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Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Errr...the fler died from....errr....I don't know la....wait....I get my instructions first boleh?

It is a very ANGRY day in Malaysia. For all Malaysians who value justice and transparency. The Coroner has just returned an Open Verdict on the Teoh Beng Hock case. Basically, what that says is that it is the Coroner's verdict that the man died not from self-inflicted wounds nor did he die as a result of homicide.  So after a year of circus side-show antics which cost the Teoh family months of pain and the Malaysian tax-payers millions of Ringgit we get to be told a load of orchestrated nonsense? On the positive side this is sure making a lot of Malaysians angry. Of late the Umno/BN government has been making a lot of effective noises about this and that. Increased FDI, KPI, NEM... and now the Rakyat are saying WTF!!! Call the General Elections now, Najib! We'd so like to return our verdict on you and your flers.  I am so angry now that abbreviations don't seem to work so...



ah beng said...

BOLEH is the only Word to say it ALLLLLLLLLL

jefferyseow said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Come on, did you really expect that "truth will out"? Let's see what happens next. If no one is going to do anything maybe we need to go see a spirit medium and get TBH to come back and haunt some people!!

Anonymous said...

i want to believe in the rule of law. i don't want to become jaded and cynical. Maybe the coroner needs his head examined?
Patrick "WTF" is, grammatically speaking, a question! So question marks should prevail. it's the English teacher in me. sorry lah.

KoSong Cafe said...

My wife, who does not use the internet, told me this morning, 'I'm sure they will give an open verdict'.

Why waste so much time and money, TBH's immediate family put to mental anguish and sorrow, and this is the best answer they could deliver? Could just ask my wife or anybody in the street.

Reminds me of the council being absolved of laibility in the Highland Tower's case.

Civil servants could do no wrong... the worse they would face is a transfer.

Moral of the story seems to be, 'Don't mess with them if you can help it.'

daniel said...

Hi Pat, were you actually expecting otherwise? ..sigh..

Have a Happy & Healthy 2011. Don't burst a capillary.

cheahsinkooi said...

Not suicide. Not homicide. Means Teoh Beng Hock should be alive today, No???

Anak Perelih said...

Not Homicide... not suicide... maybe pesticide kut....

Anonymous said...

Did anyone really expect the outcome to be different? At least they didn't say that Teoh tried to fly like a bird from the building or Rais Yatim did rape his maid.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Patrick! WTF! I am so angry I will skip dinner. No appetite!

Anonymous said...

If TBH was not murdered nor did he kill himself, then why is he dead????? Why waste taxpayers' money in holding such a stupid inquest just to come up with this stupid verdict?

Anonymous said...

Ini " Rules of the Jungle " kalau tak suka ..KELUAR dari Malaysia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

TBH's family should consult a medium or bomoh and get the spirits to haunt UMNO/BN.

THis is the only thing that works.

MACC moved from the wasalam building after Teoh's death coz his spirit was seen by some MACC binatang. They are scared...coz they are guilty.

Now, need to call upon other spirit to torment those binatang and Najib!!!

This is effective and will make them sweat and shit in their pants.

Bangsat dan tak de maruah binatang2 tu!

orang kampung

Anonymous said...

I agree with the coroner's verdict, it is neither suicide nor homicide !
Infact it is cold blooded MURDER !

The Bastards who did this to TBH will definitely burn in hell !

Anonymous said...

Anguish, sad, angry - in short a mixed bag of emotions for Malaysians hoping for a better verdict than an open one. W eall know that power corrupts absolutely and people with strong "cable" always got away scot free here in Bolehland. They seem to forget that one day they will die and face the consequences of their actions. May the late TBH murderer(s) rot in hell!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should consult a "Ghost Whisperer" to know the truth about wat happen, over to u "misteri nunsantara"...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I believe right from the start that there will be no justice for the poor fellow !

When a person is not on their side, they will make sure that you don't get justice !

Justice only favours the rich, powerful and famous !

Look at the cases lying around on A.Kugan, Saudara Anwar, Highland Towers, Ex-Menteri Besar Of Selangor ( The Famous Dentist ), etc.

Just a slap on the wrist kind of attitude !

The best mentality from the other side is "tidak apa attitude " !

1Malaysia - Doomed to Fail !!!

Anonymous said...

Who is this Azmil Muntapha Abas ? Is he qualified or not or he just pretended to be dumb...dumb oh!
After a year of hearing ... still could not give a STRAIGHT FORWARD VERDICT but an OPEN VERDICT???? Scared to lose his rice bowl ka or scared that the MACC will go after him later??? Aiya .. like this any body in the street can take the job of a Coroner and even be the Chief Justice lah! After hearing just give an "OPEN VERDICT"lah!

ktteokt said...

Najis should recommend this coroner to be conferred a TUN (but spell it backwards) on the next Agong's birthday!!!!!! He truly deserves it!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Not suicide! Not homicide!", siapa tak percaya, dia anak haram! Like der P.Ramlee movie, Nujum Pak Belalang. What a Kanni Naa verdict?

Anonymous said...

Wahhhh! How come I am not surprise with the verdict?

Anonymous said...

not suicide, not homicide, its its job inside by macc

Anonymous said...


Seriously I had expected an open verdict from day 1 of this circus show, especially when we have the Public Prosecutor cum Self Strangler trying his darndest to prove that Teoh Beng Hock strangled himself before throwing himself out of the 14th floor window. So much for PM Najib in promising the Teoh family a fair investigation/trial. Oops I forgot, the PM is a classic flip flopper like his predecessor. This country and it's justice system is more than just Niamah.

Cant Decide said...

No suicide,no homocide,so TBH died of 'laucide'?

AH NGAIU said...

I think this is the best answer for the coroner to safeguard himself.It suits the BN government because it can buy more time for BN to not give this a bad image for them during GE13.If the verdict is that of homocide,then it will hv bad implication for BN in GE13.

nstman said...

The coroner returned an open verdict. Come the next election, we will deliver an open verdict - drive Umno bastards to the sea. Tiuniamahkasifat.

ktteokt said...

Premise 1 - TBH did not die of suicide
Premise 2 - TBH did not die of homicide

Conclusion - TBH is still alive and kicking!

Is that so, Tuan Koroner?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the rakyat make this prediction when case was ongoing?

Me too!!

and... that Toyol feller will be let off too.

How "long" & how "much more" can the rakyat take?
Wake up lads.....

Anonymous said...

The best thing for us to do is to exercise our vote wisely to send the right message, starting from the by-election at Tenang.

About time for the Tenang folks to wake up the reality that mca is not serving the community!!!

Anonymous said...

I know 1 Malaysian must hv done it!

Anonymous said...

I think all of them should go strangle themselves.

Gua said...

what to expect?!! even with the royal inquiry also i will not expect anything. what you see from the Ringam case??

how can you expect a lion to surrender the meal on it's mouth??!! The only things we can do is to kick these lions to the hell!!!

Gua Si be Boh Song!!!

Anonymous said...

Alien from another planet control his mind like robot then make him walk out the window very slowly and jump.!

The judge is actually also Alien.

P/S by the way the C4 Model is actually a robot .It self destruck herself .

From : Captain Gila

Anonymous said...

They raped the maid. They killed the witness. They bombed the foreigner. They robbed the country. They gunned down teenagers. They are corrupted to the core. OMG, I am living in fear.

Vernette 小米 said...

This case is getting worse by the day!! it's even worse than the Philippines' HK tourist hostage situation and the investigation that followed... but but but!!! We have a corrupted government like the Philippines has, that is as bad as the Philippines if not worse!!! In this case, it's all domestic, it's not going anywhere, no other country can interfere. diu!!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Mudah Lupa !

At least I can still remember some of the famous cases in Malaysia that go unresolved or really resolved ?

1 ) Perwaja Steel - Eric Chia

2 ) Canny Ong

3 ) AP Queen - to import cars

4 ) The Mongolian Model

5 ) An Indonesian maid got raped
by a famous politician

6 ) A China school boy who was
drowned in a swimming pool in
a businessman's house

7 ) PKFZ Scandal

8 ) Lorraine Osman

9 ) Norita

10 ) Mat Deros Zakaria

11 ) Nude woman who was ordered to
do ear squat in a police

12 ) The missing jet engines
somewhere in Argentina

13 ) Correct ! Correct ! Correct !

14 ) A. Kugan

15 ) Cosmetic Queen Sosilawati who
was murdered

16 ) Teoh Beng Hock

17 ) The famous dentist and tempe
fella !

As you noticed, I did not use any fullstop after each count because I believe that there are more to the unsolved mysteries of 1Malaysia !

This is what I called a Bolehland !

Full of mysteries .....

Come and visit Malaysia !

You will be shocked to death !

Oops ! I better don't stand near the window .... just in case !!!

1 Niamah !

Anonymous said...

Aiya, why talk so much? Wait for election time and elect BN out lah ......

Anonymous said...

Malaysia practices double standards what, i am not surprise and this makes intellectuals hate BN, clap clap.

Anonymous said...

Niamah. Rakyat didahulukan?

BN again = Barang Naik again!

Price of Milo to go up 5%, Nescafe to be up 8%.

Anonymous said...

Lies and rosy pictures are for fools who never question their leaders but instead worship them like their guardians , their defenders. This they had been programmed for the advancement of their leaders agendas. Being not well educated they follows blindly and take everything from their leaders as truth and will defend their leaders at all cost . One can see this happening daily in this bolehland. We should forgive them and pray for them that their eyes shall be opened and they see the truth - that love is the Way and forgiving is the Light that brings an abundant Life for all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Yes...WHAT THE FUCK!!! What is this country going to become? Yes, Najis, do call an election now and see how you assholes are going to be trashed! You fuckers are all murderers, cheats, liars, motherfuckers....scums of the earth! People just hate you UMNO fuckers!

flyer168 said...



Just to share this video.

November 22, 1963 JFK's Assasination - JFK Murder and the .....Connection

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Police report had been made. indonesia embassy has confirmed report has been made to them also. NGO has published its findings. Wikileaks has disclosed it. PM Najib questioned why the matter is now raised only after the incident was 3 years ago. The maid has admitted she was raped. You decide whether the raping takes place????

Now ... the maid went 'gostan' and denied she was raped. As usual, Indonesian poor class citizens are known to deny everything that had happened when money is 'waved' in front of their face. It has becomes part of their culture ... the bribery and corrupted nation culture.

Anyway, if she now denying it, let it be. Atleast, 'someone' already got syok screwing her. We all know something happened. Let the Quran decides who is lying .. anyway, this is 1-Malaysia. Politics is above religion.

Now, all the VIPs are free to 'screw' their maid anytime. Just pay them a sum for the fun, and consider these maid as though as legalised 'pros'. Malaysia Boleh-lah!

Anonymous said...

Open Holiday ...!
1) Masuk "Hidup" sbg Saksi
Keluar "Mati" sbg Bukti!

2) Siapalah Tanggung"Soal"
Siapalah Tanggung"Jawap"?

Hanyalah Tuhan tau shj kerana " Open/Close Verdict..!

Gwen said...

MP for Titiwangsa Johari Bin Abdul Ghani says Chinese and Indian votes not needed to win Titiwangsa seat. He did a mathematical calculation that all he need is the 32,000 Malay voters and that is all. He made it very clear that the Chinese and Indians are a minority and they are nothing but Customers.


Anonymous said...

scary looking umno youth chief on tv.he complain those mamak restoren been harassed by penang govt. he also said those who did it as if they have special rights.
he got bulging eyes and dark circle around his eyes. he need to see a doctor and make him relax a bit. his complexion and feature look like indian origin.

he is more better then kj i least he talking dont play play one.

from.impotent ah pek

Anonymous said...

Well, this is politic mah. Anything not right for them delay and delay and delay and further delay using whatever tactics to delay further for years until the one in charge no longer in politic or working in the MACC any more....until no one is interested...and the case will die a natural death...just like the mongolian case. Initially it was hot, see how it was drag until finally it looses steam and the public in general is not interested. No one care about the verdict at the end. If you are in the wrong well they will keep on hammering you while the news is still hot and keep adding oil and fan the fire until you got not room to hide....what can we do as a public in general? Continue to voice our unhappiness if the case drag for another 3 to 4 years! Will you still be interested? Who decide when to view the case and wehn to close it? Obvious right?