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Friday, January 28, 2011


Sage or Fool?

Finally, the verdict is in. Singapore's politicians are much sillier than ours.  You know how for years our Dr. M has been saying that Malays in Singapore are marginalised blah...blah...blah? And how, recently some Malays in Singapore have come out and said that they are not and are doing very well ruled by the PAP, thank you very much. Left on its own I guess the whole thing would have just contributed to the age-old but friendly rivalry between Singapore and us.  To see who is more kiasu than the other.

But what happens?  LKY decides to write another book. And in it he advises Singaporean Muslims to "be less strict on Islamic observances" in order to "aid integration and the city-state's nation-building process".  Now what the fuck does that mean??? You are either a Muslim or you are not a Muslim. How can you be a 'less strict' Muslim?  Whatever the old Lee meant in his head sure has come out sounding all wrong. And I am sure that we can expect a return salvo from our own senile....I mean senior minister very soon. Not to mention some other flers who have been trying to tell everybody "There I told you so!"

Hiyoh Mr. Lee, just retire. Play with your great grandchildren (got ah?). Shut up. And don't write any more books. Can ah?

Straits Times story here.
Singaporean Muslim reactions

This is the most incredible comment yet......

"Aiya it's hard to be honest and be loved. Even bro Pat doesn't like honesty. LKY should have said Islam is a good and tolerant religion and its followers in SEA are all angels. Will this make you happy bro Pat ? It won't make me happy bcos I disagree with it and bcos it's not true.

All you out there please don't put LKY and "what's-his-name " on the same level. You are comparing food with residual waste.

If you can't accept truth then suffer the consequences." - Anonymous.

Only proves that less people understand English than we think :-) 


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Kok Keong said...

I agree that LKY is a control freak, resulting in a Singapore full of scared shitless citizens. However, I disagree with your take on what LKY said here. I see him as telling Muslims not to be extreme in their religious practice because that would be an obstacle to finding common ground in a multireligious country. Perhaps LKY could be faulted for not issuing the same request to non-Muslims. But then,one can say non-Muslims have not demonstrated much of that extremism at least in more recent years.
Still, while I do not fault LKY here, he, like Mahathir, should just leave the scene quietly and let younger generations who are more humane, less politically self-serving and more committed to genuine democratic practices take over. For goodness sake, both have stood on the wrong side of history for quite some time now.

Anonymous said...

I wish to dedicate this comment to all the Ministers of Malaysia, MPs % Aduns.
Stop politiciking and start governing the country. You were appointed administrator by the rakyat, not to play politics with rakyats money.
Either u buggers start administrating or resign.

Anonymous said...

It's true uncle Pat,

You are either a muslim or you are not a muslim. No such thing as moderate muslim whatsoever. Being a muslim means you are practicing the religion which includes being tolerant to people from other religions, get oneself knowledge and be fair and do good to other people. I don't know why people would think being a muslim means one can't work in the modern world. What has one religion got to do with one's ability to contribute to the society?

In Malaysia though, some muslims are just bigoted and ignorant. Just because you were born muslim doesn't mean you are a muslim without practicing it. Living in the States I think made me understand Islam more than when I lived in Malaysia. Malays especially are confused with what's religion and what's cultural.

P.S: Most of my Singaporean friends do not like LKY so much and would be glad if he keeps quiet and enjoy his retirement with family. Told them that's what most Malaysians are hoping too for Dr.M. So they are kindred spirit.

Anonymous said...

It's true uncle Pat,

You are either a muslim or you are not a muslim. No such thing as moderate muslim whatsoever. Being a muslim means you are practicing the religion which includes being tolerant to people from other religions, get oneself knowledge and be fair and do good to other people. I don't know why people would think being a muslim means one can't work in the modern world. What has one religion got to do with one's ability to contribute to the society?

In Malaysia though, some muslims are just bigoted and ignorant. Just because you were born muslim doesn't mean you are a muslim without practicing it. Living in the States I think made me understand Islam more than when I lived in Malaysia. Malays especially are confused with what's religion and what's cultural.

P.S: Most of my Singaporean friends do not like LKY so much and would be glad if he keeps quiet and enjoy his retirement with family. Told them that's what most Malaysians are hoping too for Dr.M. So they are kindred spirit.

dadu said...

Why lah all these retirees tak tahu duduk diam2? Why lah can't they be like normal people and spend time with their grandchildren or go for long vacations? Or better go do charity work. Why we never hear these kind of things from the Americans or the Europeans? Apa ni? Peraduan siapa boleh buat kacau paling banyak ke?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Teoh, what perhaps LKY is trying to say is that one should adapt to the current environment and not let their religion stop them from progressing together with the nation. Too be less restrictive in a way.
For example just locally, muslim are barred from working in an alcoholic serving establishment. So, what does that mean? Restricted or religion?
Does it mean that you will not work with your mat-salleh boss who occasionally drinks beer in the afternoon or having a chill time at the pub?
How would you progress in such environment?

LocalBus said...

Finished reading... A great book or not a book as you say. A good read I mean for all fellow malaysian but I think it will be even greater read for the gov. Keep writing Pat...

Enough-is-enough said...

Hiya bro Pat, you are getting a bit confused here or is someone pretending to be you writing here. I am sure you also wouldn't want muslims anywhere to start acting like they were in the middle-ages like they are beginning to do in Malaysia. I am sure you wouldn't want a sword to be shaft down your throat unless you accept Allah as your saviour and also only to sell and consume halal food. I don't think I have to go further if you are the same intelligent Pat.

Lucas C said...


I advise you to talk less on singapore affairs if you wish to keep your Singapore ricebowl at mediacorp.


Gerakan K said...

I think your ego has taken you too far.

Must be too much beer in the duck you eat.

Temasik Boy said...

Ha Ha.

Patrick is supporting extreme Islam!!!!

Tiger said...

Wait a minute,
the forum there says MMC, Malay Muslim Community.
Are there Malays over there who are not Muslims?

Anonymous said...

stupid lky.! where got such things as practise half half one...this to proof that the older you become the more stupid you are...

Honest John said...

Aiya it's hard to be honest and be loved. Even bro Pat doesn't like honesty. LKY should have said Islam is a good and tolerant religion and its followers in SEA are all angels. Will this make you happy bro Pat ? It won't make me happy bcos I disagree with it and bcos it's not true.

All you out there please don't put LKY and "what's-his-name " on the same level. You are comparing food with residual waste.

If you can't accept truth then suffer the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Niamah ...very funny lah .....couldnt help creating a fb page Lee Kwan Yew - Sage or fool?

....hope its ok with u....if not, i'll delete it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiger,

Yes, there are Malays in Singapore who are not Muslims.

Some were Muslims by birth, others are not.....i.e they were born no-Muslims.

I am not surprised that Malays Muslim Malaysians like yourself, being groomed since young, are shocked.

Perhaps now is the right time for ignorants like you to get away from living under the coconut stinking shell.

Anonymous said...

correction....our own senile ex-prime minister.

Anonymous said...

correction....our own senile ex-prime minister.

Anonymous said...

And Malaysians are flocking to Singapore to work, to study and to find a future. Even other South East Asians are going there too. Many Malaysians love what is modern, what is nice looking and what is convenient. Kuala Lumpur is the next best thing to Singapore for Malaysians. Look at all the Muslim countries. Which one has a modern society, the kind you secretly dream about ? Look at Afghanistan. Does she have a future ?

Thinker said...

I think what LKY said "muslim to be less strict on islamic observance" is to mean to be moderate muslim and be adaptive. I think LKY does not like the idea of hudud punishment and using religion as a political tool.
Anyway,this is what I deciper of LKY's thought.

Eric said...

LKY has NO business treading lightly when the believe systems of the adherents of ISLAM threaten the STATE:

The Embassy Bomb Plot
The plan was to attack six different targets simultaneously in Singapore using six truck bombs, each rigged with three tonnes of ammonium nitrate, a bomb material. The potential targets included the US and Israeli embassies, the Australian and British high commissions, Sembawang Wharf and Changi Naval Base (as these were used by the US military), as well as commercial buildings housing American companies.

Hambali's strategy was to prepare the JI in Malaysia and Singapore operationally to mount a series of terrorist incidents at the right time. Targets in Singapore would include the water pipelines and MINDEF. The aim was to create a situation in Malaysia and Singapore conducive to overthrowing the Malaysian Government and making Malaysia an Islamic State. The attacks on key Singapore installations would be portrayed as acts of aggression by the Malaysian Government, thereby generating animosity and distrust between Malaysia and Singapore.
Hambali aimed to stir up ethnic strife by playing up a "Chinese Singapore" threatening Malays/Muslims in Malaysia; he hoped that this would create a situation which would make Muslims respond to calls for
jihad (militant jihad), and turn Malaysia and Singapore into another "Ambon", where religious clashes have broken out between Christians and Muslims since Jan 99, resulting in many deaths and injuries.

Eric said...

In Islam Saudi Arabia is the GOLD standard

Lee Kuan Yew on Charlie Rose (PBS)

Eric said...

LKY has always been consistent, he learns from experience of others ...

Previously unpublished English translations of sermons from Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development reveal potentially lethal levels of hostility towards the West that appear to have gone unnoticed. The Department of Islamic Development cannot be dismissed as some renegade fringe group. It is an official and intrinsic part of the Malaysian government, similar in function to the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States. On its website, the Department defines itself thusly: “Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) is a Malaysian Government institution which has a vision to assist in the creation of a progressive and morally upright ummah based on Islamic principles in line with the Malaysian vision through an efficient and effective Islamic Affairs Management organisation.” JAKIM is an acronym for Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia.
Every Friday, the Muslim holy day, sermons (khutbahs) are given in mosques. During Israel’s Cast Lead operation in January 2009, when Israel entered Gaza to stop being bombarded with rockets, the khutbahs of Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development became warlike.
On January 9, 2009, the khutbah denounced Israel as “evil” and a call was made to use the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to channel financial assistance to the Palestinians. A boycott was demanded of all goods and services connected with both Israel and America. Countries that are part of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and all other Muslims were urged to stop using the American dollar as currency.

Eric said...

FAC News – Friday, October 25, 2002 8:29 AM
More on Malaysia’s links with international terrorists
On 23 October 2002, FAC News wrote “Malaysia had a long history of supporting terrorist groups”.
Yesterday, Ali, a police officer, wrote a letter to Malaysiakini called “We were in Moroland” reinforcing the allegation. In his letter, Ali said:
I read Eric Mudasi’s letter “No smoke without fire in terror links” (below) with some pungency. I am not sure what he actually knows, strangely it was somewhat close to reality.
I need to be careful about what I say as I am still a serving officer with the Royal Malaysian Police. In the 1970s, I was part of a 15-man specially selected unit attached loosely with the police force then but reporting to Mindef directly.
The unit members were mostly Muslims but a few were non-Muslims who were recruited because of their expertise. They came from the army, navy, police field force and a few from elsewhere.
Our primary role was to assist Moro separatists by providing them training especially on how to use guns, make home-made bombs, set up ambush, fighting tactics and to organise and operate as a cohesive unit.
We did supply weapons, money and shelter for the fighters when things got too hot ‘there’. We used to go across in the night in six-man teams by boats for a two-month ‘tour’. My unit was headed by a senior civil servant whose name I am not at liberty to disclose save to say that he is now a comfortable Umno politician.
I understood the operation to help these friends there have been ongoing since the 1970s. However, we were faced with several problems. Our friends, whose names I cannot disclose, were unprincipled and undisciplined, took advice when it suited them, and were certainly very happy to take money from us. There was genuine fear among us that this lot would be a liability to Malaysia.
The whole operation was toned down when Hussein Onn became prime minister in 1976 but was later stepped up again only to be shut down completely in 1985. I am not aware of any further operations since then.
I am not sure if the assistance was given, as Eric Mudasi said, to distract attention from claims over Sabah and bog down the Philippines Armed Forces or to help our minority Muslim friends in an alien and catholic state or whatever. The rationale behind the operation was a moot point for us in the unit.

Eric said...

And this is Eric Mudasi’s letter to Malaysiakini on 22 October 2002 called “No smoke without fire in terror links”:
In response to “Al-Qaeda has finances in Malaysia: UN report”, here are events that may help explain how Malaysia, fairly or unfairly, has been implicated in the war against terror campaign.
When Malaysia was formed on Sept 16, 1963, two countries — Indonesia and the Philippines — were very unhappy. Indonesia then under president Sukarno launched the Ganyang Malaysia campaign.
Indonesian forces which intruded into Malaysian territory were soundly dealt with by Malaysian and Commonwealth forces. An allegedly CIA-sponsored coup conducted by Suharto, which eventually brought down Sukarno, also played a pivotal role in ending the hostilities.
Then when the British Far East Land Forces withdrew, the Filipino regime at that time was quite vocal in its demand for the state of Sabah. Malaysia was then facing a communist insurgency led by the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM).
For self-preservation and in order to protect a very fragile economy, the Malaysian government was believed to have encouraged the Moro separatists in the southern Philippines, so as to distract attention from claims over Sabah and to get the Philippines Armed Forces bogged down in its back yard.
The alleged front man for this exercise was none other then the ‘infamous’ Tun Datu Mustapha, then Sabah’s Chief Minister, who was a Muslim and had extended family in the southern Philippines.
Similar incidents have occurred the world over. More recently, the Pakistani regime’s support for the Taliban through supply of arms and training neutralised a very hostile and porous border in the North-West Frontier Province with Afghanistan.
Malaysia likewise employed the concept of strategic depth.

Eric said...


The Malaysian Armed Forces did not want to or have to engage an enemy on two fronts, the military wing of the CPM and the Philippines Armed Forces.
At that time huge resource were being expended on military hardware and personnel by components of the Malaysian Armed Forces. For instance, the Rajang Area Security Command (Rascom) in Sarawak, Gua Musang in Kelantan and Bentong in Pahang were a hotbed of communist activity. The Royal Malaysian Navy had to deal with the spillover from the Vietnam war, refugees, pirates, etc.
Hence with financing by Colonel Muammar Qaddafi’s Libya, the campaign in the southern Philippines was stepped up in the spirit of Muslim brotherhood.
Covert operations were conducted and gun running was rife. Malaysian special forces were alleged to have clandestinely conducted training for the Moro separatists in established camps in Sabah.
In southern Thailand, another group of Muslim brothers were facing an onslaught from the Royal Thai Armed Forces. This group called itself the Patani United Liberation Organisation (Pulo). Malaysia’s political elite lent moral support to the group which was allowed to have offices in the northern states of Malaysia.
As a direct result, Thailand’s southern military command vehemently opposed any and all forms of co-operation with the Malaysian military which requested assistance against the CPM, which had bases in southern Thailand. The Thai military command totally ignored the activities of the CPM within its borders.
It was in fact much later that the Malaysian authorities realised that to help Pulo would be detrimental to the fight against communists. So, they ceased helping Pulo. Malaysian troops in the frontline areas were instructed not to engage the Pulo fighters, instead they were to direct them back into Thai territory.
Those who say there were no bombings in Malaysia have a short memory. Sabah, in 1986, faced a spate of bombings, an intimidation tactic used to sow terror on the electorate. This was caused by the loss of the Usno and Berjaya parties (component parties of Barisan Nasional) to Joseph Pairin Kitingan’s, predominantly Kadazan-based and Christian party, Parti Bersatu Sabah. There was a pathetic “coup” attempt conducted by Datu Mustapha and Harris Salleh, which failed miserably, as it was ruled unconstitutional.
State-wide elections were called for the second time, and it was during this period that a lot of bombs were set off, especially in Kota Kinabalu. The hand of the Moro separatists was seen in this as there were thousands of displaced Muslims from the southern Philippines islands in refugees camps in Sabah. And a lot of them were reported to have Malaysian blue identity cards.
This was reported by independent election observers who were monitoring the elections at the time. Disaster was averted by excellent crisis management by then deputy prime minister, Musa Hitam who ordered the deployment of a massive number of troops from the peninsular, in full battle order in a deliberate show of force, to deter those intent on intimidating the local electorate.
That the Malaysian government had ties with these extremist organisations is well known. It helped nurture these organisations which, unfortunately, have now become a liability.
Only when your ‘rocks’ are held over a fire, do you deny negating history. Unfortunately for our political masters, the world knows. This is one taint that will not come off hence Malaysia is implicated.
Reference sites: to_raise_them_up_par.php l-Use-Only-FOR-OFFICIAL-USE-ONLY-UNTIL
feed:// s/default?orderby=updated 3/asia-pacific-terrorism-the-bali-experience.aspx

Eric said...

In the Malaysian Army

*Iban soldiers who are predominantly Christian are forbidden to have prayer gatherings in Army Camps for themselves and their families (as churches are too far from Army Camps and transportation is a challenge)

*Ibans are discouraged from joining the armed forces and obstacles are placed (tattoos are part of Iban culture, not allowed in the army)

This is policy on the recommendations of KAGAT
Religious Corp of the Malaysian Armed Forces

Eric said...

JERUSALEM—In a surprise announcement with far-reaching theological implications, Jesus Christ The Nazarene, founder of Christianity and spiritual leader of nearly two billion people, revealed Monday that He has converted to “the one true religion” of Islam.
Enlarge Image
Christ (left) consults with his new spiritual advisor, the Righteous Hassan Abdul al-Aziz.
The controversial announcement has sent shockwaves through religious circles around the globe.
“Allah is the name of the One and Only God,” Christ said. “Allah has 99 beautiful names: He is known as The Gracious, The Merciful, The Beneficent, The Creator, The All-Knowing, The All-Wise, The Lord Of The Universe, The First, The Last and many more. He has revealed Himself unto Me through the holy words of the blessed Qur’an, and I have put My trust and faith in Him.”
As part of His conversion, Christ said He has taken a new name, Isa Ibn Maryam al-Salaam Christ Shabazz.
Christ, 33, is urging Christians worldwide to renounce His former religion of Christianity and join Him in embracing the Muslim way of life.
“People of all nations, in the past, you have heard Me say that whosoever shall believe in Me shall not die, but have eternal life,” Christ said. “But now, I say unto you, forget I ever said that. There is only one holy revelation of Allah, the Qur’an, which was dictated to the Prophet Mohammed, Praise Be Unto Him, by the Archangel Jibreel in the seventh century after I died.”


D. Hernnstein said...

To all the fools trying to behave as sages.

Not everything is in black and white. In case you don't know, there are various shades of grey as there are various degrees of stupidity. If you still don't understand after all the explanations by the more intelligent ones out there, you would belong to the lower end of the scale. As for the brainless fb fler (Anon 8.07 pm), please be more original. Pat should sue you for plagiarism and give what little to the Autistic Society.

Never believed so many low-achievers existed.

Eric said...

He plays CHESS @ a GEOPOLITICAL LEVEL always 3 moves ahead.
The audience is not Singapore.
He is HELPING NAJIB & ROSMAH consolidate UMNO's influence.
By slighting the Malays, he anticipated the knee jerk or instinctive reaction of Malays in the Semenanjung, that is "circling the wagons" against the Chinese BOOGEYMAN.
In essence TORPEDOING any chance Anwar or PAKATAN have of establishing a beachhead @ the Tenang/Labis By-Election and for the upcoming Malaysian General Elections.
He wants a tarnished Najib & UMNO to remain in power to secure Singapore's future.

Anonymous said...

If LKY urged Muslims to be less Islam observance, then he can bring in to Singapore those Perkasa members (who continuously utter racial slur which is against Islamic teachings), most of UMNO politicians (who continously embezzle national coffers which (again) against Islamic teachings), Mat Rempits (who endanger live of themselves and others, plus snatching ladies handbags which also deemed against Islamic teachings), & some Malays who read book less than 1 annually (as Islamic teaching stress on its followers to pursue knowledge throughout life).

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis Eric(8:21 am)!

By the way, who the fuck actually are you?...a desktop war nerd, or a real one with a badge?

p/s I'm sure you realize that Patrick has noted your ip already.

Eric said...

On Que ... "Circling the Wagons"
Malay-language newspaper Utusan Malaysia also featured responses from three officials.

De facto Religious Affairs Minister Jamil Khir Baharom said he hoped that Malaysians would not agree with Mr Lee’s views that linked Islam to blocking racial integration and national development.

“I am worried such views will spread into Malaysian society, which has many types of ideas,” he said, adding that followers of Islam were taught to be moderate.

Malaysian Islamic Development Department director-general Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz said that Mr Lee should learn from his son, and current Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, who is closer to Singapore Muslims.

He also added that MM Lee’s mindset is still stuck in the  1960s, which was a period of prejudices and suspicions against Muslims.

Right-wing Malay rights group Perkasa slammed Mr Lee, saying he seemed to be raising sensitive issues without bothering about Muslim sensitivities, just like the non-Muslim opposition leaders in Malaysia.

Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali added, “Perkasa does not consider Kuan Yew as being less able to respect other religions, but instead, consider him as a very senile old man.”

Parti Islam SeMalaysia Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan said Mr Lee’s comments made him sound like a “racist militant fighter”.

ktteokt said...

I think LKY is not as bad as MCA in Malaysia who is so fickle when deciding to support Islam or not! When TDM announced that Malaysia IS A MUSLIM STATE, MCA's people raised their hands in recognition of the same but now its President, our Raja Ayam, disagrees with the ISLAMIC STATE of PAS! I am just wondering if there are TWO AL-QURANS in the world and if PAS and UMNO used different Al-qurans!!!!

Aliyah Pin said...


I think you should embrace Islam and let ridhuan tee be your mentor since you seems to suggest that you like the brand of Islam in Malaysia.

Change your name to Patrick Niamah Abdulah Teoh! Jakim should be able to assist you, after you have had enough of beer in your duck.

Anonymous said...

Tun Apanama undermined his successors!!

Anonymous said...

lky ..nothing special lah..40x30km land area ,i also can manage lah.....

Rid Tuan Tee said...


What's you response to Aliyah Pin's call for your to embrace Islam?

SR Nathan said...

I am a Singaporean and I will lobby for Patrick not to get any acting role at mediacorp unless he apoliogize in his blog.

Anonymous said...

Dr.M very angry with LKY . Dr.M -Champion of Champion on Religious Matter while LKY champion of Champion of Sing-Ker-Lingam Matter !

2 of them very hard . But down there no more hard. Seriously , why bother lah..??

So Pat. you somemore can hard or not ?

Anonymous said...

pat ..pat are you related to the late teoh b.h. ?

regards.hang cheebat related to hang li po.

Anonymous said...

Eric, who post quotes from the brilliantly funny satire site has lost all credibility if he thinks they are the gospel truth.

He is either trolling for lulz, incredibly naive or severely prejudiced.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Niamah is very ynhappy that the LKY book is outselling his book.

ImNeO said...

This LKY and MAdey is the same of the same specie. Only that LKY managed to prosper Singapore. Both are cruel and demon in disguise.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful blog, i find it very interesting.
medium , voyance

Eric said...

In Malaysia .. is this civil or syariah court:
A Muslim cleric, once decorated by Buckingham Palace, is facing jail after being convicted of ‘preying on’ and ‘abusing’ two boys at his mosque.
Mohammed Hanif Khan, 42, one of Britain’s most influential imams, became the first ever full-time Islamic minister in the history of the British prison service in 2001.
Highly respected, in 2004 he visited the Palace to receive a Butlers’ Trust Award from Princess Anne for his work in diversity. Under his grand title of Sheik Mohammed Hanif Haqqani Kareemi he led prayers and gave Islamic education to boys.
But a two-week long trial at Nottingham Crown Court heard Hanif Khan used his position of power at the mosque in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, to terrify, intimidate and abuse the two young boys in 2009 – then aged 12 and 15.
After three days of deliberation a jury found him guilty of two counts of rape and one count of sexual activity with a child. He was remanded in custody for sentencing at a later date.
Read more:

Sobri said...

Tun Apanama is just so obsessed with agitating Lee Kuan Yew, because he had apparently being unable to match Lee Kuan Yew's leadership quality. He had brought Malaysia down the economic ladder and Lee Kuan Yew had developed into a first world economy. But, Mahathir is so inferior when compared with Lee Kuan Yew and he has to admit that. Mahathir, a shame to all Malaysians, Lee Kuan Yew a classic example of a devoted leader who puts the country first before self, whereas Mahathir puts self first before country, that is why he failed so miserably.

So he is continuing to make use of the UMNOsaja Government in Malaysia just to irritate and if at all the old fool gets his way, it goes a long way in lining the pockets of his own kinds and cronies.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is like a Pit Bull that has locked its jaws on the crooked bridge project and won't let go. He wants this project as a last act of vengence against LKY, after which he can let go and enter Neraka in peace. The crooked bridge will also provide substantial crooked commission for him. Many people sing his praise for the country's modernisation. However the country would have progressed even further and faster if he did not corrupt the whole country, steal from the treasury, and waste billions on mega projects that failed. He continuously plundered the coffers of Petronas which he treated as his personal funds. This man is pure evil and his best act of patriotism takes place when he kicks the bucket.

Anonymous said...

Mamakthir is just being opportunistic in his entire life, don't think for one minute he cares for the underprivilige Malay as he only concerns about his cronies (Malay or Non-Malay) and family members and relatives.

I bet that if PR comes into power after 13th GE, the bugger will immediately fled to Kerala India where his hometown is to seek political asylum.

Mamakthir just has too many skeletons in his closet while in power to see him spending his last days in prison if he ever goes on trial.

He will claims that being an Indian he is being oppressed and persecuted by the Malay in Malaysia !

If then he is asked whether he considers himself to be a Malay or an Indian, I bet he will say " of course I am Indian, my father Iskandar Kutty was an Indian who came from Kerala to Malaysia ".
He probably will say " to hell with the Malay..." too.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I salute you for being a real trooper, sitting through that interview on the Breakfast Show. I mean, come on ladies! If you are going to interview someone, at least do some 'homework' first - in this case - read the book! Oklah, so they may have the reading level of a STD. 6 pupil and read really, really slow, but at least read a few chapters, boleh tak? They started the interview by stating they had not read the book, and by the sound of it, not interested in reading the book, then why would they think we, the viewers would want to read the book after that? The interview would be all that more interesting if they were able to tell you what they found most intriguing, funniest, etc. or question you on certain parts of the book or relate similar thoughts and experiences. They were terrible hosts and interviewers! They absolutely had no idea how to 'lead' an interview! They basically left it all to you, a guest, to 'carry' the segment! How on earth did they get a job on TV in the first place? Sheesh! Good thing you've had TV experience, otherwise it would have been just too painful to watch.

Opah said...

Mahathir is never wrong, never at fault.

It is always some other guys, institution, the likes of George Soros, Jews, Anwar Ibrahim etc. etc. that are to blame.

Never him. He’s the good guy. Others are baaaaad. When he finally exits, he will go to the aircon place while others will fry.

This man is despicable. He’s gone crazy in his old age. Come to think of it he was crazy when he was young too. This man is evil.

Anonymous said...

hey teoh,
people can comment on whatever they want. LKY included. WTF... look at your blog lah old fart... WTF... niamah
compare singapore to this shithole corrupt country.
LKY runs a tight ship. But there doesnt seem to be corruption (at least on the surface!!)

you talk so much, if u don't approve this comment shows you talk cock only.