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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fuyoh! The PM answers questions tweeted to him

Oh Najib, Najib...tsk...tsk...tsk...sigh

Now I am getting really confused.  A couple of days ago, Najib warned us of the effects of unregulated use of the Internet and how unfettered access to Western culture would decimate Asian values. Today Najib is out there on YouTube answering questions which he received via Twitter #tags which he initiated. But...but...but...I know what you are thinking. How can? Well, Najib did say "our children and future generations of ASEAN should retain their Asian cultural values and they must be protected from the threats on the Internet."  He also added that the public must be educated on how to use the Internet in a responsible manner.  And today on YouTube he showed us just what he meant and how to use the Internet in an Asian way.  You see, when you use the Internet you must not raise any 'sensitive' issues. Like politics, transparency in government, justice etc.  That presumably would decimate something or other. You must talk about things that really matter. Like where to get the best char koay teow. Like who irons the PM's clothes. Like whether Pirates or Ninjas will win.  Like..........SIGH..........I osso don't know la.......  If Najib was trying to show us Malaysians a different side of him, a softer more down-to-earth image sort of thing then I would say he fucked up. Big time!!!

A cyber-trooper just scolded me and said I should watch and listen to Najib's future YouTube replies to #tanyanajib and not pre-judge the poor man. Oh you mean there's more? And he does answer more serious questions?  Then my question still remains as to why he chose to lead with char koay teow and other 'entertaining' questions. 

If I'd wanted  entertainment I would go watch the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians at PJLA later this month.



Anonymous said...

oi cibai..tengok la lain punya answer yang dia jawab..cau hai..dont be so stupid la cina..u sana complaint sini complaint.u tak suka u cepat mati lah sohai..KNS!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 4:25
why are you so piss off, najis advised about asean value and culture and here you are showing disrespect to najis by shouting chibai and all those vulgar language that would make najis shameful

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:25

^^^ must be a perkasa fella. bodoh nak mampos.

Anonymous said...

i smell racial sentiment with the cina remarks. hello, everyone is free to voice and if najib holds the value of being asean, he shud look into his own backyard first. so, before calling someone with ugly name, if you are muslim and a malay, you should also learn your value.

Anonymous said...

anon 4.25om - what a typical perkasa imbecile with a retarded IQ. you and your beloved najis can eff off ok. what a joke of a pm.

Anonymous said...

twit on tweet

donplaypuks® said...

This Rosemajib TWIT is stupid beyond belief!

'The Prince' and Machiavelli? Why, Rosemajib literally re-wrote the thieving philosophy!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

hernandez said...

Dear anonymous.

It is ironic that you're using the word 'cibai' to scold a chinese. Not to mention 'sohai'. And KNS which is i'm sure you would know very well what is spells out in full.

thank you for this ironic Malaysian moment. Cibai.

s1en99 said...

ninjas, definitely ninjas.

Anonymous said...

anon 4.25
siapa suruh km masuk blog ni dulu? x suka keluar jelah masuk blog blog umno haprak cacai tu.
nyawa tu di tangan tuhan, nak suruh org pergi mati dulu? mungkin km tu kut yg 'pergi' dulu dari kami ni semua ... wkwkwkwkwk ..
melayu bongok!

ah long said...

Anoying felo ! 4.25pm ----> Memang TBPL :-)

in case tak paham TBPL .. it mean
Tak Boleh Pakai Langsung :-)

Anonymous said...

anon 4:25

do you really think his answers and the things he answers are of PRIME MINISTER quality? shy la.

it's our responsibility as citizens to question and argue so that the govt doesn't think it owns all of us. but thanks to people like you, they do anyway.

they serve us, not we serve them. stop wiping his arse for him.

monsterball said...

He knows next to nothing to all simple questions...and gave bloody idiotic answers thinking how smart he is....laughing off...feeling so smart..when the whole world is laughing at our top idiotic PM of all PMs..

Anonymous said...

He need Apco to provide answers to economic and political questions.

Therefore he can only answer those trivial questions that do not demand any intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Najib is of course calculating to endear himself to unsuspecting Malaysians by discreetly making a fool of himself. I can't speak for others, but I knew too much najis inside his core that I can't help but feeling repulsive. Another sickening aspect of this PR exercise is he never allow comments on his video - whatever happens to "I want to listen to the people" ?People who worship him should consider the career of slave because that too does not require thinking.

Tiger said...

Anon 4:25,
Don't like what you read?
Fuck off lah, no one ask you to digest Pat's thoughts, could be too deep for your small brain and melt it!
Racist fucker!
There's no such thing as Cina etc.
There's only MALAYSIAN here, ok?
Bodoh keparat!

LC Teh said...

Patrick ah, did you purposely put up his dad's photo just to insult him? Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:25 is probably showing real Asian values or is it because he uses Internet not in the proper manner and got influenced by Western values?

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I feel our PM wants us to see the lighter side of him. But I guess most of us are in no mood for this because of sooo..... many negative issues surrounding him. Don't have to list them, we all know. The latest being Barang Naik and Selangor SUK fiasco.

Anonymous said...

According to The Star, Najib said the exercise has given him a new insight into Malaysians’ way of thinking and how they used social media.

You should read the comments in Niamah blog to get a corrected picture.

Anonymous said...

someone should ask him how to justify spending millions and millions of our money on that PR agency just to get them to teach him how to low class diversion tactics to talk about stupid nonsense on youtube.

i also can do that for najis for half the price, man.

Anonymous said...

Hello. It is called the arts of politics. It is an art, see. Well, all the big people have got their own team. If they are not responding themselves, their team will help to respond. They all think alike which is why we have the 1 thingy. In short, he is saying that the internet must not be used to create troubles. He has a blog and so anyone can write in. In cyberspace, you will influence another person who will influence you in return which means that internet users will have a globalised identity whilst in the internet which is different from the real life. Unless you show yourself, people will not know who you are. If your English is so good, they will think you are from England but in reality you are a Chinese in Malaysia who can command the English language with excellence. They will not know where Malaysia is.

Anonymous said...

No shit! That was the Prime Minister spending taxpayers' money recording pirates and ninjas and char kuey teow!!!

Shouldn't you do something more "prime minister-ish" like debating the opposition leader on which economic stimulus makes sense? I wanna see our PM demonstrate his finesse and send Anwar Ibrahim off with his tail between his legs.

Anonymous said...


you're racist and chauvinistic to the core.

Anonymous said...

very david lynch

Anonymous said...

ETP will not increase the income for the ordinary Malaysians in the short to medium term. ie 10 to 15 years. With no drastic revamp in education policies and and with no consistent long term policy with changes made every now and them like GST implementation, how would foreign investors have the confidence to invest in Malaysia when there are so many choices around the region.

With so many of the country's institutions corrupted to the core to suit BN interest like the parliament, judiciary and police, overseas Malaysians will not think to move back to Malaysia as good salary is not the only deciding factor to move back home. I wonder if Talent corp have interviewed overseas Malaysians on the reasons they left Malaysia rather than just convincing overseas Malaysians to return home.

High income is only part of the solution. Do the following:
1. End corruption
2. No racial or religious politics. Legislate if necessary.
3. Revamp our education system.
4. Improve civil service especially police force
5. Adopt meritocracy but help the needy

We challenge the government to strive for the above

Anonymous said...

Najib must be the most naive person around. The economy will never grow rapidly until the shackles of the NEP that are in place to enrich the few UMNOPutras and their cronies are removed. UMNO has hijacked the NEP to enrich the few at the expense of the many and that's the underlying problem. Unless these shackles are removed there will be no rapid progress. Malaysia had high economic growth during Mahathir's era and before the Asian financial crisis only because it benefited from the flying geese effect when Japan relocated many of its low-skill manufacturing jobs and Malaysia still had the benefit of the institutions that the British left behind. Once the flying geese took flight to China and India following their liberalisation, that was it, they left Malaysia with its declining institutions due to Mahathir's short-cut policies.

Now with UMNO having institutionalised racism and injustice, there is no way that highly skilled and professional Malaysians will return. So long as the fundamentals of good quality education, institutions of governance and law and order are not restored these Malaysians will not return. Why would they want their children in the schools that UMNO has built when UMNO leaders themselves don't send their own children to those schools? Why would they want their children to face racism and discrimination when their adopted lands treat their children with fairness and justice? Why?

Najib is just a naive and incompetent PM. He won't even debate Anwar like a man. He's too chicken. May be he should send Rosmah since she appears to be wearing the pants in the house. Najib, go on doing what you are doing and you will indeed be the last PM from UMNO. We eagerly await the dawn of a new Malaysia where there will be freedom and liberty, where we shall all be regarded as Malaysians, not, as your Deputy says, Malay first, Malaysian second.

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing... in a blog called Niamah, commentators better not call the blog author sohai, ok?

daniel said...

Used the PM's dept or Info Ministry to produce this silly clip? Or did he pay consultancy fee to APCO also? Obviously not home brewed. Now we know where our tax money is also going.

monsterball said...

Pat...Anon you a racist.
So many UMNO B racists call me a racist too.
Strange is it not..Pat.
Fighting for the rights of minorities are call racists and Najib goes one notch us traitors.
Can you understand how the talk like that?
I always think they accused others for what the are...specialized by Mahathir....but it is more than that.
It is not denial syndrom only.
It is being exposed loud and clear...have no way to defend and keep talking cock and bull.
It is hypocrites and pure racists to talk that way.
You and me are racists?
What are they?

zuraimi said...


is not a cyber troop

but... a fucker troop aka perkosa....wkakakak

didi said...

The PM should teach his cybertroopers asian values first. Oh and if they are muslims, teach them muslim values too. What's the purpose of preaching something if you are not going to practice it? Just like his 1Malaysia. Honestly, these cybertroopers are an embarrassment to the whole malay community.

Miera Nadhirah said...

0_o... speechless..... sighhh...

Anonymous said...

t think i like better to see people burning effigy of a person complaing about loud speaker thing. so cool man...!!!
got power!!!!

signed. orang boring.

Anonymous said...

When the non-Muslim lawyer sent a letter complaining about the excessive volume of the azan prayers to Prime Minister Najib Razak, he could have easily sorted out the matter quietly. By now, it has become obvious that Najib will capitalise on any opportunity to create and increase tension and polarisation between Muslims and non-Muslims.

In this particular case, the lawyer's letter gave Najib a golden opportunity to set into motion a chain of events which culminated into yesterday's demonstration. Umno previously tried to pull a similar stunt to rouse the anger of the Malays against the non-Muslims, when they accused Teresa Kok of making a similar request in Puchong. But that backfired when investigations revealed that Kok had not made any such request.

Some other nasty activities where Najib and Umno could be complicit are the cow's head and pig's head incidents, the Allah controversy and the church burnings

Anonymous said...

ask to debate... giving loads of CRAPS & excuses.

pm quality...? KAH! KAH! KAH!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10.25pm,

I think majority of Malaysians do not want to see the lighter side of the PM. In line with all the PM's transformation programs, perhaps the PM should suggest to his fatty wife to lose about 40 kilos of weight and then we just may want (or maybe not) to see the "lighter" side of the missus PM. The PM can abbreviate his missus weight loss transformation programme as FTP (Fatso Transformation Programme) but I highly doubt if this FTP will be successful just like the rest of the ETP, GTP, or whatever transformation programs he can think of.

Anonymous said...

Donplaypuks: you're damn right

Najis, you're not fit to kiss my ass. So fuck right off to the shithole you came from.

Anonymous said...

to:anonymous 2.56pm. Fuck your mother ,when is it ,that .when is it is ok to have "matter sort out" quitely. ??? You raised the matter ,you kena kongek lah bodoh!!!!!

Pukimak you.. !! you dont like Malaysia you fuck out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

During the days of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, there was once, upon him finishing his prayers in a mosque, he noticed a Muslim just behind him reciting the Quran rather loudly and beside him was another sleeping by the corner of the prayer hall.

Our prophet immediately but politely interrupted and told the person reciting to lower his volume a bit so as not to perturb the other person sleeping beside him. The Quran reader thanked the Prophet and he duly obliged by continuing to recite the Quran but in a much lower volume. That for those who know not is the true Islam.

We are not to perturb our neighbours and we are not to shove down our religious beliefs down the throats of others for those are anything but Islamic. The purpose of the azan is to call for prayers and help wake those Muslims who may be fast asleep. That can easily be achieved through azan alarm clocks without disturbing others.

Anonymous said...

talk like sissy how to debate? becos fish food can la. de-bait.


not your ordinary blogger; said...

Speechless.....all i can said is if u think think this whole bloody malaysia belongs to one race only....then u r fcukign belongs to "rakyat"!!! and please stop banishing ppl from voicing their opinion here..if u don't like this blog...then niah mah....u can fcuk off!!!!

victer said...

I don't mind that he has posted up some "light moments" to bring us some levity during the "barang naik" season.

I do have a question for the PM though:

Why the prices of goods go up when it's near CNY? haih..

BEHOLD and let us wait for the upcoming videos.

I can't wait ...slurppss *

Anonymous said...

with such great screen presence, he could be the next oprah

Anonymous said...

PM talking about 'Hikayat Ninja vs Lanun?'

Aduh Najib!

Khurafcuk said...

I banyak kesal sekali bila Si Taib buat najlis perkahwinan ala Inggeris dengan wanita Syria itu.

Apakah dia malu dengan kebudayaan melayu?

Kenapa Perkasa tak buat bising sedangkan kebudayaan melayu tercabul?

Kenapa Utusan tak buat bising bila dia punya bini pakai gitu ketat sampai payudara yang bear itu menonjol untuk santapan orang?

Anonymous said...

I think PM Najib wants to be a Malaysian to all ! Therefore, any subject matter that touches on Malaysian soil, he will answer ! He wants to be friendly to everybody. He has so many things on his plate that he lost touch with the more important things in life. Politics and how to win back seats is his main objective in life at this juncture.

Sad to say and think that there are still Malaysians who does not understand the meaning of disagreement !!!

Disagree means do not see the way things like what you see ! A cup can be half full or half empty ! Our education system is to be blamed and our past government ! So much to feed into our stomach and don't ask mentality ! That's why now we have so many Malaysians who does not agree with the government, we are branded disloyal to the King and country ! Takanlah kerajaan ask us to eat shit, we eat shit ! If there is nothing wrong with our present government, how come we Malaysians object be it a Malay, Chinese, Indian and others ???

Why must we fight with one another and our neighboring country are laughing at us ???

If that is the case, we can safely say that we are useless because when we have brains, we fail to use it !!!

No more Niamah !

Anonymous said...

In the 18 months of Najib’s premiership, Utusan Malaysia had been the worst culprit among the Malaysia media most guilty of these anti-1Malaysia sins – “instead of providing constructive and valid criticism…abuse the greater freedom of expression now available to use terms and express feelings that are racist or inflammatory in nature and tone” with its daily staple of lies and falsehoods to stoke racial and religious illwill, tension and hatred directed against Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

When Hata made his call as NUJ President to the mainstream media “to return to their true function as deliverers of objective information to the public”, he was doing what Najib’s 1Malaysia had preached – a reminder to “journalistic professionalism, a sense of responsibility and self-restraint with sensitivity to the divergent views and feelings of the diverse communities in Malaysia”.

Although he is a Utusan Malaysia journalist, how can Hata be penalized by Utusan Malaysia for what he said as NUJ President - and fully in line with Najib’s 1Malaysia concept of promoting an all-inclusive 1Malaysia media?

Anonymous said...

In 2004 Johor had non oppositon MP and Adun. About 10 years ago under the mentriship of Muhiddin the state government issue Dana Johor at RM1. Now it worth less than 10sens. Few years back the state government conducted a beli balik at the price of 50%. With your logic with all the infrastructure and supporting civil servants why Johor is facing such large deficits, notably the failure of Johor Corp that is heavily in debt of RM3.6 billion?

Pak LALAH said...

Sarawak CM prefer eating foreign pussies... not much Asian values and heritagee there!

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL, what a video! Continue your tweets mister minister, this is why we are so laid laid laid back.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Any problems or any issues please ask #Ltantuyanajib

Anonymous said...

He only answers selectively. He does not answer to all. Observe the ones he answer. His cybertroopers are doing their work and he knows who he should respond to and who he should not. Same like his tea party. Malaysia is partly democratic. Do you, Patrick, gets invited to his tea party ?

Anonymous said...

HEY! SUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

monsterball said...

When he cannot answer...can you imagine that idiot char koay teow is at his Hari Raya open house party?
We need to wait one year to taste that?
All know best char koay teow is made by Chinese with fried pork min balls..crunchy and tasty.
Best at Brickfield's Road in a coffee shop..where cook made thousands every week and go to Genting to gamble and lost every sen for years.

Anonymous said...

Please leave our beloved PM alone.

He is not worrying about Johor Education Dept Head, Interlok , Azan problem,Tenang These are Kecil Kecil punya hal.

He is scratching his head because of SUDAN.

Petronas owns a lot of asset there and owes Billion Billion in Bond.
Once Sudan South goes independent - habis lah Petronas.

BIg BIG Problem ahead for our bolehland.

How to get money for all the Transformers???

monsterball said...

My daughter said..."Pa..come quick! Your friend Patrick Teoh in TV.
WOW!! A book call.."TEOHLOGY"...sure to buy it for my toilet reading...and few more for my close friends.
Seriously Pat...I hope it will sell make you more money you so deserves.

Anonymous said...

How I wish Malaysia Comedy Court can do a Lajib using the Splitting Image's tactics? I love this theme.....It was on Margaret Thatcher
Now, the theme to Najib Tun Razak


Eat this.......

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, if there is anybody who must take the biggest blame for failing to solve the TBH case, it must be Najib. From day one, you had the chance to put things right by getting an RCI commissioned on proper and equitable terms. What did you do instead? You engaged a half-past six inquest, one which most of us suspected won't get anywhere near to solving the case.

Just as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi failed decisively to deal with the VK Lingam issue, you maintain the same attitude on the TBH issue. The day you and Umno get serious about social justice, is the day when the moon will turn purple. Stop kidding the electorate.

Most of us have made up our mind on your 'wayang kulit' inclinations. And, we will continue to demand justice for TBH until it is given. Remember, there is a God in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Be a Felda settlers and become a middle-incomer earning RM3000 per month!

That's the strategy for BN for those jobless graduates!!!

Anonymous said...

We all possess an inner voice that tells us certain things are right and wrong. We ignore our conscience at our peril. Some Malaysians, including Najib, have kept their conscience so distant that they have convinced themselves they can do as they please.

But even if we suppress our inner voice, other Malaysians still live by their conscience. This is why Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) suffered unprecedented losses in the 12th general election in 2008.

“Each man’s death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind,” wrote John Donne nearly four centuries ago. All Malaysians ought to feel some loss for Teoh Beng Hock’s unjust death, after interrogation and torture by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission or MACC.

There is nothing “bigger” than the death of a blameless young Malaysian. He had committed no crime, but had been summoned as an MACC ‘witness’. He had merely been another young idealist, trying to improve the lives of others.

That Najib thinks a by-election is “bigger” than the lives of ordinary Malaysians, is a sign of his political cynicism and self-interested world view. He cannot see past the importance of Umno staying in power, in order to protect himself, his wife and his decaying party.