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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday funnies

The man. The ex-prime minister. The comedian.
Dr. Mahathir Mohd, Malaysia's longest-serving prime minister, is much loved and much hated  by Malaysians. Depending on who you speak to. Some say he was the great architect of Malaysia's march into global recognition. Others say he is responsible for the terminal afflictions of cronyism and corruption. But love him or hate him you must admit that Dr.Mahathir is a very funny man. Next to him Harith Iskander sounds as funny as a George W. Bush making sense. 

The Star's June Wong compiled a series of excerpts from Dr. Mahathir's autobiography Doctor In The House.  In today's second and final installment there is some laugh-out-loud comedy which I would like to share with you.

Chapter 3: I Am A Malay
" Prime Minister, I made a mistake or an unpopular decision, people were ready with their “dim-witted Malay” slurs. But when I made good decisions, it was always because I had Indian blood. I wanted to prove otherwise: that Malays were more than capable of thinking, progressing and leading......"
Errr......"I wanted to prove......Malays were more than capable of thinking, progressing and leading?"  How did you do that?  When you made good decisions (or bad) you were still an Indian making them, right? You've said many times before that Malays are a constitutional race only.  Good or bad, your brain still Indian ma. No ah? Faarniiiie la you. 

Chapter 14: The Bitter Thrill of Politics

"I listened carefully at first, but I got tired of his style of delivery. He adopted the didactic tone of a know-all schoolmaster, telling us all what we should do and pointing out all the “mistakes” we were making"......"his manner of addressing the Malaysian Parliament when he was a member, was to lecture his listeners about what was right and what was wrong"

Ya lor. Always like that what! Baarger!  Oh.....oh you were talking about Lee Kuan Yew. I thought you were talking about yourself.  Sorry ah. Faarniiiiiieeee la you.

Chapter 53: Anwar’s Challenge

"Whenever my name is mentioned in a book or article, I am described as the Prime Minister who threw his deputy into jail. The fact that he was properly charged and tried in court is never mentioned."

Huh? Properly charged and tried ah? Oh...oh of course the prime minister and home minister can decide what is proper and all, right?  Correct, correct, correct.  So faaaaniiiiieee la you.

Chapter 51: Putrajaya

"Putrajaya is a beautiful, functional city. When I visited the Versailles Palace outside Paris I heard the guide proudly extol its beauty."

Stop! Stop! Stop! Please doctor. Please stop. You're making me laugh so hard I might get a coronary.  You so FAAAAAAAAAAAARNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE la you!

And finally, for all you baargers who have been saying that the doc has been and still is a corrupt mofo just read this next bit and then shaddap. Okay?

Chapter 28: Bersih, Cekap, Amanah

"I practised the values we promoted

 and resisted any attempts to corrupt me. It involved controlling greed. As Prime Minister I was already receiving an adequate salary but the Government also provided me with comfortable accommodation, paid my electricity and water bills, gave me cars and aircraft for my trips and allowances for my travels.
I had everything and I did not need anything more. 

But of course my detractors still considered me corrupt. However, my conscience is clear."



Anonymous said...

2011 Oscar winner for best script writer, best actor and best director....funnnnnnnny

Anonymous said...

i like chap 28. We believe Dr.M r very clean... after makan sure cuci mulut & evidence left...CLEAN!

Anonymous said...

OMG Uncle Patz...

You actually bought his book ar? The proceeds will go into his filthy pocket worr... >.<

Nvm nvm... Good to know the enemy also. hahaha. Next, you can burn the book. kakakakkaa.


Anonymous said...

you eh..pat. never let go your bite on this you?

patrickteoh said...

No la. I didn't buy the book. I read the excerpts from The Star today.

Moosa Putih said...

Dr Mahathir's memoirs have been published with two main objectives in mind:

- To try to clean up the blemishes on his record, for example, the unleashing of Operation Lalang in 1987 and his assault on the judiciary in 1988; and

- To try to stop at all costs the attempt by his nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim, to become the next prime minister.

KSL said...

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vic said...

need an eyewash merely by reading it ...

charlie oscar said...

Thanks to my speed reading ability, I have finished browsing the Apanama memoir at MPH.

My verdict: DO NOT waste your RM100. The book does not have any factual account. All the lies are repeated ones.

donplaypuks said...


A sheer waste of $100!

Why bother when a man prtends he cannot remember his father's Indian origins, nationality or religion and hides details of his mother?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

PM Without Morals - Suka hati Look West Shiok Shiok Look East Song Song I'm Indian Song Song I'm Malay. Like that can respect ar?

Anonymous said...

This angelic guy sure have big ring above his egoistic head and wings that were made of paper money and $$ sign stamped all over it.

According to him, Hes the only "pure" manifest surrounded by sex pervert, swinger, corrupts, half-wits and yesman and whatnot.

Those suppressing act/ dictatorial perception / media curb etc were all done by others, not him.

He just so happened to be their leader.

What did Gaddafi said about him and his people?

Also, Of cos LKY can boast and lecture! He led a tiny resource starved city-state that surpassed a real country in terms of GDP, social progress, education....opps come to think of it, almost everything.

Robert Leong said...

I laugh so hard my colleagues here in Macau thought that i finally lost it. They, however, understood immediately when i start to explain cos it is pretty much the same here.

Anonymous said...


You did the right thing by not wasting your hard earned RM100 on a piece of crap disguised as a memoir. As far as I can remember, this senile ex-PM has selective amnesia hence his so called memoirs are nothing except fragments of his evil imagination. MPH sold out the first few thousands prints of this junk book simply because this senile man's sycophants bought the books and distributing them to those who wanted the book as door stoppers or foot rests.

Anonymous said...

An avenue for our unemployed to earn some money, just 'discharge' the duty...

Anonymous said...


A stray pariah dog wandered into a Malay compound one day. The Malays being kind and simple took care of the pariah dog.

Everyday the pariah dog barked at strangers and the Malays thought... ok let’s keep this pariah dog and for it barks for us.

As the days went by the pariah dog became more and more brave.

It now knew that the Malays could be manipulated and decided to write a book on the Malay Dilemma and barked and barked saying that the strangers (Chinese and Indians) were taking away their food and rights.

The Malays listened and trusted it. They kept feeding it and it kept barking and barking until one day it took over the whole compound. This time if any Malay protested it bit them.

Many were bitten if they did not agree or go along with him.

The Malays now do not know what to do with this stray pariah dog keeps barking and barking... today the pariah dog has successfully barked and separated Malays from the others.

Once upon a time the Malays, way before this stray pariah dog came, no one saw colours, no one saw religion.

By a twist of fate this stray pariah dog is now worshipped today as pedigree dog by a group of his own stray pariah dogs. It's high time they put the stray pariah dog to sleep before the whole village is destroyed.

Anonymous said...

ah yoh..when this fucker said the sakai 's right is a bit less then the malay ,i think this fucking wrong!

hope his family can sleep well at night...


Anonymous said...

Roots ..what is roots ? guess some people just dont know....the worst part is when a siblings play along GOD ..satan is real.?

right ? sons & daughter ??

Anonymous said...

This DR.M revealed all his weaknesses in this book - unbelieveable! First of all it costs RM100 ! Who is pocketing the money? Secondly, he made a laughing stock of himself to matured Malaysian and people all over the world - on those unbelieveable stories! I do agree that he is a commedian, a stupid commedian! He should retire peacefully and shut his mouth so he could be well respected. I think he wanted attention and hoping to return as PM of Malaysia! He wants power. he wants attention. He is just a greedy "Indian" !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

100 bucks for a fairy tale! Come on guys - we know the ending to all fairy tales....he lives happily everafter ...with his loot!

VP said...

This pukimamak needs a good shove up his back side.Better he licks all the public toilets in KL with his tongue ,at least his tongue will clean the shit holes in KL !KANEENA !

Madam said...

Name of book should be:-


Please ask Bro Pat to explain meaning of "locthong" - A Hokkien word.

Anonymous said...

I consider Mahathir, Kadir A Jasin, Rocky Bru and the likes as filthy and as guilty of abusing the child in this vid.

Nauseous said...

Aah Bro Pat, I thought anyone would have better business sense than to throw good money after a very bad book.

Playboy would impart more wisdom and make one more of an intellectual ! For you, the result would be you can write more Niamah Books which would be more thought provoking and make the wise wiser.

On the positive side I presume that book might give one an insight into how that shameless Indian mind works.


Anonymous said...

" old newspaper, old battery, old tv, old ....ah, NEW books oso boleh
30sen a kilo !! "

Anonymous said...

Religion is not the issue though UMNO wants to show that they are the defenders of the Islamic religion. The issue is votes. UMNO does not want to have Muslims, the basic classification for Malays, converted to become non-Muslims of whatever faith, and thus are not Malays. UMNO reckons that though PAS members are Malays, it hopes that by its racist policies, UMNO would be able to fool Malays to support UMNO in elections. So racism is the war front, and religion is the weapon.

Schrodinger Cat said...

I found this statement pretty amusing:

"Putrajaya is a beautiful, functional city. When I visited the Versailles Palace outside Paris I heard the guide proudly extol its beauty."

I've personally visited Versailles before and Putrajaya will never come close to it in terms of architectural aesthetic value. Also, Versailles' building and rennovation almost bankrupted France in 18th century and thus leading to the French Revolution. This is one historical lesson that can be extracted for inane mega project. Dr M should study more history.

genesispassion said...

o m g ..this old man never cease lying .

Anonymous said...

Actually, a few years ago, we brought a grp of American visitors to Putrajaya. One commented that it was very nice, like Disneyland! Don't know if it was a compliment or an insult, but it meant that those working there must be mickey mouse (mice)!

Anonymous said...

marcos and suharto, even at their deathbeds, claimed they are squeaky clean. whats the difference between mahatir and them?

loh said...

Mamakthir said that on the eve of his operation after his heart attack, in 1989, Lee Kuan Yew offered to fly a medical team down to KL, with the well known cardiac surgeon Dr Victor Chang, to do the surgery. Dr Hasmah thanked Lee and said Mamakthir had made up his mind to have the surgery done by Malaysian doctors.

Rumours had it that before Mamakthir suffered his heart attack in 1989, he planned to have by-pass surgery done in USA. But the heart attack was massive, and only immediate surgery to resupply the blood flow would save his life. That surgey should involve by-pass. So whether Hasmah had said the surgery was successful or was it that a decision to have local doctor performed the surgery is anybody’s guess. LKY would not be bothered about this issue.

Mamakthir said about Lee Kuan Yew: ” During our discussion, I came to realize that he did not know all that much, especially on technological matters. I remember one occasion he mentioned that he came across a new process of desalination. But it was not new at all and and had been used generally for years”

So Lee Kuan Yew did not know the latest technology in desalination, and so he did not know all that much, because Mamakthir knew more than Lee Kuan Yew about desalination. Malaysia needed no desalination, and certainly Mamakthir had other ways to know that the desalination process as described by Lee Kuan Yew as a new process was the stagnant process for years. But writing those petty issues show that Mamakthir indeed suffers from inferiority complex. He must have been overjoyed that the occasion boasted his ego.

Anonymous said...

"We would like to see the end of all special privileges so that we can all be together. We should all be just Malaysians speaking and teaching in one national language, practitioners of one national culture, and owing loyalty only to this beloved country, Malaysia."
– Mamakthir

The two sentences set a new condition for Malaysia to be fair and equal for all races. The Constitution of Malaya of 1957 and of Malaysia 1963 specifies that Malaysians are all equal without any special privilege. The article 153 states that Malays were placed in the special position {because of needs}, and it was initially for 15 years and subject to review (whether there was need to continue having that article, and if so for how long) The original provision of a review after 15 years had been removed by Tun Razak when he made constitutional amendment to this article in 1972.

Tun Razak must have agreed with Tunku that article 153 was subject to review after 15 years. He negated on this with the constitutional amendment when he was PM. Tun Razak promised to end NEP in 20 years, by 1990. Mamakthir negated this in 1990. Mamakthir now adds new condition. He is not PM, but he is giving ideas to Perkasa to cause trouble so that Najib has an excuse that his 1Malaysia concept needs to cross one more hurdle.

Anonymous said...

他还是要写这些东东 ?

更有趣的是,有人愿意花钱买这些东西 !

niakong said...

Pssstt... Has anyone noticed that there is a glaring printing error in this expensive book?

The word "Spin" is missing from the title!!!

Anonymous said...

man..this mamak kutty bring the words "lies" to a different height !

And his children didnt even felt a bit remorse..that is even more sickening.!

some more the daughter is championing on ethical or moral issue ...

you can fuck GOD around but...


Dr in the house ? said...

" conscience is clear."

Does this mamak kotek really have a conscience ? If he has, none has seen it.

What values has he got apart from bad ones. He lies, he bullies, he cheats,etc etc...................... What values he has that we can admire ? He doesn't even feel shame or guilt for all his wrong doings.

This kerala man should,like a good muslim blow himself up and spare us the expense of a funeral. He does not deserve to be planted in a 6 by 4 hole. Land is too valuable for this pile of shit.


Kim Tai Hong said...

Najib on TV tells the world that he wants to memperkasakan bahasa melayu (speaking in the pidato competition).

But the continued seizure of 35,000 copies of the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia – 30,000 copies in Kuching Port and 5,000 copies in Port Klang – another example that the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak is not master of his own house and the hollowness of his 1Malaysia policy?

umno made us belajar bahasa melayu, deprived us the proper learning of English. Now the young generation can only read The Bible in Bahasa, yet his 1malaysia government is banning Bible in BM?

How ironic!

Anonymous said...

Mara’s educational institutions will be providing more places for Bumiputera students to meet the nation’s human capital needs as Malaysia forges ahead to become a high-income nation, said Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

Quantity at the expense of quality, to add to the number of unemployed graduates, who will one day rise against the government when they get fed up without a job.

Anonymous said...

RPK related what mamak kutty said about ISA ie. to prevent people from committing crime. So if a person is thinking about doing something bad and has not done any yet, he is to be detained and arrested under ISA such that a crime is prevented from happening. This is really eye opener what ISA means by definition of mamak kutty.

Anonymous said...

I want to get a copy for myself. I think it's worth the price tag, considering the great value one can derive from it.

To me it's kind of a three-in-one book. That means if I buy this one book, I'll get staff of three books all condensed into one single volume, smart eh?

What are the things can one possibly get out of it? Well, historical facts are certainly not there, I must admit. Hmmm, no historical facts in memoirs, niamah..

Ok lah! let's talk about the staff you can really get from this book lah...

See hah..first, it can be treated as a handbook. It can be a handbook on how to do twists and you might want to consider it a Yoga book...if you like! Mind you, I've seen some other Yoga books which are much more expensive than this one. See,not a bad deal what!

Secondly, you can also treat it as a book on Logic.., well, ok, not the conventional Logic you normally find in a Logic 101 course, which is too elementary, or of no practical value to a student of politics. The Logic contained in this book is of a higher standard--it's called the "Spin Logic". It's in fact the embodiment of another two branches-- one is "Warped Logic" and the other one is "Fuzzy Logic". Logic comes under philosophy, and we all know books on philosophy are damn expensive!

Thirdly, it's also a book on Psychology-- and it's a rather specialized one,I would say. It deals specifically with the topics of "Selective Remembrance" and "Selective Amnesia"..WOW!! This is almost the specialist's standard lah! Have you ever heard that specialists got cheap one ah?

So ah, I really think this book " Memoirs of a Spin Doctor" is really really cheap lah at only 100 Ringgit !!!

What?? Wrong one meh???
Not this one ah ???

Anonymous said...

Marcos, Mubarak & Mahathir – Who’s The Richest Man?

Anonymous said...

Im really not happy with anwar !!! he should had fucked this mahathir asshole when he was with BN!!! at least he can be satisfied for all the tough time he had in court all this while..

Anonymous said...

Mamakthir said in his memoir that he had Indian blood but he did not know where his ancestor came from in India.

Mamakthir visited Madras last year, and he was in Kerela too, where the Muslims in Kerela were known as Kaka Muslims, at least at the time his father was born in Trivandrum. When Mamakthir visited India while serving as Prime Minister, a small town beginning with the letter B, put up a banner with the words “welcome our son home”. I suppose he was Indian then while in India, and Malay when he returned to Malaysia.

So Mamakthir knows his root in India, and is keeping close contact. Why then did he ask others, Indians included, not to relate to the land his ancestors came from?

Did Mamakthir lie? Kuli said he did in the memoir.

currypuffseller said...

Now, even a primary pupil knows mamakthir is corrupted. No amount of water in Ganges can cleanse his defilement.

Anonymous said...

Jibby takut to order the release of 35,000 copies of d Bible in Bahasa Malaysia

Nanti he receives a coffin from MGAJ, Perkosa & Malay NGOs, takut oooh!!

Anyway, he busy lah ordering PR politicans fr West M’sia to be barred fr entering Sarawak

Also, easier 2 bully politically docile Christians than 2 risk d wrath of Perkosa n Muslims

Anonymous said...

Home ministry should have banned this book. It's filthy, full of lies and corrupted! This book is not even worth wiping arse!

kee said...

You wrote: "You're making me laugh so hard I might get a coronary."

No! No! No! Patrick! When you laugh too hard, you no get coronary! You never heard of "Laugh till head drop off" ah?

Thanks to Mamak, Patrick walking around with his head carried in his hands! Then that will be really FAAAAAAAAAAAARNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!

Anonymous said...

Niamah betul,
try ask him some question, how his son get to be millionaire overnight?
try ask him also daim zainuddin asset how he get it and go under the radar now?
ask him PKFZ involvement of the umno people, rather get a scape goat MCA to face the music?

niamah betul

mister funny maha niamah

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat not worthwhile to spend this amount to buy that rubbish stuff. Always apa nama itu...apa name it. Your book is anything time better. The truth nothing but the naked truth. Better to buy few books of yours and donate to many friends.

JEBAT said...

Last time in an interview he said he didn't have any mentors. Now in the book he says Tun Razak is his mentor. Wah, really funny one! Losing his memory or what?!

Anonymous said...

Porn Star want Bible released ..? lan chui ..he got power ah ?

UMNO fuck his backside baru tahu...

If the Malay read the Bible ..hapis body want to become Muslim..and the worst is ..Mamak bodek all die standing !!!

anah ..? they are aleady mumifided ..



Anonymous said...

Your video shows your audience to be old and only the reporters are young people. Do the youths think like the old about the political situation ? You should teach English and this is for serious. No joke. Anyway, back to our beloved retired PM. You see as a boss you can say anything and you do not have to mean what you say. Many bosses are like that. They have the power and they can turn round and say they can do as they please. They can break you. They can make you. It shows that they are playing a game. Are Malaysians themselves game for that ?

Anonymous said...

whats the difference between marcos and mahatir. None. Both equally corrupt and are serial liars.

Anonymous said...

Anyone has a ciplak version or e-book to be downloaded for free? I am too broke for a book.

Jacque The Idiot said...

'Putrajaya is a beautiful, functional city'.....too bad the city was occupied by a bunch of unfunctional brains!

Anonymous said...

Ai yoh yoh Kutty you can spin all the lies but no matter what the Indian blood still flows in you. Hoooo....hooooo ....hooooooo.....

Anonymous said...

I would rather give the hundred ringgit to old folks home than buying this mamak from Kerala crap book.

BENatang10 said...

A blood mongrel!

kns said...

Mahathir knows better than LKY on desalination? That is what his book said and you gullible Malaysians start to believe that? Do you know Singapore has desalinated the whole Kallang basin and has also started exporting the technology to the Middle East? If you know what need to be known, that is the beginning of wisdom. If you don’t know what you don’t know, you are a farting idiot. Mahathir also said we can use our foreign reserves to boost our economy. Obviously he does not know what exactly foreign reserves are and he was PM for 22 years. Now you know why this country is in deep sh!t. How smart can a kutty be other than sending coffins to their own homes before they are dead.

mph&kru said...

Breaking news:

The BM version of the book is called "Hikayat Mamak Mahalupabangsa".

Soon to be a prequel to the current KRU movie.

monsterball said...

Sure not one sen stolen ..can be traced to his pockets.
But taking RM1.2 billion of tax payer's money{EPF} openly.. to save his son..all know what he is.
Smart ass encouraged all in his 22 yeas as PM.. to understand money can buy up the whole country..made sure all steal as much as they can...for party and personal...developed a country with full of crooks and rouges that are the very people...still hero worshipping him for that.
He made hundreds of millionaires with no winning huge overpriced tenders...approving all...and all linked to UMNO B one way or another.
This is the leader of the rouges and thieves in his party and still is.
He never stop talking after retiring 8 years ago help Najib win 13th save his own son.. cronies and relatives..indirectly saving himself too.
Imagine Ling Long Sik can bullshit him and stole RM12.4 billion as Minister of Transport under him as PM.
Can all Malaysians believe Ling can cheat Mahathir?

Anonymous said...

we all are having a nighmare inception with the house dentist

he studied dentistry, right? the m gave the impression of a dr

sue for misleading advertisement

Show me Jazz Cafe said...

Now that NST has featured you on its Sunday edition, I guess you will stop niamahing NST to please them for giving your the exposure?

Joe said...

He should realise by now that has more than a leg in the grave, and hell is very real. Who the fuck is he kidding?

Marina Kutty said...

This is an excellent review of the book:

Anonymous said...

Mr Patrick

I am a follower of your Blog

Do we really have to read just this bit more about this man !

Really !


Anonymous said...

No worries mate! The more this "mantan" opens his mouth, the more damage control Jibby has to do. The difference is that now it is in print and worded history for current and future generation to digest, dissect and throw up after all is IS from his own mouth, right? WINGNUTS!

Ellese said...

Wow so much hatred and racists comments here.....

Ellese said...

Patrick, out of curiosity, whose book which people buy more? Is it by funny mahathir? Or by funny Patrick? Who do you think will be topalaysian bestseller?

Actually which book is more funny? Patrick or mahathir? Malaysians have great choice nowadays of funny books? Wonder who will have the last and loudest laugh?

Anonymous said...!/notes/hooi-chin-gian/no-hope-for-the-malaysian-chinese-a-letter-from-a-chinese-malaysian-resident-in-/10150162479526115

Read This

Dahlia said...

Your 'then & now' photos on NST is a testimony that a young handsome man may evolve into a grumpy & grouchy old man, even with humour to stop the aging process.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to see Patrick syioking sendiri after and forgot to blog after being given some small-time spotlight by NTV7 and NST.

Or is he confused that these organizations will now be outside his scope of Niamah?

Anonymous said...

An opportunistic politician who thinks with a crooked mind, speaks with forked tongue, and argues with warped logics and now writes fiction disguises as "autobiography" with distorted facts. It's so laughable to read that he's bersih and resisted corruption in involving him controlling greed!

Anonymous said...

Syiok- Sendiri and Marina- Kutty ...2 new words I learned to today.

Keep up the good work. DJ Pat.

(ignored those bastard with "Red Eyes" or " see people little success then red eyes."

Pat you are not a 'slave' or owe people any explanation.. free steam boat voucher for me..or not ..hee..hee

signed .an old grumpy idiot (according to my wife ..)

Anonymous said...

Let’s chop the sign of the beast 666 on the home minister’s forehead. and under the 666, a small print message – peringatan: al who-sin berita buruk – untuk penganut umno sahaja. by the way, he already looks like one even without the sign.

Anonymous said...

Here a Star report for you to niamah:

dpm said teachers 'should be sensitive' ... sensitive like umno?
on Alkitab issues? on interlok issue?

Anonymous said...

Sarawakians, spread the words to your inland brothers and sisters of such an action by the current gomen to deface the Bibles with amaran Kerajaan BN. A good timing for PR to convince voters of making a change. Enuf is enuf! Truly absurd to impose serial no. on the bible. For what? Tracking and to account every copy goes to whom? So the gomen has the resource to check from one household to another to ensure no photostat copies and which serial no go missing? and Muslims cannot read to acquire knowledge of other religions? What’s wrong with that? Does it further confirm the view that the current gomen would not like the malaysian muslims to have and acquire wider spectrum of knowledge and so they can be easily controlled ?

Anonymous said...

piu.! mamak kutty !

Anonymous said...

very funny lor.... doctor (senile) in the house (crematorium)..


Saudara Tee said...

According to a Singapore Straits Times report, Mahathir admitted that he may have forgotten some details about the past, after his recently launched memoirs drew criticism for containing discrepancies.

Some readers had raised an issue over Tun Dr Mahathir's description of his first visit as Malaysia's premier to Singapore in 1981. In his book, Dr Mahathir described feeling 'sorely used' when he was not properly greeted at the Prime Minister's Office.

He also said that there was no state dinner for him, and that when he visited former president Benjamin Sheares - his professor in medical college - they spoke for 20 minutes before an aide said the president had another appointment.

But Dr Sheares died in May 1981, seven months before Dr Mahathir's visit in December.

It goes to show that there are lots of inaccuracies in the book given his selective amnesia.

Anonymous said...

saudra tee..betul ke? .better check baik baik dulu nanti kalau ada apa apa silap .kena sue sampai chee bai sampai koyak baru tahu..!!


Blood Seeker said...

Uncle Pat, you are epic win.

Anonymous said...

Please do not compare a dog to this fella. A dog is honest, faithful and always protects his family.A pig is a clean and useful animal.

Mahathir confused the "Rule of Law" with Rule BY Law. Ask him to tell the truth about Operation Lallang. But he will still tell lies.

Anonymous said...


Are you being lured from Mediacorp by NTV7 now that you are appearing so often on NTV7 (last nite saw you on NTV7's Cube)?

You must be paid alot to forgo the Singapore dollar that you are earning as a foreign talent in The Red Dot.

Saudara Tee said...

The real issue is that the home ministry lives in constant fear that Muslims will read the ‘Al-Kitab, Berita Baik’ and decide that ‘this is the original stuff”.

Anonymous said...

To the Old Man aka Mad Hatter.
I chillingly see the you as the true, pure practitioner of Machiavellianism. You give me the impression that you could retcon and revise the past and present to suit whatever needs arising at whichever moment. Now in your twilight, you seem desperately want to be remembered as a hero of the nation, did not do anything wrong and ironclad in his conscience. You seems to be banking on the short term memory the population is well known for. Sorry Old Man, I will forever hold you accountable for Ops Lalang (irregardless of what a former IGP said - yes, I am just as stubborn as you are), purging of the Judiciary, introducing and reinforcing cronyism and nepotism in the nation (I guess if Najib completed his tenure as PM, Hishammudin or Mukhriz would be next in line, Old Man? Creating your own little political dynasty eh? Afterall, you admittedly owe your political career to Tun Razak. No wonder "soft as oil of Ulan" Badawi got kicked out. That poor sod). And through you as PM, an atmosphere of racial suspicion between Malay and Non-Malay is subtlely built upon, either by playing the May 13 incident racial riot incident or being ultra nationalist about our national language and even endorsing/encouraging Malay Supremist movement like Perkasa/Ibrahim Ali each time you "wantonly" sense things are not going your way. And in the end, it would always be the Non-Malays fault. Mind you Old Man, such arguement won't work perpetually. Just look at the standard of English language mastery by most Malays. You did not help the Malays, you have made them feel inferior and petty and stagnant. In the end, you seems to destroy this nation, particularly its wealth, rather than saves it, Old Man.

Anonymous said...

allar said the money is haram from penang treasuary becoa allar say so....

what a bunch of fucking old fools !


k.khoo from thailand

sintaicharles said...

Sounds like a pharisee.

Anonymous said...

slippery and slimy, he turns himself into another race. with a fork tongue, he writes his version of history;just like a victor will and truth is anything but an aside.
he assimilates to enjoy the privileges and his wealth is unimaginable through cronyism and abuses. Like Marcos, he will even at his deathbed claim he is clean and a god-sent for Malaysia.Beware when a malay comes a calling as the messiah of your race regardless of the blood type. Choose wisely. Best wishes Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

wonder wherether how muslim malaysia will react after libya kena bombededed. ? dont know whether still got so- hai mother will name their newly born 'gaddafi' just like previous iraq kena bombededed where mother name their newly born son 'sadam hussien' ..wonder where is this poor child hide his head or this while..??


Free Thinker said...

Uncle Pat..came across this U Tube on Cheap Flight and its related problems which I find it very interesting.

Would be great if you can post it onto your Niamah blog

Anonymous said...

muslim cleric said ..if the malay langauage bible is been released unconditionally ..anything can happen...what the fuck does that means?


Jenny Lim

Anonymous said...

p teoh, i think you are a bloody racist and very prejudiced (you know towards whom!).you might say otherwise but your words and actions blatantly shoes it. comments by your readers shows their racist slants..anti hypocrite

Anonymous said...

If this is implemented it will give birth to subprime loans similar to the one that hit the US economy. In the US the subprime loans came about because loans were given to people who counld not afford them. These loans were packaged a Mortgage Bonds and sold to European investment banks. What they did was in one package they included 20% A rating Loans, 80 B Rating loans and 20% C rating loans. The through their coontacts with Rating Agencies and with payment of high fees they got the whole package rated as A Rating lons. These were then sold to Hedge funds and investment banks. After they sold the Package they then short these Morgtgage Bonds. You see it was a win -win situation for the suprime loans. Please read the book by Michael Lewis The Big Short- Inside the Doomsday machine and you will ge that picture where we are also heading to.

Nakata said...



Anonymous said...

fucking gadafi more time he mentioned christain attack muslim..i am going to screw his ass.


did i hear this line before..hmmm...

Anonymous said...

It is not going to be easy because Najib is turning every election into a buy-election. People can change their minds because of a mere RM50 or RM100 “gift”, or a free dinner with lucky draw. Najib just announced yesterday that some RM252.85 millions will be spent on infrastructure for Serian. I am afraid if this kind of corrupt practices is not halted, the electorate will eventually treat such practices as “election norms”.

Nevertheless, the oppostion can capitalize on the following issues to counter BN’s onslaught:

1. Taib’s unexplained wealth.

2. Defacement of the 30,000 and 5,100 imported Bibles printed in BM.

3. Violation of human rights, including religious discrimination, as reported by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative.

4. Lack of urgency on the government’s part in re-assessing the need to build nuclear power plants in Malaysia.

5. The rare earth processing plant in Pahang – money first, people’s health last.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ptrick, I'm waiting for some interesting articles from you. Sure all your blog visitors r looking forward to make a comment or two on your concerns for this bolehland.

Datuk J said...


Were you invited to the Datuk K Premier screening of the Hotel Incident?

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is majority likes of rambutan is still wating for government’s hand-out,don’t mind the least to be called lazy,dump,hypocrite and incompetent.Until this indoctrinated katak could get rid from under the coconut shell,we are bound to doom.

Anonymous said...

Hello all.

Anybody know where to buy or rent the latest Cacosa sex vedio ?

If got tamil subtitle better ..

Anonymous said...


can't wait for your comment on our beloved Nazri statement on watching porn in public~!!!!

Anonymous said...

A preview of Interlok sequel:

Moohidin, hasan’s neighbour, was born out of incest. he is the product of a father and his 14 years old daughter, siti. so is hussein who lives 3 houses down the street. moohidin did badly in school because of his inability to grasp simple logic. this could be due to in-breeding.

but moohidin does not need to worry about going to university even though he did not do well. thanks to the country’s quota system. all is laid down for him nice and easy.

but not so for Raju and Chin Seng who had to slog it out. Rajen, Raju’s dad is a hawker. he finds it hard to make a living to feed his family of 4. this is due to the bribes he had to pay weekly to the enforcer. even though his shop is legal, he still had to pay. if not, licence will not be granted.

so every friday, abdullah will come by after his friday prayer to collect his due. every friday, he would say, “Hey Rajen. mana rezeki aku. tiada rezeki tiada lesen oh. ada tiga bini mau bela oh”. this is almost routine every friday for Hussein’s dad.

McKinsy said...

DAP Malacca political ceramah & dinner
Date: 25.03.2011
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: Pay Fong High School Hall, Malacca
Speakers: Goh Leong San, Tey Kok Kiew, Nga Kor Ming, Anthony Loke;

Enq: 06-3369354

Anonymous said...

Bro are you ok, didn't hear from you, worried man... because you commented on the book mamak might have hijack you ka??? Let hear you NNNNNNNNNNiaamahhhhhhhhhh...

Datin Tee said...


Still hibernating?

Wake up!

Or you will miss the sex video screening in the hotel, legal by Nazri standard.

Ejen Nora said...

To be honest, I couldn’t care less if my area’s Yang Berhormat has sex with transvestites, women, men but excepting animals and children. I care more that he does his duty honestly, that he doesn’t take kickbacks and that he is qualified for the job.

This whole farce of “selective” morality is a waste of time, reallly. Why is prostitution more immoral than taking bribes? Or denuding rainforests? Or enriching your nearest family and sycophants?

We are a nation that embraces hypocrisy and to be frank, I’m tired of it. Sex is a cheap smear tactic and using it means that you haven’t much else in your reputation-destroying arsenal.

Anonymous said...

What happen unc pat? kena tangkap by Dr. M or ISA already? there's so much bullshit on the news these days...where's your take?

Hope all is fine

Anonymous said...

sex tape legal? damn ..i give it all to 'old newspaper ah pek' !

should have at least kept the MAS one!!!!!!!!!!!!!


chia soon hock from usj

Anonymous said...

eh..anyone dont want already or finish reading the mamak kutty 'book...??? can give or not?

Toilet paper expensive lah...damn got to go shit..again..kena lau sai after eating laksa yesterday !


Anonymous said...

You all motherfuckers can make fun of him in any way you think appropriate. Wheter thru your blatant lies or your bloody kiasu racial slurs.

Mahathir had manage a country and made progress during his premiership.

You just cannot compare his statesman mind to a former radio announcer like patrick. Its typical racist enjoy making fun of other people's achievement especially if not their kind.

Bloody racist.

Anonymous said...

To: 4,11 .

You are exactly the product of what mamak kutty wanted. : a "SOH HAI"! bodoh ..or what ?

ah yoh hapis lah lagi .fikiran you betul betul ..

enough said!

really NIAMAH ke so hai !

Signed : Samsy singgalingam

Anonymous said...

4:11 AM said

You all motherfuckers can make fun of him in any way you think appropriate. Wheter thru your blatant lies or your bloody kiasu racial slurs.

Mahathir had manage a country and made progress during his premiership.

One thing Mahathir Did create is Racist people like you and the rest of the people here

Anonymous said...

Harga sudah naik :
35 sen / a kilo on new books !!

### btw , pizza hut got tax/service charges on ONLY nonbumis ah !!??

## btw2 : new houses STILL got NO discounts for ONLY nonbumis ah !!??

#btw3 : still boycotting pepsi kickapoo lipton ....ah !!??

btw4 : ....later , ok ?

Anonymous said...

411 , did you sign off as ' Bloody racist' !??

Anonymous said...

all top pistol in the govt. and ..even chinese porn star also comment ..poor anwar BUT anwar you deserve to lead us with what they put you through...if it was me in your situation i already....
NIAMAH six feet under the ground already with all the stress.

from. a sakai who still hate to wear V shape underwear !

Anonymous said...

so what motherfucker? .you dont like go back to china or india.!

Signed 4.11 once a motherfucker but repented and now into dogs.!

Anonymous said...

my ancestors came from China ... but i tak tau which part ...pls help ...!
( chin family )

Anonymous said...

Typical SRJK(c) products, just a blind follower. Vely poor engrish speaking and wliting.

Better give your backside to anwar for sclewing.
He plefed no-wash backside cause aleady ple lublicate.

Anonymous said...

how did the shorty 2 timer become a become a billionaire?

i hope it will enlightened the young malaysia especially the malay ..the rest and lain lain go masturbate in a corner.!

Niamah !

Anonymous said...

i think in china you guys were never ruled by any emperor .you fellows were consider something like babarian or some low life 'orang asli'.

once in a while you will raid and rob some small villages.

and you know what ? you guys fuck among yourself in your own community .! not sure if there is any male to male sex going on.!

Niamah !

Anonymous said...

"Doctored Facts In The House" or "Amnesiac In The House" reflect the content better la.

Book shop chains are now having headaches arguing over whether to display it under the Fiction, Humour or Entertainment section.

- 1Malaysia-sia sahaja

Anonymous said...

Another one of Mamak kutty diseaese !

RE:Fanstactico SPM Result.

One Form student said: How I get 'A' also I dont know.???

So you guys heard this line before ?..but hey one is complaining ..feel damn good !

Really feel good factor man..!

chang k. w.

resident.wangsamaju said...

A lot of Bushism there.

Anonymous said...

not too long ago one got 17 As got scholarship to pass or not?

Anonymous said...

MBPJ's dated 11/3/2011 summon arrived on 30/3 & I'm ordered to pay within 14 days or ... @#$%^&* !

Anonymous said...

14 yrs old whipped to death for adultery (never proven or is that such a thing for a minor..) in the name of religion in Pakistan .

Parents wanted to know the truth .

But I say ..hey man..if you beleive in the religion of desereve what you get !



Anonymous said...

Actually I knew a stall that roast a pig to perfection!!crispy on the skin and tender on the meat (Juicy)!

Yum..yum... down with cold beers ..syiok!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am a retail business man .to day i have a cust. holding a purchase order from the govt. total 10 items. and he wants to buy the items from me. 80 % of the items he had not seen before in his entire life.!


Anonymous said...

hey, i have eaten the fake eggs lah !!

Anonymous said...

i prefer to be a PIG than a XXXXX !?

Anonymous said...

Buying and reading a book written by an IDIOT makes one a BIGGER IDIOT! Why read nonsense written by a SENILE guy who suffers from intermittent amnesia!!!!

Anonymous said...

heard there is one 7 stars hotel own by mamak kutty daughter . true or false ?

Heard people just say things without proof ..agreed ?

al-juburi said...

Stupid Pat, u din buy the book but giving comments like you did..asshole, read la to understand what the mamak tried to say..idiota..

Anonymous said...

the book very heavy much per kg. you say..?????

Peter said...

Genesispassion is at it again! In case you do not know his real name is James Loh Chee Yuen who is a known pimp and conman. He is wanted by the police in connection with many cheating cases and any person who has information on his whereabouts should contact the Head of Commercial Crime at Balai Polis Jalan Travers.

genesispassion said...

did he had sold your wife took all your manhood?