohlogy appears there once a month. Now to tell people HOW and WHERE they can get copies of The Selangor Times!!! Duh!

Riduan Ti said...

My family has a secret recipe for Babimite (not halal). Taste better!

solidleong said...

Yeah! Tell us where and how to get the selangor times, man.

Anonymous said...


I missed the beefy taste of Bovril for 20+ years and almost bought a jar of Bovril last week but resisted because it was RM15 for a small jar. Thank god that I did not make the purchase because I ain't paying RM15 for a vegan yest extract.

Ray said...

Thanks for in info on Bovril. I still thought it was beef stock. Can be so misleading especially when the haven't changed the label. Cheers!! Patrick

Li Huat Chai said...

Patrick, we all learn something from you today. Many thks ! If that is the case why buy Bovrill when it is more expensive than Marmite??? That is why read labels before you buy anything even with stuff that you are familiar as this is a rapid changing world, wa ha ha !!!

Yeo Eng said...

Dey ... Bovril switched to yeast extract after Bovril 'DIED' from MAD COW DISEASE ... Niamah should know mah ... anyhow, Marmite tastes so much original & better than yeasty-copycat Bovril ...

nstman said...

The public demand that Niamah write every week, not month.

Anonymous said...

Professional gamers don't have it so good in China:

The Slaves of the Cyberworld - Part 2 of 2

No Fakes said...

I forgot there are also fake tears....


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Nobody reads labels these days do they? LOL! Just like our YBs' don't know until too late!

Anonymous said...

Bovril, Marmite and Vegemite all made from veggies. Least you forget that old Bak Kut teh is now 'meat bone tea'! Still tickles me when I hear this cause our 'pendatang' dish has been adapted for the general masses. Should have been Meat 'bonner' tea if you ask me!!! What next? Let's see how many more changes that have gone unnoticed in the past years. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I learned recently as a Tourist to Penang that money is diveded into 'clean' and 'dirty'. To me it is the same ,would not mind having them both .would you?

2. When we talk about 3rd world ,i thought it some where in Africa. Here I see poor old ladies giving away their pension because their spirtual leader told them it is 'dirty' money . So sad . ..

From : Barney (UK) - a White fat
beer drinking and beef eating retired Train Driver .oh ..smoking too .! (never illegal stuff)

Anonymous said...

Hey 4.00pm . ? Have you forgotten your kulit ?(kacang )..hee..hee I know you are not SOB. !

p/s.who doesnt agree PUSSY is best . ?? Even a 60's pussy also good . I am 75 and I have a pussy with me also 75 .Taste as good. Now..Pat pls dont puke..that.. rude Patrick!!!!

ronaldo said...

first time i learned something from niamah!

Anonymous said...

Kill no cow.
Let's be vegan!

Bow Down Mister
From bombay to bangalore
All the hindus know the score
If you wanna live some more
Hare, hare, hare

If you do not take the vow
You can eat the sacred cow
You'll get karma anyhow
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Bow down mister
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At the westemers they stare
Hare, hare, hare

Paint a tilak on your brow
Open like a lotus flower
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Hare, hare, hare

by KC Chong said...

Umno: Apart from good soundbites from the party president, this is still a party hooked on patronage, easy money and chauvinistic politics. Khir Toyo is still around. Ahmad Ismail is still a hero. And every few weeks, one Umno politician steps up to remind non-Malays where they really stand in Malaysia (remember the Titiwangsa chap and Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi). Even the former prime minister DR Mahathir Mohamad has weighed in with some sharp comments in his support for Perkasa. So despite the nebulous 1 Malaysia slogan, Umno still believes that it is the landlord and Chinese and Indians are mere tenants.

Anonymous said...

Bovril = Bo Veal

Bo means no.

Now you know the answer!

Anyway, it is all in your head.
Just assume it is what you want it to be and enjoy it.

That's what I do when I eat the halal chinese food. Have to think of the siew bak and the mind will the the trick for you.

Anonymous said...

Bovril - Actually the UK changed it back to beef in 2006 after outcry from the public, not unlike yourselves. However, I think the M'sian version is still veg, mainly because of the 'halal' issue.

So try getting the 'imported' version or your supplies from S'pore (?)

Anonymous said...

Bovril used to be called "ngau-yuk-chap" (beef-meat-liquid literally) and Marmite was called "Choi-chap" (vegetable-liquid)in Chinese in those days. So where's the beef now? Sam of PJ.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:56 pm

Singapore Bobvril also 'choi-chap'!

You must you insist on beef?
Spare the cows and join PETA!.

niamahfulat said...

c'mon lar fellas
why make such a hype???
food onli mar
kalau tak suka jgn la makan
jimat duit
jimat tenaga
n most important
jimat saliva


Anonymous said...

Bovril was changed to yeast extract after the mad cow disease scare in the UK

Anonymous said...

Those who have eaten the beef Bovril could have got some effect from the Mad Cow disease, that's why can tokkok on blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello...Bovril became vegetarian when Mad Cow Disease hit the UK...more accurately BSE or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. This causes severe degradation of brain function until death. Somehow, I have a niggling suspicion that some of our politicians have been afflicted by a chronic variant of this disease for some time now.