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Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is really NIAMAH!!! lah.

 I did not say their spirit of patriotism was not strong enough. 
I said ... actually I don't know what I said. I'm a politician you see.

Yesterday we all read that Defense Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi alleged that the non-Malays' "spirit of patriotism" was not high enough.  He said that in relation to the low level of recruitment of non-Malays into the armed forces. Of course the shit hit the fan. All the right noises were made by the other YB's. The phrase, "I was saddened" was used by more than one YB on both sides of the fence in expressing shock and disbelief that a serving minister during these times should have made a sweeping statement like that.
Actually, if the YB's had meant what they said they would have used "We are pissed-off with you Ahmad Zahid Hamidi!" Hello, don't tell me that YB's don't use that kind  of language because they have done worse in Parliament!

I am saddened!  What the fuck does that mean?

Other less-vocal Malaysians just shook their heads in disbelief and noted another point to consider when voting in the next GE.

And as expected in today's newspapers there was a claim by the minister that he said no such thing. Strange that the phrase, "I was misquoted" wasn't used.

What the media reported yesterday was Zahid saying that one of the possible reasons for the low intake of non-Malays in the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) is that their patriotism is not strong enough.

Today, this forked-tongued minister countered by saying, "What I had said was that it was possible that it could be due to several factors, including the sense of patriotism that is not strong enough." 


Well, pardon us all over the place, Yang Bodoh! Would you care to explain to those of us less used to political-speak what the fuck difference that is?

Another first hand account by an un-patriotic non-Malay Malaysian HERE



Anonymous said...

i'm surprised he didn't say he "was taken out of context" (the normal political ploy.) How active is the recruitment of non-Malays? Are non-Malays allowed in the Royal Malay Regiment? (i already know the answer to that question) What is the career path for a non-Malay in the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces? i would suspect pretty grim.
The Minister is a total fuck-wit who does harm to national unity and the Armed Forces he is suppose to represent in the Government. Has he actually ever served in the Military? What rocks does BN grow them under?

Naimah indeed!

tupingera said...

Tabik Spring, Tuan.
Call a spade, a spade.

Anonymous said...

What Zahid said is true.Paying tax,law-abiding,voting them into government for 50 years,work hard for nation economy,expect no assistance from government,be threatened may 13 always,be abused as pendatang,pengkhinat - all these not good enough to call yourselves patriotic.You have to carry a gun and get killed early then you are finally consider patriotic.

Anonymous said...

This time Zahid Hamidi got it right. Whether you like it or not, he is damn right. Why, any Malay issued a statement, he will be regarded as racist and when the DAP or PKR hamlau issued statements that hurts Malay, it is not racist and ok. Niamahhh.

Anonymous said...

Umno flers have 'lesen untuk tokkok'. They can always retract the statement, claiming they are quoted out of context after they have created the kecoh.

If you are not belonging to this species, chances are that you will be hauled up under the sedition act or being accused of challenging their sensitivity, their ketuanan, raja dan agama.

This is Truly Niamah.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if everyone in his family are in the Armed Forces. If not they are surely not patriotic, no? Irregardless of what race they are.

KoSong Cafe said...

We have seen even tragic cases resulting from 'ragging' in schools, I can imagine worse treatment in the armed forces for new recruits.

Would you let your loved ones go through humiliation besides the usual strict discipline?

My eldest brother actually joined the army before Independence and was based in Singapore. But my dad got him out when he could not take the pressure. Back then, race was not an issue unlike now!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that they are always misquoted by the newspaper / media?

Anonymous said...

And this from the Defense Minister!?!?! What does that tell you...1Malaysia???! How much more patriotic do you want me to be? To kiss your ass and say 'yes massah sir, yes' think Kuntakinte (if some of you remember that series. I an 5th generation Chinese, born and raised on this land called Malaysia and yet you call me pendatang, NON-bumiputra, slant eyes, sons of prostitutes, ungrateful, drug runner, communist and all assortments of term and declaratory 'endearments'. Let me ask you Bumiputras 1 question...were all your ancestors during the pre Malacca sultanate times, Muslims or were you just one of the guys' like the rest of us 'degenerates' equal in every aspect. Strong words?..perhaps but compared to what has been spewing out these days I am more a bloody altar boy by comparison. You want strong just bring on the 13th GE and you won't know what hit you. NUMBNUTS! p.s With a defense minister like this, who are we defending ourselves from anyways?!?! Go figure or see the real picture in all our politicians deeeeeeeeppp down!!!!

G.I. Koyak said...

With a chief talking like this, no wonder the armed forces is losing its respect and credibility.

Wonder why Najib can tolerate such clown in his 1 Malaysia administration.

MCA and MIC cannot do anything as they need to protect their rice bowl.

Anonymous said...

I think ..less then 5% in the public service..which means they are not patriotic or no chance to enter public service? because no kulitfication? and even they have better chancee to be the Boss...policy Ma...Niamah x1000

Tiger said...

Fuck you, Zahid Hamidi!
If you are unlucky enough to cross my path, I will make a citizen's arrest, drag you back to my hometown and put you inside Kamunting ISA camp!
You are guilty of sedition!

lena said...

sometimes i think the chinese just have a different mindset why they choose not to enter military services ..but i guess its got nothing to do with patriotsim..

TuLan said...

Fuck you,Zahid Hamidi!
You are a fucking liar.First you deny it,then you say it again,so what do you mean you don't mean what you said.
Anyhow,if this thought(unpatriotism of the non-malays)can come out from your mouth,you are a racist!

telur dua said...

This guy stands for everything that is wrong with the BN Gomen.

When you make a guy like him, whose only claim to fame is bodeking and the betrayal of Anwar, as minister this is the result.

Some PhD.

Anonymous said...






ktteokt said...

Does this TOIDI know what he is yakking about?

Anonymous said...

FUCK YOU TIGERS AND FUCK YOU TU LAN... you see what happened in Indonesia in 1997, when things turns bad... all Chinese millionaires packed their bags and migrate to Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada. They only interested in defending their wealth. They will defend the country when they are majorities like in Singapore and Taiwan. Understands

Anonymous said...


I am very SADDENED and DISAPPOINTED by the Yang Bodoh minister's statements of nons being unpatriotic. I believe the Yang Bodoh minister did not watch and listen to the PM's wife Rosakmah's music video "If Tomorrow Never Comes" because if he did, it will explain why the nons are not interested in joining the gangsters in blue and army fatigues since tomorrow will never come for 1malaysia anyway.

telur dua said...

The reason is very simple. The question of patriotism does not figure at all.

Over the years many Chinese and Indians did apply, not only to the Armed Forces, but also to the Civil Service, Police and GLCs. But except for the token few they were rejected. BTN is doing their level best to make it unattractive for them to apply. The Gomen see those places as Malay Institutions, but when it comes to collecting taxes race does not matter.

Needless to say they gave up trying. Why bother when you know it is a dead end. Selling wantan noodles or chapati is a better option.

It is very easy to test their 'patriotism.' Zahid only need to make it an official policy to take in no less than 10% consisting Chinese and Indians on every recruitment drive. Their 'patriotism' should fly through the roof. The Police, Civil Service and GLCs should also do the same.

The Malays want 30%. The Chinese Malaysians and Indian Malaysians is only asking for 10%, mah. Boleh?

Anonymous said...

Does everyone still feel suprised with the comments made by our beloved YBs and minster? I do not see such comments will stop any time soon.

Patrick, would you be kind enough to create a chronology of all remarks to date made by our dear leaders, ministers, DGs etc etc? Lets not go too way back, perhaps starting from Pendatang incident, Beggars and Prostitute announcement, Mata Sepet and Kaki Botol to the Kulai headmistress comments.. ?

This is not spinning.. all this pretty much came out from the horses mouth, so to speak.

The reason behind doing this is I do not see such comments/remarks/claims will stop anytime soon, someone will bound to upstage Zahid with more wild accusations and claims.

Lets see how long the list goes so that we, the minorities, be reminded the kind of govt we have in place.


Anonymous said...

maybe his backside is itchy ,want to kena fug kau kau,but of course by me . others like mca only fug prostitute.

Anonymous said...

This politician ZAHID is the best product of BN - a gutter politician whose brain is in the drain. What do you expect from BN guys. This is shown in the sad state of affairs in Malaysia- on par with ZIMBABWE. Correcr correct correct

VP said...

Aiyah...all u chinaman..become Mat Lempit laaa...then u r considered patriotic maa...when u race...n loose to that original mat rempit..they will be happy...Besai aaahh??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.08 pm, obviously you need saiful to do you belakang some favor. Dont try to defend Indonesia, they are equally evil in discrimination against others, both race and religion, and so you expect the chinese there to behave like mca dogs? The Indons aka Bendera), they dont give a fk to people like you, and just hate what this bn government has done to them, burnt the malaysian flag -what did you do anyway?

And dont talk crap about chinese defending their wealth when you are blind to umnoputras robbing and stealing and plundering this nation and rakyat - including poor malays' - hard-earned money.

Go lick zahid or saifool if not satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Lena 3:33pm, there are countless testimonies of double standards, and not just in a particular field. I doubt you like and your family like to be discriminated against at all especially when you are more capable and qualified. Problem is that this is so rampant and institutionalised here. The government is not going to take care of the chinese per se, so why shouldnt they look after themselves?

In any case, this idiot is a liar.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Anonymous 608. You can't say that the Indonesia Chinese leave the countyr because they don't love the country. With the mass killing and raping target to the Chinese, can you blame them for leaving?
During that period in Malaysia, who stay put and help Malaysia battle through the hard time?

Anonymous said...

The non-Malays do not participate in many occupations where the practices of Malays First and Malaysians Second have been clearly carried out. It has nothing to do with patriotism, but has to do with fears and mistrusts of all sorts of those in authority by the non-Malay youths. Non- Malay parents are at a loss to ask their children to join the army or national sports. But their children go out with their Malay children friends to the sea fishing happily, because there is no threat from the authorities in such activity.

charleskiwi said...

What he was and is trying to say is he wants to remain in the cabinet ! And don't forget he is a Ketuanan Melayu.

Anonymous said...

I am not patriotic and a Chinese Malaysian.
I am proud of China going to be an emerging super power.
I think the Indian Malaysian will also be proud of the India being a new stronger power in BRIC.
Indonesia is coming to be a great power.
Maybe the Zahid,Toyol and those Keturunan Indonesia may not feel proud of Indonesia as emerging great power.
The Ketuanan Disease have infected them - they look down at anyone other than UMNO Malays and consider others as Unpatriotic because of the skin color, mata sepit or kaki botol.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Anonymous 608.
When the Indonesian millionaires bring back their money -the growth surpass Malay -sia.
You see if you kick out the Pendatang it will go the same way -down.
You love the Pendatang the way is one way -UP.
You like to be Zimbabwean then go ahead and shout "MAY 13Th , May 13th,may 13th like your UMNO guys "
You have the right to choose and we can also have the same rights. But to a 3 Star General or IGP can only be dream.

Anonymous said...

Some one here mentioned that Chinaman only interested in making money and if got problem cabut lah aje....!!

That retard who make the comment must be the king of retard.

Chinaman work hard save and become rich ,then some backward sakai cannot tahan want to rob him , BUT cannot one day a Mamak came and make it a law and say it is ok to rob chinaman a little bit ..but now more terror and more terror no more robbing ,just take in broad day light !

So Mr.Retard , if you are Chinaman you run or not ? If me ..I quick quick run far far ..!!

If you still cannot it .. then you are qualitfy to be a YB or Minister of that ranking !!!!

Anonymous said...

Almost all my Chinese friends refused to join their family business - and these are not small businesses.

They have studied, planned their careers and want to move on.

But do their parents wailed and screamed unfilial ....disloyal..

No they are proud that they have brought up sons who can do and want to do greater things than them. Doctors,Factory workers, Bank clerks, bakers, contractors - these people all contibute to the economy in their own way.

Patriotisn politicians really know the meaning of this word. Not this particular person !


Anonymous said...

Yesterday ,some opposition mp also talk cock. He said China dont welcome back Malaysia Chinese and India dont welcome back Malaysia Indian. So no where to go sure 100% patrotic what ?

What can of analogy is this ?

By the way ,you know why China dont welcome Msia chinese back home ? COS ..they are COMMING to take over Msia and split into half and give it to INDIA !!!! And give
Kelantan to Obama ,built new a camp like that one in Cuba ...Dr,Mamak will be the first guest of honour to stay there .!

Anonymous said...

What this retard minister meant is this :

If you are patriotic, give a chance to other children to study locally, and your own children study oversea, have to spend more money ma...

If you are patriotic, let others buy local products, you buy imported goods, more expensive ma...

If you are patriotic, let the poor buy small house, use local car, spend holidays locally... but you, buy BIG BIG bungalows, BIG BIG cars, go overseas for holidays, take your family, relatives, big wife small wives, friends.... more expensive ma...

If you are patriotic, join ONLY UMNO, fight for the RIGHT, right?

If you are patriotic... NIAMAH!!!

I swear this man got shit in the tongue!

Godfather said...

There is no way you can convince a whole generation of Malays that they must be Malaysian first and race second. Not after they have been brought up on Mamakthir’s NEP policies.

I think the country must go bankrupt first before there can be a true mental shift amongst the Malays. It’s by no means guaranteed – if the Philippines is anything to go by, bankruptcy may not lead to any monumental change.

Ivan said...

Eh hullo, this Minster ah is a loctor u know, dun worry where he buy the deglee from, he still loctor! I also loctor, I am a loctor urut. Ha! Power or not? The pohblem with our Minsters ah, all too clever until stupid macham wahgyu beef! They will stuff their stinking feet into their mouth and tell the world and into the Guinness book of records saying they are smart! Boloh la!

Anonymous said...

Truly UMNO bodoh.

It just reaffirm my suspicion all along that you need to be an idiotic bigot to climb up in UMNO. and this Judas is truly one idiotic bigot.If he can play Anwar's backside, Mu you better watch it.

1 Malay-sia(L) said...

want more indian and chinese to join the army - of course la; malay makes very rocky pedestals and uncomfortable carpet (weaved from coconut/ nipah leaves).

his farking face makes me puke.


Anonymous said...

Actually the Son Of A Bitch Hamidi should go fuck himself.The bigger question is what has he done for the country that is patriotic? All the non Malays who help vote him in are sadly the unpatriotic ones.

Anonymous said...

Actually the non-Malays actually need constitutional protection as an endangered species much more than Malays do.

They must be guaranteed that their lives and livelihood as well as property and opportunities will be protected by law. They must be guaranteed that equal and fair opportunities will be given and they will not be deprived of opportunities to grow their business by the danger of shares being taken away from them. They must be convinced that the police will protect them as much as Malays are protected.

Only in this way will they feel safe enough and secure enough to re-invest in their future and by extension, the future of the country.

Anonymous said...

Real not bluff bluff one....

1) Buy Local : PROTON = buy sub standard car at very high price .So profit can feed Dr,Mamak's family.

2) Study Local: peope teach chapter 1 to 10.
here teach chapter 1 to 3 . ok can graduate lah..

3) Be loctor .some cannot toch patient ,hala issue ,only use pen to poke . Poke by backside ok lah least song !! eager to meet one .

4) Climb higest mountain ,reach oredi ,must declare you race 1st after Goemnen decide only can announced to public.

5) all the above is only joke .And not true . Because i am not as brave as Patrick ,very brave. After go to kammunting Hilton baru tahu ! cry also no tears .!

For nades sake said...

The Sun's Nadeswaran asked:

How is patriotism measured?

Is waving the Jalur Gemilang while the mind is et on doing Ali Baba busienss more patriotic than working hard to contribute to a better society without expecting monetary rewards?

Is one who manipulates the tender process more patriotic than a scribe who demands accountability and transparency?

Ah Mao said...

My family will not vote for BN again after what this racist joker has said.

I will influence more people to vote for Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

We were a group of Naval Engineers, mainly non-Malays who served in the Royal Malaysian Navy from the 70′s till the early 2000. We were ‘Regular Commissioned’ officers with above average degrees from reputable engineering colleges. Being ‘Regular Commissioned’ officers it is not possible to just leave the service as and when you choose. Believe it or not, despite having a degree, even with 1st Class Honours, we were paid MCE/SPM salary scale wages in the Armed Forces. Despite this fact, we continued to serve the Navy with much patriotism and dedication to the extent that our junior engineers even called ‘us stupid’ to have worked so hard and being so patriotic for been paid such a pittance.

These junior engineers, who joined the Navy in the early 80′s, although given full scholarship like us to do their engineering degree need not be ‘regular commissioned’ and could leave the Navy after 7 years of service for the more lucrative outside world. They even ‘mutinied’ (wrote a letter to the then Defece Minister, our present PM with all their signatures on the same letter) to get a better pay scheme or else they will leave and were rewarded with much higher pay and other perks than their seniors who were ‘regulars’ despite they being our deputies holding lesser responsibilities.

The PTD, supposedly the cream of the Malaysian Civil Service could not even see the difference. (Not surprising why the S’pore-Malaysia water agreement is so lopsided).

Who is the real patriot, I wonder!

Anonymous said...

Like this Lee Chong Wei how ah??? World Champion woh?.somemore got latukship how .? BUT never even think of enlisting in the Askar ? Patrotic or not ?
Niamah the yang bodoh x 10 .!

patrick sir .if i may suggest you come out a book to tell all stupid mp talikng with a book..sure best seller !

but then you have to wear parachute everyday ,in case,somebody throw you out of the building .

Anonymous said...

Zahid Hamidi like other ministers is not a thinking minister. No common sense for a person sitting so high up. I wonder how our country Malaysia will be defended from external threats with this sort of un-common Defense Minister!

Anonymous said...

Actually the Malay are very nice people ,(if that race ,actually existed ). Assuming it does and relevant , someone is certainly hijacking it for their own purpose .
Remember MAS shares selling at 8.00/per share but one medical Mamak think its finance Minister think its ok to buy at 12.00/share . Expanation : willing seller ,willing buyer ...what ..what 's the problem?..I think the ordinary Malay has been short change . SOME ONE OUT THERE ARE MANIPULATING THE SO CALLED MALAY.!!!!! even now use such low technic to win them ." Other Race not Patrotic!! " CHOOSE PKR /PAS /or DAP . ! " Killed this diseases !! abot the prev.perara habis bank ..the jeneral just sign money to his friend like his father;s bank..!!!
where is maac??

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad is very irrelevant to Malaysians. He has done his job magnificently, ie. destroying racial relationship, planting inferiority complex among the Malays that they cannot compete and must be spoon fed, controlling, manipulating and destroying the judiciary, police force, education system, building a whole nation on forms with absolutely no substance. He encouraged disgusting, shameless greed among his cronies. Most of his good friends shamelessly robbed the country as well as Malaysians ie. Musa Aman, Taib Mahmud, Khir Toyo...the list is endless actually. Appointed a useless AG and totally destroyed justice in Malaysia.

So why bother about this old fool who can't even accept his ancestral lineage. Ignore that old fool and move on Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir Mohamad is very irrelevant to Malaysians. He has done his job magnificently, ie. destroying racial relationship, planting inferiority complex among the Malays that they cannot compete and must be spoon fed, controlling, manipulating and destroying the judiciary, police force, education system, building a whole nation on forms with absolutely no substance. He encouraged disgusting, shameless greed among his cronies. Most of his good friends shamelessly robbed the country as well as Malaysians ie. Musa Aman, Taib Mahmud, Khir Toyo...the list is endless actually. Appointed a useless AG and totally destroyed justice in Malaysia.

So why bother about this old fool who can't even accept his ancestral lineage. Ignore that old fool and move on Malaysians.

kldoc said...

makes me wonder how i am still in the gov servise for all these years !!! feel cheated man !!!!

Anonymous said...

kl doc. pls dont leave .if doc. cabut ..poor people like me sure die no chance ..private hosp. where can tahan....

Anonymous said...

Ketuanan Melayu is embeded in BN policy and agenda and yet mca/mic knowingly ignore it.

Anonymous said...

TO: 1.32PM : embeded ? not anymore in the year 2010 and counting ..we are fighting back . You better pray more...

Anonymous said...


Please tell me how many of the following Asian Games gold medal winners are non-malays:

1. Chai Fong Ying (Wushu - Women's Taijijian/Taijiquan) 2. Azizulhasni Awang (Cycling - Men's Keirin) 3. Alex Liew and Aaron Kong (Bowling - Men's Doubles) 4. Datuk Nicol Ann David (Squash - Women's Individual) 5. Mohd Azlan Iskandar (Squash - Men's individual) 6. Alex Liew (Bowling - Men's All-Events) 7. Ku Jin Keat (Karate - Men's Kata) 8. R. Puvaneswaran (Karate - Kumite Men's below 55kg) 9. Datuk Nicol David, Sharon Wee, Low Wee Wern and Delia Arnold (Squash - Women's Team).