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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Register to vote. Now!

The next 13th General Elections are coming. 

The signs are there. 

Petrol prices have been raised. They are filling the war chests. 

Khir Toyo is being investigated by the MACC. The sideshows have begun. 

If the 13th General Elections are going to be called for March 2011 
then the last day to register as a voter is
December 15, 2010

There isn't much time. Register to vote now!

You can register to vote at any Malaysian 
post-office. Nation-wide.  

Do it soon. Before December 15, 2010.

A visitor to Niamah!!! just reminded me that it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to register a new voter!!! So if you register now you MIGHT just make it to vote if they call general elections in March 2011. Maybe.
Such is life in Malaysia. You can get a new passport in 1 day. But it takes 3-6 months to get registered as a voter. And apparently, if you want to change your voting address it will take about the same time too. Unless you're a member of the police or the armed forces. Then no problem! Can do instantly one. Could it be that all those votes go in the same box anyway? 



John said...

Patrick Ah! my children register 4 months ago and got that pink slip. I also called the office and they tell me it takes more than 3 months to register a new voters la. They talk only you know tokkok like sing song la.

Bolehman said...

This is 'Bolehland', so any lanciau thing can happen one!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I plan to register as voter first thing tomorrow!

Geronimo said...

Pat, no matter what the case may be, we need to sock it to real hard this time. I am really really really getting fed-up and tired with all the sheenigans that are going on in the government. You forgot to add another sign of an imminent GE13, i.e. the Sultan of Perak has decided to take sides with UMNO with his take on "any Malay who is anti-Malay right is a traitor" thingy. I guess, this is to sway votes of the kampong folks which UMNO fear that they might even lose more this time round.

Anonymous said...

To all voters- Please vote out the traitors , the anti nationals n the corrupt leadership. Who are these guys? they are mostly found in the present administration where corruption is so rampant> only the 3 blind mice cant see it

Anonymous said...

ah yoh malaysian are full of shit. (ok..pls dont fuck me..ok ..generally speaking ..) when erection cum..oops ..sorry ..election come ...BN throws some goodies ..even bungkus mixed rice..!! vote will go to BN ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tell you. give up lah ..LET OUR COUNTRY DIE A MESERIABLE DEATH !

fupai from sawadee land

Anonymous said...

The registration takes only 1 day. But they have to figure out where they want you to vote so that BN wins. Or purposely let the opposition wins.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you, Patrick.
Always, study the Candidate carefully!!!
Make sure Not To Vote Blindly!!!

Harun said...

The time is now.

Let's get ourselves registered to boot out the corrupted government that practices kulitfication.

We do not need the 'Talent Corporation'. We want justice to treat every citizen as equal without having to argue about the rights of our monarchy.

Anonymous said...

MK Toyol is one more selected to be arrested
Ignoring the dozen or so that were reported
Lock them up esp all the big fish
Good riddance to bad rubbish
Otherwise the Toyo case is just wayang outright
A ploy to put the BN in a favourable light
May the people not be fooled anymore
Come GE13 BN must be shown the door

Nur Prima said...

One speech for the general elections, one speech for Umno elections, one speech for Deepavali open house, one speech for Chinese New Year open house and one speech for Raya open house. Different speeches for different audience. Typical Umno, true hypocrites.
Cannot be trusted at all!

charleskiwi said...

The three months needed to register a voter is the time needed to check up who they support.
It also confirms how efficient this Malay Institution is or may be the applicant needs to be approved by Umno first.

Chrono13 Dancing Mad said...

i oso wanted to vote but the minimum voter age here is fking 21! they think voting is a more adult thing than getting married!

Anonymous said...

uncle pat, you gotta see this

Anonymous said...

just go to EC and tell them you are registering as a voter and you are PRO BN!! Sure settled in less than 1 hour.

Then on voting day, u know what to do la. VOTE FOR PR!!

Post Free Ads said...

Hi Patrick,

What's your prediction for the up-coming general election results?

warm regards,

Gerakan K said...

BN will use it spostal votes to win GE.

Truly Niamah!!!

Anonymous said...

I applied to change my voting address at the Post Office in September and until now it's not been changed yet. My colleague jokingly said I have DAP look, that's why it's taking such a long time.
I emailed the EC to highlight my case but have not heard from them yet.

Anonymous said...

Better utilize your vote the deny at least two-third majority for BN. Otherwise BN will alter the history syllabus and content to force it down your children's mind like the BTN.

Umno has already siad that the downfall of Melaka was due to the Indian and Chinese traders who supplied ship for the Portuguese!!!

Anonymous said...

the way the parliament was "manhandled" by the BN, it only goes to fire up our determination to get rid of ruffians..
The behaviour of the ulu selangor elected rep in parliament clearly shows the gangsterism of the BN people. Very good. The more you show your "terror", the more we will show our "agreement" with you.
Please carry on the "good" work. Looking forward to the election. Whether PKR can govern or not, not an issue. To stop the tyrants of BN is the issue !!
Gov.backed gansters..

Hj Angus said...

YES I support a change of government as the Bankrupsi Negara regime is beyond reform.
It has too much blood on its hands and the judicial process only covers up the crimes.

As voters we share the blame as we allowed the manipulation and decimation of vital instruments of law and order.

If we do not change the government through the peaceful process of voting, I predict we could experience a people’s revolt in the next 20 years. Then we could end up in a situation like Myanmar.

Anonymous said...

UMNO hasn’t even got absolute power yet and we are witnesses to such extensive corruption.

IMAGINE if UMNO had absolute power – the corruption would be absolute!

So Malaysians, stand up or be forever damned.

Vote Pakatan Rakyat next GE.

Anonymous said...

Vote for BN at least I can see more exciting bolehland's story, at least in my life time.

Vote others is like show over ,no more shock already.

from; Pendatang whom Syiok sendiri in the bathroom.