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Friday, December 24, 2010





Haris Abdul Rahman said...

And to you too, Uncle Patrick

Anonymous said...

In 1998, the BJP government of India went down because the price of onions, a staple food in India, went up. Here we are seeing prices of essential goods going up by 20 to 50 percent.

Let's see the MSM (mainstream media) controlled by the BN regime can turn this into a feel-good factor for the rakyat.

Merry Christmas!

niakong said...

"Merry Christmas!"

wenn said...

merry xmas!

Anonymous said...

hey !! Goodwill to men ...what about women ??


lena said...

a very happy christmas to you too!!

Kassim said...

I think some policemen have yet to listen to the MACC jingles.

Anonymous said...

Jesus' message of love, peace and hope resonates and reminds us of the importance of Malaysian First and Malaysian Unity over Chinese Unity, Malay Unity, Indian Unity, Iban Unity Or Kadazan Unity

Malaysians must reject those who seek to divide us whether by skin colour or religion. Why should the Malays be disunited just because UMNO loses Malay support? There is no talk of Malays being disunited when PAS loses Malay support. Similarly why should the Chinese be disunited just because MCA loses Chinese support or Indians be disunited when MIC loses the support of the Indians?

Anonymous said...

HOW HOW HOW to merry Xmas ??????
1) Rasuah rasuah sayang everywhere & everyway !
2) ' crush the bodies & lose their lives for the POWER' !!
3) Wa tolong lu & lu mesti tolong wa balik lah !!!
4) the @#$%^&* N S koreans killing themselves with nuclear weapons !?
5) WANG tak CUKUP !!

monsterball said...

Some do have a sad Christmas due to misfortunes....bad news or being jilted..or feeling sad craving for attentions.
But some who are have difficulties in life ...put their personal feelings aside and feel happy for others on this joyous occasion.
Professional clowns are the best examples.
25th December is recorded the birth of a might Messiah to walk on this Earth....a special human being...born from a virgin's womb.
And if you trace all the special people on Earth worshiped for centuries...with faithful followers...most are born with special signs or performing special impossible human feats.
But only Jesus taught for 3 years and died for the sins of mankind...very young.
Buddha died at age 84 having taught for 45 years and he died of food poisoning...diarrhoea.
Mohammad was a warrior. to free his people from worshiping false gods..proclaiming Allah is one and only true God.
Hinddus worship thousands of Gods.
Buddhist are taught not to respect all special ones and the word "GOD" have always been misinterpreted and politicians and by so call holy ones for thousands of be dictators and have saves.
Sadly...UMNO B guide by Mahathir is doing that too.

monsterball said...

I mean Buddhists are taught to respect and honour special ones and not treat anyone as one mighty God.
In a way..Buddhism is similar to Hinduism..
And the word "God" can mean a godly person or good person.....not necessarily mean a creator of all living things....including flies.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you uncle...and to all the voices out there supporting your cause.

Anonymous said...

Standard of Englsih taught at our school:

Anonymous said...

The BN has deployed many text thugs, including bloggers. They will attack once the Pakatan Rakyat makes a mistake. Therefore, the Pakatan Rakyat must be more prudent in the coming few months and not to expose its weaknesses. The Pakatan Rakyat should do more, especially things that benefit the people and avoid pan-politicisation.

Gila-gila said...

A good cartoon:

Anonymous said...

The power to rule the state rests with the people of Selangor. The rakyat shall decide who rules the state, not any corrupt party such as Umno, and that is the essence of democracy.

The rights of the people are paramount and supreme above everything else.

The menteri besar is the head of the elected government of Selangor. He represents the people of Selangor, who put him in power. The federal government, especially, a corrupt government, or any corrupt institution, should not seek to dictate terms or try to undermine the legitimate rights of the people to ensure only good and fair leaders are elected/appointed to serve the people of Selangor.

The people of Selangor demand that the MB be consulted on all appointments in regard to serving the needs of the people and this right and power of the people of Selangor must be respected under any circumstances so as not to serve the illicit interest of those whose only desire is to undermine the legitimate rights of the MB's office and the power of the people of Selangor.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

I found this story on this blog. It's a good story that worth sharing with others.

monsterball said...

Is it about Rias Yatim raping an Indon girl?
No wonder he loves antiques and stay at the Museum from morning till dawn...eyeing Indon maids cleaners.
Read all about it at Rockybru's blog.

Shinjiru Technology said...

Happy New Year to you and your family too!!

monsterball said...

How they say rapist was Ali Hashim who just resigned as Johore MB.
I still say plenty rapists...and sodomizers UMNO B top guns..including Rias Yatim...maybe enjoying blow jobs more than anything else.....looking at his frail personality.
If you can read faces like Karpal...warning Anwar about Zaid Ibrahim and proven can read nose..mouth..face cuts and eyes monsterball........hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

A 1 Malaysia Christmas, Jibby's way:

Lotso said...

Friday 31 Dec is 1 Malaysia Day?

it will be a annual holiday?

Santa PTPTN said...

Despite the fact that PTPTN is in red and more than 190,000 graduates failed to pay the whopping RM2 billions tertiary education loan to them, PTPTN continued with their unbelievable practice by distributing money to the student who have never applied loan from them.

Lai Chun Mei, 19 years old from Ayer Tawar received the RM1,500 cheque from PTPTN even though she have never applied any loan from them neither did she ever apply from any higher learning institution. This is believed to be only the tips of the iceberg. If without proper check and balances, PTPTN will be insolvent in the near future. It must be noted that PTPTN had cried for help from EPF in order to solve their financial constraint in the past, no more Santa Claus is willing to safe any party which is beyond redemption.

Anonymous said...

More update on Indoleaks here:

MCA porn star has more dignity to admit his sexploration. The Umno fler has yet to admit his sexploitation of the Indon maid.

WKS said...

The introduction to the Four Four History textbook by the panel writers begins with “Syukur kepada Allah s.w.t. Tuhan Yang Maha Agung, selawat dan salam ke atas Rasul utusan yang mulia, para sahabat, dan mereka yang berada di jalan yang benar hingga ke hari kemudian kelak” (Please memorize these by heart if you want an A for Sejarah at SPM.). Students belonging to other faiths, who Muslims do not consider to be walking on “the true path to the Hereafter”, will apparently have to re-orientate their mindset in order to do well in this subject.

The introduction to the Form Five textbook by the director-general of the Education Ministry starts on the note of “Syukur ke hadrat Allah s.w.t. kerana hasrat dan wawasan Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia untuk menerbitkan semula buku teks KBSM dan KBSR telah terhasil” (Please memorize these by heart if you want an A for Sejarah at SPM.). The Education D-G Abdul Rafie Mahat found it expedient to thank Allah for the success of his Ministry’s vision to republish the textbooks under the revamped syllabi.

Mat Salib said...

Najib should apologise to Christian Federation of Malaysia for "de-Christianising" their Christmas celebration, which yet again denied Malaysians the right to freedom of religion

Anonymous said...

hopefully im not late to wish everyone Merry Christmas..
keep blogging..

=)..great blog,hope mine will be like yours too,as a good blogger~
great job!

Lost-ma said...

Najib's speech "moderates should fight racism and extremism" have no meaning when his office directive to the Catholic Church to remove the crucifixes during his visit on Christmas Day runs counter to his call for religious tolerance.

We should respect all religions; and all people have the right to their ways of worship and celebration. Each religion has its own way of celebrating its day of rejoicing. It is time that Najib matches words with actions.

Anonymous said...

wei pat.. whr haf u been..? so long oso no update niamah!!!..? ur balls got stolen again..?

Anonymous said...

to 12.57pm anonymous .

it is bastard like you who wants everything for free!

post here with your disliking of the goverment complete with ic and name and your pic. then only you have the right to call pat.has no balls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shemale lover tupai

Anonymous said...

On 6th January, BN Perak State Government Executive Councilor, Dato' Dr Mah Hang Soon announced that the well-known Christian Music group, Hillsong from Australia will take centre stage during the Perak State level Christmas and New Year celebrations at Stadium Indera Mulia in Ipoh on 23rd January, 2011.

Immediately, on the same day, the manager of Hillsong Music, Australia Mr. Timothy Whincop issued a letter confirming that the group performing at the event is not sanctioned or endorsed by Hillsong Music or Hillsong Church.

I have been given to understand that this matter has been brought to the attention of Dato' Dr Mah. Despite the said knowledge he insisted that the group performing on 23/1/2011 be promoted as from Hillsong from Australia.

Yesterday, Hillsong issued another letter confirming that Hillsong is not and will not be performing in any event in Ipoh, Perak on 23/1/2011 and reiterates that Hillsong's name may not be used without prior permission. Copies of their letters dated 6/1/2011 and 12/1/2011 are attached herewith.

Christianity promotes truth and respect for the rights of others. It is a shameful affair for Dato' Mah to promote falsehood.

Dato' Mah must let the public know exactly who is performing at the Christmas event. As the exco member in charge of consumer affairs, Dato' Mah has the duty not to mislead the public but to describe a product accurately.

Christians and other Malaysians are upset that Dato' Mah is not telling the truth. The public demand that they get the product as advertised, not a fake one.