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Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh. So now it is one year issit?

From now on take 1 year only. Okay? 
You vote for us okay?
The minister of Home Affairs, Hishamuddin Hussein announced today that his ministry has set a 1 year time limit for the processing of applications for citizenship. He also said that the reason for the huge backlog was that...

"Previously, there was no time limit set for processing such applications and due to various reasons, we ended up with a huge backlog that included applications that went back decades."

This just tells me that the flers in the Home Ministry have previously been sitting on their collective ARSE doing shit-all and should all be fired! 

Just thought this 'translation' might help those of you in Tenang and Malaysians in general who don't understand "political-speak" lah.


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Anonymous said...

Looks like the erection is coming vely sooni!

Anonymous said...

Dear patrick....

But dis bozo 4got to tell that long time ago, those v. efficient flers were all transfer to sabah for projek mamak.

who say dey all inefficient 1? dey v. efficient 1 in registering all dem illegals.

F. d mamak

Anonymous said...

Mr Kerismuddin,
"For various reasons?" Why not just it out loud - Ketuanan Melayu/ UMNO's proven Erection ...oop....Election gimmicks?

Single Parent said...

Exactly my thought too when I read it!
No time limit = no need to do work la that's why end up with huge backlog!

Trashed said...

Does that mean that if they don't vet our file after one year, the application is rejected ? That's the easy way out since an application is either approved or not approved.

Very easy to chop "Not Approved"

Coming-soon voter said...

I am infuriated.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that works very, very well are their canteens!!

KoSong Cafe said...

Statistically (actually I do not know how to calculate this): reducing from 42 years to 1, it is a Big Achievement for NTR's 1Malaysia, through its ETP using KPIs, advised by APCO, fully backed by leaders of UMNO, MCA, MIC, and 11 other yes parties.

Never mind, it took them 53 years to realize they had been unkind to those feeling insecure in Malaysia, those with a phobia of government uncivil civil servants who enjoy seeing uneducated old folks making a fool of themselves in their offices.


This goes to show our govt wasting public money just to employ those goons to sit on the applications.
Why MCA,GERAKAN and MIC all keep quite?
I guess this is political gimmicks and MCA,GERAKAN n MIC are playing tune to it.

Tiger said...

1 year?
Don't bullshit!
If that's the case, why my niece's app still not processed yet?
The father, my elder brother, is a true blue Malaysian, now serving in PM's department, but own daughter born in Jakarta also cannot get IC?

Anonymous said...

BN only say nice things when they want your votes.

BN's Machais' MCA and Gerakan leaders' insensitive and intolerant criticism of Normala Sudirman's personal religious beliefs reveal that they are extremists of their own kind and expose 1Malaysia for the sham that it is.

eugene said...

See this is the effect or after effect of 308,,, lah. so we must continue to change, change and change will do us good....

donplaypuks® said...


You are on a roll and we are all cheering you all the way.

Whack these buggers daily. Our Ministers act as they they went to school to get an IQ and make outrageous statements. They think the people are fools and believe all these NKRAS and KPI's.

If anyone can achieve a 100% efficiency score on KPI's we all know the whole thing is a fake standard designed to try and pull the wool over unsuspecting eyes.

Good work. The neanderthals need and must be exposed.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

same same
only this time it is smarter
Not approved must be stamped within 1 year
Have been to Immigration Dept annually,the big improvement was actually during the Badawi Era.
Now the situation has deteriorated, like having cost cutting measures with many counters empty.
The worst period was during Mahathir Regime - he seemed to know most of the passport applicants or visas were for the Pendatangs.
Give you problems,I presume that nasty boss

Anonymous said...



Its tiu - repetic

to say it in malaysia


Anonymous said...

So this is how they establish their KPI target figures. No wonder they have achieved all their targets.

Gourmet said...

Aiya bro Pat, I am not interested or to be more correct, I couldn't give a damn how inefficient these good-for-nothings are. You can't overturn what nature has achieved over thousands of years overnight.
I am only interested in how efficient your kitchen stuff is in preparing the dishes.

BTW do you take mail orders ?

Keong Hee Huat the diligent only

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat.How many wivies do you have ?

Is your current wife a No.2 ..??

In you DJ days ,you must have alot of girlfriends , how come so late married one ?

from: son of a bitch!

too-kia said...

Anon 2:27pm

Please mind your own business.

You should ask CSL why his wife cannot satisfy him.

ps: Patrick, can give me a free Teohlogy book or not?

Anonymous said...

to :too Kiah.

Where got wife in the world satisfied their husband one ??

If you call sperm flowing out of your dick means satisfaction are missing alot lah.....

Anonymous said...

Applied for PR for my wife in 1998. We left last year, no news on PR