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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday funnies

I don't know if you noticed it but on the sidebar of the front page of The Star today there is a howler.

Taxman probes actresses

(not the Priyanka Chopra photo used in The Star. But you get the idea I'm sure)

  Phwaaaar!!! And you thought that accountants have boring jobs eh? 


On page N6 of The Star Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin proudly announces that BN candidate in the Tenang by-election, one Azahar Ibrahim, is "right for the job".  Okay, that's wonderful. But then why does the all-wise Deputy Prime Minister think his man is perfect for the job of serving the people of Tenang?  Muhyiddin said that Azahar "has no personal issues or scandals".  Huh?  That's all that is needed to be a good MP to serve the people's needs? Very strange indeed.

And now maybe the man is not so right for the job after all. Just a day after the DPM declared Azahar free of scandals PAS has alleged that the man, while Segamat assistant land administrator had carelessly issued an order to sell off property belonging to one Mansor Mohamed without the latter's knowledge.  Johor PAS deputy chief Dzulkefly Ahmad claimed today that Azahar had caused a private land to be auctioned illegally in 2003 resulting in a legal action against the Umno man. Read it here

My my the DPM sure doesn't have a very good track record for picking candidates does he? Remember the Permatang Pasir Umno candidate whom he also said was squeaky clean and was later discovered to be a disbarred lawyer?

While still on the Tenang by-election, the DPM has made a call for Malaysians not to sensationalise the 'handshake issue". This is in reference to Tenang PAS candidate, Normala Sudirman's apparent reluctance to shake hands with male voters when meeting her constituents. But in the same Sun story the DPM is quoted as saying, "It is up to the voters to judge because she might have her own reasons. We don’t want to exploit the candidate’s personal (matters) ... but we leave it to the voters to judge."  And of course recently the MCA's Chua Soi Lek was quoted as saying, "She will not come here (to a Chinese temple), she doesn’t even shake hands with the people. I have received complaints about this.
She is like (PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim’s wife (Datuk Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail). She wears gloves when she shakes hands. If you can accept this kind of Islamic value, go ahead and vote for PAS."  And Chua's son Tee Yong who is Labis MP said it was rather odd why "some can shake hands and why some can’t".

Hahahaha..... I suppose our idea of NOT sensationalizing and NOT politicising an issue is quite different from those of the YB's.


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Anonymous said...

a man who fuck every pussies in sleazy hotels want to talk about personal ethic?

to all the chinakui who voted him as a pariahsident...

go eat pig shit and rot in hell!!!

Anonymous said...

Any sex stories inside ?

Anonymous said...


How much is Teohlogy the book?
The cover pisture is so typical of you.

Are the articles compiled from your writings on Off the Edge magazine (I got all issues)?

I am living in a small town - no major bookstore. The mamak store dare not carry your book which he deemed is anti-BN. You know lah, most mamaks now support Umno to get bumi status.

donplaypuks® said...

"Muhyiddin Yassin proudly announces that BN candidate in the Tenang by-election, one Azahar Ibrahim, is "right for the job."

Well, that "rigt for the job has just today be blown into outer space by Dr.Dzul at:

"LABIS, Jan 25 — The PAS campaign in Tenang made its first attack against Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Azahar Ibrahim, accusing the former land administrator of abuse of power while serving in the Segamat land office.

Johor PAS deputy chief Dzulkefly Ahmad claimed today that Azahar had caused a private land to be auctioned illegally in 2003 resulting in a legal action against the Umno man.

It is unfortunate that Umno or the candidate has failed to share the facts with Tenang voters, Dzulkefly told a press conference.

The Umno candidate as the Segamat assistant land administrator had carelessly issued an order to sell off the property owned by Mansor Mohamad without his knowledge,” he added.

Dzulkefly said the land was auctioned in late 2003 for RM70,000. Based on the above facts, the question is why a candidate which has been proven by court to be reckless and negligent in discharging his public duties was nominated by Umno to represent the Tenang constituency, said Dzulkefly."

This will be the 2nd time Muhy has cleared a suspect candidate. Remember UMNO's disbarred lawyer candidate at Permatang Pasir?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

patrickteoh said...

Hi Anonymous 5:35 PM, Teohlogy sold at RM38 per copy. Yes it is a compilation of the columns from Off The Edge. Since you have all the issues of OTE I guess you've got the book there already. Buy the book anyway lah. LOL...

Anonymous said...

Chua Soiled Leg,

If you want to preach about morality, teach about your own adulterous behaviour and morality to your own children and gradchildren first!!!

Charity begins at Home!!!


Jacque The Idiot said...

Damn the cover is simply awesome! Gotta get it from Popular after I finish my kopi o at papa rich, hahahahah!

Anonymous said...

Tun apanama must be very disappointed with Chua SL for forgetting the fact that Tun apanama has long declared Malaysia to be an Islamic State. So there is no need for PAS to repeat that, or for CSL to continue harping on this.

lucas chow said...

I will recommend your book for Singapore library board.

Let me have the book's ISBN number.

Anonymous said...

I am avid rerader of The Edge so I have read most of your interesting articles.
For me to spend RM38, I think it's worth if you can sign the book as well.
Book tour signing on the cards ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,


It would be great to get a copy of your book.

Just checked with Popular Book store at Batu Pahat, Johor.
They don't get it yet...
Where can I get a copy at Johor?


Anonymous said...

oink oink, i need to be blown away. son, join me. i need to be blown away, join me son. like father like son. dont have to be runs in the chua family. enjoy the blowout. dont worry, we wont be charged for unnatural sex coz we are UMNO dogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick

Would love to buy a copy of your book.

Would it be possible to put a copy in Bill's shop so that I can pick it up there? I'm a regular there, so its easier for me.

I do understand if it might take some time, but I'm in no rush.

Anonymous said...

So damn simple.....

"A Black pot calling another pot Black..!"

Porn Star talking about ethics. Wah liau le!!!!!!

Btw, "Keep it up man!"

Anonymous said...

On the Glove Issue

CSL : I also don't wear mini glove on my Dicko during my big bang time.

And by the way, who are the chinese that were complaining that Normala didn't shake their hands?

I think CSL meant no one shake his big finger.

CSL - you are a blardy disgrace to men.

Chua Chee Bye

Pissing Wall said...

Waarrhh Bro Pat, you are quite a humourous person afterall. After your news on probing and shaking hands, you produce a picture of your book cover which I find very amusing.

Your grimacing face tells me you either got a medical problem or you have been terribly probed by pdrm. Then this other picture showing you shaking hands with your little brother at the wall. You could be arrested and charged with obscenity for that. Anyway I forgive you if you are pissing on someone I hate.


Anonymous said...

Patrick, y your book so expensive 1? I want to buy la, but so expensive la, basic foodstuff increase so much lately la.


Anonymous said...


its the 'world' according to Patrick Teoh, not 'word'

Stupid University said...

Did uncle chua wore a "sarung" when he was having a good time with his girlfriend? That would be sensationalised wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...


patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 1:15 PM yeah at first I thought that it was 'world' but my OTE editor said no. He wanted to use 'word'. Don't know why.

Anonymous 11:40 AM, the book Teohlogy retails at RM38 only. The Sunday Star reported it quite ambiquously and could have been misread the price as US$27. That is the price on

Anonymous 1:29 AM, the book will be available at Comics World, Singapore after the Chinese New Year holidays at SGD20 each. I hope you enjoy reading it. Are you Malaysian or Singaporean?

Anonymous 11:29 PM there are some Popular Books outlets that sell predominantly Chinese books. Perhaps the Batu Pahat store is one such. I have brought it up to the Popular management and hopefully they will stock some there soon.

Anonymous 10:13 PM we are trying to arrange more book readings in other towns.

Hi Lucas Chow, the book's ISBN is 978-967-5266-15-7 Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...


Thanx for letting me know that the book will be available in Bill's shop after CNY. I'll definitely pick one up.

I'm a Singaporean and have been a regular of Bill for almost 12 years now. I've missed you once or twice when you were in the shop. Bill always say I miss you by mere

Hope to be able to catch you the third time lucky.

Anonymous said...


Wht would you do if your book is on best-seller list?

More discount?

Got cheaper paper-back editon onn newsprint paper or not?

Need to forgo a lot of things to buy your book. Inside got pitur or not? Please don't give centrefold of that FL.

Maybe one day your book become a SPM literature text-book. Sure best one!