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Sunday, November 28, 2010

What I learned today. Sunday

For some reason I didn't read the newspapers yesterday. But I picked it up this morning and I am glad that I did because I made an important discovery.

If you have to be sick you better do it now because in years to come the doctors in our hospitals may not know a stethoscope from a badminton racket.

According to reports there is an oversupply of medical housemen or doctors in training. So much so that the specialist consultants charged with training these future doctors feel that they (the teachers) cannot cope. Hospital KL's senior consultant physician Dr. S. Jayaindran said each specialist was supervising 4 times as many housemen compared to a decade ago. He also said the interns were seeing fewer patients and therefore had fewer opportunities to carry out adequate procedures. And some lacked responsibility towards their patients and did not know how to give an accurate diagnosis.

One of the reasons given for this oversupply of trainee doctors is that there are more and more medical schools opening up locally. (And we know that it is the secret wish of every Malaysian mom and dad that at least one of their children becomes a doctor.)

And as usual the knee-jerk reaction from the government was announced by the Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai when he quickly announced that the government would build more teaching hospitals and import more foreign consultants to alleviate the problem. He also said that steps have been taken to make training compulsory for 2 years instead of the current 1. I guess there will be some collateral damage. But never mind la. Ministers and such can always get medical treatment overseas. Right?

And he has such soft hands too

Last evening I received a tweet from @MukhrizMahathir which said "Anwar is an outstanding human being, given by God to lead the people".  I couldn't close my jaws for 30 seconds after I read that. That's a bit much isn't it? Given by God to lead the people???!!! I know being a loyal, devoted wife Wan Azizah is deservedly proud of her husband's 'achievements'. But to come out with a statement like that in a party congress and to be reported by all the opposition-owned media?  That is not being very clever. No? I checked with some people from PKR and they said "No lah!"

And I got a copy of the PKR President's speech.  What Wan Azizah actually said was, "......Saudara Anwar Ibrahim adalah seorang insan hebat yang memang dianugerahkan Tuhan untuk kita semua untuk menjadi pemimpin rakyat."

Any better than the English translation? I don't think so. And so The Sunday Star today carried the usual photos of smiling Najib and Rosmah and also had a photo of the loving husband and wife team of Anwar and Azizah with the headline "Anwar a 'god-sent' leader, declares Wan Azizah".

All of a sudden I feel that the Umno-led Barisan Nasional have tighten their grip on Putrajaya. They certainly do have a much better spin-doctoring machine.



Rizwan Zainal said...

like it yo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brother the guy who sent you the message on Azizah and Anwar definitely picked the right target. So Rosmah grip is getting stronger but between Rosmah and Azizah, I will vote for Azizah even with dangerous Rosy cargo of C4!!!! who cares unless you love fatty Gundu!!!

CK said...

agree totally.
my jaws dropped for 31 sec...

lynn said...

I also feel that Wan Azizah should not have said that even if she feels her husband is "seorang insan hebat yang memang dianugerahkan Tuhan untuk kita semua untuk menjadi pemimpin rakyat."

She may think so but pardon me, we judge a leader by his actions and so far, Anwar's action and non-action are making him less and less credible.

Wan Azizah must have been desperate to shore up support for her husband. The proper way is to make sure he does things fair and transparently not take sides!

Anonymous said...

isnt that's the guy whom's father stole money from the real malay by keeping them stupid.?

ktteokt said...

That's why there is a Chinese saying "医生多过病人" which literally means "doctors outnumber patients". While this is true, there is another situation appearing in court which the Chinese would call "律师多过犯人" meaning "lawyers outnumber criminals"!

Anonymous said...

If nothing ever happened to him, Malaysia would not know how Barisan Nasional is really like. As for the doctors, it is really sad for patients to be the guinea pigs. That is why every Malaysian should have a health insurance. Not just to claim back money but just in case something does happen.

Anonymous said...

Barisan Najisional will rule !!!!!

I read that there is still Poor old Men & ladies returning their deserved
'bonus ' becos the money was unclean.

2. In East M'sia .Rm20.00 will be good enough to secure a vote.

3. Men & Ladies are willing to participate in ' 'Protest to hire '
for mere Rm200.00per person .Agree with an earlier post if hire Mamak is cheaper by 50% somemore.

NO HOPE LAH.......DONT VOTE go see movie or something !!!!

Anonymous said...

similarly, ibu2 outnumber bapa !

Sie 'Liow' said...

Liow's solution is incomplete.

U have too many housemen, not enough specialist to train them, and not enough patients for them to practise on.

Import more specialist but not enough patients.

Either he pray more of us fall sick, or import more sick people.

Sometimes I wonder if Liow is actually blonde....

najib manaukau said...

How can the report that there are now more doctors than patients ?
Recently a cancer patient in Penang was given chemotherapy by a Botanist and not even by a doctor not to mention by an Oncologist.
One can understand why that was happening especially when the Minister of Health said the country has only 49 Oncologists when the need is more than 200. What has happened to the NEP shenanigan Mahathir's NEP after so many years ? Can you turn a cow horn into an elephant task ? A cow horn will always be a cow horn no matter how much polish you apply to it.
Any wonder why the Prime Minister, Royalty and their family members would go abroad for treatment when they were and are sick ? This no doubt speaks very well for aiming for the medical tourists the Tourism Malaysian is speaking about. Or may be they are talking about medical tourists from Africa, Bangladesh, Loas and the third world. Obviously the Malaysian VVIP have no confidence themselves in the Malaysian hospitals and expect the sick from abroad to come to Malaysia for treatment ? And now they are saying the Housemen are not getting enough of training as the reason for their incompetence instead of admitting the country is trying to mass produce of half past two doctors.
This is really a very sick joke !
As for AI as God-sent please tell PKS to have him and mad dog rabid LKS replaced as leaders of the opposition before talking about kicking the butt of the corrupted Umno/BN out of their places. Surely there are far better leaders than these two bums !


The solution very simple one (in Bolehland).
1)Not enough of patients-import patients from overseas loh! or get more to fall sick loh!
2)Not enough doctors-allow 3rd grade undergraduates to study medicine so that after 5 years,you just passed them to become doctors loh!
3)Not enough specialists-simply promote those 3rd grade doctors loh!
Wah lau eh!

Anonymous said...

There is a specific agenda why umno/bn flood the country with so many 10 years time(2020).

Anonymous said...

A Kohilan Pillay is yet another creep
Another one who is talking cheap
Your own BN backyard is full of “cow d*ng”
Just take your pay and watch your tongue

May People Power shows its real colour
Vote in PR to be our nation’s saviour
BN must hand over power peacefully
Carried out in the spirit of democracy

1Malaysia BULEH said...

aiya.......all oso de gomen work la...those mister and miss horse get 3.50 or 3.00 (some even below 3.00) n apply to study medic....sure 100.1% dapat ques asked....
those mister n miss china and india get 4.00 F-L-A-T straight A's (some even head prefects) n they apply arr.....
"ermm....soli la abang n kakak....tempat medic kat uni dah penuh ni...kalo hang nak tahun depan cuba lagi nuh!"


Anonymous said...

sad... I voted for BN before 2008 and I voted for PR during 2008. Now for the first time I don't feel like voting at all for next election.

Anonymous said...

i bet she got an enourmous "OH MY GOD!!!" while having sex with Anwar.
Or it just happen that Azizah like ANAL sex...


Anonymous said...

Many years ago I had asked an ex-marine what he thought about the two political candidates running for the US Presidency. His reply was "Out of the Lion's mouth and into the Tiger's mouth!"

Hence, it brings me to think that we are now in the same boat.

Anonymous said...

Anwar's fate is long sealed by umno, not by Allah!

Joe said...

His hands ARE soft