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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rainy Sunday stories

Rainy days and Sundays......

I am sure we all know about Padang Serai MP, N. Gobalakrishnan's weeks-old decision to quit the PKR, right? Now, read this Sunday Star story about that YB's decision to quit......

"After weeks of speculation, PKR's Padang Serai MP. N. Gobalakrishnan has resigned from the party."

The MP announced his decision yesterday. A day before the Tenang by-election. Remember the Sunday Star story said that the decision came "after weeks of speculation" which came as a result of his announcement of what he was going to do. But Gobalakrishnan chose the day before the by-election to make the decision final and official.  Now doesn't this raise some questions as to why he chose to make the official announcement one day before the Tenang polls?

1.      Could he have been busy with other matters?
2.      Was he still thinking about it until yesterday?
3.      Was he 'turned' and made to see the light?
4.      Was he made an offer he could not refuse?

It's a rainy Sunday. Frogs love rain don't they? This comment has nothing to do with the above post.


The Very-Bad-Choice-of-Name Award on this Sunday goes to Hishammuddin Hussein, the Home Minister for announcing that The Immigration Department will be the lead agency in the international crime training academy in Langkawi. (Didn't even know there was such an academy).  An international CRIME training academy??? Wow! I can just picture the characters in the queue at the doors of that academy!

Of course, the YB was just announcing an academy dedicated to COMBATING crime. But the name is kinda misleading isn't it? Maybe my Engrand not up to the mark lah.  Sorry ah.


Last year we read about and saw the gallant efforts of several groups of concerned young Malaysians who'd gotten together to organise campaigns to register Malaysian voters all over the country. Most of these groups were young Malaysians doing their patriotic duty contributing to the country's progress. I do not know how many voters they managed to register on their trail through shopping malls, sidewalks and mamak stalls but I salute their efforts.  So I wonder what they will say or how they will react to the news that the Election Commissioner's claim that young Malaysians make up the bulk of unregistered voters. The Tan Sri says that this was because our young flers have "an attitude of indifference, of political apathy." So now how my young Malaysian friends?


All good wishes to the good folks in Tenang. Happy voting. Stay safe. Vote well.




Anonymous said...

Chowhai,All the frogs jumped a day before election and the reason- COINCIDENCE...

If you dont open your mouth atleast people dont know that you are a stupid ass hole.

Raniy day and Monday always get me down...

Anonymous said...

young malaysians are usually busy with their studies overseas, me being one of them.. While those graduated are contributing to the 'brain drain' phenomenon..

monsterball said...

Pat..I wish you and your family good heath..and happy prosperous rabbit year.
May 2011 brings you much happiness.

Eric said...

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Anonymous said...

Read the paper today..captured Somali Prirates brought back to Msia. Why the fuck you want to do that ??????

Anonymous said...

The people of Tenang can now rejoice and watch the porno DVD of CSL in his hotel sexcapade - this ia made allowable by BN.

Anonymous said...

No price increase but is the portion kept unchanged?

Anonymous said...

bolehland people also can capture pirates one..very power man....

dont play play uncle sam!

Honest John said...

Aiyoh ! Anon Why so naive one. All these pirates are much admired in M'sia. Might bring back fond memories of family histories for some big-time M'sians. They then give PR and citizenship to these somali muslims. They then vote BN. Get it ?

Bro Pat, your "no price increase and same size portions" bring back memories for me. A lady once told me if there is not enough soup for everyone, just add more water !!!
Does your "same size portions" have more water, bro Pat ? Now, now , don't say I don't understand engrand OK ?

Happy CNY to you.

Anonymous said...

Thwe flood is the punishment from God to teh people who voted for BN!!!

Anonymous said...

Niamah, Did you see this news. Check this out niamah. There are 11,000 Malaysian students in Egypt studying religion.

That is 8,000 potential terrorist returning home!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Eric yang sesat jalan

Apa itu Salam 1Malaysia bila umno masih melaungkan Ketuanan Melayu dan konsep Tanah Melayu?

Semua tipu helah?