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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday funny

Hiyah! Bukan gua supreme la. Diorang je? Bukan gua.

Good old motor-mouth Nazri Aziz can always be counted on for a laugh on days when other things aren't really worth a giggle.  I just read in The Malaysian Insider that the YB said Malay Supremacy has been wrongly interpreted which has caused all the unhappiness among more level-headed Malaysians. And in his usual colourful language Nazri said the people who were responsible for this had "cow dung in their brains".

Nazri goes on to explain that Malay Supremacy did not mean that Malays were more superior than other races and that the phrase was coined to protect the sovereignty of the Malay rulers. Really ah?  Thank you for explaining to us, YB. Now, I wish you would tell your other colleagues in Umno and the Barisan Nasional to clean out the cow dung in their brains. Can ah?

Great quotes from Nazri in the story today include:-

" is about the Malay Rulers. For as long as they are around, we respect them."

"How can we have a race more supreme than the others? It is ridiculous......"

"We are not a republic so there is no ketuanan rakyat. We have Rulers here and it’s about them that this Malay supremacy was created." (on Wan Azizah's speech at the PKR Congress)

and the ultimate punchline from Nazri today......

“Trouble about people is that they talk too much and they do not even know what they are talking about,”

Read the full story HERE



najib manaukau said...

In a nut shell the Keuanan is suffering from what is known as an inferiority complex ! Got it ?

Anonymous said...

Oh great.. now i know 1Malaysia is nothing but bullshit.. boost to rakyat didahulukan kononnya.. it should change to keluarga diraja didahulukan.

Najib, you really have cow dung in your brain.. even your manifesto is full of shit.

1Malaysia BOO-leh said...

dis guy is way way better than russell peters la....
and some say slightly better than wong zhi wah....
he can do a stand-up comedy lar...
the venue will be stadium bukit jalil on dec 5, 2010 @ 8.40pm (de time de usual malaysia liga SUPER kicks off).
why i choose dec 5 for a good day's laugh??
its because my final exam will end on the 4th of december.
shit! it's time to study.....


Sickened said...

Niamagehchaohaii!!! dis hamkachan nazri realy has some cow shit in his brains la!! wat da fak does he mean?? wat i learn in my sejarah subject said that: ...menjaga hak istimewa orang melayu. direct translation: protect the special rights of the malays.

why we werent taught the other way around? untuk menjaga kedaulatan raja2 melayu?? did our sejarah fak us on d deal, or dis bloody nazri bastard has no brains??? no brains then dun simply show ur lanciao face n talk lanciao things la!! d rakyat is no stupid jackass!!

y msia so many such pukimak felers one hah??? haiyoh!!! fak u lah nazri!! no race more supreme ka?? then throw away all d quota la..!! lets compete fair and square!! open up ur matriculations for all MALAYSIANS!!! dun tel me d quota is to protect d sovereignty of d malay rulers hah.. sozai la dis nazri!!


megaman said...

Hahaha ... really niamah !!!

Dunnoe wtf the guy is tokking abt.

Anonymous said...

Well.Hey come on Pat. YB is talking sense man.. give him a break!

Anak Malaysia said...

It is confusing to use 'ketuanan melayu' to mean the supremacy of the malay rulers.
What about kedaulatan raja melayu?
The word 'tuan' means 'master' and 'ketuanan melayu' would mean 'mastership of the malay'.
So how can you call yourself a master race? Even the smartest race on this earth would not label themself as a master race.
So please discard this word 'ketuanan'and use instead 'kedaulatan' to mean what you mean.

ALAMAK said...

This is another 'niamah' saying from the UMNO minister.
If you say 'ketuanan' refers to the ruler and since the word 'ketuanan' comes from the word'tuan',then such word like 'tuan' dan 'puan'(which are often used during opening speech by VIP or in letter writting to address someone)cannot be used at all! (This is like meaning anybody that is being addressed as 'tuan' is a ruler!
I would like Dewan Bahasa to comment on this(if ever they read this)

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, so next time just shout Ketuanan Raja & Sultan Melayu only lor. We the pendatang already accept that since our grand-grand fathers were here. So Nazri go and tell your UMNO and Perkasa do not equal common malays as Tuan, okay or not all the cow dung brains out there.

Anonymous said...

confucius said...

people who eat beef everyday, have cow dung for a brain.

Anonymous said...

if it is only about sultan and not a particular etnic, let it be ketuanan sultan or ketuanan raja.

Anonymous said...

I thought what he said made sense the least he has the courage to bring on this sensitive issue and said his piece.

I have a healthy respect for this particular politician


1Malay-sia(L) said...

The Star Online
Tuesday November 30, 2010 MYT 9:13:00 PM

"Police report made over Wan Azizah’s remarks on Malay supremacy"

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor 4B Youth Movement on Tuesday lodged a police report against Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) President Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail for her remarks on "Ketuanan Melayu" (Malay Supremacy) at the party's annual congress on Saturday...

what has nazri aziz got to say to this???

Anonymous said...

hellow felow boleh lander .what happen to the pekosa president katak imbrahim aka fat ass .Best Regards.

Ceragamm -The Beliver :Sentipenang

Anonymous said...

Hello Bro,

How come this bloody f****r minister says cannot take action against the bloody dirty mouth Nameewee while the lady principle they screw a lot..

Bye the way we congratulate you for being a father of cingkian supremacy on this blog


Anonymous said...

don't let this nazri spin again.

i) no one is questioning raja melayu's special position. raja2 melayu tetap dijunjung dan dikasihi. raja2 melayu wujud diluar arena politik. hanya umno yang saban hari heret institusi raja2 melayu dlm hujah2 mereka.
ii) 'ketuanan melayu' tidak sama dgn 'ketuanan rakyat'. ketuanan rakyat tidak maksud menghala ke arah republik. jangan spin, kami bukan bodoh.
iii) ketuanan rakyat adalah satu kuasa politik dan dasar setiakawan antara kebanyakan rakyat malaysia tak kira kaum dgn hanya satu matlamat - KUBURKAN UMNO. itu sahaja. tak payah nak putar belit dan cuba masukkan maksud yang bukan2 bagi pihak rakyat jelata.
iv) bagi umno, ketuanan melayu bermakna ketuanan umnoputra dan lapisan atasan bukan-melayu yang bersuhabat dgn golongan kaki rasuah parti umno untuk merompak kekayaan negara atas nama ketuanan melayu. anjing2 umno seperti mca mic gerakan ppp dan lain2 dalam barisan nasional wajib dikuburkan bersama umno.
v) akhirnya, insyallah kalau jadi umno dikuburkan, anjing2 umno turut dikuburkan bersama secara otomatik. ini kerana tanpa umno, anjing2 suruhan umno itu semua akan mati secara spontan. tak payah susah payah rakyat.
vi) hanya fokus KUBURKAN UMNO.


Anonymous said...

Consulting my collection of dictionaries, the word "MELAYU" originates from the root word "LAYU" which means "wither"! So what is so "supreme" about a race which "withers"?

Anonymous said...

I am one of the handsomest guy

Anonymous said...

Pat at least give him some credit for speaking out on some controversial topics lah!

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous

Melayu is withering

like merompak = robbing

melepak = lepaking

merogol = raping

So ketuanan melayu is

The boss is that withers
or withering bosses

Uncle lim

Anonymous said...

Ya, should be chinese supremacy maa hor..pukimak Nazri lar!

Anonymous said...

Hello 3.09PM ,dont cal my friend Pat Chow hai.

Kan lin lau boo eh chow chee bai!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did he says “Trouble about people is that they talk too much and they do not even know what they are talking about,” We should all agrees to this statement. After all, it is coming from an expert.

Jin tak Notti said...

Cannot blame those who are crying out everyday for 'ketuanan' because they are psychologically disturbed and cannot get over the fact that malacca fell to the Portugese in 1511 and the British made them budak suruhan.

Other than that ketuanan is a means to ensure them easy money without having to work hard for one.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why our rulers are becoming concerned about the 'loss' of their authority?

Adnan Tak Sempit said...

Would you prefer a corrupt Malay as a DPM instead of a clean and honest Chinese as DPM? I am sure you would not. By the same token, I wouldn't want a good but corrupt Chinese to be DPM when there are good clean Malays.

If Obama can be US president and Manmohan Singh PM of India, why can't good people be allowed to be DPM? I believe the PM should be a Malay, that's something we have to face and accept.

Sepet said...

The smart ones left because they cannot fight with those holding the keris every time the smart ones raise the question of equality and meritocracy.

How can you fight fairly with the pseudo-malay mamak holding the keris or Najib or the Kerismuddin all of them have threatened the non-bumis with their keris?

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha his punchline is shooting his own foot and colleagues lah

Anonymous said...

these umnoputras keep shouting 'ketuanan melayu'...(with of course not honestly refering to kedaulatan sultan.just a slogan to masked/ justify their self serving elite status,a licence to rob d country poor)make me feel,(as a malay myself and army reservist) as though i m a member of hitler's WAFFEN SS-chanting racist supermacist remarks while doing combat!!!! hell no yuck!!! god forbid.

Anonymous said...

specially dedicated to Najib

Anonymous said...

let me present to you cow dung cake