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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Operation Toy Story


The Annexe Gallery is helping Roddy Teo to collect toys for a visit to paediatrics ward of UMMC hospital this Christmas, to be placed on the kids' beds before they awake. 

Deadline: Sunday 19 Dec. Come look for a box that says "Operation Toy Story". 

If you too would like to visit the hospital (or maybe more), please contact Roddy:

Here is Roddy's personal message:

Hey hey! How are you doing?

I'm writing this note to ask for a little favour. You see, this Christmas, I won't be going back to KK, and I declined locum on that day ;o) so there will be some time for me to kill.

So this is what I'm thinking of doing, to visit some kids in the hospital and bringing them a little goody while they're asleep. The idea is to have them wake up to a surprise next to their pillows the next morning! No, this wouldn't be the first time I'm doing it, but this might be the first time you'll get involved! Now here's the exciting part. I will need some toys, those that are cluttered in your attics, those that are stashed away in your boxes. Or maybe those that are sitting at the foot of your bed and could be more glad to make other kids happy. The idea is to give them (the toys) another chance at love (sounds like ToyStory?)

We usually visit the wards where the kids are more sick, like the cancer ward, before distributing them to other wards. No one wants to spend this time of the year in the hospital, really. And saddest of all, this may be the last year for them too.

So how about that toys that you've been meaning to give away but never found an outlet to do so? Do give me a call, and I'll send my reindeer to come and collect from you ;o) or buzz me and we'll chat about what other things we can give to them.

Hope to hear from you soon ;o)


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Boss, I hope you don't mind I link this to my Facebook! We need all the help we can get.

percolator said...

I'm not on facebook, but I'd like to volunteer time if he needs help. How can I contact him?

patrickteoh said...

Hi percolator. I don't think it matters that you are not on Facebook. Just go to is page and leave him a message.

Haris, thank you. Please link it and help Dr. Teo to spread the word. But only toys that are in very good condition. Sometimes people's good intention is mixed with their need to spring clean their closets.

Chong said...

Hi Patrick,

There are a few Paediatric Wards in UMMC. Which one is it? My son is a patient in Paediatric 6 or Paediatric Oncology. Hope to see some happenings at Paed 6.



Sang Kancil Guru said...

Please only give out new soft toys, and not old ones or used ones as they may have accumulated bacteria that will not be good for the kids.

Kudos for this good effort.

Anonymous said...

This is a great initiative and I will send toys. Thanks Pat and Teo.

Anonymous said...

Why waste your precioous time on Facebook?


percolator said...

bloody link asks me to sign up for Fb (TO LEAVE MSG) which i dowan lah!

monsterball said...

Pat...I have some toys to give away.
I need that to be collected before Saturday 3PM.
I think you are doing a wonderful charity job with this one.
If I miss you personally....I wish you and your family..a Merry X'mas and Happy New Year.
2011 is my year of the Rabbit.

patrickteoh said...

Thanks for wanting to help monster ball. But I am not doing the collecting. Please read the post for details. Thanks.

patrickteoh said...

Oh yes, monster ball this is NOT my initiative. It is the work of Dr. Roddy Teo.

monsterball said...

OK..Pat.In any case my house phone 03-56214952 is for the good doctor to know how to collect the toys that I have promised.

monsterball said...

A promise is a promise...especially to make on happy..I will keep my promise.
Not like Liong Sik...promised in front of Buddha to help...with his "sup sup soi. moe mun tai" with his beautiful voice tone ...and fooled Buddha.
hi Pat...I don't care what religion anyone belongs to..just do not try to fool special people being worshiped by the billions...and Liong Sik is actually a living dead too.
Back to Toys....I will give few donate money to buy few by the good doctor.
Yes.....nice to see less fortunate innocent ones smiling and happy.
Pat should dress as a clown and do your part...hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

monsterball don't bring Tun and Buddha into this noble exercise, anyway i think the children will love your toys, merry christmas

monsterball said...

Merry 'X'mas to errrrr... faceless nameless good soul.
Sometimes it is good to remind noble people ...we are surrounded by dirty politicians and to keep far far away from them.
And you can expect in most of my it personal or otherwise...present political situations governed by past and present leaders will be told over and over again by me...for the sake of the young ones.
After13th GE..I will stop talking politics.
Right now...still waiting for someone to ring me up and hand over the toys and some money to buy more toys....and mind you...I have no toys to actually give them away...although I own not less than 350 toys!!....mostly clowns.
But I have chosen few to give away and let the good Doc and his team to buy few more.
This is actually a terrible busy month for me....marriage invitation...death of one I love so much...nephew and nieces visit me from Australian and America..and my body system not behaving training some new staffs for a friend.
Just love to sit alone..quiet but 13th GE is near and look at all the issues at Malaysiakini...that need to be commented and debate with the few apple polishers of Najib.
I do envy Pat...taking life easy now...which should be the way. His family is very lucky.
My 5 children all grown up...and married with children. Only the last one is in colledge for a possible degree to give her a good start in working life.
Me...I simply love movies and music....gardening and dogs.
Merry Christmas to one and all.

patrickteoh said...

Hi monsterball. I do not have the good doctor's phone number I'm afraid and I think he will be too busy to actually do a collection from your place. If you really want o donate something then you will have to follow the instructions on my post and physically take the toys to Central Market Annexe. Thank you for your generousity.

monsterball said...

I quote.."I'll send my reindeer to come and collect from you" know I promised to go to KL and visit you at your Bukit Bintang restaurant for months...and still have not kept my promise? I will do fine evening.
I do not travel to KL so often now.. as all I need are right at my door steps.
I will wait till Saturday 3pm..and if no one comes..sorry..for me and them.
The only thing that will make me move my arse will be the 13th GE to vote...besides visiting your restaurant. Yours to me...can hold on for awhile. I am sure you understand that.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Patrick for your assistance in this matter.

Merry Christmas to you and your family as we look forward to a better year in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Patrick for your assistance in this matter.

Merry Christmas to you and your family as we look forward to a better year in Malaysia.

Concerned reader said...


Are you in pre-Christmas hibernation?

What kind of Niamah news could wake you up?

monsterball said...

Perhaps no news is good news.....and the good news is Pat will not waste his time talking all the bad political news spinning around...near 13th GE.
And I cannot help imagine the coming .."Silent Night. Holy Night" is keeping him busy with children concerts or something else.
If I know Pat...he mind is always busy...and such a man can never sit still.
It must not always be expecting him to keep us excited with his blog......but I do agree with ..."Concerned reader"...and I echo and say....
"hi Pat...what the hell are you doing? many niamahs.
Can't you see 2 famous freedom fighters turned frogs.. joining MCLM and using that 6 years old Civil Rights take away votes from PR?
All know this is a non political blog....but dirty politics do effect your children's future..are there..with frogs.....twisters...can easily be bought by money.
TALK la...your children's futures are at stake too..don't sleep too much...bad for health.
MYOB is also out-dated computer program.
Update and fire on till 13th GE..Pat.
Do you know NGO Amin Iskandar? He got married yesterday....and said no time for honeymoon out of many things to do...and you can bet...he meant for Malaysians and country.
Yes....PAT..13th GE...a vote to be slave to Najib or be a free Malaysian..for all young Malaysians.
Pat and I have one thing in common.
We both can say...'WHO CARES" as whoever is not bother us...yet it is real ridiculous to depend on one party like UMNO B for more than 55 years
It must be as vote for change...and that's why Pat and I do care.
Correct Pat?

Anonymous said...

Patrick is busy making money before Christmas? No time to update Niamah?

Anonymous said...

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monsterball said... daughter gave 10 of her toys.
I had all washed and dried looking totally clean.
Waited for someone to come..or ring one did that.
I have decided to give them away to the poor children's homes I know.
Actually so many that makes me feel helpless to choose which one.