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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Almost the weekend stuff

This morning I woke up to some great news and some not so great news and some really shitty news in the newspapers which I still buy cos my domestic helper insists that they are great for keeping green vegetables fresh and crisp and she can also sell them to the "Old newspaper" man for a bit of pocket money.  Wah! Damn long sentence right?  Still grammatically correct or not, sir?

First the great news.  Marina Mahathir and Sisters In Islam's leader Zainah Anwar have been listed among the 100 most inspiring people in the world!  Yay!!! Congratulations, Marina and Zainah. We are so proud of you both.  According to The Star article Marina was listed at #57 and Zainah was placed 7th.  But of course being a Malaysian newspaper The Star is a bit short on correct details. It was an ALPHABETICAL list. Duh!

Now the not-so-great news.  I read that Apple is about to launch the iPad2!!! My iPad is not even 3 months old.  Baarger!!!

Okay, okay I am sure all you masochists out there are waiting to read what I have as the shitty stuff, right? Be warned though. It might make you throw up your lunch or breakfast. Or maybe not if you belong to the group of Malaysians who are always game for a good bargain. In whatever form.

On the front page of The Star and The Sun  today it was announced that traffic offenders who have outstanding summonses have been given another extension by no less than the Minister of Home Affairs himself.  The YB even announced that it was a CABINET decision! And you thought they would have much more important issues to discuss at cabinet meetings, right? Anyway, all those fuckers who got summonsed and didn't pay their fines are now going to get another grace period AND still be able to get a 50% discount!  As you know, there are still 17.3 million of these summonses with people who broke the law and are getting away with it. And with a present some more.  What pisses me off even more are some of the quotes from people interviewed by The Star.

One fler from Kepong said that he is very glad to have more time to pay his summonses which amounted to more than RM1,000! Another chappie said he paid RM800 to settle summonses 2 months ago and settled another RM800 worth before the deadline. But the fler who is most terror, revealed that he cannot afford to pay off all his summonses at once because they amounted to more than RM3,000 which was much more than his salary. Nobody, at any time, said anything about how the experience would make them pay closer attention to obeying traffic rules and laws in future. After all, why worry? Drive as fast as you like la. Park anywhere also can what. Red light ah? Just go through lor.  Summons?  Hiyah. Wait a while la. They sure give discount one. And so the rot keeps growing. And our YB's are telling us that their actions are because they are a people-friendly government. People First. Discounts Now!  What happened to YOU BREAK THE LAW, YOU PAY THE PRICE. IN FULL!

Also ah, all this extension of payment period for traffic summonses also make me wonder if our government is RUNNING OUT OF MONEY!!! Scary isn't it? More scary is the question of what all this is teaching younger Malaysians. That it is alright to break the law?

Even more scary is the thought that maybe somebody is setting the system in place for those flers involved in the Teoh Beng Hock case, the PKFZ scandal, the Aminulrasyid shooting, Altantuya.......etc. etc. etc.

Okay, okay...with all that shitty stuff there is also something that is quite funny in The Star today. The story can be found on page N4 under the headline 'Kerdau growth 'not to win votes'. Development programmes take place all year round, says Liow"

Pahang MCA chief Liow Tiong Lai said that goodies are not handouts by BN to win votes.  Okay. But then this is later reiterated by former MCA deputy prez Lim Ah Lek who said that the Chinese in Kerdau still remember the government's contribution to the community when it solved a problem involving a temple built on government land. Phwaaaar!  Good innit? When did that contribution take place? 1983!!! So hilarious la.  Maybe some loss in translation la.  But it made me laugh. I wonder if the Chinese flers in Kerdau laugh or not? Well, to be fair, Liow said 'all year round' but he didn't mention WHICH year ma.



cina.fong said...

Another minute of a good laugh. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello DJ PAT.

Why are you always instigating people to complain and laugh at the govt.

Very shock- ker- lingam .. izzit ?

Niamah !

new fart said...

Pat..couldn't agree with you more on the summonses fiasco! Only in Bolehland do you get this kind of wholesale discount. Fuck for all I know, they might have inflated the figure just so that when you go check your details, they can come up with all sorts of offenses like speeding and illegal parking that you didn't commit! And you would no choice but to pay up least you can't get your road tax renewed. Also, I had to pay up for a speeding offense committed by the previous car owner who has since migrated!!! Niamah!

Anonymous said...

Summons payment extension...Cabinet decision? I thought the whole cabinet is out in Merlimau and Kerdau.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

The government realised the collection falls short but with Rosie's high expenditure lifestyle, have to extend la, wtf, not enough, extend till enough la.

Anonymous said...

My home town Langkap need some RM10million project le. Can some BN fellas go there next week? Or shall we wait until buy-erection again?

Anonymous said...

Niamah all around Unker Pat.

To the Star.
To the extensions.
To the law-breakers.
To the discount givers.
To the BN machinery and their "all year round" eFFing shits!
To the moroon who claimed and also to the A-hole who supported the claim that the "growth" was not to win vote (Double NIAMAH here!!)

Super NIAMAH this...

Not the Toyo

Anonymous said...

Former mca leaders LLS & CKC were charged for cheating when performing public duties as MCA Chinese reps in the cabinet, yet Humsup Soi Lek said personal conduct.

Truly Shameless!

Anonymous said...





Por Lan Pah said...

Development programmes take place all year round-yes,but the Liow fler short of mentioning that it is all over the country all year round.But when there is a by-election,then the place will get priority-Right?
So,is that not call a 'buy-election'?
On the rank listing by name,bcos Marina is the daughter of the ex-PM, she is much 'bigger than'the other lady,so must mention her first mah!(even her ranking is much lower than the other lady).
Are we giving respect bcos of honour or bcos of 'background'or bcos of 'shoe polishing'?

Anonymous said...

i believe 1983 is still quite a "recent" event la.

Some still try to convince us to be grateful and vote for them for what happened back in 1957 la.

I think we should also be grateful to the pharoah for the pyramid or even the pre-historic humanoid for introducing tool making.

such a muka tebal.


Anonymous said...

uncle pat, I don't even care a damn about any temple built or not, why must us be thankful because of some places of worship being built? leaving the roads with pot holes and a bad public transportation.

Anonymous said...

There they are, happily paying off their summons with discounts. Here I am regretting for paying on time, I should've just waited for the discounts...

"You felt heartbreaking being a citizen in a third-world country when it could've been better. I felt miserable being treated like a 2nd class, unwanted citizen in the third-world country when we are the same."

Anonymous said...

Dear uncle Pat,
Always enjoyed your blog. Interesting that the temple 'goodwill' occurred in 1983, which means to say that BN did nothing(squat... nada.... zilch) for them for the past 7 election cycle. Hopefully the good Kerdau citizen come to their senses....

As for the summonses settlement issue, it is obvious the cabinets decision is based more on the money$$$ inflow and not the overall welfare of the public. Think longer extension = more $$$$. They must have needed the dough badly or this would not happen.

Really ultra-N.I.A.M.A.H. what this country is becoming......

Syed Farid said...

Allow me to tell Astro that Astro Awani (channel 501) is really sucks nowadays with its lopsided and biased reporting favouring BN in those by-election issues.

It is losing credibility by becoming another bn mouthpiece!!!!

Kudos to Bob Lokman for supporting PAS!!!

Anonymous said...

is oral sex illegal in bolehland?

Diana Goh. (no i dont do ,but my husband did ask...the..last time 1 hour ago..nope i didnt do it.!nope I dont allow him to do me either !! smell me there ok though!!!!)

wira said...

If there is anything I like about the BN government, it is their inefficiency in collecting money due to them save the internal revenue department, but that is only for salaried income earners.

You bring in the PR government and they really go after those who are delinquent in payment.

I know, because I was delinquent for 15 years under the BN state government in quit rent. After the changeover to a PR government, I was slapped with a fine and a notice for the recovery of arrears, all of which I had to pay within the next 10 months, including the quit rent due in the following year.

Anonymous said...

Sigh!!! Something doesn't gel, just can't put my finger on it. Maybe Marina should take a DNA test.

Anonymous said...

Laws are made and break by umno. There are no fixed
Law here in Malaysia. What can you say about the police, immigration etc........they also make own law.

Anonymous said...


In USA they put this people in jail until they pay up. If they get stopped by police with outstanding tickets no matter where you are. I guess in Malaysia this will open up for more corruption. Don't let politician help us with this. Rakyat needs to vote for governement change in PRU-13.


Anonymous said...

Patrick, can you highlight the male teacher who molested the secondary school girls but heard he was given the transfer only, too light the punishment for such an unmoral behaviour. Ask CLS if this is ok to him? How come he never speaks for the chineses community especially the girls? too busy sending the 1-M ngo to merlimau and kerdau?

myke8888 said...

Pat.. I can't help but to think that the govt is encouraging people to break the law by introducing discounts.
To top it off, the bloody govt is also slack in enforcement or I should put it that they are purposely doing it to encourage people to flaunt the law. Extra revenue mah ! That's why people park everywhere and speed. Know why ?? Cause they know there is slack enforcement and if caught will still get a discount.
Point is the bloody govt is full of shitheads who are good for nothing.

Tiu Nia Mah ..

LatestSportsNews said...

Good one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick,

You have a twin named Jeffrey Khoo, moderator of

That guy has your sickening smile and filthy loud mouth ways and looks. Loves to poke fun and ridicule others except yourself. Sure thing your kids will grow up in this fashion.

Actually today's Opposition breed of youngsters including females are all Niamahs like you.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean that after 10 March, tens of thousands of cars will not be allowed on the road? Hooray, no more jams.

monsterball said...

I read Pat's comment and simply cannot wait for the 13th GE.

Anonymous said...

When government has no money, we became the scapegoat

敏子の -零- 距离 said...

where in the world would give discount for traffic tickets?! only malaysia~!! ala...i should have save my parking ticket till the give discount, stupid me!

Anonymous said...

uncle patrick,
why the shit, when you are famous but people contain you in a box?

why the www.niamah.blogspot become someone designing web page.

true politics from bad ass!


i will ask all my good frinds go to from now on... bloody politic crony.

Anonymous said...

How about we give 1-month grace period to corrupted polices and officials to turn themselves in and of course we would be generous to reciprocate with a 50% discount on the bribe they took?

Niamah! I wouldn't buy MNG or Zara until they further cut-down 70%

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 1:06PM what the hell are you talking about? I don't understand your engrand la. :-)

uncle patrick,
why the shit, when you are famous but people contain you in a box?

why the www.niamah.blogspot become someone designing web page.

true politics from bad ass!


i will ask all my good frinds go to from now on... bloody politic crony.

1:06 PM

Anonymous said...

NEP is a ‘skin policy’ to make Malays millionaires by giving shares in public listed companies.

They neded not set up a company and build it from scratch.
Malays are rewarded for mediocre qualifications – places in universities and jobs in the public service.

They want a comfortable life without having to work hard.
If they cannot stand on their feet after 50+ years of UMNO rule, whom do you blame?

WaLaOEe said...

Hey, Patrick,

I think you should really blog about this..

Dr. M is flashing his race card again...

Anonymous said...

Niamah chow hai..again the Bintang paper keep publishing that china man in Malaysia is still the riches !


poor china man.

Anonymous said...

RE: Mamak description of himself

"I am not Indian ,I am a Muslim I am Malay."

what the fuck is that ?????

eg.if a chinese Muslim said.

I am not chinese (me 100% look like a so called yellow skin slant eyes bastard) ,I am Muslim ,I am Malay.

Lan chaui you Melayu.. ke ?? Fuck off ! malay friend Ahmad (100% Gafar Baba look -alike malay )would have said.

Niamah !

Colby said...

Uncle Pat, you are brilliant !!! lol xD

Schrodinger Cat said...

The ipad 2 is coming in Black and White. May I suggest you to buy both and give the black one to me? The old black one not much different from the current one lah.

Anonymous said...

We have a bunch of idiots running and policing this country la! Where in any righteous and fair country will you see the practice of giving discounts to people who breaks the law!

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed with KRU for not having local chinese to take on the role of China Princess.

No local chinese actress good enough? In that case I will continue to boycott local malay movies.

At least in SumoLah Patrick Teoh can be a Japanese Honda-san, although I still wonder why a Thai girl can act as his daughter.

ong said...

Just because that contribution took place in 1983 you think it's hilarious? Come on, man! You don't know that unlike Melayu, Cina TIDAK MUDAH LUPA?

Anonymous said...

anai is screwd big time after his boss said: if you cant make a living in town and cities ,you can go back to plantation work!

What ?????

I thought the ideal is to get out of plantation work in the Dr.Mamak era ????

really poor bastard !!!!!

Anonymous said...

anai is screwd big time after his boss said: if you cant make a living in town and cities ,you can go back to plantation work!

What ?????

I thought the ideal is to get out of plantation work in the Dr.Mamak era ????

really poor bastard !!!!!

from.david yao

Anonymous said...

aiya uncle pat, chinese tak mudah lupa, unlike malays mudah lupa...

Anonymous said...

UMNO allowed a few Chinamen to squander RM12.5 billion. UMNO may be incompetent but obviously they are not that stupid when come to pilfering public money. How does a minister deceive the Cabinet or the PM in their official capacity? Either the Cabinet or the PM are stupid or knowingly wanted to be deceived.

Then the letters of support issued by transport minister. Why in the hurry to interpret that these letters of support as obligations of the government. Kuala Dimensi and all the bond arrangers/issuers are sophisticated businessmen and investors. They are no nincompoops. They ought to know these letters of support are no letters of guarantee. So why billions of bonds were issued and bought based on a few worthless letters of support? It is that simple: there is a conspiracy to cheat the government and there is now a conspiracy to protect Kuala Dimensi and all the bond investors. All these can not be done by the Minister of transport alone, no way. Chinaman ministers should know better. First you have no power, and second you are stupid thinking that UMNO will protect you. Tan Koon Swan masuk penjara di Singapore and Malaysia bukan? It is a record that is hard to break.

Anonymous said...

On the 8pm news last nite, Chua SL saying that DAP should not talk of this issue or DAP is in contempt of court, and said no body is guilty untill the court pronounce them guilty, this remark makes me think of immeadiately why ISA which jail people without even going to court is not objected by Chua Soi Lek or MCA?

The news followed by Ong Tee Kiat (former transport minister) who said that a poject this big, is approved and signed by all levels in the BN government, why do all this UMNOs big shot who signed the approvals do not fall together????.
It is clear that MCA are picked as scapegoat, the questions now is why these leaders in MCA voluntarily wanted to go through this embarrassment and disgrace, where are their dignity???. Double crossing their own people and race for the benefit of themselves. Is this a political party where we can depend on????.

The answer is NO.

Anonymous said...

Would anyone be a little shy to walk around in the public if your father is a thief who stole from his country .?

Anonymous said...

Q.If all Chinese become MALAY. Will Indian malay -automatic downgrade to gone- class.

Worried Mamak.

Anonymous said...

CSL was caught on video with his pants down and a mouthful of action against the order of nature. By his own admission which was publicly declared to all and sundry CSL also offered hard evidence that he had indeed committed sex crimes under Malaysian laws. He was deemed politically dead amidst conspiracy theories, internal and external investigations and secrecy surrounding the movie of the year but why isn’t there a kangaroo trial?

Anonymous said...

Stephen oh Stephen
This ,your therapist will get a chuckle out of all I copied ,ha ha

You Keep on pushing that mind of yours
one day sweetie ,you will be rich and famous ,you will be remembered !!

just think sweetie ,you be able to afford ,your new love ,without mommy ,supporting you both ,
Or just maybe ,your mommy could high your new love as her new maid ,and she will fit right in with all that are care takers of her yard

you little devil you ,this fame in creation is so rewarding and touching ,How you spend wasting Time to create such Rewarding Fame for me ,Wow!! you are amazing man ,now writing a novel ,how do you find the time

Anonymous said...

Hohohoho, dont worry, I like PUSSY

Anonymous said...

Hikayat Mamakutty will be launched tomorrow to rival Teohlogy?

RM100 vs RM38?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

read from forum. that only the chinese ,indian and lain lain is paying income tax.this is seriously wrong man..?????somemore the Malay get income tax refund . what is going on ??

Anonymous said...

Dr M is an inveterate and pathological liar beyond any comprehension. He tried to shield his sons and friends and most importantly Umno even today, for all their misdemeanours and misadventures definitely proves the venomous nature of this man who had damaged his own reputation as a leader internationally and domestically.

Anonymous said...

Please do not believe that by the mere power of the voters the opposition can walk into Putrajaya. The writings are clear; PM swore over dead bodies and lost lives and the Defence Minister wants to shed blood for the PM. Something is very wrong. Why threaten your own people with blood letting? are we their enemies? Or are they just doing this to protect their ill-gotten gains and further rip off whatever that is left? The signals are no more signals but dangerous warning to the people of Malaysia. You have empowered the UMNO government and now UMNO will respond, Ghadafi Style, if you question their actions. UMNO cannot lose even if 90 % of the people vote for the opposition. Why? This is because of the dangerous cartel made up of the Police, AG Chambers, Judiciary, MACC, All State Commissions, the beaucrats and even the underworld; all being on the payroll on UMNO. While UMNO throws them the left overs, the UMNOcrat feeds and lives on the finest and best. Is there a saviour for Malaysia? There is and this would come as the looming Global Crisis on food and hyper inflation. The food prices will go soaring beyond the reach of the wage earner. This would be further compounded by the oil bubble. While food producing countries would blockade the export of essential items such as rice, the UMNO government would find that reviving the agriculture would be next to impossible. City life would be unsustainable and the Malay would return to the kampung; a kampung that have no more rivers to fish nor jungles to hunt from. Chinese would have to eat their paper money and the Indians would have nothing to beg for. Please vote BN and speeden up the process of destruction so we can put this agonizing life of ours behind.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but just want to know what's your take on the Kitten Killer girl.

marbl3s said...

Hi Patrick and all,

I would like you to invite you to follow my blog if you don't mind. Here's the link. I was present at Queensbay mall presentation on your book. Sorry i was unable to meet up with you personally as i do share the similar vision as you. I love malaysia and i want to live and die in Malaysia. Being a proud malaysian, i just want to make malaysia better. Its good to have you and it would be an honour to have you to follow my blog.

Anonymous said...

anon.8.35pm (obviously no balls kaki.typically a chinese).

why you say Dr.M like this and like that ?

Got proof or not ? if no ..shut the fuck up and be glad you were giving the permission to stay in this country.



Anonymous said...

A friend of mine, a govt scholars of non-malays who came back from overseas are not given a posting while their malay "class mates" have already been offered jobs by the govt. Enquiry pursued but was told that the calculation for the pointers or qualification marks was confidential! Can u believe that? Why r Wee KS n CSL there when such a kulification system is well alive all the time n no sign of improvement?

Anonymous said...

to:ANONY 9.06PM

sure or not.? dont talk cock!


Anonymous said...

Dr.M should go to Hollywood make a blockbuster of himself. !

Anonymous said...

Are you too busy to blog because you are busy reading that 800-paged junk sold for RM100?

Any Niamah issue in that book?

Anak mami said...

Date: 12th March 2011

Venue: Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)

Admission: FREE (must present your MyKad for admission)

Ning Baizura is invited by the Penang State Government to perform a concert to celebrate Penang's achievement in drawing the No1 highest investment figures, from Malaysian and foreigners, in the country for year 2010.

The concert will be at Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) on March 12th. It is open for Free to all Malaysians who produce their MyKad at the door.

Crowd capacity is expected to be at 9,000. Outdoor screens will be broadcasting the event around PISA.

Bizsense said...

With crowd still lining up to pay their summons on the last day, it's good biz sense to extend the dateline another 10 days. Afterall, this is RM flowing in.

Anonymous said...

400millions for a chow chee bai.!

Niamah !

Anonymous said...

We tak nak spam from BN.

Najib must explain why he wasted RM63,000 of taxpayers' money to spam 1.25 million Malaysians with "Salam 1Malaysia" at the jaw dropping cost of 5 sen per email address.

Anonymous said...


I think you can get RM300 refund for your Ipad1 if it is bought only recently.

Here is an example of Najibonomics:

Anonymous said...

No news from pat.

either busy reading that mamakutty book or busy q-ing up to pay saman?

Anonymous said...

Christians in Malaysia say they are angry and fed up with the Najib government for what they see as a systematic move to deny their religious rights enshrined in the country’s highest law.

Spurred by the Home Ministry’s latest seizure of 30,000 Malay Bibles that cost US$26,000 (RM78,000) from Kuching port, the churches rallied together and issued a stinging rebuke today against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

They demanded he “prove their (the government) sincerity and integrity in dealing with the Malaysian Christian community on this and all other issues which we have been raising with them since the formation of the Christian Federation of Malaysia in 1985”.

monster farm said...

MY GOSH!!! Look at Patrick...he is OLD!!!

AAAAHHHHH!!!! I am too!

Happy TeohLogying!

Anonymous said...

the Holy BIBLE scares the shit of the people in Malaysia. once touch and read ,you automatically renounce what ever religion you believe before.

this Holy Book is frightening isnt it?


Anonymous said...

how much is marina mahathir worth ? (in dollar and sense )Billionaire too.

See Wei said...


Anonymous said...

RE:Tsunami in Japan VS Tusnami in Muslim Aceh.


Japan: no looting

Aceh : break into Chinese run sundry shop

Japan: saw fellow men down, rush to help or offer prayer.

Aceh: take the 'down men' wrist watch as ALLAH said he has no use anymore.

Japan: victim put into commune like dormitory .

Aceh: victim turn 'coomune like dormitory ' into harlem.. fuck as many as possible..teens ,middle age and one or two grandma..

Japan: Community leader came to give morale support speech.

Aceh: Community came to marry rapist and female so that there is no more rape.

Japan: Food distribution done in absolutely based on needy .

Aceh: Maggi mee ..+- Rm5.00/pack ...mari mari... cepat ..cepat ..

done my Aceh soldier ..but of course those Malay volunteer to Aceh bastard get a cut..

By the way , donation from Msia were mainly by robbing chinese businessman..(in broad day light..)


Anonymous said...

Why are the government and the Umno lackeys on the panel so stubborn and obstinate about this book? Can't they find any other Malay literature textbook that is not controversial, is unifying in its content and promotes national unity, tolerance and acceptance in its context?

Why stick to a book that consists of stereotypes, racial profiling and derogatory terms? Is the Indian unhappiness with this book seen as a provocation to the Malay hegemony that is so prevalent in our system today?

If the book is nothing but a literary work then is it acceptable to use a text that refers to Malays as generally lazy and stupid with a penchant for rape, incest and drug addiction all under the guise of literary freedom and social context?

The government is being very stupid. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that Malays can use all sorts of racist, derogatory and offensive words and gestures towards the non-Malays and get away with it with the tacit support of the Umno regime, but this is destructive.

Anonymous said...

UMNO's sinister motive is very obvious. They are bent on embarassing the Indians for starting the 2008 tsunami that brought them down to their knees and for continuously challenging their so-called authority, Malay 'supremacy' and demanding for their legitimate rights. They just want to 'tarnish' the image of Indians by running them down at every front to cow them into submisison and compel to accept whatever crumbs thrown at them. Look at the way UMNO-controlled media are bashing the Indians at every opportunity as though they are trouble makers and whatever actions taken by UMNO-led state machinery against Indians are justified. This is happening on a daily basis.and the Indians are not given the opportunity to rebut or air their side of the story in these media. They are always lop-sided, most of the time cooked-up stories, presented sensationally and dramatically to please their political masters and their blind audience/followers.

I just wonder why 'interlok' is now being introduced after the book being around for almost 40 years. Why this book when there are so many different ways of forging unity. It is nothing but UMNO's well-calculated move to etch forever the word' p' in the minds of the Malay populace so that their future generation of leaders continue to treat as lowly beings that does not deserve equal status as the rest of the Malaysians. It's a case of a wounded tiger that would not sleep until it has devoured the 'enemy'. Its time the Indians think hard don't on their next move.

Anonymous said...

The implementation of 1Malaysia since 2009, is already 2 years old. For 2 long years, what have PM Najib & the UMNO-leto government done to address the systematic discrimination & marginalization of the non-Muslim minorities through blatant abuse of Article 153 not based on Reasonable proportion but rather based on abnormal & obscene proportion? As far as I am concerned, they have done nothing.

Isn't it time for the non-Muslim minorities to realize & recognize that PM Najib's 1Malaysia is nothing but a con game to persuade & hookwink them to continue to vote for the UMNO-led BN in the coming GE? Isn't it time for the non-Muslim minorities to tell (through the ballot box) the UMNO-led BN that enough is enough? After all the UMNO-led BN could not care less for the interests & welfare of the non-Muslim minorities for the past 53 years.

Independent Malay said...

Dear Patrick, please view the u-tube on KASE being fought by YB Mahfuz,hear the lawyers explaination.
It is very clear that our Police is abusing the law!!!,& that JPJ can be sued for not renewing road tax because of the 'blacklist'.The correct procedure according to law is;1)Police to issue notice & offer of a compound when an offence is deemed to be committed.2)If the offer is not taken up then the police take to the courts & the courts issue the summons for the supposed offender to appear before the magistrate & the case be heard.3)Only after all these has been exhausted the police&JPJ can blacklist or even haul up the offender to jail.
So you see the 17mil so called summons are actually notices that have expired!!!We should not pay because the police/GOM abuses it own laws!!!Hope you can spread the news to help our fellow Malaysians

Anonymous said...

I attended a forum on Interlok at USM a few weeks ago. According to one of the speakers, Interlok does make some generalised statements about all Indians in Malaysia.

No one says that a historical novel must be historically accurate. An author of a work of fiction is free to portray anyone in any creative way he likes. In this case, since he has chosen to exercise his creative power by denigrating minorities in Malaysia who have already been ill-treated, his work is not suitable for (1) school students, and (2) the purpose of promoting solidarity in a mutually respecting pluralistic society.

The main issue is not whether an author of historical novels has any right to write historically inaccurate historical novels. He has not done anything wrong vis-à-vis the purpose of writing a historical novel if he chooses to write a historically inaccurate one, given that a historical novel is still a novel. I don’t think Teck Ghee or other critics are unaware of this. The main issue is whether a historically inaccurate novel which denigrates minorities in a country with sizable oppressed or at least discriminated minorities is a sensible choice for school students and the express purpose of promoting solidarity.

If he had not chosen to denigrate any ethnic group or to denigrate all groups in similar degrees in his historically inaccurate historical novel, it would be a different story. In that case I would not object to the use of this book as a school text on solidarity grounds. I would not object at all if the former approach had been taken. I would object on the grounds that this was a distasteful work if he had chosen the latter approach. At any rate, it should be clear that the problem is not with historical inaccuracies in a historical novel. But perhaps Kee Thuan Chye is right that the book does have some educational value – as an example of racial bigotry or a counterexample to 1 mutually respecting pluralistic Malaysia (rather than I Malaysia 1 Ummah [a slogan you can see in some USM offices]). As for positive lessons on solidarity and mutual respect, we certainly need a better book.

Mat Kinsi said...

Of all the criticisms leveled by civil society against the Government’s unity programmes, and in particular ‘1Malaysia’, it is the complaint that these appear to be aimed at achieving nothing more than superficial change that rings truest. Over the two-plus years of the latest round of rhetoric, it has become painfully obvious that the Government seems more fixated on the appearance of togetherness, a ‘face-lift’ as it were, than entrenching the core values that will engender unity organically. Were it otherwise, not only would Malaysians have been given that much more to chew on than the current round of slogans and media campaigns, they would also have been shown in a more concrete fashion how it is the Government proposes to tackle those divisive issues in society that are the direct cause of disunity.

Anonymous said...

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