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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Credit where credit is due


A big heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS and SYABAS to all the Malaysians who worked tirelessly to get the thousands of Malaysian students in Egypt to safety. The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Air Asia among others. 10,000 students from Egypt’s capital of Cairo are safely evacuated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The operation to evacuate all 11,319 Malaysian students out of harm’s way is expected to be completed by Monday.

And of course, we must not forget the efforts of FLOM, Rosmah who said she had also made some calls because she could not stand by and watch the students suffer “as some of them had nothing to eat”.
“As a mother, how could I not act? I feel for all the mothers whose children are studying there. I am glad I could help.
“Some of the Malaysian officials, aware of my Saudi connections, also asked me to assist. My husband was busy so that was why I helped,” she said.
“I could not afford to take any risk by waiting as every minute matters in a situation like this. Waiting a minute could cost lives. That’s why I made the call to the Saudis,” she said.
“Of course, I reported to him (Najib) what I did later.”

So it was FLOM who made the call to the Saudi's. But at least she told Najib afterwards.



Anonymous said...

Obviously the bee with an itch has DOG (delusions of grandeur).

Blurred Vision said...

Yes PM, now I know what the job of a PM is. You have everything under control, all on your own initiative. I wish others could learn from you, PM.

Malaysian sons now have water to drink and camel steaks to eat. Their mothers should be thankful to you, PM.

The trips by RMAF, RMN, Air Asia, MAS have gone smoothly. These practice runs are invaluable and I can see them repeating their life-saving flights from perhaps KL to Jeddah in the near future. Could you through your good connections order them to practise their evacuation techniques on a regular basis so as not to arouse suspicions when the need arises ?

BTW which tailor makes your trousers ?

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!! Now we all know the truth. Rosmah is really the PM of this 1Bodohland. Her tremendous efforts and contributions in getting the 11,000+ students safely out of Egypt makes Saint (Mother) Theresa deeds look like a ...... well, normal.

Hail to Mother Rosmah!

Anonymous said...

Rosmah for PM, Najib to be first laydee of Msia.


Eric said...

Actually Malaysian Armed Forces did good, TUDM with C-130 Evacuations to Jeddah & RMN dealing with the Somali "Jack Sparrows"

Watch Operation Flying Eagle, a BRILLIANT example of "PUNCHING ABOVE YOUR WEIGHT".


They were ready to go within 24 hrs. of the "event horizon".




LoVe is CiNta said...

she could be mother of M'sia (MOM)..hahah

Anonymous said...

When everything has simmered down in Egypt...and Malaysian mummies cry for their kids to be returned to Egypt to continue their studies....will Rosmak instruct MAS, Air Asia and RMAF (BTW soldier boys ...what happened to your balls?) to fly the whole lot back?

Eric said...

Most states/countries have some sorta Emergency Management Authority

(think Queensland Cylone/ floods; National Operations Council etc)

Malaysia has ROSMAH ????


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Yup , The Fat Lady of Malaysia made some calls & later told Najis what she had done.
Did she told najis that she had some "fun" with some C4 military grade explosive some years ago?
* Malaisie is really lucky to have 2 PM eh?

Anonymous said...

This morning we woke up to threats by the Egypt style demo ALLOWED here. Sounds scary. What's he planning to do? Get his military to shoot Malaysians for THINKING of it?

Anonymous said...

With the FLOM taking an active part in a Malaysian "crisis", I think some credits are due here for her effort no matter how small or big it is.

It appears that more and more of her is appearing in the forefront, and perhaps she is emulating the Hillary Clinton, although a Sec.of US, she is still a very influential world figure.

tunglang said...

I should have made a trip to Egypt early last month to enjoy a free trip home, and enjoy the camel steak!

Anonymous said...

Patrick's open appreciation for Firsl Lady may earn him a datukship soon.

Minah Flom said...

Rosmah Mansor said, "Some of the Malaysian officials, aware of my Saudi connections, also asked me to assist. My husband was busy so that was why I helped."

She is trying to act as if she has a very special and close relationship to the Saudi King. We know better, she is just trying to get cheap publicity. She wants to be a Hillary Clinton but she can't even be the dust Hillary walks on.

Carpetman said...

To our FLOM, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, felicitations and heart-felt thanks for your tremendous, above-self and super-altruistic efforts put in, right into the wee hours in helping to bring back those poor, starving and dishevelled students of ours.

They have been sprung literally from the jaws of Egyptian hell hole. Once again, muchas gracias, FLOM.

Anonymous said...

We must say thank you to Rosmah. Without her, this evacuation would not be possible. She is really indispensable. So vote for her husband.

mityvisionz said...

Why are our people, the students in Egypt in the first place? Are Malaysian degrees not good enough for them?

Eric said...

Khabarnya pelajar-pelajar Malaysia itu cuma duduk di dalam penjara bawah tanah "Special Branch Mesir", namun kesan psikologi kepada mereka cukup serius. Dikhabarkan, pelajar2 yang ditangkap itu terus keluar dari Mesir dalam keadaan ketakutan dan terganngu emosi yang sangat serius. Khabarnya, kesan dari tahanan tersebut, mereka tidak lagi kembali ke Mesir untuk meneruskan pelajaran mereka.

Yang dikesali adalah sikap Kedutaan Malaysia pada masa itu yang buat tidak acuh. Yang menyelamatkan mereka adalah Naib Presiden PMRAM yang sanggup turun ke penjara bawah tanah tersebut merayu-rayu sehingga menangis meminta pelajar-pelajar Malaysia tersebut dilepaskan. Kalau silap cara, Naib Presiden PMRAM pada masa itu pun mungkin ditangkap dan disiksa sama.

Rupanya, 2 orang wartawan New York Times di bawah mendapat "nikmat" menyaksikan sendiri kezaliman penjara bawah tanah milik "Special Branch Mesir". Apa yang didengari dan disaksikan oleh kedua-dua wartawan NY Times ini adalah seperti yang dialami oleh pelajar-pelajar Malaysia tersebut.

Mengikut kawan Mesir Tulang Besi, bilangan agen "Mukhabarat" ini sangat ramai. Dianggarkan, seorang agen SB Mesir bagi setiap bangunan apartmen di Mesir. Sesiapa sahaja boleh ditangkap dan disiksa semata-mata laporan dari agen SB Mesir ini. Tidak perlu ke mahkamah ataupun tidak diizikan khidmat peguam.

Dikhabarkan tahanan2 SB Mesir ini disiksa, dipukul, dibiarkan kebuluran, dirogol, dibunuh dan macam-macam lagi. Begitu hebat "skill" SB Mesir menyiksa manusia, sewaktu selepas 911, Amerika telah menghantar ramai orang yang disyaki pengganas ke Mesir untuk disiksa dan mendapat pengakuan.


Mek Det said...

Kenapa Najib diam diri dalam hal-hal yang melibatkan Mahathir. Beliau hanya memenagi
sebagai Presiden UMNO dengan beberapa undi sahaja semasa Tengku Razali bertanding dengan beliau. Beliau bukan sebeitu hebat pada ketika itu dan dengan kuasa yang ada pada beliau sebagai PM beliau telah membuat segala-galanya untuk mengekalkan jawatan beliau sebagai PM selama 22 tahun. Cukup itu sudah cukuplah, apa lagi beliau hendak campur tangan dalam hal-hal Pentadbiran Negara, Najib hendaklah bertindak terhadap beliau. Negara ini amalkan Demokrasi dan Rakyat tak akan diam diri bila nampak sesuatu yang tidak adil atau membenarkan sesiapa pun untuk memncampur dalam urusan Negara.

Mat Firaun said...

Najib warned that unlike Egyptian government, Malaysian government would be better at stopping people trying to overthrow it. Maybe Najib should consider removing the probable causes that might set people to try overthrowing his government. Corruption, legalized and institutionalized type, and the incendiary statements by mamakthir which kill the hope of some of the citizens for a fair and just society are issues that Najib should address rather than threatening people not to react to government excesses. Najib should also realize that in some places, a promise of the opportunity to meet with forever-virgins was enough for people to exchange their present for the unknown futures. What is more for the promise of change that could be realized in the same world?

Anonymous said...

this is where fricking taxpayers' $$$ is going to.... flying people out of egypt instead of improving roads, healthcare, education bla bla bla...

who the hell goes to egypt to study? and what r they studying???


1 Malay-sia(L) said...

Did you farking read this...?!!

Star Online
Tuesday February 8, 2011
Heroes behind the airlift


Anonymous said...

anom 4.27
they study , how to ko..gkek your asss...


Layu said...

When the sole objective is to ‘rape’ the nation high and dry, all nimcompoop reasons are used to frighten the amjority of the Malaysian population who will continued to be indoctrinated to fear its shadow by concentrating on a single limited-use language under all kinds of reasons like one Kampong professor said that not knowing the national language means you have no love for the nation! And then you have the Super-Ego who stooped to call Lau Lee a Mayor of a City but forgetting that the DOT and itys inventor gets more respect out of this world than his own propaganda through blind followers who can only shout ‘wolf’ but could not find any solution even indeed their own home-grown wolves have devoured them all.
We gonna have a nation of population who wanted only to rely on Rent-Collection for their living;no sweat no worry and no need to compete; that is their philosophy of their great civilization, as claimed by a Deputy MOE of 6,000 years! Given the space in Utusan and Berita, the megalomaniac minds would continue the path of self-illusion to Zimbabwe!

Certainly we are bankrupt of ideas of any kind to lead us forward! Yea, the Stephen King of HSBC must have dreamed of all the sloganeering of this Bolehland to conclude that indeed we will be nombor30 by 2050!!! Any way I hope he has nothing to do with the other Stephen King who preferred to let you know that he is in another world!

Malik said...

If BN and NEP are not removed for good,majority malays will never reform and could compete with others.We have to remove all if not most of the racist,highly corrupted umnoputras and the everlasting relying tongkat to achieve the goal toward an advanced nation.Time waits for no man.Do it in the ballot boxes.We must help to relay useful information or political view to friends,relatives and acquaintance if there are opportunity arose.There are many people don’t even bother to register as a voter or know who their friends and relatives support which political party.Some are reserved to talk for his own known reason??,some don’t have the interest or update themselves in politic.I will normally start with brief and simple discussion with them like the corruption cases,racial discrimination,lop sided judiciary,cops with license to kill ect.It will open up some people’s mind and i managed to get 8 people to register as voters in two weeks.I personally brought them to one of DAP branch.The rest,i just cross my finger that they will register as voter as well.

Mahendren said...

Najib administration must be criticized for dropping the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) from the New Economic Model (NEM). It showed a policy flip-flop.

Prime Minister Najib’s omission of the panel showed that Malay rights group Perkasa was dictating the country’s economic policies.

Lingam Korek said...

What more do the Malays want? The government, the armed forces, the police, the civil service, the universities and every aspect of the public sector including state and local governments are dominated by the Malays, in fact to the point of over-representation.

The GLCs are dominated by Malays. The public economy is also dominated by Malays with virtually all government contracts, projects, tenders, permits and licences given out to them. Yes, the Chinese may own 45 percent of the economy but that is through their hard work, competitive spirit and innovation. It was not through the NEP or government hand-outs.

The Indians except for the 30 percent who are in the professions and business are totally marginalised together with the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. The 70 percent of Malay households out of the 40 percent lower income group ought to be the focus of the government together with the poor and neglected of all other communities. Need, not race, ought to be the determination for economic help.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Rosmah you talk so funny! Talk big like as though without you, evacuation would not have succeeded. Anyway, evacuation of the students was a wrong government decision that unnecessarily cost tax payers millions of rinngit. Students should have just stayed put. Many sensible students stayed on in Egypt because they knew it would be safe to do so.

Anonymous said...

Never mind all that rubbish. Just what do Malay students got to learn in Egypt? Certanly good if you wanna do archeology but WHAT ELSE?

How can Malays progress if they get sent to thrd world countries even worse off than Malaysia?