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Friday, January 21, 2011

Wah! You all damn kiasu leh!

Admit it lah. They're pissing on you, right?

Wah! those flers in Singapore must be damn upset with us these few days hor? First the Dr. M fler told them in no uncertain terms that they were marginalising their Malay population. Saying the the Malay flers down there got no balls.  Errr...wait....that doesn't sound right.  I think he meant that the Malay flers down there were being treated badly by their government.  Then the Malay flers down there of course got very angry and retorted that they were just fine, thank you very much. Okay la, I think some of them were not as polite as me la. But that was the gist of what they said. Actually, they said they all are smarter, more well-off and better treated than our Bumiputras lah. Okay so that is one verbal debate that no one can win lah. So we thought, Hiya never mine lah. Things will cool down after a while.

Then suddenly the Ridhuan Tee fler came out and said that the Singapore flers want to 'eat' us up wor. He said the kiasu flers spend sooooo much money, billions and billions, on buying sophisticated armaments and all that. Their intention must be to come and conquer us some day. The Chinese muslim fler also said that those Opposition flers in Penang might be in cahoots with the Kiasu flers cos they (the Penang kia's) always go Singapore to 'get ideas' wor.

And as if that was not enough to start a full-scale war between us, the Perkasa fler, Ibrahim Ali came out shouting that actually our Malay kawan's in Singapore all just don't dare to speak out against their oppressors. In other words, no balls lah.  No Malays in Singapore dare to talk the truth about the treatment they received one he said.  I think there may be some truth in that statement lah. I think the Malay flers in Singapore don't want to talk about the treatment they received because they are afraid that if they did all the Malays flers from here might want to cross over there!!! Then how man? It is only a small pulau kan?

One of those Singaporean flers said that they feel at ease and are grateful that the Singapore rulers treat their trust with respect and transparency.  And in true Perkasa/Ibrahim Ali fashion our man pooh-poohed that and said that it was just a planted statement and did not represent the majority of Malays in Singapore. He also called on those flers down there who were anti-Mahathir's statement not to manipulate the issues because "we know what is happening." Phwaaaaar!!! Terror or not? No need for wikileak cables also our Ib knows man.

You know this. They said that. Frankly, Ibrahim Ali, Ridhuan Tee, Dr. M, I don't give a fuck anymore! As a Malaysian citizen I am just fed-up with our so-called leaders taking us for fools.



sleekk said...

The failed pharaoh mahathir still craves the attention old man LKY is getting. No wonder he is whacking Singapore. But results speak louder than words. Malaysia has regressed against Singapore, especially during his failed rule.

Singapore spent billions to buy weapons that work while Malaysia spent more billions to buy weapons that don't work. See the difference, mr smart-ass ridhuan tee melayu-celup.

Go to Singapore and try to find a Malay who is starving and nothing to eat. None can be found. There are thousands and thousands in the Malay kampungs and remote villages. Who have better lives? Is his fartness ibrahim ali perkosa helping these Malays?

nota mo-ron said...

Buahaha! That makes my day! Kind of sick of living within morons, and instead of solving problems in boleh-land, they dares to interfere and trying to induce hatred in other country. What a big fat joke!!!

hwaihwe said...


Anonymous said...

if these kiasu flers down south invade us, 1st thing they will built is gas chambers for incest tee, kutty prata and iguana ali, they can go in there and have some gas.

preese, dey wont b missed

Anonymous said...

See who are shouting ? The actual Kiasu fellas are from the bolih Land.

They claim they are bolih becos they are kiasu ma . They worry how people look at them cos they have no benda to show so the only way to get attention is keep on moaning loh.

The saying goes- if you dont open your mouth people dont know that you are bodoh .Dont know anything yet want to show off is call Bodoh Sombong..

Mol Liew toll.

A Tarmugi said...

Perkosa and Ah Tee should not worry about Singapore Malays, who do not want to be associated with weaklings like you.

Singapore Malays have progressed with the development of Singapore to be competitive on meritocracy. In fact you should learn from them to let go your NEP tongkat to walk on your feet.

najib manaukau said...

Ibrahim, Ridhuan and the shenanigan Mahathir are all jealous of the successes Singapore has achieved. They are well recognised by the entire world and top in surveys of every kind, whether in finance, education and trade just to name a few.
They are in the first world for years whereas Malaysia, under the rule of the shenanigan Mahathir is still in the third world and with hips of borrowings. Ibrahim still wants to have a wheel chair given to him plus the the fear for the competition from the Chinese Malaysians on many occasions had call for them to return to China. And Ridhuan the Chinese who is trying to transform himself to a Malay is trying his utmost best to prove to the Malay that he is a Malay. just like the shenanigan who has a grand father from India who immigrated to Malaya just to get rid of the stigma of a pariah in Kerala or an untouchable he was. So untouchable that he could not even find a true Indian woman to marry and ended up marrying a Malay and is now trying to transform his descendants to become Chinese or should I say he is alreay half way there and soon very soon the descendants will have very little Malay or the Indian blood in them. The shenanigan must have found out something unspeakable about the Malay blood in him to want to do so. But let us pray to God that the pollution be contained in the sewage tank where it really belongs.

donplaypuks® said...

This is Mahathir's and Tee's and Ali's, all fakes and frauds, pathetic strategy when M'sia is in economic trouble.

They will stir up trouble in Singapore or Indonesia. The last time Mahathir failed the whole country during the Asian Currency Crisis, he blamed Soros although for years Bank Nagara had been gambling in the forex market on the US $. Remember Nor Mohd Yapkop and his $6 billion forex losses at Bank Negara (Anwar says it's $30 billion!!).

They are jealous of the success of Malays in Singapore and their stupid response is to try and drag them down to their low racist and religious bigoted standards.

Don't these 3 idiots realise that if S'pore Malays were unhappy they would all have emigrated to Malaysia or elsewhere a long time ago? Don't they understand that the world prefers MERITOCRACY to their screwed up application of the NEP and utter corruption and stealing and looting from their own people and citizens?

Mahathir, Tee, Ali and Perkosong - FO anywhere you like (if any other country will accept mad dogs and foaming mongrels).

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

I think there's an old malay peribahasa somewhere:

ikut kiasu, lesu
ikut kiasi, mati.

Anonymous said...

All these fuckers are downright stupid and seditious! Susah-lah, how would you think Malaysia can attain developed nation in just 9 short years when you have idiots like these people among you? Better stay third world lah.

Anonymous said...

Dr M, Perkasa, Ah Tee, Utusan - all in the same camp...ultra right-wing (no difference from Nazi or KKK).

Anonymous said...

patrick ,maybe you should tell the oppositions in singapore who have had their life and work destory for going against lky government how lucky from them to be in singa? or maybe the bloggers who have been jailed (yes ,jailed)for telling the truth? you want to tell the family of jeyaratnam(a true singaporean hero)that they should be grateful?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia green-eyed monster mah. The Malays in Singapore are so successful careerwise, see Haslinda of Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE!!! Barisan Nasional and them bigots are so scared shit now to the extent they are trying to start tension with Malaysia' neighbours to distract the rakyat, so that they can continue to plunder the country. Clear sign of desperation.

I'm sure the Singapore government will not dignify such nonsense with a reply.

Anonymous said...

Looks like all of you LKY and PAP's arse lickers can go to hell!!!

You DAP mongrels can wait till cow come home before you will be in power.

Anti DAP Niamah

Anonymous said...

DR Mamak M, Dr Rithuan Mualaf (Trying to wriggle into the Bumi fold) and the "Perkosa" Ibrahim ( One heart attack oleli still no remorseful) I can only say N I A M A H !!!!!!

charleskiwi said...

All these three bastards aims are to be in the gravy though the shenanigan is trying to ensure his ill gotten roots are protected.
Abrahim and his kind are saying they want to live with tongkat and wheelchair being pushed around and remain disabled for life. Run only 50 meters in a 100 meter race without any competition especially with the Chinese in the race. That is why he kept calling the Chinese to return to China
just imagine a country with people like him, what will happen ? They can keep borrowing to build the mega projects just so they can continue to get their share of the commission without any regard to the country's needs.
As for this failure he just wants to have the chances like the shenanigan Mahathir to corrupt himself and also the opportunities like shenanigan to enrich himself or and the chance to sit in the Twin Tower. That is what is selling his soul, the Malays can keep him and please don't return him to the Chinese we have better Chinese than this running dog !

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew has a simpler and non-lavish home, unlike those umnoputera YBs. See the pictue in the attached link.

LKY had told the Cabinet to demolish his house after his death, so that the area could be redeveloped.

Anonymous said...

S'pore ministers all got qualification mah!

Here ah! Better not comment.

Anonymous said...

The truth is out. It is the malaysian UMNO malays and pseudo malays who are really the kiasu ones. Being led by the noses by the No.1 kiasu mamak ex-PM and his loud mouth obnoxious Katak Ali, how not to turn the brainless herd into obedient "kiasu-ans".

As for the lost soul Ridiculous Tee, he is just another wanker who wants to prove he is more malay and islamic than the pure bred malay muslim. He is nothing but an opportunistic twit. And I am being respectful to Patrick for not using more colourful Queen's Engrand to describe this Tee moron.

Observer said...

1) This mamak Mahathir,you are doing a de-service to the country as a statement by harping on this racial issue.Don't you have something else better to do?
2) This pseudo malay-Ridzuan Tee is a crap! Tell him to fuck off!
3) This katak Ibrahim Ali is a good for nothing fler. Doing things just to glorify for personal fame but no real substance.Another crap!

Smirk-on-face said...

Dear Bro Pat

For a long time I have been wondering why many Malaysian politicians are so stupid. Now I think I have the answer after reading "The Bell Curve". Rid One is just one Chinese who happen to be at the left end of the curve, so sad.

A simplified but still very informative discussion of "The Bell Curve" and other associated topics is on U-tube.

NNNIIIiiiaaaammmaaaahhhhHHHHHH !!!

niakong said...

When a smart fellow argue with an idiot, who will turn out to be the greater idiot?

So, it's sometimes wise to just leave the mad dogs barking alone.

jmok92 said...

I was having a bad day today. But after reading your blog, I can't stop laughing.
Keep up the good work!!! XD

Anonymous said...

wow!Everybody here seems to ignore the wrong doing of the singapore government .justice has no sides !.MAn! you chinese are hypocrites of the highest level.Jackie chan was right after all.

hashim said...

Saya seorang melayu Singapura.

Buat apa saya nak komplain bila satu dollar Singapura boleh dapat 2.34 Ringgit?

Ini bermaksud negara Singapura lebih maju dan rakyatnya lebih kaya dari melayu malaysia!!!

Saya tetp sanjung PAP!
Perkasa usah buat bising.
Ridhuan Tee itu ikut ajaran sesat!

najib manaukau said...

To Anon 3.54 PM

Please remember it takes one to recognise another.
May be it is better to be a hypocrite than a born corrupted and insect one.

Tiger Beer said...

Malays in Singapore can buy 4D openly (unlike the malaysian malays entering 4D outlet in crash helmet to avoid detection) or enter casino without harrassment.

Now, how could they be marginaised?

Anonymous said...

Malay Singapore dipinggirkan di negara sendiri. Malay Singapore sudah hilang identiti. Halal Haram bercampur tanpa batasan. adakah itu yang hendak dibanggakan??

Anonymous said...

Mata telah di dikabur dgn duit hingga tidak dapat lihat alam nyata

Anonymous said...

Sokong setuju

Anonymous said...

@hashim mata awak telah di kabur dgn duit hingga tidak dapat alam nyata