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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas?

Hello everyone! My last post was on December 11 and since then I've been receiving all sorts of messages asking what's happened to me and how come the blog has not been updated.  The messages were quite amuisng.

"Oi! What happened lah, Patrick?"
"I think Patrick has lost his balls."
"Patrick deserves a good rest."
"Patrick is planning something big." 
(There's always the eternal optimist lurking around.)

And there are other more colourful ones that referred to my ancestry and all.  But I think I shall spare you those.

The truth is that I have been away in LaLa Land otherwise known as Singapore. No, I am not checking out emigration possibilities although that thought had crossed my mind. Thankfully, alcohol-induced stupor  doesn't last that long. And while I was in Singapore there was just no way of getting my hands on a hard copy of any Malaysian newspaper. I am not sure why but online versions just does not give me any inspiration (if it can be called that) to blog.  Anyway, so I am back in Bolehland and been reading the newspapers that I missed.  And I still don't have anything that I want to blog about. Ya, ya, ya...there's been lots in the news lately. Ranging from Parliament suspensions to the creation of a 3rd Force in Malaysian politics to the MACC dragging out some BIG-er fish to parade ahead of elections to Chief Ministers marrying women young enough to be their granddaughters.  Yes there has been much happening. But it is all SO DEPRESSING.

But luckily in today's news there were some rather good funnies.

I just read in The Malaysian Insider that Najib said that 1Malaysia was his own creation and not a carbon copy from another country. I supposed he was referring to allegations that he took the cue from the 1Israel campaign slogan.  Well, he's right. It is not a CARBON copy. Otherwise we'd have to change our country's name right? Like that also don't understand ah. Some more say I copy. Hummmph! The prime minister should learn to quit when he's ahead.  But he had to add, "The 1Malaysia concept was not copied from another country. It is my own creation. Other countries may have a one this and a one that but nowhere in the world is there a 1 Malaysia, People First, Performance Now".  I know he is trying to take ownership of the slogan but with that kind of argument?  Tsk...tsk...tsk...

At the same function Najib also had this great punchline..."We cannot afford to be spendthrift, we have to spend according to our capability. What is important is that the country's future is guaranteed under the present government." HUH???!!! Coming from the leader of the BN/Umno government?

In today's Star it was reported that Prime Minister Najib said that the government will strike a balance between meritocracy and social justice when rewarding students for outstanding academic achievements. I presume that he was referring to the awarding of scholarships and other financial assistance for deserving students.  He said that while rewarding students based on meritocracy was important it was also imperative not to sideline others who came from low income families and still achieved good results.  What's the big problem here?  It isn't rocket science what.  Scholarships should be based on academic achievements as well as family income levels. So if a millionaire's children achieve good academic results they should not be in line for government funds to further their education because the family can afford to fund it themselves. Simple. No?  So why is the PM making such a big deal? Dunno lah.

Our prime minister did add another great quotation to his list of hilarious utterings in today's Star. He said, "We should not be doing things to divide the nation. If we divide this nations, we will all be losers."  The question is, why is he telling this obvious fact to US? We know already lah, Yang Whatever. Tell your Umno flers lah.

In page N3 of The Star today there is a story that initially restored my faith in justice. Former senior immigration officer Yusuf Abu Bakar was sentenced to 56 years and fined RM620,000 for corruption. Wah! Finally, a BIG-er fish has been caught and charged and sentenced.  Wah! MACC means business now lah?  But when I read the story it was back to status quo.  The judge had ordered the fler's sentence to run concurrently. That meant that he serves no more than 6 years in jail. I guess he might even be out in less given good behaviour and whatever. Tell me the truth. Does that make you feel that things are finally going right? No.

But hey it's Christmas. The season to be jolly. The season to be sharing and giving. So there is a bit of good news from our Najib.  He's announced that the Federal Government is planning to make Penang the preferred economic hub of the region.  Just exactly how that translates into benefits for the rakyat he didn't say.  What? You expected him to?  Yes, there is a Santa Claus and he'll be leaving presents under your Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas.



MaryPoppins said...

Hey Patrick,

Go look at the pics at this other blog, seems pertinent to your post this time:

Keep up the good work! And have a great Christmas and a fantastic new year! =D

monsterball said...

Merry Christmas Pat.
Any comments on MCLM that Raja Petra said they are repairmen...and his new found partner Haris Ibrahim said it is not a third force...nor political...but have few candidates to stand for election..asking PR to give way or be prepared to have a three corner fight.
However the MCLM Sec, Ms.Yolanda Augustine said MCLM was formed 6 years ago as civil rights movements....and hinting clearly not a repairman organization...right besides Raja Petra...making him look like an idiot.
Hindraf have 18 candidates and ask PR to give way and listed which candidates to give way too..and those listed out.. are PR's strong candidates to win elections too.

resident.wangsamaju said...

Wah opening another seafood branch in Sg ar?

Anonymous said...

"He's announced that the Federal Government is planning to make Penang the preferred economic hub of the region.".Fishy!!! "Sound like he just said it to entice the Penangite to return the state goverment to him in the next GE. Any fools up there?. If Penang remains with the current government it will go even further than what the old government can during the last 50years

Jacque The Idiot said...

Merry Christmas to you too Patrick! Have a great holiday!

CITIZEN said...

I suggest all the BN controlled states also have their own slogan like '1Perak,1Perlis,1Negeri Sembilam,1Melaka,1Johor,1Pahang,1Terengganu,1Sarawak,1Sabah' and all the Menteri Besar and Chief Ministers claimed it is their original idea just like Najib claimed the 1Malysia is his idea.
Actually what the fuck is this 1Malaysia,until today I still don't grasp the meaning.To different races,it means different interpretations.
To the chinese and indians,they interprete as one standard/system that applied to all irrespective of race.
To the malays,they interprete as one language,one type of national schools and if possible one religion for all races(don't you hear they always utter 'demi bangsa,agama dan negara')

dompiki said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to You & Family Patrick.

dukuhead said...

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas Patrick!!!!!!

Marduk said...

Hi Pat,

Merry X'mas to you too!

Thank you so much for giving me laughters on the doings of Malaysian idiots for the past year!

Keep up the good work!

casper c said...

Festive greetings and a Happy New Year Patrick and all at home.

Seems to me S'pore productions keeps you busy enough which only goes to question what's in the offing for the likes of you, back home ?

Do us a favour and throw Astro a bone and perhaps showcase and harness your talents for folks on the 'better' side of the divide.

Upon reflection, M'sia is such an anomaly. More often, business' take the layman for a ride - 'take it or leave it' attitude and the little man sucks it up ie the number forecasts boys actually reduced payout for one of the prizes, collectively - which is reminiscent of the Tote Board - Turf Club doing away with the discount window at the races because *He's Dawan went to town once too often.

* To the Turf Club's, a rascal of a horse which won hands down, come rain or shine. And whenever this side of the border makes stupid shortsighted decisions such as, the Lion city profits, as always !

Again, festive cheer Patrick and all.

bugis+melayu=bugima said...

wei pat.. c'mon lah.. dun tel me u realy duno wat dat najib was trying to mean when he say de country wil only award scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students..

everyone knows about d fact that our country's scholarships and financial assistance has a "quota".. if ur name is nt long enuf.. or u dun haf d kulit-fication.. plz stand aside lah.. thr is stil a long waiting list of ppl wif long names and high kulit-fication.. if thr is some vacancies.. then well, me might consider u loh.. at d meantime.. tunggu dulu noh.. by d way.. if u din receive any notification in a month's time, u can consider ur application unsuccessful..

thats d typical malaysian system.. and u know lah.. general election is coming.. dat najib oso scared he will lose his PM post one mah.. dats y he simply think of some crap juz to make himself feel more secure.. and he thinks d rakyat are some damn fools to belif him..

pat.. u duno meh..? every year.. thr wil be a big hue and cry in d media about deserving students nt getting d financial assistance they hoped for.. for instance.. d jpa scholarships.. every year.. d same problem..

one of my fren got straight A's for his SPM.. and he applied for jpa scholarship and kena reject.. u know wat reason they gave ah for them rejecting his application..? em.. ur results r brilliant.. but.. u juz din make it during the interview lah.. wtf??!! that fren of mine was an active english debater during his schoolling career.. many best speaker awards under his belt.. some more.. a king scout.. and they say.. he din make d cut during d interview.. haiyo.. juz say his qualification is high enuf.. juz that his kulit-fication is not at par.. lidat can lo.. short and simple..

and now dat najib sohai come and say scholarship is for deserving students.. pat.. dun be fooled by dis conman..

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Pat! But for Taib Mahmud, it is "MARRY CHRISTMAS" with a young gal good enough to be his granddaughter! Syabas!

Anonymous said...

If that slogan is Najib's own creation, thn why did BN pay millions to Apco?

Whatever he has said, kulitfication is till practised when awarding scholarship.

You missed out the Abang-Adik issue raised by CSL and that national policy should be deliberated at the parliment or discussed among all BN component parties, and not simply be announced by UMNO at their own assembly.

Anonymous said...

Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia has completely lost the plot with its daily extensive attacks against DAP and is the single largest hindrance to national unity

UniMAXXxxXxXXxXxx said...

de bugima reader is a winner la pat....
we r living in MALAYsia....
every single blady thing has to be like dat one....
oh ya!
i remember ur video saying abt how many times bolehland ammended their constitution.
i m currently in uni.
n dis farking uni of mine changes its policies as if they r changing their underwears lar.
wat i mean?
3 policy changes in a year!!!
dat got to be a record entrance in de GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS lar....
n now de students r suffering as a result.

monsterball said...

Pat will say like that Mr.Speaker...:"Don't bring me to your politics"
Yes..Pat hates politics.....but is totally different from that sickening Mr. speaker.
It is born in his blood to be a Freedom Fighter in his own ways.
He carries no balls to make millions.
He is successful by his own me.......hahahahahahaha
His fantastic and brave ways to expose police corruptions in radio talk shows..him arrested...all forgotten.
His talk show was the most popular..all forgotten..not even winning any trophy nor be recognized.. as an creating such a successful show..getting millions glued to listen to him talking.
Pat sabah...Pat...and that's why you are great man to me always.
Merry Christmas Pat.

Anonymous said...

viola, immigration records disappear. you believe or not?

Santa Klaus said...

Melli X'mas to all my umno flends and may the hantu of X'mas be with you.

May Lajib's gomen guarantee the doom of Malingsia.

To the rest of M'sia have a good time while you can before Najib's guarantee come true. Be smart like bro Pat, build a bridge to S'pore........or elsewhere.


Lotso said...

The days that Malaysia could have been a power has passed. You just need to look at Vietnam, a bombed out shell in the 1960s, and be horrified that their internet infrastructure is more developed than Malaysia.

The seaports of the Philippines are now on par and sometimes better than Malaysia.

Singapore has a GDP larger than malaysia, and their tech base is alot better. They are recruiting scientist from all around the world. I have seen their booths, along side booths from Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Taiwan and Germany. Singapore plays it similarity to Malaysia as a selling point!

Malaysia also has been exploiting it natural resources to the hilt. We will be buying natural gas from Australia in 2014. And our oil production will probably not last into the 2020s..think about that.

And yes China and India are finally here. BRIC, the new economical “tigers”.

And do note that Russia is busily building ports to service the arctic trade routes that will open in a few more years when the arctic polar ice caps are no more. The impact, the lost of trade going pass the straits of Melacca will be enormous.

Anonymous said...

I have read from an NST article on 20 Dec that local actress Nora Danish's father is of Myanmar-Arab descent, and her mother is from Myanmar.

Like that can also qualify to be a bumiputera?

najib manaukau said...

Patrick you forgot that Najib is a typical Ketuanan Melayu or may be an Indonesian pirates descendant. These pseudo Orang Alsi will claim anything like the supreme race and Ketunan Melayu but truthfully they are nothing but copy cats, pirates and robbers of non Malays. 1Malaysia my ass ! Long live Israel and their nuclear bomb and may be that is why Malaysia is planning to build two nuclear plants in their dream.
We all know dreams are free and eating more radish will surely help.

Anonymous said...

If BN cannot even plug the leaks in the Parliament building roofs - how can they convince us the 2 nuclear power plants they intend to build won't leak harmful radiation?

Anonymous said...

The Govt. treats Pendatang as sohai everyday . Non Pendatang is already 'Sohailized' long long ago.

So be a happy sohai lah !!. cheers !!!!

Merry Christmas to All Sohai!

From: Happy Pendatang Sohai

ktteokt said...

Hi, Pat! While you enjoy MERRY CHRISTMAS, our strong man in Sarawak is enjoying MARRIED CHRISTMAS!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all readers of this blog.

Since I do not buy the Star or NST, please continue to uncover and decipher those niamah news to us.

Kassim Selamat said...

Christmas song of the year:

MACC's Let's Make a Difference

Hafiz said...

TV3 was wrong, MACC's "Let's Make a Difference" should have won Juara Lagu.