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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Jiiiis eees verah straaange!

Aiyoh! Bikin gua kepala pening oh!

You know, I always find it very strange that Najib, who leads a party named United MALAYS National Organisation (Umno) is the one who coined the slogan 1Malaysia.  And he is supported by the leaders of other parties that are named Malaysian CHINESE Association (MCA) and the Malaysian INDIAN Congress (MIC).  But the story in today's Star really takes the cake. In page N4 of the Star today the story announces that, "The 1Malaysia Cultural Award is now open for application from Malaysians of all ethnic backgrounds with RM50,000 each for two winners."  Good right. It should be. Except that the report goes on to say that MCA prez, Chua Soi Lek went on to announce that the awards were aimed at recognizing contributions by Chinese and non-Chinese Malaysians in arts and culture. Huh???  The cash awards are for 2 categories - Chinese and non-Chinese - with an RM50,000 prize for each category. So even for 1Malaysia arts and cultural awards we have to start off with a racial separation issit?  Why like that one? Well the good thing is if this keeps I guess up Namewee will have no problems with funding for his projects and Ah Niu will finally get his tax exemption for Ice Kacang Puppy Love.



Anonymous said...

racist bastard

Anonymous said...

you are now entering the Twilight Zone (and i'm not refering to vampires!). things definitely getting curiouser and curiouser in my favourite place to live in the world. Heaven help us all, and God bless us everyone!

ktteokt said...

Where the hell can Malaysia or Malaysian politics shed itself of ethnic colour and background when the core parties forming the ruling coalition is in themselves RACIAL?

Sam said...

So what is this 1Malaysia all about?
Huh! I guess 1Malaysia for the Malays,Chinese,India,Iban,Kadazan,etc,is different,as long as you organise anything under the name of 1Malaysia slogan.
Niamah Fulat!

Anonymous said...


Alamak, this is not strange at all. It is afterall the PM's 1 help me, I help you. Thus our porn star Chua has to follow suit prize for mata sepet, one prize for non mata sepet non kaki botol.

shades said...

I askeded the MCA President on twitter yesterday night:

"How come 1Msia cultural award organised by MCA split into Chinese & non-Chinese catagories? Isn't that against 1Msia concept? @drchuaSL"

Guess what the response was? TOTAL SILENCE.

Anonymous said...

we are watchin this limping bastard, real close. getting too much la. when melayus say it, they're racist! but its ok for him when half of his life living on government salary!

Anonymous said...

we are watchin this limping bastard, real close. getting too much la. when melayus say it, they're racist! but its ok for him when half of his life living on government salary!

monsterball said...

aiyo...if you keep listening to their logic and explanations will either go crazy or more determine to get rid of these sickening corrupted band of robbers and thieves hypocrites.
You can see for yourself...Najib is cornered and a lousy liar..low down hypocrite and all things said and done by the Govt. day in day out ..are actually not trying to win the 13th GE but to protect themselves from going to jail..being exposed of so many crimes and stealing.
Najib is obsessed with money power to use that to buy up loyalties.
Right now...the Teoh Beng Hock's case Judge said..gave an
"open verdict"....neither committing suicide or homicide.
You go and digest that sickening verdict.
It has reached a stage...even ordinary low ranking policemen must be protected by Najib..or everyone will confess and he is finished with no contest.
The 13th GE is his last hope to stay alive.
He has said...he will protect PutraJaya with his life...and look how happy all UMNO B crooks heard that and clapped hands.
Does Najib actually believe PutraJaya belongs to UMNO B?
Such is the weird behavior and sick mentality of a half past six PM with a split personality....yet all clapped hands.
The UMNO B politicians are behaving like crazy nuts...right now.

Khairy said...

Those of us with a shred of decency, honesty and integrity do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay – the rest become BN politicians and its ball-lickers.

Anonymous said...

This will tickle your Funny Bone...

"And...... the award of RM50,000 for Chinese goes to Chua SL. Most watch, most uploaded & most search n cannot find."

"Hey, I win!!!!!!"

(now thinking) "Mmmmmm.... better I team up with dat Namewawee feller!"

(now plotting) "Mmmmmmmm... bigger prize yah, next!!"

Anonymous said...

1malaysia is all based on the principle of kulitfication, and CSL has just proven it.

Using the same principle, I will support local non-malay movies and boycott local malay movies. The former is not aided by government and I admire the spirit of the moviemakers like Ah Niu who lelong his house to finance his movies. The local malay movies are already supported financially by Finas and the wealth of David Teo, so I would not pay to watch them as they get 'bailout' even the film project is abandoned.

Utusan Rakyat said...

Date: 08.01.2011
Time: 8pm
Event: Ceramah Pakatan Rakyat
Venue: Batu Gajah Guan Ing Temple
Speakers: Azmin Ali, Nga Kor Ming

Enq: 05-2531532

Salim said...

How could the concept of JUSTICE and EQUALITY implicit in 1malaysia be implied if ketuanan melayu is till in vogue?

Anonymous said...

Rais yatim should invite the maid back and give a joint press conference. After all, she washed Rais' dirty linen in private for seven to eight years. Now, if Rais was so kind to her, she would either happily clear his name or damn him.

Rais should then proceed to Masjid Negara to buat sumpah to God like Saiful.

Anonymous said...

1Malaysian name - Patrick Noh Vellu Soi Kinabantang

Justice 4 All said...

MACC must conduct a comprehensive investigation on the allegation by Wikileaks that a Malaysian Cabinet Minister Rais Yatim was alleged to have raped his house maid a few years ago which force the then Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Badawi to cover up the alleged scandal in order to maintain cordial relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia.

It is imperative to do so, failing which not only the said Minister will lose his moral standing, the whole Malaysia Cabinet will risk losing it moral authority to continue to lead the country.

Anonymous said...


This is a good piece of writing on The Star today, and it is a letter from a reader:

"Separate religious studies from History"

Please read this as it will impact your little Adam, assuming he is studying locally in Form 4.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what mode is this Yatim fellow in now ?

eg. I have seen him turn into Engish speaking modedefore but this is quite tough . Gatal Mode?

2 Balls Modist .

Anonymous said...

The more those bn flers try to expound the 'concept' of 1malaysia with their own interpretations, the more confusing it becomes with irregularies and contradictions to the reality.

Anonymous said...

Bolehland laughing stock justice:

1.he strangled himself and jumped.
2.he had less than 1000rm in bank account therefore he committed suicide.
3.have you jump off a building before?
4.It is not homicide and not suicide either (maybe he just like jumping off Macc building for fun).

if these are the types of people administering our country, we will soon be worst than zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

The world is watching.

Malaysia slips down Democracy - It now stands at the 71st position out of 167 countries, sending the country down to the "flawed democracy" category.

Anonymous said...

Ever since Mahathir became PM, he has taken the country down the path of corruption and in the process,he has tainted and corrupted the entire civil service and every institutions in the country. With his ultra long tenure of 22 years, just about every one has been compromised. This being so, it is impossible for BN to change or transform itself. Every one has some skeletons in the cupboard and the pot cannot call the kettle black. The only solution left is to vote BN OUT in GE13. BN needs the break to cleanse itself and rid itself of self serving politicians past and present. So let's do BN a favour and vote PR in GE13.

horn-bill said...

Here are 6 Malaysian Jokes for stress relief:

ps: it may offend bn flers.

Anonymous said...

Just read the star this morning .according to the pm dept. they denied asking all christain symbol or similar to be removed during the pm visit but only on the rostum where the pm will speak later.

symbolic artfact on the wall and rostum what's the different .? a remove is a remove ,correct isnt it ???

From: stupid

Tiger said...

An open letter to all Malaysians

Anonymous said...

Malay supremacy has been able to create in the last decade or so the following:

a) Bending the laws to suit Malay interests. In this case the constitution has been amended a record 40 times (with 650 individual amendments) since 1957. Compare this with the US that has amended its constitution about 27 times since its founding. Or, Singapore, four times. Racism is institutionalised in this country!

b) Breaking the thin line between Syariah and civil laws. The supremacy of the constitution has been eroded.

c) Breaking down of institutions like the check and balance features of democratic governance. Democracy is all but dead. Have the periodic general elections, and that’s it, democracy is observed. Whatever happens in between is another matter altogether.

d) The flagrant use of lies, deceit, hooliganism on the part of the ruling elite against its own people. There is this massive breaking down of individual and public morality.

Anonymous said...

The MCA asked the family of TBH to keep their mouth shut just like them.
What a rubbish this porno king is saying " At least say we need a Royal commission or if a bit carry balls for UMNO we express sympathy and be patient and allow our beloved leader Najib more time to study this matter and he will keep his promise to leave no stones unturned.
This bloody idiot talked nonsense - I mean the Porno King how to become a leader of Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians want a RCI into the cause of Teoh Beng Hock mysterious death and not just a RCI into MACC’s investigation procedures.

Anonymous said...

NOW, a RCI to find out whether TBH's human rights were violated but NOT NOT NOT how he was thrown out....WTF !!
A precious LIFE of the 'son, brother, husband , daddy , friend & our stranger ' has been terminated & 'they' just want to 'transfer/sack or promote' the culprits ...WTF !!
@#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&* !!

p/s perkosa chief : " NO NO NO , no RCI ...please respect the coroner's decision ... the open verdict !! " ...WTF !!

Anonymous said...

Old porn not king lah, just never get enough since young ma. His quality is what made him the president you know, so his comments is for the MCA delegates only ma, not the Chinese at large because we never want a representative lek tat.

Anonymous said...

chinese leader talk more after kena slap by perkasa chief aka al-katak the horrible.!

drebar teksi said...

If a RCI is set up and those responsible for the death of THB are punished, then in future nobody will dare to do the dirty jobs for UMNOB because their safety is not guaranteed. This will not benefit UMNOB. Besides, Najib himself has RCI-phobia. Remember the pretty Mongolian lass?

Anonymous said...

In solidarity with Beng Hock’s family, DAP Perak also announced that the party will offer RM10,000.00 to anyone who can offer evidence or lead to conviction of the person responsible for the homocide of Sdr Teoh.

Anonymous said...

If the RCI is only to investigate whether Teoh Beng Hock's human rights have been violated, then forget it. The whole world already knows that his human rights have been violated except the PM.

What everyone (except Umno and Al Katak of Perkosa) wants the RCI to investigate is the cause of Teoh's death. That is the only thing that matters to everyone and to Teoh's family.

Anonymous said...

MCA & CSL only have one statement: Don't politicized Teoh Beng Hock's death. That is the only shit that can come out from the mouth of a running dog. It is nothing to do with POLITICS, it is public outcry and outrages.

Pls have some conscience and loving kindness on an innocent life. If you keep hiding under the Sarong, one day if might happened to you or your close relative.

The lies and lawlessness & cover up of everything rotten that can't be display under the sun. It is time for MCA to repent, otherwise it will be the demise of the party in the coming GE13.

Anonymous said...

time for minority to set up their own perkasa to protect their right but......only dream dream can lah....cos chinese got no balls one and indian very brave but talk no action.

better become muslim adopt malay culture become malay then become bumi then join umno like mamak cannot vote also nevermind then get paid to become crowd for hire and then truly become 1 malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Dear PM Najib, the whole world knows that Teoh Beng Hock was taken to MACC by its officers from Teoh's office. He later died under MACC's custody. MACC is therefore responsible for Teoh's death. It cannot run away from its responsibility. You must punish MACC, or else, you shall be held responsible.

Tenang Kid said...

Can HumSup Chua SL explain how the establishment of a Royal Commission of Inquiry specifically excluded from investigating the cause of Teoh’s death but only confined to the investigation procedures of MACC could help in uncovering the cause of Teoh’s death – taking a further step in pursuing the inquest finding excluding suicide as the cause of Teoh’s death and the important finding of Teoh’s prefall neck injury?

Anonymous said...

Again, who gives a shit what the Pres. of MCA has to say. No credence and cahonas to begin with. He speaks for me as a Chinese, yeah right!!!! like I don't have a voice and a stand on things important to me. I'll vote for anyone who fights the good fight and justly with no fear or favour but to humankind. NUMBNUTS!

Roket AS said...

Residents of Alor Star please attend this DAP Kedah dinner with invited speakers Lim Guan Eng and Nga Kor Ming.

Date: 14.01.2011
Time: 7.30pm

Kindly contact Lee Guan Aik (012-4218378) for booking.

Bay said...

Wow! Very interesting blog you had here! Wish to connect with you on Google Friend Connect! Cheers! =) (

Anonymous said...

On Christmas Eve, Nik Aziz was invited to a ‘party’ at the Istana Terengganu in Kuala Lumpur. It was a meeting organised by ex-Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. What Nik Aziz did not know is that the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister would also be there.

Ho, ho, ho, and a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

rais yatim sound quite similar to rais kautim....good poetry stuff...

from.england speaking reporter

Anonymous said...

mr patrick...
first time come to ur blog.
very nice to read.
but after reading awhile, my eyes pain liao.
can change your background color to white ar? terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Umno is recruiting mat rempits via Al Katak's Perkosa.

9 months after this event, expect to see more abandoned babies.

MalaysAt Risk said...

We are Malaysians when we are overseas. I remembered trips overseas when the locals there asked my Chinese friend are you Chinese ? and he replied eagerly No! I am Malaysian. An Indian friend was asked whether he was an Indian and he replied No! I am Malaysian. And I was asked whether I was from Indonesia and I replied No! I am Malaysian. The trouble with us in Malaysia is we have no serious trouble so we start troubling ourselves and start looking at our differences rather than our similarities.ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Chua Soi Lek is quite consistent with the philosophy of MCA. If MCA has been willing to make Chinese weak, and responsible to have made Malaysian Chinese in the sorry state that they are in so that those in MCA leaderships can become rich, the sufferings of TBH and his families would to him be quite insignificant to the sins committed by MCA. To him, adding a few Chinese or subtracting a few Chinese to the list of sufferings matters little. How can he and his MCA crooks offend Najib, the hands that feed the dogs?

Stulang said...

If DPM, Muhyiddin Yassin, does not agree that he is Malaysian first and Malay second, how can the government ram the 1Malaysia concept down the rakyat’s throats?

Anonymous said...

Placing people first? How about us Selangor citizens? We don't want Khusrin as the State Secretary. So why do you want to thrust him onto us? Withdraw Khusrin and replace him with someone after consultation with the Selangor MB who is representing us the people then perhaps we may believe you.

And how about Teoh Beng Hock's family? A RCI without including investigating the cause of death? That is what they want. That too is what we people want too. So are you going to place us first?

Anonymous said...

former pm woke up recently.

sleepy pm = who molest who?
kaki bodek= itu mp dari kuala pilah
sleepy pm= betul ke?
kaki bodek=mana tahu?
sleepy pm= kalau orang tanya saya tahu kah tahu? ,cakap lah saya check dulu..ah yah ..cakap semua bohong lah..semua anwar punya hal lah..kacau aje...panggil kj pergi settle ..
kaki bodek= ok boss ..tapi boss..boss? boss?
Sleepy pm= zzzzzzzzz..zzzzzzzz..snoring..zzz
kaki bodek= niamah hai ..lagi tidur..pukimak...mana boleh pakai punya pm..pui!!!!

signed. dr.mamak dari india kerala
occupation:tipu melayu

Anonymous said...

Read this:

Anonymous said...

Compulsory subject Sejarah is actually studying Islam & forcing young mind how good Islam is. What happen to Christian, Buddist & Hindu history? Many great non-malays gets no mention in Malaysian history in a multinational country. Form 4&5 Sejarah is now more Islamic religion than on general history knowledge.

Anonymous said...

perkasa recruiting its warriors -mat rempit . what's their plan?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia’s economy is expected to be overtaken by Singapore’s. It seems incredible that an island 700 square kilometres in size with a population approaching five million with no natural resources is able to overtake us.

Our national debt is around RM400 billion with our international reserves at US$106 billion at the end of 2010.

Of our 11 million labour force, only about 10 per cent pay any income tax. Our civil service is bloated with more workers than taxpayers, numbering around 1.3 million people. We have almost half a million padi farmers who produce only slightly more rice than Australia which uses less than 5,000 people.

Ghaza said...

“There are no Malay rights since our Constitution holds dear that all persons are equal before the law and entitled to equal protection of the law without discrimination on the basis of race and religion.”
That was what the late Ghazali Shafie said in a speech at the National Unity Convention in May 2001.

He continued: “What perhaps has come to be regarded as special rights is the special position of the Malays and natives of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153 (of the Federal Constitution). The change from ‘position’ to ‘rights’ is frightening. Who did that, I wonder?

“In a plural society like ours, if the leadership was not bold and sincere enough to take corrective measures so that there would be a level playing field, then the situation would indeed be bleak and our society would be a playground for those who wish us ill.”

TabuanMas said...

Why announcement by CSL not RBY...Should be Menteri isn't it.

michiko said...

Some politicians are afraid to speak up against UMNO Bahru. This is because they have some skeletons in the cupboard that they want to keep hidden. Besides, they don’t want criminal charges against them, charges like sodom mee or corruptmee derailing their political careers.

CSL has ONLY ONE Objective to maintain the current status so that his family can continue to lead MCA at any cost. So it is up to the Community to think and to decide if the current status benefits only CSL and his Dumb Sec. Gen and blind supporters especially at the divisional level. We all know the conclusion. Then it is our action in the forthcoming GE to clear the deck of these limbless fools. This message must be sent out LOUD and CLEAR!