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Monday, February 07, 2011

What is normal?

Is this "normal"? I guess it is because it is obviously not raining anymore.

A friend of mine tweeted me and said she heard the news on radio that the flood situation is Johor is "back to normal". She wanted to know what is 'normal' about floods? Can anyone tell her? Or the news editors on radio stations?


Several times each year we all get to read about royals and heads of states who 'care'. A people's king. Or  a caring ruler. Etc. etc. etc. As a Malaysian I have never had a stomach for these editorial cliches much less believe them. But I am so happy that there are exceptions. 

I received some photos of Raja Zarith, consort to His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Johor.  Raja Zarith was photographed as she visited flood-affected Pagoh in Johor state. the Princess was delivering much needed supplies and spending time with the people of her state. Unlike our usual Malaysian big shots when they go on their rounds there was no fanfare. No banners. No outriders. No fuss. Just love and caring in the performance of duty. 

I bow in humble respect of a real, Royal Princess.

No it is not a river but a flooded street in Pagoh.

The Princess listening to some of the flood victims in relief centres

A royal visitor with her people. Notice the total absence of photographers. 

My favorite photo. The Princess eating with her people.

Now, if only those flers from Putrajaya would follow her royal example.



Sharon said...

Patrick, Raja Zarith has always been like that, for as long as I remember. She's lovely to talk to, she listens to what you have to say and she genuinely cares about her peopl. Behind her demure demeanour stands a woman who has the courage to live what she preaches. She used to write a column in The Star, very witty! To me, she is the epitome of royalty.

Anonymous said...

Hey Niamah, The cobra exercise is on and malaysia is one of teh active participants.....but they have requested the US military to hide its role. Why so secretive ah??

Anonymous said...

Aiyo! You ask the fatty FLOM to follow the Princess example very difficult lah. She even claimed credit for bringing those students stranded in Egypt back to the country. You must be dreaming lah.

Ben said...

Now THAT'S class!

Anonymous said...

Correct me someone, if I am wrong.... but I think that Royalty is not now anymore a Princess... but Her Royal Highness the Sultanah of Johore.Long May she reign!!

nstman said...

A real princess doesnt need toadies to record what she does. She cares, and that is the most important thing. Right on Tiuniamah.

suanie said...

ooo no wonder lah you asked if i had photos of johor flood. got some in my FB now, taken in Pagoh

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aiyo! You ask the fatty FLOM to follow the Princess example very difficult lah. She even claimed credit for bringing those students stranded in Egypt back to the country. You must be dreaming lah."

Pardon me but, a pertinent point of note is that the humble boat with the Princess wouldn't hold with RM on it. She might consider sailing in with a yacht though. After all, when one hob-notches with Saudi Royalty ... Ahem, Decorum is to be fulfilled, no?

Pat, I certainly share your respect for our dear Princess who clearly provides a certain glimmer of hope that shan't dim our prayers for the Malaysia, we desire. God Bless ...

Anonymous said...

That's the way things should be done. A right royal kind heart for the people. The FLOM is just too busy spending our money for other more deserving things. After all, she is the 'self-appointed' non-listed minister of the government, right?. WINGNUTS!

La Cha Mau said...

ANON @ are right. The caption under the photos should have referred her as Her Royal Highness Sultanah of Johor and not 'Princess'. Btw, her Royal Highness the Sultanah is the daughter of the former Sultan of Perak.....perhaps Patrick would be more interested in her father's stories, no?

jue said...

aiyooo .. those from putrajaya cannot leave home without bodyguards, journalists & photographers lah. later how to tell the people when campaigning for GE13 that they are soOOOOOOOOOOO CARING!!!!!

wandererAUS said...

...for a moment, I thought she was glamorous Fat Mama!...dang, it just cannot be, that self-claimed First Lady is only good in high class shopping malls.
Well done Princess, respect must be earned and you have, definitely, earned it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,
1) Normal or not normal is subjective lah! Also,with glasses or without glasses have a bearing too!
2) Another Raja Zarith? Tan Koo Koo lakh!!!

Anonymous said...

For many, many, many years I've been contributing to the poor n unfortunate. By now I would have spend close to 1million ringgit!

I've also found bags of money and return it without any fanfare!!
Helped old people to cross roads & much more & I don't need others to know of my very good work...!!!!!

All I need in return is "NO Cursing" from people!!

Nurul said...

Any small mater by FLOM gets big publicity and we can be sure that Apco have pocketed lots of commision for those publicity stunt.

If Malaysians who got stranded in overseas while on holiday can always contact FLOM to charter a plane to ferry them home safely.

Harith said...

At the BN Open House in Penang, the DPM told the Penang CM to ” be fair to all—to the malays, the chinese and the indians”.
I was not there, or else I would had asked uncle moo why my neighbours received 10% off the purchase price of their houses when we are all doing the same work and getting the same pay. Why isn’t his advice of “be fair to all—to the malays, the chinese and the indians” not given to the housing developer?

Can someone here please answer on uncle moo’s behalf as to why I have to pay 10% more for the same house compared to my neighbours? Don’t tell me that it is because I am a pendatang or a mata sepet.
Mamakthir siad that UMNO now is corrupt and cares only about contracts and APs. That implied that he was clean and was never involved in making UMNO what it is. Everybody in Malays knows he contribution to this present UMNO mess.

Muhyiddin has just borrowed the same formula. He is trying to say that UMNO is not racist through that statement, but we know the story.

Anonymous said...

Sri Muda state assemblyperson Shuhaimi Shafiei was only expressing his opinion on the subject of the appointment of the SS (state secretary) by the sultan. He did not call for the sultan to abdicate or for the monarchy in Selangor to be abolished. So where is the intent to cause or incite hatred or disaffection towards the ruler or to cause public disorder?

After the acquittal of YB Karpal Singh last year for sedition by the High Court for his opinion on the legal immunity of the Perak sultan during the unconstitutional takeover of the state government by the BN in 2009, the attorney-general should not have proceeded with the prosecution of Shuhaimi. The issues are similar.

Shuhaimi has explained the meaning of the Malay proverb that he used, and frankly unless you are a Malay linguist no one can really give a fair and accurate meaning of it to the public. So how can it be seditious or have a seditious tendency if people cannot even uniformly understand what it meant? It cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Anonymous said...

The Star reported:

Young and beautiful female graduates in Malaysia are picking more lucrative "jobs" than the ones their paper qualifications can get them -- they are willing to sell their bodies and offer massage services to earn five-digit incomes, reported Malaysian newspaper Harian Metro.

The daily interviewed three graduates, who even showed their diplomas to reporters.

One girl, Lala from Kedah, said she has obtained a tourism diploma at a college in Malacca last year.

"This 'job' is easy and does not require long hours to earn big bucks," said the 24-year-old.

Another graduate, Baby, was a professional dancer before going into the sex business.

Liyana, 24, said she "cheated" hundreds of men by "selling" her seductive pictures on social networking sites like Tagged and Facebook.

"Through my online profile, I openly offer massage services. However, those offers are actually fake. In a day, I can cheat five to six men. Before even meeting me, they are willing to bank in 100 ringgit (US$33) to 150 ringgit into my account," she said, adding she disappears or give excuses to the men after receiving the money.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoyo Patrick, now you have upset our First Lady PM Rosmah by posting the photos of HRH Sultanah of Johore and her noble deeds.

Why lah Patrick? You should search all over the MSM and at least write something (no matter how small or little) about our First Lady PM Rosmah shedding tears and spending sleepless nights worrying about the flood victims. Come on Pat, there must be something worth writing about our Mother Rosmah on the floods.

Oh wait, our Mother Rosmah was too busy at the airport welcoming back her baby pharaohs from dangerous Egypt so she cannot be attending to the flood victims at the same time. So write something about her being at the airport lah.

Trevor said...

normal = semua-nya OK

Anonymous said...

What diploma ? Nowadays , Diploma really questionable and quality of kolej lagi questionable !! Chapter 1 to Chapter 6 also 1 diploma ... I mean what the fuck lah..???

Speaking of 'Fuck' ! , I have being fucking around in KL and some prostitues are degree holder too !!!!

Me had a MBA , and my belakang also kena masuk ..quite shiok actually!! paid me by pints of Beer
the whole night long.

Riana Qistina said...

summon the radio.. it's not yet normal

Anonymous said...

well, with great respect as you said.

Anonymous said...

I still that guy who went yachting somewhere down under while some states were under water.

Anonymous said...

If you are an Australian this is what you will get in flood assistant. Its hard to compare a ciku with an Apple so life is always not fair.We choose the Gomen we deserve.

Yogi Bear said...

Teohlogy was featured on The Sun today 9 Feb.

However, no mention of any form of sicount.

Meow said...

Malaysians know for sure that 1Malaysia is just a slogan. It means nothing because day in and day out we hear and experience racism and fanaticism that occur with the tacit approval of the authorities - some call it legalised discrimination which started from the time Dr Mahathir Mohamad became PM.

No one who came after him had the determination, the leadership and vision to move the country in the right direction.

The Umno half-wits, the racial and religious fanatics, the corrupt and greedy who have no love or loyalty to the country, will not allow any change. But there is limit to all the abuses and corruption, and time will take care of it and those causing them.

Anonymous said...

Hot Topic for Valentine Day

Murai said...

Islam says that if you have sinned, you will be made to account for your sins in the afterlife. People like Mamakthir obviously don’t care about the afterlife, as they continue to spew lies, untruths, and defamatory statements. Why they do it at this late stage in their lives is anyone’s guess, but it serves as a “green light” to the UMNOputras to continue to pillage, steal and defame others with impunity.

These people are constantly quoted that they are religious and would uphold the tenets of Islam, but I would spit in their faces if they ever say this lie to me directly.

Soiled Leg said...

Only a consummate politician like Mahathir could tell such kind of lies by denying his involvement in Operation Lallang. Although Mahathir might not have made the most incendiary racist remarks to stoke up racial tension in Oct. 1987, like some of his ministers from UMNO did, he certainly was complicit in the whole saga. Sin Chew, which reported UMNO leaders’ fiery speeches and statements verbatim, was banned but the bigger culprit Utusan was spared. Racial tension during that time was so high that missiles were hurled at ethnic Chinese reporters covering UMNO’s AGM, all courtesy of UMNO and Utusan.

Anonymous said...

Very good example for other royals to follow.

Anonymous Says said...

But what else can she do ? The real question is with all the power she has, what can she do ? She cannot do a single thing. Anyone can be like her. Meet. Talk. Other than that, nothing can be done.

Kim Tai Hong said...

In our country, where power struggle is concerned, there is no such a thing as "wisdom of sensitivities". In the Tenang by-election, MCA chief Chua Soi Lek has asked "what's so great" about knowing Islamic values? His Umno masters dared not even censor him.

In the same tone, others can say, "what's so great of knowing Christian values?"; "what's so great of knowing Hindu values?" and "what's so great of knowing Buddhist values?" Chua, why didn't you also say, "what's so great about sleeping with other women?'

Anonymous said...

She is not a Sultanah until she is crowned , according to HRH the Sultan of Johor. That is why HRH decreed that his stepmother and her sister (his step grandmother) cannot be called "Sultanah", just Tunku or Tunku Puan. He also took away the JPships of two 70 year olds. If my memory serves me right,his late father had appointed the two Tunku Puans as JPs.Both are in their 70s.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to the HRH Sultanah.. for her just to listen, thats good enough for us.

She's is totally vice versa compared to FLOM = FAT LADY OF MALAYSIA = ROSMAH MANSOR = TARAK GUNA PUNYA ORANG.

Another person is following FLOM closely = UMMI HAFILDA = THE BN POLITICAL PROSTITUTE