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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday stories

In The Star today there are funny and scary stories.

Really, really Scary

Home Ministry Sec-Gen Mahmood Adam announced that the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 will be amended to expand its scope and include 'publications posted online....

And his stated reason for this? To plug loopholes.  But we all know what the real reasons are, right? Do not allow return to the days when the government has the complete monopoly on truth. Don't stand for it. Protest. Make your voices heard. NIAMAH!!!


Rosmah Mansor says that Malaysia has won the admiration of many Islamic countries due to its ability to achieve peace and stability in a multi-religious environment.  Barely. But I guess she is right to a certain extent. But not if our YB's can help it la.

The scary bit

In the same statement Rosmah also said, "Malaysia is a multi-racial country but it also an Islamic country"  But she was quick to add, " However, we practise moderation at the same time." And judging from the photo of her in The Star today I guess she actually has. Practised moderation I mean.

Scary and maybe even funny

Did you know that we are going to have our own destructive crash test facility that will focus on impact with motorcycles and pedestrians by middle of the year?  This was announced by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research D.G., Prof. Dr. Ahmad Farhan Mohd. Focus on impact with motorcyles and pedestrians?  I thought it was simply that if you're a pedestrian and you impact with motorcycles and other heavy moving objects being driven recklessly you DIE! Simple what? Need to test meh? This facility is going to cost Malaysian tax-payers RM5million.

Really funny

The Deputy Prime Minister says that there is currently too much politicking in Malaysia and many citizens living overseas are wondering what has become of the country. Muhyiddin also said the excessive politicking also gave an impression that Malaysia is too preoccupied with political bickering that more important things are being neglected.

Well, you don't say YB! Really ah? And who are among the biggest bicker-ers I wonder?


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Anonymous said...

You may have missed the section on the female coach on KTM... the picture, the signboard for female reads KOC WANITA ! Correct word, please ?!

Tenang-lah said...

If our 1st Lady has confirmed that Malaysia is a Islamic state, why would Chua SL still harping on this issue with PAS?

Anonymous said...

Najib administration’s latest attempt to quell online dissent was a clear violation of the Barisan Nasional government’s pledge not to enforce censorship on the Internet.

The promise was made under the 10-point Bill of Guarantees (BoGs) of the Malaysian Multimedia Super Corridor launched in 1996.

VP said...

The fat cibai is our new PM issit??

Anonymous said...


How much do you earn from Niamah blog?

Chiak Beh Liao!!!

tak tahan said...

Malaysian history starts from the year 1400. All that happened before 1400 is whitewashed over. This is to ensure that the mata sepets and kaki botois cannot claim that they arrive here earlier than the tuans.

2011-1400 = 611. This means that the tuans have been around for only about 600 years, i.e. more than 4,400 years after the Chinese, Sumerians, Egyptians and Indians. Such late developers! What had the tuans been doing all these 4,400 years? Guarding their rambutan trees?

KS said...

Mukhriz’ “bizarre” dismissal of GFI report Malaysia lost RM888 billion in 9 years in illicit capital outflows – a pre-emptive Mahathir strike to forestall full inquiry into corruption and financial scandals under his premiership?

Karen Neo said...

Can provide a 'sample' page of your Teohlogy or not?

Since it is a compilation of old articles, do they still relevant in today's context?

Is it suitable for school children to read?

Is there alternate book cover?
The current one looks like a chee ko pek.

Anonymous said...

What's you Teohlogy's opinion on that hump-sup Chua Soi Lek is wooing the ladies in Tenang?

ycg said...

uncle patrick, i'm so going to buy your book and read more than just the preface. how to get you to sign it leh??

Anonymous said...

Funny....this year Gov didn't announce toll discount during CNY.???

Anonymous said...

In next GE I am cock-sure she will be standing for erlection.