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Sunday, January 23, 2011

More kiasu than you hor?

Malaysians or Singaporeans?

First, Dr. M said that Malays in Singapore are marginalised. Then some Singapore Malays shot right back and said they were in fact very happy with their lot down there. Then our Ibrahim Ali jumped in and alleged that the comments from Singapore were not really from the Malays there who dare not speak up for fear of ... well whatever. Then today The Malaysian Insider reports that Dr. M says Singapore gags its citizens against criticism of the government anyway. The old warhorse insists that they have freedom of speech in Singapore where you can say what you like, so long as it is approving of the (PAP) government.

I wonder what Singaporeans, Malays or not, really think of this silly argument. Can talk or not about this? 



monsterball said...

Who is Mahathir compared to Lee Kuan Yew when both were leaders of their countries?
Who is Mahathir now..compared to Lee now?
Mahathir have a mouth that stinks.
Lee open his mouth..the whole world pay attention.
Mahathir use Singapore as a punching bag for his dirty politics...when he was PM.
No change..nothing surprising...for he is jealous of S'pore progress.
UMNO B crooks accused others telling lies...praising S'pore.
Liars and cheaters always accused others to start off their defense for what they really are.
When the whole world have no respect for UMNO B leaders..especially Mahathir and Najib...both can live with that as long as they are still free from jail.
Mahathir has reached his twilight days...and will talk till the candle light is out..fearing no he knows he will not be remembered kindly by Malaysians.
All he cares is talk till he drop dead to defend his idiotic pride..since he has a high false title and billions stolen for his family.
To him...his crookedness have reaped well and he is proud of that.
This man is no Muslim nor a human being in the true sense.

Anonymous said...

Another 'Niamahchowfahhaituilehchowfarhai' Award waiting to be claim..

Anonymous said...

patrick aka dumbass ,the bloggers and opposition who wrote and stood against lky and government all when to jail and were fined massive amount of least be honest for once in your life !you rude chinaman!
ignorance is bliss

Anonymous said...

This subject matter does not deserve the dignity of any response at all from any Singaporean. Singaporeans should just go about their business and ignore this. There's a big world outside Malaysia.

Let Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali and Ridhuan Tee go fight other Malaysians about Malaysian issues. Don't drag Singapore into the picture because it won't distract New Malaysians from the bigotry and excesses of these people and all that they stand for.

Anonymous said...

like here got a lot of fcuking freedom...

says a bit more, they get all those psychos kicking cow head like its a ball..

complain a bit oso got isa...


this blardy senile ole bugger, for just only 22 years turned his own people into a lazy and weak race.

Anonymous said...

The senile old man is now farting out of his mouth. He is nothing but a shit stirrer who has not stop stirring racism since the day he denounced his Indian heritage and became a pseudo malay. The laws of karma applies to everyone and this old fart will have his when his time comes.

Damn It said...

This mamak fler(Mahathir) is a real hypocrites and always trying to find issues to cause uneasiness between our neighbour.
I say hypocrites is because he will not mention about the chinese being marginalised in Malaysia.
Singapore success is due to the deligence and meritocracy practised by the leadership and all the races enjoyed properity together.
But look at Malaysia,after 53 years of BN rule and 22 years of this mamak leadership,where is Malaysia now?(even we have plenty of natural resources and Singapore has little or none).
About gagging,do you think the chinese in Malaysia allowed to speak up and if ever spoke out,the authority will not hesitate to take actions and the goons(like PERKASA) will go to demonstate in the street and shout their lungs out with all the threats and racial slurs and the authority will not take action against them.
Please when you a pot,don't say another pot is black!

yeo said...

Hi, Dr. M, Ali & Babi Tee,

Please come home ASAP !
Your mom want you to take care of
the local bumi not Singaporean.

You will be shamed at outside la...

Anonymous said...

Dr M applied for Sg citizenship many moons ago but got rejected.

That's why he hates Sg?

Now if Sg have the balls, why not show us the photo "Last Supper of Altantulya"... :)

Anonymous said...

Kutty Pratta should stop meddling in other countries' internal affairs.

best still lah...... he kena stroke

kok Ah Kow said...

TDM and LKY both have a lot things in common with regards to the countries they led. They are also very different in another way. Let me explain.
For their common thing, both have left significant legacies behind. What the countries are acheiving or suffering now can be traced back to these two men. Singapore's present success and continuing successes can be attributed to the sound national foundations built by LKY and his team. Whereas in Malaysia, all the ills the country is experiencing (Corruption, police, judiciary,....) can be traced back TDM who has systematically destroyed the foundation and led Malaysia up a path to abyss during his 22 years reign. No leader in Malaysian history has done more damage to the country than TDM.
The differnce between the two men is LKY prepared his country for success; TDM, failed state.

Anonymous said...

Mamak is just jealous bcos LKY just written another brainy book on Singapore success and sold out sa-mor! Mamak got nothing more to write or dunno how to write, cos he got no good materials during his PM tenure...he can't write about Anwar Ibrahim...the tallest twin tower and longest penang bridge already taken over by other countries...definitely cannot write about how successful his sons more, so say bad thing about singapore lor...that was nothing new either...until the malay there also got fed-up....he never meet those singaporean malay who drive merc and buy land in johor!...Dr M onli know Mas Selamat who do no represent malay in singapore. What to do, mamak onli talk cock.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Singaporean views:

Yakop Hasyim said...

The social engineering process in singapore has made its citizens have a different paradigm and thnking after all these years.

Perkasa and Tun Apanama still treat Singapore as part of Tanah Melayu. They forgot that singapore is no longer part of Tanah Melayu the moment Raffles got it from the then Sultan Johor.

Those Singapore malays who are still clamouring for ketuanan concept have since migrated to be bumiputera in Malaysia - Papa Rock Ramli, Sifu M Nasir, Ferhad, Aaron Aziz a some classic examples.

Anonymous said...

Singapore got no more kampung. The malays are all urbanites. they do not have shallow thinking like Al Katak di bawah tempurung.

Singapore Malays are happy with their S$ which gives them higher purchasing power than RM.

Dan lain lain said...

Dr mamak wants to go into history as a malay champion. He gives, provides and feeds the malays at the expense of other races. He built the tallest, biggest and largest so as to 'bring Maha-laysia' to the international stage. See the agenda? He is one selfish SOB!